Kelly Ripa, Kathie Lee Gifford & More Mourn Regis Philbin

Kelly Ripa has joined the TV world in mourning the loss of the one and only Regis Philbin. Following the sad news of Regis' death on July 24 at age 88, the daytime host honored her late co-star in a kind joint statement with Ryan Seacrest, in which the pair paid tribute to Regis for paving the way as a friend, colleague and mentor. Kathie Lee Gifford, Katie Couric and Jimmy Kimmel were among the others also sharing sorrow and condolences over Regis' passing.
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Regis Philbin Remembered By Kelly Ripa, Kathie Lee Gifford, Jimmy Kimmel & More


100+ komento:

Al Lewis
Al Lewis:
Look at Kelly pretending to mourn Regis she's such a hypocrite
annette fournier
annette fournier:
Kelly ghosted him when he retired. I saw Regis say this in an interview, that despite him trying to stay in touch she never returned his contact attempts. For heaven sake he was at least 80 when he retired with heart problems. She's a piece of work. Deepest sympathies to his family. He was a hard worker and a nice guy from all accounts.
Huney Boss
Huney Boss:
Kathie Lee is a class act leaving a person statement of love and deep appreciation.
Martha Lucia González
Martha Lucia González:
Kelly? He said it in many interviews she never talk to him after they went separate ways.. she is a hypocrite...
28 years! Kelly wouldn’t talk to Regis when he left...he admitted it to Larry King 3 years ago!
Victoria Orellana
Victoria Orellana:
I remember him how he loved saying , Liam Neeson and how he told stories of his friend Don Rickles. I stopped watching Regis and Kelly when he left the show. I like Ryan Seacrest in American Idol and that's it . Didn't like how he was given the KISS FM spot .......sorry I got of track .
Regis see you in heaven !
Gayle Heinz
Gayle Heinz:
I loved Regis . Such a nice man. I've missed him since the day he left Live! I'm glad he had several years with Joy and his girls. Rest in Peace. Reeg. You were a class act.
Kathy and him were the best. Never did like the other one. RIP you legend
Judith Ryle
Judith Ryle:
Kelly was so glad when he left. She wanted to be the main host and she is sickening with her huge ego. She acted like a spoiled brat when michael left and ABC let her get away with it. Cant stand her
Kelly ripa will never be quality like Regis was.
RIP you will be missed
Kim Smith
Kim Smith:
Thank you Kathy for assuring us that Regis knew his Savior.Rest easy big will be missed.Many thanks to his family for sharing him with us.A humble and kind man who kept it clean....a rare and thoughtful soul.
Pink Sky
Pink Sky:
Kelly Ripa u never spoke to him after he left the show , he mentioned that very resent .
anne O
anne O:
Kelly treated him like trash. She wasted his years being petty. RIP Regis,we appreciate your years entertaining us.
Would it have killed Kelly to say something nice while he was alive.
Lily’s Gram
Lily’s Gram:
What a lovely message from Kathie Lee. 💞
I watched Regis for many years and he was wonderful.
RIP and God bless you and your family. 🙏💖
Mary Graham
Mary Graham:
Regis was a great guy. You would have thought Kelly could've had him on the show but she never did. Not gracious. RIP Regis Philbin.
Karen Imran
Karen Imran:
I use to watch Regis and Kathie-Lee. Sad news he was truly one of a kind. RIP Regis. Condolences to his wife Joy and family.🙏🇬🇧
Betsy Ross2.0
Betsy Ross2.0:
Kelly Rippa,hadn't spoken to him since he.left,Regis didn't know why...
So saddened to hear that Regis passed away. Regis was the best host of 'Live' especially when he worked with Kathie Lee. That show was never the same without him. He will be missed.😢💔 Rip Regis
Christina Miller
Christina Miller:
Jimmy Kimmel could never hold a Candle to Regis Philbin. As some have said, there will never be another Regis; the mold broke when he died 7/24/20..
Vikki Nicholson
Vikki Nicholson:
Also condolences to Kathy Lee who must be quite saddened by this. No two better co-hosts than Regis and Kathy Lee. We will miss you so, Regis. Condolences to Regis' family.
Elba Feliciano
Elba Feliciano:
I never knew that of Kelly Ripa, that is so sad, such a Gentleman, I will never give air time to the Live Show again. Ever. 😔 RIP 🙏🏼 Regis
Kelly needs to stop talking. Ryan Seacrest can talk.
Kelly annoys me, Regis left the show because of her. She trying to save face. RIP Regis
Trixie R
Trixie R:
He and Kathie Lee were so dynamic together. Special love to the family.
sabrina thepurplelovefairy
sabrina thepurplelovefairy:
I watch him with Kathy Lee. Rest in peace.
Joey Flores
Joey Flores:
Just sad...death sucks ... wishing the family well as can be through this screwed up time..
Simple Heart
Simple Heart:
Regis was one of my favorite host...Condolences to his family, RIP Regis Philbin
Carol Benson
Carol Benson:
My thoughts and prayers out to Kathy Lee as she was a real genuine close friend of Regis.
Ann Clark
Ann Clark:
Kelly Ripa is so phony she wouldn't even give him a phone call after he left the show, they were not friends
Kathryn Molesa
Kathryn Molesa:
Regis, Merv, Johnny, Joey.
The greats are gone.
Juli Branca
Juli Branca:
Kelly Ripa us a fake...becouse they were not even talking when he left the😟😴
G Mac
G Mac:
How can heaven be more fun? Watch out, here comes Regis!
Laura Roberts
Laura Roberts:
Prayers and deepest condolences to his family,fans and to Kathy Lee!I loved to watch back in the day when his wife Joy would guest host!!!Rest in Heaven!!🙏🔩🌈
Maria Lozada
Maria Lozada:
Condolences to his family and Kathy Lee who must be so sad since she had a genuine friendship with him.
Elizabeth B
Elizabeth B:
You’d think she’d make a person statement not just a joint one with Ryan... kinda cold
Like she worked with him for years
Mike & Rose Simone
Mike & Rose Simone:
Kelly Ripa NEVER invited Regis on the show after he left. Regis Philbin revealed that he hasn't stayed in touch with her since he left the show in 2011.

"She got very offended when I left," he told King. "She thought I was leaving because of her. I was leaving because I was getting older and it wasn't right for me anymore."
stephluisa mastini
stephluisa mastini:
This was the ultimate heartbreak. I loved him so much and it reminds me of when my parents and I would watch him on millionaire. My mom would have him on the kitchen counter on her tiny TV every morning watching Live. My father would just sit there putting up with our loud outbursts. Never knew when he would make you laugh. He was such a legend an icon and such a lovable man. I will miss you as so many others will. Thanks for the memories. ♥️
thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid
thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid:
I grew up watching him...never knew a world without Regis in it. Now there is. Weird. RIP Regis. You were a bright soul.
Amanda Allen
Amanda Allen:
Like millions of other people, I grew up watching Regis and Kathy Lee..RIP Regis Philbin!!
Kathy Miller
Kathy Miller:
Kelly will probably take Monday off. So she doesn’t have to deal with it.
Teresa B
Teresa B:
Regis had a great career and good life. RIP Regig
Joyce Dominguez
Joyce Dominguez:
The man that has the most hours on television. RIP Regis. You will be missed.
John Hoy
John Hoy:
He was always likeable!
Cathy Arthur
Cathy Arthur:
Mr. Philbin was indeed a class act and a kind man all the way, God bless his family.
L Phillips
L Phillips:
Boy you can sure tell who really loved Regis between Kathy and Kelly, what a difference in their statements. Kelly's was cold and by the book and Kathy's was warm and heartfelt. Such a shame that Kelly stopped talking to him and was so ungrateful after all he is probably most of the reason she even got her part on that show. Have some respect, that man did alot for you. Shallow and sad. RIP Regis you were a wonderful man.
Jan L
Jan L:
He was so much fun. RIP Regis Philbin,you will be missed.❤
Barbara McGuire
Barbara McGuire:
Sending prayers and condolences for his family and loved ones
Aubrey Carson
Aubrey Carson:
He sure was a sharp dresser, with a great head of hair, and, beautiful smile 😁
Catherine Hopkins
Catherine Hopkins:
Regis was a man's man and will be missed. I have fond memories of him and Kathie Lee. RIH.
Diane Dorney
Diane Dorney:
When he was alive they never had a decent word for him...please
Why couldn’t she write something of her own after working with him for ten years? The statement with Ryan is so odd.
Barbara Scott
Barbara Scott:
I liked when he was doing the talk shows he was a really nice man
SBn49 AJC:
I always enjoyed his morning show; and Kathy Lee always with a kind word for him. He did have a nice life.
Sinful Q
Sinful Q:
Dam, lost an icon 😢
Random 1
Random 1:
Regis was a kind man and a class act. My condolences to his family and friends.
Brittany T
Brittany T:
Why was Kelly’s comment so impersonal? She worked with him for years
Connie Crawford
Connie Crawford:
Fly high, Regis! You were such a inspiration!
Nidia Smith
Nidia Smith:
Wow i love him. He is so funny. R.i.P. send prayer for the family.♥️♥️♥️
Esther White
Esther White:
Deepest sympathies to Regis’s family, friends and loved ones. I can’t think I’ve ever enjoyed anyone on tv as much as I did Regis. I still smile at the thought of him calling in sister-in-laws Winds of War and Gentle Breezes. What a guy he was !
If I recall correctly I read he had not seen nor heard from Kelly Rippa in many years, which I can believe, as she seems different now. I love how he’d be with Hoda and Kathy Lee occasionally on the Today show, that was always a treat ! I admire how Kathy Lee was loyal to him after all the years.
DoNotHurtOthers Encinas
DoNotHurtOthers Encinas:
RIP Regis ... you made our mornings happy ones by just being your smart, funny and kind self ... a good loving family man
F O O D R E V O L U T I O N:
Awe man! I LOVED Regis and Regis and Kathy Lee. I watched it every day for years in the summer time as a kid and kept up with it until he left! Such a warm personality. RIP Regis. At least he didn’t suffer. 🥺
what's up
what's up:
Bless you Regis...You gave us many memories and many life lessons... #WINGSEARNED #flyhighangel
Deborah Kline
Deborah Kline:
Carolynn Markiewicz
Carolynn Markiewicz:
Kelly hadn't spoken with Regis since he left the show.
She was upset with him that he left.
Donna Fielder
Donna Fielder:
So sorry to hear about the death of Regis. May you Rest In Peace 🙏 God Bless You 🙏 Thank You For All The Wonderful Laughs You Brought Into So Many Households 😊👏 Condolences & Prayers To Your Families 🙏
Juju B
Juju B:
Lol Kelly doesn’t even care
Patti Callihan
Patti Callihan:
To his family I offer you my prayers and love and also to his friends . Kathy Lee I watched you two together on weekdays having so much fun. It was more then friendship you all were close family. I hope he’s telling jokes and catching up with friends . God Bless Regis.🙏🙏🙏🙏
Ellen Richardson
Ellen Richardson:
Good old Reg!! Loved him much and will certainly miss him 💞🥰💐
Sandra P.
Sandra P.:
My mother was his biggest fan & watched him every weekday for as long as I could remember. She talked about Regis, Kathie Lee, & Kelly as if they were family members. She beat him to heaven by a few years, but I know she was up there on a front row seat when he walked through the doorway. RIP, Regis Philbin.
Lucille Renee' Brown
Lucille Renee' Brown:
A Star that will shine Brightly, so Happy to have watched him he always made me laugh,,you will truly
Shine in my Heart forever more❣
rose marie hamiltion
rose marie hamiltion:
such a great loss
Kathie Lee and Hoda seemed so much more authentic. Regis grew up watching you, missed you when you retired. Now I know you're free and happy in heaven. Soar my dearest.
strike lee
strike lee:
Omg, just found out and I'm in shock and heartbroken over this. Rip, Regis. 😢😢😢😭😭😭⚘⚘⚘😇😇😇
lynn1025 Lynne
lynn1025 Lynne:
Rest in peace...
Thank you for the laughter..
Kathleen Wilson
Kathleen Wilson:
He seemed like a good man with a great character. He will be missed but seems like he made a nice life for himself.
Sherry Hamilton
Sherry Hamilton:
She is such a hippo rite, she didn’t get along with him
Pamela Cilluffo
Pamela Cilluffo:
To everyone that was hit below the belt n the passing of regis , i am sad n sorry formour deep loss prayers for his family n the nation mourns with you
Jenna Martin
Jenna Martin:
So so sad he will be missed mr. Funny guy
Becky Quick
Becky Quick:
What a wonderful man💞💞💞💞 Bless you. My thoughts and prayers are with you Joy.
Shirley Jay
Shirley Jay:
Irish eyes are crying RIP Regis Condolences to you family
Ada Baker
Ada Baker:
Chris Cook
Chris Cook:
He will be truly missed, he always left you feeling so positive💞🌹🇨🇦
Back in 1967, my folks were visiting and I took them to the "Joey Bishop Show" where Regis was co-host. It was at the ABC Theater on Vine Street. He was always the nicest guy to be around. Watched his Morning Show in San Diego all the way through his final "Regis and Kelly" Show. Somehow after that it was never the same. Haven't watched the show since 2011. RIP KIND SIR. YOU DESERVE IT ! 🙏
Jennifer Lorence
Jennifer Lorence:
He was Class-act for Sure. God Bless Him where ever he is right Now. God Bless Him.
ronnethe berry
ronnethe berry:
I loved this man, just can’t believe it
jennifer stewart
jennifer stewart:
Ripa wouldnt let regis back on the show
Lady Jo
Lady Jo:
RIP REGIS! 💔I would always wake up early before school to watch Regis & Kelly. He was a joy to watch. Sending love to his family and loved ones
Dorothy Aguilar
Dorothy Aguilar:
Wing's Earned straight to Heaven 🌠🌟 R.l.P Regis you were a great T.V. lCON...... Condolences to The Family 🙏.....
Tray Balla
Tray Balla:
He was priceless......
Thank you ✨✨🙏✨
Deborah Kline
Deborah Kline:
Really kelly. You NEVER said a word to Regis since he left the show because he left because he wanted to leave to retire but you as always had to take his leaving personally as always like Michael Strahan...oh pitiful ME!!! JUST REMEMBER IF IT WAS NOT FOR REGIS YOU WOULD NOT BE WHERE YOU ARE TODAY. SO ANYTHING YOU SAY TOWARD REGIS TODAY IS MEANINGLESS!! EVEN KATHIE LEE HAS RESPECT FOR REGIS. YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW THE MEANING OF RESPECT BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU!!!
taryn parkinson
taryn parkinson:
What a g8 guy full stop loved by many different people genuine respect may he rest in paradise
Jonathan Cineus
Jonathan Cineus:
Was he even sick? This so random! Everybody please check on your loved ones. I know too many people who lost someone in 2020 and we’re not even done the year.
Melody The Massage Therapist
Melody The Massage Therapist:
Loved Regis!! May his family find comfort in these sad times! Hugs
Karen Hall
Karen Hall:
My heart breaks hearing we lost Regis. I grew up watching him in L.A. and continued for oh about 30 years. Regis brought so much laughter and love into my heart and he will be forever missed. Thank you for the memories! Praying for Joy, their children and family and friends. 🙏❤❤❤
Annelle Anderson-Garcia
Annelle Anderson-Garcia:
RIP Regis♥️ I’ve loved you for years. My condolences to your precious family.
Judy H
Judy H:
REgis. Philbin . .the REeG one of the best...he made me laugh a many a days...Gonna be Greatly Joy and the family My God give the strentgh thats needed....R.I.P. REEG 🙏💋💋💋WE LOVE U💜💚❤💙💛
Michael Lui
Michael Lui:
Another celeberity pass away 2020:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(
Sharon 92075
Sharon 92075:
I loved watching you Regis! You were one-of-a-kind! Such a talent and a good man!
Eva Marra
Eva Marra:
Regis was the most amazing person he was such a gracious person he so kind and loving God bless your beautiful family they will miss you and so will your fans ❤️🙏🙏💕