Knicks Want Russell Westbrook?! | Devin Vassell's New Jumper Breaks The Internet | FA Predictions

Knicks Want Russell Westbrook?! | Devin Vassell's New Jumper Breaks The Internet

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100+ komento:

CP & J Ellis react to the Russell Westbrook trade rumor - 0:52
Devin Vassell's "new jumpshot" breaks the internet - 32:44
Early Free Agency predictions - 50:36
George Alvernia
George Alvernia:
We need to stand firm and let the young guys play we need as many stabs at the apple in 2021 draft 1# overall pick
C H:
Would it be a successful season if we won 25 - 30 games but saw Frank avg. 10-5-5 and 50 pct from the corners on three ? RJ avg. 20 on 70 pct from the line ? Mitch plays 30 minutes per night? Knox shoots 40 from 3’s and the defense shows progress
Russ will teach the boys how to dress more metro 😂
C H:
Vessell is the pick
Not a fan of Westbrook
Best talent available in the draft nevermind
RJ is Jimmy Butler give him the rock
Don’t sacrifice the future for the present
I would take CP3 all day before we take Westbrick!! Let’s get rid of Spin over and be smart on drafts and trades!! 1ne
KC Smooth
KC Smooth:
The question is simple: Is Leon Rose trying to build a team with sustained winning and growing young players? Or is he trying to sell tickets for Dolan and gather up any old all stars he can find?
Tech Labs
Tech Labs:
This offseason will really tell us the direction that Leon Rose is gonna take this team in. I had hope in him because he brought in all these developmental coaches and even elite scouts like Walt Perrin. Now we’re hearing rumors about trading for Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Victor Oladipo, and Chris Paul and in order to get those guys we gotta give up some young players that we were supposedly developing and draft picks that we need to be holding onto. We’ll see but for now I’m looking at Leon with a side eye.
There is nothing more depressing than another NY Knicks offseason. 😩.
Nick Dreezy
Nick Dreezy:
Loving Nesmith more and more, the dudes flamethrower will make an instant impact on a team filled with nothing but bricks
I hope we can come out of this draft with two lottery picks, a Forward and a Guard... Vassell, Patrick, Nesmith, Bey. Hampton, Terry, Maxey, Lewis. I prefer Patrick & Maxey
KC Smooth
KC Smooth:
I wish more of you fans could see the bigger picture. It's not as simple as "Get Westbrook, he makes us better". Think of the draft picks you waste by going after him. Those are young roleplayers and potential franchise cornerstones you give away all for a rental of an OLD player. Knicks don't have the foundation to take short cuts yet.
Westbrook @ $40-5-M per year for 3 years? LMAO. Maybe if they gave us 3 first round draft picks.
I wanted Brody 5 years ago
Jason Martin
Jason Martin:
The only way I see we moving up this season is without putting Mitch in a deal
George Alvernia
George Alvernia:
The battle of the fans had me dying lmaoo😂😂😂😂
Gilford McCormack
Gilford McCormack:
" I'll give him Portis contract and his Jersey" C.P is hilarious lol😂😂😂
It's not gonna happen but I like the sound of Russell Westbrook or CP3 coming to NYK 🏀
Cochise Carter
Cochise Carter:
CP J ELLIS man you not giving Westbrook enough credit and you talk about Vanfleet who I like but never has led a team to anything without a ton of help, he's not even the 1# pg on his own team. Y'all can say you not doing it but who's coming here??? You want Vanfleet running this team when we're not even sure if he's built like that?? Russ got the resume I'll take my chances with him.
"We all know what he brings to the game."

Yep, individual stats.

IF TRUE, this would be the same ol Knicksian type play, and further proof that all this was, was a rebranding.

#TRUEREBUILD or keep losing.
Katelynn Cheyenne
Katelynn Cheyenne:
*When someone wants the latest hack, only use ***
They are the real deal when it comes to this!

ଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ
Summers Time Entertainment
Summers Time Entertainment:
Why try to miss the lottery when there will be some franchise changing players in the 2021 draft? That's like trading to make the playoffs and missing out on Lebron, Melo, Wade and Bosh in the 2003 draft! I'm all in on the 2021 draft!
As a Jamaican I can’t help but to laugh every time j Ellis said buddy, B heild name. Hahahaha
Gregory Levin
Gregory Levin:
Draft a point guard, it's definitely a need for the long run.💯
as much as i respect Russ he is not a good fit in NY right now. I remember CP saying "we should fly under the radar" Russ will not give us that opportunity. His personality with the media will leave us out there. He's most likely a good teammate that we have seen stand up for his team but at the same time we need players like RJ and Mitch to keep that humble attitude. The other reason is because he doesn't add shooting and he is too much of a star at this point to change his ego for learning something new on a young team. Russ is a baller but i don't feel likd he is a winner. Too many negatives at this stage.
Water Melon Sugar High
Water Melon Sugar High:
Dont build to get to the Playoffs, develop your "San Antonio" team with a top 5 pick next year and look for Stability!! RJ needs the ball!! I think Deni falls!!
Keith Flood
Keith Flood:
Crazy as hell. I'm taking westbrook every time.
Water Melon Sugar High
Water Melon Sugar High:
That Jumpshot could be the next Skyhook
How are you gonna block that shot with the new rules of landing ?
Its a stroke of genius in my mind
Jose Alvarez
Jose Alvarez:
They snagged off Westbrook like he had covid, 6 ft apart
Jean G Jr
Jean G Jr:
tired of all the rumors, it's like every team that has a player they wanna get rid of the folks write up that the Knicks are interested
Jean G Jr
Jean G Jr:
There's a diff between Jimmy going into a situation that has established roles and continuity in Miami and the Knicks who are starting over with new coach, unknown roles for the played already here, it's an apples to pineapples comp
Shaka Colon
Shaka Colon:
Short term and long term Westbrook would not benefit this team ill take Conley and a pick or two
Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile:
Westbrook coming for the title of the beat dressed Knick frank ain't having it nilmatic king of ny Westbrook that's hard pass for me
Jack Rhodes
Jack Rhodes:
I sure hope all the teams drafting 1-7 are scared off from drafting Vassell now. Great job by his camp! I'm still Vassell or bust!
That jumper is exaggerated Mr. Vessell! I understand that you want to show your ability to improve ~on the fly. But if you must mess with the jay you should play it safe and do it the greats have done it: with the ball, extended, at the top of the forehead (Kobe, MJ, AI, R. Allen, ME)...not behind the head a la Bill Cartwright? 🤨🤕
Anyone who wants Westbrook.. Get off the crack..
C H:
Bertans plays no defense and has shown to be injury prone Grant for me
Dutch B
Dutch B:
And every team cp3 goes on he got injured......
Kxe Wws
Kxe Wws:
Brodie? I know that nickname is on Basketball Reference, but does anyone other than CP actually use that terrible nickname for Westbrook?
Cochise Carter
Cochise Carter:
Get me anybody at point but the guys y'all mentioned 🤣🤣🤣a Teague and Augustine ain't it. We need a real upgrade at point guys not more mediocrity. Dragic possibly Vanfleet and guys similar to that in skill level only.
jermaine simms
jermaine simms:
With Westbrook you absolutely must run a offense like Miami its the only way to maximize his talent on this team ...has to have motion
Fatboy withkickz
Fatboy withkickz:
Do the knicks try and catch lightning in a bottle by getting Cp3 and a new version of Melo??
Russ’ contract is crazy. It’s a no for me, dawg.
Kevin DeRosa
Kevin DeRosa:
what about dennis Schroeder, he'd be cheaper and would make a lot of sense basketball wise
Robert Mcphaul
Robert Mcphaul:
If your really entertaining this mess we need to just go ahead and seek the team and let the Brooklyn Nets be the only team in NY
iAMyou Brandon
iAMyou Brandon:
CP we need the link to that 7 hat dawg
Gilford McCormack
Gilford McCormack:
I wonder how Westbrook on Milwaukee would be?
Robert Mcphaul
Robert Mcphaul:
Are we really knick fans or just ESPN highlight fans???? Have anyone learn from watching the last dance???
Where Is Hunter
Where Is Hunter:
Hunter please come back Home 🤕
Jn N
Jn N:
WAKE UP Knicks fans its the "James Dolan Scam" the scam is get a name to raise tickets prices Dolan been doing this since 2002
I want a Russ vs KD
Derek Fisher shot like that but it was reliable. Kg also has a similar shot it works. I dont care how someone shoots if it goes in.
Glory Ave TV
Glory Ave TV:
Knicks should try and make a play for Jrue Holiday. Think hes the perfect fit. can score playmake and defend. And would be a good mentor for the young guys.
Jean G Jr
Jean G Jr:
Russ is 32 and his game is all based on his being a superior athlete, I can't see him being what he is over the course of the next 3 years
T williams
T williams:
Team Kira!!!!!
Teddy White
Teddy White:
Hard pass. Stop it cp!
J Cole
J Cole:
First off if we gon do a crazy contract it better be CP3 hell no on Brodie I’ll take Kira at 8 before brodie
John Ross
John Ross:
Oubre still young and I could see develop into a solid number 2 guy if given chance to be main guy with knicks next couple seasons as scoring threat than you have probably rj who will turn into a top tier number 3 in his career. Just yeah man not sure why oubre flyingnunder radar teams will be pissed in future for not trading for him thisbyear
German Hurtado
German Hurtado:
The only diferenc on Randolf n' Westbrook....2 or 3 dunks
Julian Blum
Julian Blum:
J ells right I dont need another super star who cant produce championships but fill seats hell nah they can keep him lets rebuild with these youngins and watch them grow stop sounding desperate
You can’t teach athleticism; that’s what Westbrook brings, so why?
If they get Westbrook, they better not give up future assets to get him but it’ll be more of a salary dump by the Houston Rockets. Give them Randle, Portis & Ellington. That’s it.
Jean G Jr
Jean G Jr:
Not taking a player @ #8 whose ceiling I believe is Trevor Ariza
@KnicksFanTV .. is it possible for Randle and 27th pick get traded for a 1st round pick between 9-15 .. draft neismith and maxey ... I agree move on from DSJ .. No aging stars .. RJ Barrett hope you looked at how effective Jimmie Buckets was taking it to the hole and playing tough defense...
George Brisita
George Brisita:
I would take Harden before Westbrook or Chris paul
Jean G Jr
Jean G Jr:
Def would take Kira over Devin if that's the choice
Warren Franklin
Warren Franklin:
My starting line up. Vanfleet,vanssel backcourt. RJ small forward, woods, mitch. Roster baynes, Dotson. Lewis,sinbad.frank n powerfoward on the draft.
Berto Lopes
Berto Lopes:
no westbrook. great player but not for New York
Jeff Hardaway
Jeff Hardaway:
I heard we're interested in Rondo. If anything I feel like we should sign him as a mentor to the young guys. We dont give up any kinda assets in a trade. And we dont have to pay him 40 MILLION A YEAR to get bounced in the first round. Just continue to rebuild organically.
janet rangel
janet rangel:
bruce lee
Ray S
Ray S:
If Russ was an above average shooter from three, I wouldn't mind. BUT HELL NO
I think Russ would be more valuable than Melo tbh Russ would force more threes being that he’s been playing w Harden, which is good for RJs development and he would be a star again which is the ego he has...
All of these are rumors. I like a move for bogdan but that’s it. Let the youngins run
Nathaniel Ming
Nathaniel Ming:
U know where Russell Westbrook will fit at Golden State and Portland Toronto
Ari Michael
Ari Michael:
I went to Ross and copped stitched Kevin Knox jerseys that means he is about to get traded......
John Ross
John Ross:
Also you sign dj Augustin he seems solid I love him for knicks for next couple seasons underrated in a way if our start 5 is oubre, year rookie, barret mitch and Augustin we still probably a top 10 pick next year plus we could package that plus year after 1st round pick and a knock, nitilikina or this years draft pick for a top 3 pick. We got big chance that if this nb years rookie knox or nitilikina 0lay good 3 chances at moving up in next years draft or oubre I feel has a monster year with knicks next year might be better to trade him plus our pick and next.. I'm telling yall oubre balls out in New York I'll be heated if we pass on him I garuntee in next 5 years he play great..
Randy Savage
Randy Savage:
No one will come and play with Westbrook
Scott Wolf
Scott Wolf:
Let the kids play...get top 3 pick 20021 draft
We’re not making the playoffs adding Russ alone; that’s absurd
Bronx all Day
Bronx all Day:
No more bailouts.
Fotis Michael
Fotis Michael:
Knicks should trade for Russ, but only under one condition: contract's void the moment he takes a three.
Glory Ave TV
Glory Ave TV:
This guy Ari just rants to rant
Not anymore
KinG Kush
KinG Kush:
Kira doesnt play defense
John Ross
John Ross:
Besides oubre you also could go for a player like the kings center he like 22... ise him as backup to mitch I forget name but he avg about 17 per 35min at 22 you have him on team than trade in 4 years major valuable in 4 nb years he good and solid will get better turn into upper tier center by 4 years or so at his prime I like him and oubre for knocks nothing but good put in position for big trade in 4 years
Dj Rafa
Dj Rafa:

Not worth it especially since we in rebuilding mode it makes no sense to get westbrook just to make the 7-8 seed and lose in the 1-2nd round
Glory Ave TV
Glory Ave TV:
Westbrook has his flaws. This guy is a perrenial all star caliber player. But I dont do the deal if were still talking about a youth movement
Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis:
I think at 8 we get Tyrese Maxey. Kentucky SG’s are thriving in the NBA (Booker, Herro)
roy gumbs
roy gumbs:
hey guys what do you think about kira lewis Frank RJ Randle and Mitch starting. bench DSJ Dotson Bullock knox and Portis
John Ross
John Ross:
Knicks fans count blessings.. mitch and RJ solid solid players championship winners. We still need two superstars but they great blocks to build culture around. We good.
Levar Robinson
Levar Robinson:
If they brody bring melo and galo
Shamel Gasby
Shamel Gasby:
But knick only team with alot of pucks to go with cap space
Shawn Maverton
Shawn Maverton:
Westbrook is one Hell of an athletic player has alot of heart but really don't have the smarts to win. Right now the Knicks need an high IQ player. CP3 is very smart and showed he can mold younger players but injuries in the playoffs. We don't even need a big name player just one with smart high IQ vet that could lead at pg position.
Ari is tripping. Russ gets a chip with Bron
Anyone who wants Westbrook.. Get off the crack..
Dankkk 420s
Dankkk 420s:
We don't need no low iq ball hog point guard. With all that athleticism he was never even a great defender. His game is all flash no substance
Ronell John
Ronell John:
The Knicks has never had an MVP winner in their prime. Y’all buggin if you don’t want to win now because you are worried about cap space 3 years from now.