Kourtney Kardashian and Addison Rae Recreate ICONIC ‘KUWTK’ Scene on TikTok

The reality star teamed up with the TikTok standout to recreate one of her famous scenes from ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians.’

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Sarwat plays
Sarwat plays:
Wow Addison came from nowhere and get to meet the kardashian and be their friend this girl is living her life dude
AJ Elmo
AJ Elmo:
kourtney likes her, shes prolly gonna offer her a position or sum
Deanna Nn
Deanna Nn:
This tiktok Addison Rae girl is really living her life huh.

Edit: Idiots stop fighting in the comment section. Addison deserves all the love and success.
s o p h
s o p h:
she was a girl in the city doing alright
then she became a celebrity overnight
Life as Kayy
Life as Kayy:
y’all really mad at these two people for doing tik toks together because of their age ? yeah y’all pressed .
solo vaca
solo vaca:
Can someone explain why tiktok "stars" are getting this famous just because they are pretty
Wow we really turned Addison Rae into a star. Now she’s everywhere
Talk to me I’m here
Talk to me I’m here:
Y’all just mad u wasn’t there🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ let them be
wolfcub wolfcub
wolfcub wolfcub:
Avani was mad jealous when Addison highlighted that Kendall follows her, she looked at her like she wanted to beat her up
Hannah Dalton
Hannah Dalton:
Addison is hanging with 40 yr kourtney? Kinda random but ok!
eternal bliss
eternal bliss:
pretty privelage is REAL
ed end
ed end:
When kort replace kylie with adison
Ameera Anees
Ameera Anees:
she is literally living her best life at this point
i wanna be pretty so i can have this pretty privilege like those tik tok "stars" have and get money for just doing 15 second dance and be praised
how is this iconic, it's a tik tok video 💀
Anayah Anayah
Anayah Anayah:
“I’m in that position now” sis no you ain’t ooh the privilege i smell it
Maya Hardyman
Maya Hardyman:
Why is this on the news?
Kayla Blossom
Kayla Blossom:
It’d be nice for them to be besties. Kourt needs more positive people & friends in her life.
Allysa Jurado
Allysa Jurado:
This what ya’ll get for hating on Addison and look at the life she is living right now
That’s crazy that she’s even in the same room as her.
Joan Witscher
Joan Witscher:
Oh my God😳You sound like a valley girl
Anju Alexander
Anju Alexander:
Wow, Kourtney looks her age
Farhath Khan
Farhath Khan:
have they ran out of news reports or what? No I’m not even joining- honestly..
tanisha shahi
tanisha shahi:
Kendall was following addison in insta too but now she unfollowed her..
She’s one of the pets now aw
Imagine if she didn’t get on tik tok
Lilliana Rose
Lilliana Rose:
Good job, everyone. YOU made addison and charli famous for literally no reason.
sara sumra
sara sumra:
OMG the kardashians never age wtf
“ Kim there people that are dying “
Kourtney refuses to hang out with people her age
Nomfundo Masuku
Nomfundo Masuku:
She’s so pretty!
Iconic ? LOLOLOLOL we live in a joke
They are both using each other... 🤷🏽‍♀️
Im Subbing Back To Everyone Who Sub Me
Im Subbing Back To Everyone Who Sub Me:
Adddidon rae and Kourtney looks good together👍
Alanna Shea
Alanna Shea:
She’s too cute!
Liz eth
Liz eth:
I wouldn't call it iconic. 🥱
n a n a !
n a n a !:
It's nice to see kourtney actually likes someone 😍
Sami Nicole
Sami Nicole:
As much as I could care less abt Tik tok stars, you know you’ve reached the top when youre doing Tik toks with Ms. Kourtney Kardashian
a dez
a dez:
All part of her plan to collab w Kylie
Why are all of Kourtney’s friends half her damn age?? Like it’s weird.
Lisa's Channel
Lisa's Channel:
Y'all mad at Addison? Yo guys didn't seemed like that when Charli danced with Jlo, went to Praga event ot were in the super bowl adds
This is her focusing on being a mom? Lol she’s 40 + acting 17
Emelina Basic
Emelina Basic:
2:20 damn they look almost identical
Amelie Byrne
Amelie Byrne:
Addison getting that clout huh
Nissi Soto
Nissi Soto:
That’s so neat 😭 y’all know the kardashy’s will put her where she wants to be
Millie Damus
Millie Damus:
My girl Kourtney 😢🤣
•Nykelle Grace•
•Nykelle Grace•:
I love this friendship!!🥳🤣
Both "tiktokers" and kardashians are untalented so this is a great match i think
Renilda Gonato
Renilda Gonato:
I just stalked Kendall but i haven't see ken follows addi?
Jillian Eberhardt
Jillian Eberhardt:
Daya oof
Daya oof:
What happened to social distancing
Natalia Maria Gheorghila
Natalia Maria Gheorghila:
Avani was like ~girl chill
their not friends but addison is a fan and mason have a crush on her kourthney invited her and addison ask to do a tiktok with her
Cloee Soler
Cloee Soler:
I feel uncomfortable when she looks straight to the camera🙃
Maria Daoud
Maria Daoud:
2:37 is so awkward
Jamahri Pope
Jamahri Pope:
I been asking for months where courtney was for months
I feel like Addison's going to be another victim of the Kardashian's wrath. I'm not being mean but every female friend that the Kardashian have, they cut ties with (Jordyn Woods, Taylor Swift).
jisa bee //
jisa bee //:
who else loves kourtney? :)
Krystal Martinez
Krystal Martinez:
Addison is a beautiful girl so I can see the kardashians keeping up with addy.
Wait a damn minute when did they collab 😐
Corey McCue
Corey McCue:
No one really cares about addison or kourtney. At least i dont.. sad how people live for these people
Precious OGIE
Precious OGIE:
Hmm 🤔 she’s 19 and besties with a 40 year old...if kourtney was a man yall would have a lot to say.
S x a r l e t t
S x a r l e t t:
Don’t hate on her when you guys are the ones who made her who she is today
Breeluhva basz
Breeluhva basz:
You guys make a video about anything you grown adults do sowthung productive go make food for your kids yes somone met another person their ppl
Veda Aditya Ramsaroop
Veda Aditya Ramsaroop:
i would love to see these 2 do the “i think what your issue is....no im going to tell you what your issue is”
Anyone can get popular on tik tok now wow
D Elf
D Elf:
Lmao, I'm all here for Addison, but she's giving me follower and wannabe Kardashian vibes.... Idk why
Paolo Payad
Paolo Payad:
ohhhh i love them
Bama Made
Bama Made:
Breaking News New TV Show Keeping up with the Bimbos
Star Lite
Star Lite:
Imagine meeting kourtney Kardashian
LXW arts
LXW arts:
Imagine being so busy with work you can't spend time with your three kids and need tik tok star to do so even though you had nannies in place. Who else but Kourtney
Hailey K
Hailey K:
These 2 are quite similar in personality tbh.. I see where this is coming from. They're both so sweet.
Carolina Fantozzi
Carolina Fantozzi:
This due 💖💖💖
lmao i forgot abt addison livin in charli's shadow 😳
Ermalerblin PULAJ
Ermalerblin PULAJ:
Imange being addi kid
Meera Somasundaram
Meera Somasundaram:
Wow when she said that Addison is 19. I just realized how pathetic my life is because I'm 19 too and I'm sitting in my bed with a messy bun in my pajamas watching some random videos on YouTube and eating junk food all the time.
Erika Ek
Erika Ek:
They look so cute together best duo ever
chelly jelly
chelly jelly:
Hmm I think court got her a new pet 😋 lil mama is cute!!!!
Alex Andy Zeme
Alex Andy Zeme:
The others tiktokers are so jealous Lmao when she said she follows me
Ashley Vazquez
Ashley Vazquez:
she wants to get into acting and be in movies next year wow!! If only it was that eased lol
Zelal Incekan
Zelal Incekan:
Aviana Valencia
Aviana Valencia:
y'all are pressed she got famous for being pretty but so did charli and the kardashions LOL
JAM Mon:
11th comment!!!
Living Listed
Living Listed:
Dude, she’s soooo lucky
Imagine Addison and Charli being in stranger things noah would be sooo happy
veera sharma
veera sharma:
Did I just hear THE KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN and addison? Most unexpected duo, i like it but not a lot... I dont like it
Gabriel Cota
Gabriel Cota:
Kourtney n addison Get along so well..
Nicholle LA Rose
Nicholle LA Rose:
Aww she's so cute
Aviana Valencia
Aviana Valencia:
What on earth is Poosh ??
carolina calderon
carolina calderon:
I hope they do stay friends forever bc all of Kourtney's sisters have their best friends and Addison if a great friend to her and Mason really likes Addison too
khyli burton
khyli burton:
This is the amount of love i get
charles c
charles c:
Hope Addison Rae can going to act right now because of the coronavirus in some places nothing
Alissa Herzog
Alissa Herzog:
But what’s kendalls tik tok name if she “joined” tik tok???
taís carvalho
taís carvalho:
shouldn’t they be social distancing?
Erika Comstock
Erika Comstock:
Sophie Masters
Sophie Masters:
Can they PLEASE Stop with the three split screen! 😡
Ruby White
Ruby White:
She's 19 . I was thinking 30