Kellyanne Conway is fighting COVID-19, daughter Claudia Conway’s TikTok | New York Post

Kellyanne Conway is battling both the coronavirus and her own daughter’s attempts at going viral on social media.

The former White House counselor is in quarantine after being diagnosed with COVID-19 on Friday — with her teenage daughter Claudia documenting every move.

#KellyanneCOnway #ClaudiaConway

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Study Buddy
Study Buddy:
Poor Claudia, having a crazy liar as a mother
mary shaffer
mary shaffer:
This privileged child deeply hates her mother.
Joe G
Joe G:
Wow....a teenager disagreeing with her mother. Never heard that one before.
jill malone
jill malone:
Kellyanne was just using “alternative facts!”
Social media toppled governments in the Middle East. Destroying a family is easy using these tools.
Kelly McShane
Kelly McShane:
Who wants to be in the room when Mom and daughter go at it? No thanks.
Study Buddy
Study Buddy:
She didn't lie, she gave an alternative fact. Isn't that right, kellyanne?
It’s hilarious that the Left somehow thinks she has inside knowledge on Trump’s day-to-day health.
Go Humberto!
Go Humberto!:
What goes around comes around Kelly.
A serial liar calling her daughter a liar. I wonder where she gets that from.
Dustin Caso
Dustin Caso:
She’s literally not breathing as she’s breathing.
Snatch Face
Snatch Face:
I feel bad for her a mother setting a bad example. She lies for a wanna be dictator.
Best wishes to Claudia for a speedy recovery with no after affects..
Pops Satchmo
Pops Satchmo:
What’s the world come to when a 15 year old’s Tik Tok is giving us a better status on the presidents health.
Sean Jones
Sean Jones:
KellyAnne ConArtist said Covid 19 is a hoax - Now what???
This too hilarious. ABOUT COVID!! What a shrill voice LOL😀😀
Empire Plumbing
Empire Plumbing:
Narcism at its best, throw people you should care about down the drain to get fame.
Crystal Addy
Crystal Addy:
I'm so worried about you Claudia and I really care about what happens to you and the burden that has been put on your shoulders at such a young age, please stay strong !!!
Vanishing Sun
Vanishing Sun:
Lol don’t you just love kids!!! “Mom does that man have a baby in his belly?” No honey he’s just fat...
When your big enough to throw you own mother to the wolfs it's time to be on your own.
Nina Vanina
Nina Vanina:
So sad ! She needs therapy as soon as possible before she turns into a narcissist!
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford:
Interpreted = Alternative Facts
Beth Bryant
Beth Bryant:
Claudia is influenced by her dad obviously
Alice McDuff
Alice McDuff:
What a sad, wicked family they've become... one of the many collateral damages of the Trump era...
Bull Dog
Bull Dog:
It comes with the job in a lot of places ..
Buckley Shelly
Buckley Shelly:
Wow what a daughter
Charles Rhodes
Charles Rhodes:
Chill pill 🍒💙♥️
M. McC
M. McC:
Kellyanne, seek help.
Time Traveler 2025
Time Traveler 2025:
Young and pretty... just not very smart yet.
Shelley Soe
Shelley Soe:
An Apple has fallen from the tree....
Ann Thomas
Ann Thomas:
I love kids
Room2grow rose
Room2grow rose:
Product of the times. She’ll be a nobody in a year but be doing ANYTHING for attention. Really loving her infamy.
Beautiful Roses
Beautiful Roses:
I'm glad her daughter is exposing her.
Ed Miller
Ed Miller:
Someone needs to help this kid get out of that toxic environment before it's too late. I don't want to be reading, "Claudia Conway dead".
some body
some body:
The hate is strong in this thread....
Richard Perez
Richard Perez:
Kellyanne Conway for mother of the year - party of the evangelists and family values.
Zach Dancy
Zach Dancy:
Smart girl. At least her generation is SICK OF THE LIES! She gets to see it from the Top down!
Anandan Kannoosamy
Anandan Kannoosamy:
Don't you just love it when Trump gets bested by a 15 year old on Tik Tok? It's that why he wants to ban the app!? 🤔
Daddio Dizzle
Daddio Dizzle:
You go !
Use that privileged brattiness to help the world.
Why aren't more children of evil doers doing this?
M. McC
M. McC:
COVID? COVID? Kellyanne acts so disgusted that anyone would report about a pandemic yet she goes around at that super spreader hugging people and having cocktails. What a hypocrite. Geez.
Teresita Gilvero
Teresita Gilvero:
You don't know how lucky you are to have a parent's. Like them .
lentruthbtold riv
lentruthbtold riv:
Wow! KELLYANNs lieing don't stop at the white house! She even made her recant her statements to fit her narrative! I feel sorry for this girl! I had an evil mother like that!
keith cox
keith cox:
Her daughter looks like a model
arnold oliver
arnold oliver:
Looks to me the daughter got more sense than the mom
Joe G
Joe G:
"What? You are telling me that you are not going to pay my way through college now? That is so unfair!"
Mur Doc
Mur Doc:
Claudia can give me Covid any day
Py Be
Py Be:
Therapeutics work, stop with the cry baby act.
Believe the brat if you want.
Emancipate this girl already! Take away her American Express!
M G:
They should stop covering her daughter. It's weird and she's just a child. Child exploitation!!!
Amen Amen
Amen Amen:
‘This is so sad. I really feel sorry for this family. Mom’s shouldn’t talk this way to their kids. There are kids forever lost from school shootings that would raise heaven on earth to hear their children again.
Deborah Edwards
Deborah Edwards:
Take all of the daughters social media away!
Claudia is gonna grow up just fine, stay focus on truth!
Eric Allen
Eric Allen:
So spoiled. I hope I never have the relationship where I can’t trust my kids in their rebellious teens. This is spoiled on a level I can’t even fathom tho.
Logan X10
Logan X10:
Kellyanne is a terrible mother for bringing the virus back to her home where her daughter is and infecting her with it. She obviously has malicious intent by putting her child in danger. She also has to go the extra mile to deny and lie about her daughter being sick and that it's not real. I swear right wingers are batshit crazy.
John Bahlsdeip
John Bahlsdeip:
TAKE HER PHONE AWAY!!!!!!! She's a child for goodness sakes 🤦
Dayvin Knemeyer
Dayvin Knemeyer:
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Conway seems healthy enough yelling at her spoiled kid.
J Mac
J Mac:
She just looks like she is looking for attention. I dont even need to watch the video
Sheila MacPherson
Sheila MacPherson:
I almost killed some idiot who was exposed me for over a day before telling me.
Renee Dina
Renee Dina:
I cant imagine what Claudia is going through, she’s only 15 and has to deal with much older people telling her how to be and how to be “respectful” when her mother is acting like a child and not even respecting her. and ontop of that the media portraying her to be a bad person when really she has had so much tramau from her family

i love you girl ❤️ stay healthy
The gargoyles kid is a chip off the ole block.
Kelly Anne seems a bit angry these days.
Jeff Jeff
Jeff Jeff:
Not News, It's a Family matter
2 words mom
> boarding school
cool kid
cool kid:
Richard MacLean
Richard MacLean:
She purposely endangered her daughter with this deadly coronavirus by being ignorant and following Trump.

What kind of a mother is that?
Ray Ibo
Ray Ibo:
Even daughter had enough of her mother's lies.
Claudia gives me hope for America's future!
Kellyanne has shown her kids how she is willing to lie to protect Trump but isn't willing to stand up for America. I may not agree with Kellyanne's husband politics as a Republican but at least he came out and called Trump on his lies. He was trying to put country before politics.
T Cr
T Cr:
Her mom's got a long history as a lying sycophant, covering up and minimizing the immoral and fraudulent activities of a dozen people in the WH. Takes guts and maturity beyond her years to shine the light of truth on the horrible criminals that are ruining America. I love this kid.
James Lade
James Lade:
Sell your soul to the devil Twump and it’s instant karma
Truth be Told
Truth be Told:
Wow what a spoiled brat.
Kristian Mir
Kristian Mir:
Shes doing this for attention. She doesn't care about Trump or if he wins or loses. She just wants attention
Ivy Mossgarden
Ivy Mossgarden:
As I recall-being a teenager goes hand- in-glove with hating your parents, being rebellious, doing things out of spite, pushing their buttons, exercising or practising their "independence". It used to stay within the home. Nobody wants to watch what has gone on, for centuries. This ain't new. 😒
Extremely irresponsible mother. She should be ashamed! Please Listen to children when they are *brave enough* to speak out!
Typical disrespectful child these days
J G:
They need to put her in a 72 hr lockdown unit, and have her evaluated. Take away her electronics.
Ronald Dorsey
Ronald Dorsey:
That's what happens when you have a person who have sense and the other person has no sense.
So Shiny
So Shiny:
I wish you guys could talk about Hunter Biden the way you talked about Kellyanne's daughter. Is it because she worked for Trump and is a Republican?
Kinley Karlsen
Kinley Karlsen:
I thought Kellyanne Conway was "stepping away" from the White House to focus on healing her family. Was that one step away or two? In any case not far enough away. She prepped Trump for his debate and caught Covid. Such a loving Mom.
Billy McD
Billy McD:
What a spoiled brat with no respect.
cathy hagerman
cathy hagerman:
Mommy Dearest ~Kellyanne Conway
Rocky Dog
Rocky Dog:
Why is this national news ?
A dysfunctional family and their opinions, interests and life are irrelevant to US Citizens and tax payers.
Pisteuo Stew
Pisteuo Stew:
What a venomous brat her daughter is. I'd take away ALL of her communication devices. She'd be lucky to have a radio to listen to.
Little Flower
Little Flower:
This child is out of control.
danny boyyy
danny boyyy:
Keep speaking truth, Claudia. Even if your mom threatens to not put you through college! Your country needs you!
Jeffrey Martin
Jeffrey Martin:
Why on Earth does a 15 year old have a phone
Trace 921
Trace 921:
What a brat !
J Rosenb
J Rosenb:
What a sneaky, rotten , disrespectful kid.
The Weekday
The Weekday:
I will say 3 hail marys to send strength to Kellyanne Conway having to deal with this little brat.
Do what needs to be done for the country Claudia. Just make the truth.
Who cares..
Alex Movsessian
Alex Movsessian:
claudia is a solid tenner👌
So now we know (for sure) what kind of people advise Trump on a day to day basis. Wendy from Breaking Bad.
The Last Sifu
The Last Sifu:
Can’t blame Claudia... how terrible would it be to recognize that your mother lies to the public for a living. Kelly Anne Conway is trash, and much respect to her poor daughter for walking her own path.
KittyKat's Boudoir
KittyKat's Boudoir:
I’m a mother and this should be a family affair. This young lady had no right to go after her mom like that no matter how wrong the mom is. Yes the lady did the wrong thing but I can never support a child doing this unless there is abuse in which case the proper channel would be CPS and not tik tok. She’s trying to be tik tok famous. I said what I said!
New York Post is nothing more than a tabloid.
billoxiiboy: the participation medal children award to themselves. And....Still equally lacking in any merit.
Unknown User
Unknown User:
Sounds like she knows her mom is a terrible human being. What kind of parent puts their own child at risk like she did by spending the day with her even tho she knew shad has the virus? Horrible “mom.”
Sharon M
Sharon M:
KAC is a horrible mother! I like Claudia!👍😊