‘Kissing Booth 2' Star Maisie Richardson-Sellers Introduces Kelly Clarkson To Kelly The Sunflower ?

"Kissing Booth" star Maisie Richardson-Sellers tells Kelly Clarkson that she named her sunflower “Kelly” after it flourished during quarantine! Plus, Joey King tells Kelly that she's turned into a big fan of making dioramas. Tune in to the show for more with Maisie and Joey!

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9 komento:

Jade Nguyen
Jade Nguyen:
Maisie is the type of gorgeous that makes you rethink what you thought of society.
Jose Fer García flores
Jose Fer García flores:
Yessss, I'm so happy for Maisie, I love her since I watch her on DC Legends of Tomorrow
How beautiful is Maisie!!! <3 Love Legends
Sharon F
Sharon F:
I'm 64, and have used coloring books to de-stress for decades!! I even gift them to friends so they can find out how relaxing it is.
Shirley Anderson
Shirley Anderson:
Who’s here after watching Kissing Booth 2 🔥😍
Jade Nguyen
Jade Nguyen:
I like that Kelly is not only the only one here who’s never been in the Arrowverse but is also the only one who hasn’t played at least 2 DC characters.
Afia Nurul
Afia Nurul:
Who's here from The Originals?? Eva Sinclair ahhh
abc stv
abc stv:
Maisie is freaking gorgeous
Khang Tran Nguyen
Khang Tran Nguyen:
The Steve Harvey show was replaced by this garbage 🤮