Kim Tae-hee learns the truth about her daughter | Hi Bye, Mama! Ep 12 [ENG SUB]

Turns out Kim Tae-hee always had a place in her daughter’s heart. Now this is the real Try Not To Cry Challenge 😭

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100+ komento:

The saddest thing about this drama is all of them don't have any mistake. Like you can't blame anyone and just to suffer everything because it just happen
William Marc Boquiren
William Marc Boquiren:
This is the only kdrama that made me cried more than 10 times..
Ballerino Jongin
Ballerino Jongin:
It’s so incredibly cruel for the ghosts ‘bosses’ to make her human again just so she can ‘fix’ her family while also having her watch her daughter call another woman mum because she died before she was able to hold her and when they showed that montage of her watching her husband slowly fall in love with minjeong after her passing was really hard too. She was literally seeing everyone move on with their lives but she couldn’t be apart of it and now that she has the chance to live again she’s so selfless she’s not even considering it... it feels like a punishment more than a lesson 😭
aliah tanya
aliah tanya:
the most saddest part here is yuri's character. when she died, she saw how his husband cried and missed her so much. she saw all of it. she even saw and happy when her husband love another woman. this is freaking one of the saddest kdrama :(((((
RIP to those ppl who never knew that the child is actually a boy😭😭
Aye Thandar
Aye Thandar:
The child actor is so cute, he is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen..
Thecla Okwara
Thecla Okwara:
I almost cried when I saw the child actor. He's soo talented and cute.
Indi Raphaella
Indi Raphaella:
the title itself shown the plot. "Hi, Bye, Mama!" its probably means Seowu will only meet Yuri for 49 days._.
Sheyla Adinda
Sheyla Adinda:
Her watching seowoo call minjeong mom, was truly make me sad. She's her mother but call other people mom. Please make seowoo call yuri mom, it means a lot for her😭
Simone de B.
Simone de B.:
The child actor indeed has a striking semblance to a youthful Kim Tae Hee and so I understand very well as to why he was cast as her daughter.
This drama will make one treasure their mother more, realise the special vinculum between a mother and child as well as the importance of a healthy familial dynamics.
vindy vin
vindy vin:
Tbh, the best ending for this drama is to see all the characters move on and let Yuri go in peace. It's a sad ending but more realistic.

Then we can get a lesson and be more gratefull in our life :)
Iranee A
Iranee A:
I really hate to say that we all know for sure yuri and ganghwa won't be together in the end:""""(
Jam Jam
Jam Jam:
So like the 49 days is her judgement right? What if her being selfless about not wanting to ruin her daughters and former husband relationship is the test? Her award for her selflessness will be her remaining alive? Idk if I’m overthinking it.

Also yes the main theme is about moving on, which in the end she can as well. Either through dying again or remaining on earth and rebuilding her life. (Without her ex husband and her daughter)

Also I may be wrong idk

Edit: I think she’s gonna die after watching ep 14 nevermind. But this theory seemed fun tho lol
Dicky Denaldi
Dicky Denaldi:
this kdrama, every episode always shed a tears :(
Gwaenchana Gwaenchana
Gwaenchana Gwaenchana:
Recommended this drama to my friend but she thinks it's boring. I got hooked right from the start and I was always excited to watch the new episode. This drama was funny, sad and heartwarming all at the same time. It's one of my all-time favorites! Totally underrated!
The only drama that made me cry like LITERALLY EACH EPISODES!!
BMJAAL Limited
BMJAAL Limited:
All I'm going to say it better have a happy ending...
I wish minjeong is a bad mom but she's not 😭
Now, finally, she can hold her mom's hand 😭😭😭😭
Desiree Heremaia
Desiree Heremaia:
I still think Ganghwa hasn't lost his love for Yuri, and yet Minjeong changed her mind about the divorce, so I don't see this being a happy ending for Yuri - which sucks because that means her own family will be upset again.
Gabriella F
Gabriella F:
Spoiler alert for those who for some reason are at this scene who haven’t watched:
What bothers me the most is that Seo Woo wasn’t told that her mom died. How is that fair to not only Yuri’s memory, but also to Yuri’s family? It wouldn’t make her love her stepmother any less.
Brystal Bales
Brystal Bales:
This drama was seriously 2020 best drama. I cried so bad with this drama. I felt as if my heart was being torn from my chest every episode. It truly shows a mothers love for her child. I did feel bad that she never told her husband that she loved him when she came back but I knew she didn't want to ruin the happiness he finally found after he lost her. She cared so much about everyone but herself and was never selfish. She chose to leave again so no one would suffer again.
Lofi T
Lofi T:
That child is so cute and talented! Still can't believe he's a little boy. His expressions are golden.
Meera Javad
Meera Javad:
I really wish that these are all going to be a dream and like her husband can go back in time and save her from the car accident and thereby they can live happily...i know it sounds crazy but i really really want a happy ending
Lizeth Voo
Lizeth Voo:
I look forward to the end
Nazhira Mutiara
Nazhira Mutiara:
Yuri deserves to be Seowoo's Mom😭 at least, at the end of 49 days, please, jebal, told her that Yuri is her mom😭 i cannot stand seeing her runs to Mijeong and pushing aside Yuri😭 i sacrifice my tears for nothing if it doesnt end like this😭
Emman Barrameda
Emman Barrameda:
So apparently Hi, Bye Mama has decided to take a break from broadcasting it's 13th and 14th episodes on April 4 & 5 due to “inevitable changes in schedule”, and to ensure a stable production process. And since the show is on hiatus this week, episode 13 will now air on April 11 and episode 14 on April 12. 😬
Chloe Cordero
Chloe Cordero:
i feel so bad for yuri, watching the people you love move on with their lives without you is awful😭😢 pls give yuri a happy ending😢😭
privie k
privie k:
This is the cutest baby l have ever seen in sute🤗🤗
Hi bye mommy doesn't have an upcoming episode bc of covid-19? last 4 eps for sure, hoping for a happy ending.
Willy Alvaro
Willy Alvaro:
Who else knows that the child actor is actually a boy?
G.L Esera
G.L Esera:
For some reason, the daughter seems to know already that she's her real mother. She has been pretending not to see her when she can so surely she's heard Yuri call her 'her daughter'. This is too sad as every1 ia nice and more so wif the postponed production which I can really understand and lament with. Is it also just me of Seo woo seems to act more like a child wif Yuri than her mom.
Alison Kwok
Alison Kwok:
it’s really sah how yuri has to see her daughter run to another woman and call her mom :(
I am namjoonie's dimples
I am namjoonie's dimples:
I watched this entire drama ,crying more than 3 times at each episode 🙆🏻😭😭 I really hope theres more episodes coming or a season 2 😭😭
Okay but what if the title isn’t about Yuri and it’s about Min-Jeong 🤯. She came into Seo-Woo’s life late and she always thought of her as her mom but Yuri takes her spot back and Seo-Woo has to let her go. Boom 💥. Happy Ending ~
Alex Wang
Alex Wang:
If yuri died again, all of her friends and family will fall into groom again, even a bigger one.
This drama is the best drama I've ever watched! It had made me cry every single episode. It made me feel so sad for everyone and I really hope she gets her happy ending because she watched her daughter grow and took in all the pain of seeing her husband fall in love and get remarried and she also saw all the pain her mother was going through and yet she never gave up on her child. I just hope that the writers give her a happy ending. She deserves it and even if she doesn't stay with gang hwa, Yuri should get to stay with her family and get to raise her daughter. I have a feeling though that she will have to say goodbye to her daughter but I hope like really really really hope she stays with her daughter
Sweta Magar
Sweta Magar:
Damn, I cried in every episodes..This drama is so good!!! I know that it won't have happy ending..but I still want yuri and her husband& seo woo to have happy ending
Cheryl Williams
Cheryl Williams:
I hope folks see KTH as a improved actress but finally understand that she actually is funny as hell, and should do comedies.
Saver nightwolf
Saver nightwolf:
I cried while watching this clip Soo emotional 😭 true love ❤️ mother and child
i cried so hard bcs of this drama
Squido Learn to Dab
Squido Learn to Dab:
I never cried this much for a kdrama. I cried on every single episode.
haha ha
haha ha:
I hope hi bye mama means hi to Yuri and bye to Minjeong, but I like Minjeong too :( but Yuri deserves to be happy :(.
KV 13.4.7
KV 13.4.7:
my fave kim tae hee, but im hesitant to watch this coz im sure i will end up looking for tissue to wipe my eyes 💜 but cant helped but clicked
Sohila Hamroush
Sohila Hamroush:
This drama is a tear-jerker.
Old Song PirateCrew
Old Song PirateCrew:
The director of this drama is so good because he makes the character of the stepmother a likeable and nice person. Now I feel bad about her whenever I root for cha yuri
Aayush Shrestha
Aayush Shrestha:
Every single ep can make u cry in this episode even the 1st episode will make u cry
Such as sad episode.
abigael silvers
abigael silvers:
I miss Yuri already.
one of the best k dramas ever!!!
Imel Kamelia
Imel Kamelia:
God its already one week without Hi, Bye Mama new episode, but I'll wait patiently. I just want Yuri ended being happy as a mom and if the writer nim can make her back with the past husband I'll be happy too. :) And btw this is only Korean drama who successfully make me cry every single episode T_T Stay safe everyone :)
Taehyung’s beautiful Eyes
Taehyung’s beautiful Eyes:
Idk abt you guys but I just finished the series and the last ep made me cry when she said goodbye to seo-woo 😭😭😭😭
Leslie Tang
Leslie Tang:
cried so hard every episode... pretty sure my eyes are bruised. ughh
Momo Afolabi
Momo Afolabi:
This drama is definitely not having a happy ending so I suggest you get you tissues ready for the 18th and 19th of April cuz we will all be crying
Omg I just love this drama! It delves into love from so many angles. Its just so pure.
Maria Joy Gerona
Maria Joy Gerona:
Saddest episode to date. How about we get this family back together?
Louineta Stelenn
Louineta Stelenn:
I felt a little squeeze in my heart when Seo Woo reach out to Yuri, as if afraid she'd go, and then smile when she realize yuri only want to dance at 0:53 T_T
Rismaars Studio
Rismaars Studio:
0:47 Kim Tae Hee, you're so cute in this scene. Gung gung gungg..
Pattie Mosier
Pattie Mosier:
Kim Tae-hee you are great in this drama. All of you were great. Take care all.💖🌹💖
Falak Ayesha
Falak Ayesha:
It was so sad when her husband want to touch her but he cannot not because somehow he lost his right on her (marrying someone else move forward in life)
Both Hanyang and his love interest became surgeons... oh my heart 😂
Tam-Ai Van
Tam-Ai Van:
I finished watching this episode yesterday and I started bawling so much
• angelica •
• angelica •:
I cried so much when I watched this. This is so sad but the drama is so good.
luxaholic anonymous
luxaholic anonymous:
I love this show. I cry every episode especially when her mom sees her again. 😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢
I hate this drama... it makes me cry every episode huhu 😭😭😭
Jyda Myrie Marata
Jyda Myrie Marata:
The mom is a ghost and seo woo see her real mother and i want to whatch every day a hi bye, mama i love seo woo and her mom ghost
It’s going to be a bitter sweet ending. There’s always a balance. If Yuri doesn’t go, someone else will.
I wanna see my dad, I knew that kids could see other things that adults couldn't see
Aomine Daiki
Aomine Daiki:
When i finished this drama i was cry of all my soul😭 really its so sad but im so sad Yu ri die for Seo woo
Abhishek S
Abhishek S:
A series with a beautiful ending
Rosé Jams
Rosé Jams:
This is the best dram like there are no flaws....what's going to happen will happen no matter what
I dunno if my heart can handle watching another K drama so soon...
Sammy Lee
Sammy Lee:
a mother’s love 😭😭
k. pam
k. pam:
The baby actor is actually a male,if y'all haven't know
Carlos Otieno
Carlos Otieno:
Seo woo smiling at cha Yuri without her realizing it is truly beautiful....
Lexie Lyn
Lexie Lyn:
This drama had me crying SO much. I still loved every minute of it.
It may not have had a very "happy" ending, but it was perfect in it's own way. Although coming back to life isn't "realistic", the ending made it seem more so.

Oh, and props to the little boy who played Seo woo. Great acting! Bravo!
Missing Yuri😭💔
Minju Lee
Minju Lee:
She was best when she filmed yong pal
Tbh, this is Kdrama thah made me cried over and over again since eps 1.
Best drama comeback for Yuri~yaaa ..
Angela Mitzi Nazareno
Angela Mitzi Nazareno:
What I liked about this drama was the fact that there was no absolute antagonist. There were annoying characters like the exorcist, the judgmental moms but they weren’t too cruel to cause big problems. Life was just happening for all the characters. Forever love this drama. Every episode made me cry
Hinsmart Universe
Hinsmart Universe:
Gosh I thought I was being too emotional...since I cried more than 6 times in every episode. Glad to know so many of you are crying with me. :') <3
Barnali Mondal
Barnali Mondal:
Bt I m sad bcz I think yuri would go back to a ghost and leaving her daughter forever 😭
Mrs. 사리나 Ramos7
Mrs. 사리나 Ramos7:
This makes me cry every time I watch it 😫😭
Camila Ferreira
Camila Ferreira:
Chorei em todos episódios 😭❤️
Anagha Nalinan
Anagha Nalinan:
I haven't watched this drama but I'm crying watching this!!!
Oh my heart~~😭😭
Pattie Mosier
Pattie Mosier:
Love,love this drama. I just love her ,she is a great actor in this drama. Everyone take care.💖🌹💖
Sonam kim
Sonam kim:
I m waiting for ep 13 when they will upload in Netflix....lovely drama
Nency Priya Bagraila
Nency Priya Bagraila:
Still crying even after completing last episodes for days thinking about yu ri sacrifice 😭... I wanted her to live but the ending was heartbreaking thing😭...
Yuanita Rahman
Yuanita Rahman:
I lost my mother 2 weeks ago and i cant barely brave to watch this drama...
I loved this drama, the actors were very good
Diana hi
Diana hi:
I just hope that Yuri can reborn and have a happy and longer life, that would be a happy and sad end :")
assy Laz
assy Laz:
the child was a boy but soo cute eventhough acting as a girl 😍😍
Jemimah B
Jemimah B:
At 2:06 ... TOUCH HER DAMN IT!!! I just want both of them to go back together as lovers :((((
- BeckyJm -
- BeckyJm -:
I didn't like the ending tho, sure it's different and stuff but I expected her to stay alive because she didn't want to destroy other people's lives. But she just went up and that was kinda sad.
Your Dorama
Your Dorama:
This drama is soo meaningful👩👩👩, I like it so much❤🧡🙆‍♀️, almost every episode makes me cry and laugh at the same time. It tells us about mothers love and the value of our lives.
ounrida kong
ounrida kong:
The child actor is so cute
Farah Fatin
Farah Fatin:
I repeat the spisodes because I love this drama so so much... Can't wait for next episode! 💕
Krystal Ere
Krystal Ere:
Nobody will grieve for you for a long time except parents. But their pain will subside over time. Everyone's life goes on. I am very sorry for Yuuri, who is a mother but cannot be her. and living with all desire, it is unlikely that it will remain. In general, all this is sad.
h. a
h. a:
The child actor is so talented 💚💚💚❤️❤️
julia s
julia s:
he’s so cute🥺❤️