Kendrick Perkins on the Nets signing Jamal Crawford: He's a walking bucket! | The Jump

Amin Elhassan, Dave McMenamin and Kendrick Perkins react to the Brooklyn Nets signing Jamal Crawford to play in the Orlando, Florida, bubble amid the absence of Kyrie Irving, Spencer Dinwiddie and others.
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100+ komento:

Amin just be rolling out of bed at this point lol
His 52 point game he got against Miami was the best 50 point game I’ve seen, he made 16 straight field goals off of jump shots
Before Sweet Lou there was J Crossover 🙌🏾 6th man tings
Korey Paul
Korey Paul:
Feel like he's gonna drop a 50 piece in the bubble 🤔
Kevin Sams
Kevin Sams:
Type of player that could eat in this type of atmosphere.
Yeah hes a walking bucket for the other team aswell when he's on the court
J crossover still can drop 50 at any moment
Barack Obama
Barack Obama:
2:01 Perk’s reaction when he sees Amin’s hair💀
Prince KC
Prince KC:
Real life uncle Drew
Dennis Thornton II
Dennis Thornton II:
That's the real question. What took so long for a team to sign him?
Let's Talk Basketball
Let's Talk Basketball:
Why Kendrick perkins sound like a copy and past of nba twitter when he talks about basketball? Smh
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods:
Perkins was a walking trash bucket
Tom R
Tom R:
Why did it take so long for someone to sign this man?!
Alan Brooks
Alan Brooks:
Great sign for nets. Now someone needs to sign Joe Johnson.
Mavs would be a good landing spot.
Both still got game! 🏀💯
Stephen As Unnamed Source
Stephen As Unnamed Source:
Perk look like he has a successful Rap Career and he's trying to hook his struggling uncle up with a Job.
Tanny Glover
Tanny Glover:
The fit’ty piece wing dinnuh!!!!
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner:
He’ll fit the nets pretty well
Tyler Saint
Tyler Saint:
JC definitely in my top 5 FAVORITE player of all time!
Craig Montgomery
Craig Montgomery:
One of my all-time favs... easily one of the most entertaining and creative players to lace ‘em up... that play when he gave Deron Williams the biz... 🤦🏽‍♂️
How’d I get here?
How’d I get here?:
J Crossover was one of my favorite players growing up.
He used to light it up in NY. I was pissed when they traded him to make “cap space” for LeBron.

Especially since we didn’t even get him... smfh.
Ace Piston
Ace Piston:
Congrats Jamal! I was really disappointed when I figured out he was let go by the Suns. Now he gets another chance!
Flashy Merty
Flashy Merty:
One of my favorite players growing up one of the greatest 6th man ever and top 5 handles ever
Never doubt Crawford hes always been a sleeping giant.Once you wake him expect great numbers on his stat sheet.
Woke AF
Woke AF:
Great signing!
Perfect timing!
Bobby Williams
Bobby Williams:
He going to be a fit with the nets
mar _is_dope
mar _is_dope:
Can’t believe the Lakers didn’t pick him up
J Bryan
J Bryan:
All i see in these highlights is another screw up the Knicks did by letting Crawford go.
Slick Rick
Slick Rick:
Good for J crossover
Get them reps in
Suriya Dileepan
Suriya Dileepan:
2:04 Perks reaction on seeing Amin.😂😂
Jamar Merritt
Jamar Merritt:
I always love and respected Jamal Crawford’s game! Pure scorer ‼️
Kell G
Kell G:
Bout dam Time💯
Only man to drop 50 on 4 different teams i think.
Still one of my favorite Clippers ever 🔴🔵🔴🔵
Like me, with none of the hard work, 🤘🏽
Joph Ramnel Ucang
Joph Ramnel Ucang:
J Crawford is an underrated dude
He's so awesome y'know
Deezy Ankh
Deezy Ankh:
Crawford one of my favorite players all time. Behind the back hop step. C'mon man
Street Action
Street Action:
Best handles the NBA ever seen
KingSlim X
KingSlim X:
Well earned my guy ✊🏽
El Chino
El Chino:
J crossover handles 🔥💯
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay:
The type of player who can get buckets even in this type of atmosphere
Dragonball's Best
Dragonball's Best:
Why does Kendrick Perkins make the same face in every thumbnail
Quay Rosser
Quay Rosser:
Two dribble gods on the same team tho , woaaaaa
Jd Henton
Jd Henton:
Go jamal. U r unappreceated u r 1 of the greatest
Jay D
Jay D:
Wow Perkins finally said something i agree with 😆
Dizzy Volt
Dizzy Volt:
And you're a standing KFC bucket, no disrespect brother but cmon.
33 Thousand
33 Thousand:
Amin look like the doctor from courage the cowardly dog👨🏾‍⚕️😂🤣
John Shaft
John Shaft:
Amin looking like Damion Marley. All he need is one of those big Lion of Judah Rasta hats.
Clippers really wasted their opportunity with Crawford he’s honestly one of the best most underrated players in the league hands down change my mind🤚🏼
He's your favorite players favorite player.
Young boys shooting like Jamal Crawford 🔥
jake plesser
jake plesser:
im curious are these guys also gonna stay for the 2021 season or just the return tyler johnson and jamal crawford and the other guys we signed
Jamar Merritt
Jamar Merritt:
50 piece wing dinner 😂 fax plus tax 💯
Elisha Matabe
Elisha Matabe:
Now we are talking ✊🏾
Eli Foster
Eli Foster:
Glad to see Jamal back!
Paul Whittaker
Paul Whittaker:
Kendrick perkins is the last dude i wanna hear talking about who's a good signing
Best news. U gotta love it
Лхагвадорж Пүрвээ
Лхагвадорж Пүрвээ:
Ray allen at 0:54 made my day
HRJGuide 50
HRJGuide 50:
They missed the Crossover on Ray Allen!
Austin Oldfield
Austin Oldfield:
The most underrated handles in the game today and has been the past decade
John Doe
John Doe:
Best news of 2020 so far the tide is turning fellas
Eric Wilson
Eric Wilson:
I didn't even know he was that old! And still putting in work!! Big up J. Craw
Tou Her
Tou Her:
A walking bucket aint gonna make a difference considering the competition
Demien Ramos
Demien Ramos:
Lakers slept on this guy,Good job BROOK
I'm a Knicks fan and the Nets can go pound salt HOWEVER! Seeing J.Crawf get some more work makes me happy. I hope he never retires.
jewinsuast dominique
jewinsuast dominique:
Best move for the nets
Clips 36
Clips 36:
Soooooo no Chicago or Atlanta highlights?
Eric Yuan
Eric Yuan:
"Crawford bout to drop 50"
"Relax, he's 40 years old."
Abhi George!
Abhi George!:
Last time i was this early..perkins had career numbers of 6,1 and 5
Ry Ry
Ry Ry:
My all time favorite player boutta go off in this bubble
BDJ Universe
BDJ Universe:
That's a great pick up until KD get back to help with scoring
Great 👍
Devin Williams
Devin Williams:
Look at this man
Warren Rutledge
Warren Rutledge:
That bot JC need to get him one. Atl did my boy wrong by letting him go.
Luca Weidmann
Luca Weidmann:
Kendrick 'listen' Perkins
Eddie Perez
Eddie Perez:
Take a moment to breath Kendrick
Webtoon king
Webtoon king:
what took so long
Wiley Cheng
Wiley Cheng:
jamal crawford with the self oops?
Real - Jaso
Real - Jaso:
He’s 40
Jay Lance
Jay Lance:
Great pick up for the nets... hes legit a walking bucket
Rackedup 153
Rackedup 153:
best handles ever period
Get this guy a barber ASAP!
Thats a good sign
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart:
Will somebody tell Amin the barbershops 💈 are open.
Wesley Green
Wesley Green:
Clippers in 3
Dekiah Brown
Dekiah Brown:
Rag Tag.... Wow!
The Income Tax Guru!
The Income Tax Guru!:
He should’ve BEEN signed.
Julian Styles
Julian Styles:
Someone need to tell Amin barber shops are open now. Also invest in a pair of Clippers. Self grooming.
Ricardo Pierre
Ricardo Pierre:
That was then he is mush older now any team looking for Jamal Crawford to be that dude is delusional
Gibran Leon
Gibran Leon:
Warrior fans know J-Crawford REAL well. Let's get it OG
Ancestral Rage
Ancestral Rage:
Ted Williams
Ted Williams:
Why took so long for a NBA team to pick him up
Lakers shoulda picked him up😤
Dre Bands6
Dre Bands6:
Perk speaking straight facts
Selfish Stockton
Selfish Stockton:
All his highlights were two presidential terms ago 🥱🥱
Corey Banks
Corey Banks:
Nba trying so hard to make calling ppl a bucket stick lol in my city that means junkie 🇨🇦
trey . goat randolph
trey . goat randolph:
Still 1 more in 90s
Jason Hardaway
Jason Hardaway:
Brooklyn will be the real deal next season
Would be nice to play Crawford in Kyries spot so the team can get uaed to playing with a ball dominant pg.
Dior FromPhilly
Dior FromPhilly:
Surprised he it took this longest
Sean Millikan
Sean Millikan:
Hes a walking grandpa dont expect too much other than the fact the nets have half the regular roster out so maybe he will get some buckets but cmon man he wasnt signed for a reason