Kawhi could have saved Doc Rivers from being fired, and he didn't — Shannon | NBA | UNDISPUTED

According to reports, Doc Rivers and Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer had several lengthy phone conversations following their Game 7 loss to the Denver Nuggets. Ballmer also spoke with several players, including Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, about moving on from Rivers. The report said the players’ opinions did not sway Ballmer and it was his decision in the end to move on from Doc as the Clippers head coach. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about Ballmer's decision.

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Kawhi could have saved Doc Rivers from being fired, and he didn't — Shannon | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
What are your thoughts on Steve Ballmer's decision?
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay:
The honest truth: Clippers were acting so arrogant like they had already won something when they didnt
Black Clover
Black Clover:
"If you don't give them endorsement, that's an indictment"
Steve Ballmer: "We gotta let Doc go you OK with that?"
Kawhi .......
Steve Ballmer: "Thanks I knew you'd understand"
Uncle Shay has been on fire all week, watching him destroy Skip so regularly is awesome
Jayy Vee
Jayy Vee:
The clippers were literally waiting for the outcome of the Lakers v n8ggets series to make a decision. They wanted to see if the nuggets were as legit as they seem against them and would give the Lakers a hard time and once they saw what the Lakers did to them they looked at Doc different and fired him
billy brien
billy brien:
To be honest kawhi should have stayed in Toronto
Poppy Gin
Poppy Gin:
Shannon is right, give Nick Nurse some credits
JayR Paglinawan
JayR Paglinawan:
When Lbj was in East
Skip: East is weak
Lbj went to west
Skip: Cakewalk
Vishnoo Ravi
Vishnoo Ravi:
Out of the blue: Let's give a huge amount of respect for Michael Malone, he did a fantastic job

It's tough enough being doubted, but it's even harder to push through that and succeed, they didn't win the championship, but build that chemistry, build that core and grab picks here and there, you've got a serious threat in the years to come
Randall Harris
Randall Harris:
"He's a cyborg, he feels no pain" 😂😂
Arter Daniel
Arter Daniel:
Paul George is a disappointing basketball player🤦🏾‍♂️
La clippers slogans.. “we live in the basement” 😂😂😂
MT TheGreat
MT TheGreat:
Why you keep saying against the Nuggets like they some random lucky 8 seed they are a top team in the western conference it shouldn’t be a suprised the clippers were over rated
I didn’t really pay attention to sports until I started watching this show. I love Skip and Shannon’s dynamic.
Mark De Mesa
Mark De Mesa:
Clippers : "someone gotta go. It's you Doc."

logic : tf he got to do with this. 🤣🤣🤣
Heath Anderson
Heath Anderson:
For a guy who doesn't speak, Kwali's silence sure gets people fired.
Emmy Whiten
Emmy Whiten:
Le Angelo Saravia
Le Angelo Saravia:
I cant wait for lebron to win the series 😂😂😂
Anthony Bennett
Anthony Bennett:
*”Joakim Noah hasn’t been good since his daddy won the French Open”*

*-Uncle Shay*
Yea a cakewalk in the west sounds very stupid and full of envy, jealousy and hate🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shannon finally telling the truth. Kawhi never carried the Raptors
Doc hasn't been out the 2nd round in 7 years with clippers he has blown multiple 3-1 leads he was gone regardless in my mind kawhi just so happen to be in crossfire and got ask what he thinks
Christian Sutton
Christian Sutton:
I feel like skip just says mmm he doesn’t really listen😂😂😂
A.T X:
Kawhi and pg helped doc rivers get fired the way they performed in game 7 💀
I think the Clippers wouldn’t win a title even with a new coach.

They still need a point guard. They’re too wing oriented. They need a facilitator bad!
Luka Vojvodic
Luka Vojvodic:
"Joakim Noah wasn't good since his dad won the French Open" I'm dying after this, Shannon is so funny. Imagine being his grandkid
Max Gasinga
Max Gasinga:
7 years with the Clippers without even 1 final appearance, I think they gave him enough time
Una pa sa First
Una pa sa First:
Ever since that lemon pepper lou incident everything went downhill from there
C B Taylor
C B Taylor:
I think Kawhi was talking about his teammates when referring to "basketball IQ", not necessarily Doc. I think Kawhi should be more vocal with the team and be a better leader but this does not solely sit on him. I believe Ballmer wanted to get rid of Doc and he had to make him the scapegoat.
Shadow Warrior
Shadow Warrior:
Just move this team to Seattle where they belong. LA is and will always be Laker town.
Kawhi is no longer the kawhi of San Antonio he's a diva now. SMH I use to like the guy, now i can't stand him
I love how Skip says Kawhi is better than LeBron but Holds lebron to a higher standard than MJ and simultaneously holds Kawhi "Baby Jordan" Leonard to the same standard as Zach Lavine
Kevonte Jones
Kevonte Jones:
“You better sit down for we swing on you “ 😂😂
Spiritual Sense
Spiritual Sense:
“U needa sit down fo we swing on u” 😂😂😂😂
Lifes a Beach
Lifes a Beach:
LeBron could have saved half his team being traded 2 years in a row, and he didn't
Good riddance! "Doc" rivers ain't a good coach! He even supports blm rioters. What a shame.
Johny's CLIP
Johny's CLIP:
He said “ you need to seat down before we swing on you 😂😂😂😂”
Zachary John Gilbert
Zachary John Gilbert:
“Fo we swing on you.” 🤣
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang:
I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Kawhi opts out and heads back to the Raptors cuz he realizes what he left behind with the entire country of Canada worshiping him as a god but more importantly a way better team
Chris Eller
Chris Eller:
"you need to sit down before we swing on you"
Tamiah Andrews
Tamiah Andrews:
Skip could of told Shannon to wipe his nose 🤣🤣🥴🥴
Blake The Snake
Blake The Snake:
why should he endorse Doc.. he hasn't won anything coaching the Clippers
"I'm A Be In My Own Car At The Parade, LOL. Club Shay Shay You Be Acting A Fool On Skip!" M.C. DA BULL
I am surprised Skip did not blame Lebron James for the Clippers firing Doc. LOL
LOL why is anyone asking that choking fool Playoff P anything? 😂
Bashir ElChamaa
Bashir ElChamaa:
"You need to sit down before we swing on you" I luv unc 😂😂😂
Johny's CLIP
Johny's CLIP:
He said “ johakim hasn’t been good since he’s dad won French open “ lol 😂 😂😂😂
The Second
The Second:
Bro he’s introverted he’s not gonna go out his way to say something unless it really involves him
Rish Kum
Rish Kum:
Skip Bayless: Hmm..Mmmhmmm
Andre Brown
Andre Brown:
"You better sit down before we swing on you..." lol poor pandemic p
My Strange Creations
My Strange Creations:
Should’ve stayed in Toronto
Chris B
Chris B:
" Living in the basement..thats where you 'posed to be "
Shannon Sharpe
relhob _sf
relhob _sf:
It's funny how Doc Rivers never recruited or asked Kawhi Leonard or Paul George to come to the Clippers and yet he got fired because of their shortcomings.
3:37 Cross Examination 😂 Skiyup! You supm else.. lol
J P:
“Sometimes I can be not such a nice guy...”

*Kawhi Laugh (The first one not the second one)
If kawahi stays in Toronto it's Lakers v Raptors going 7 right now
We all know that if this was Lebron Skip would be ripping him for blowing a 3-1 lead and Doc getting fired because of it.
Allan Markell
Allan Markell:
Kawhy would be playing the finals right now if he had stayed in toronto!!!
ant dolla
ant dolla:
not gonna lie...it irks me when skip says..."hmm"
David Smith
David Smith:
Skip: "Steve balmer the millionaire, well billionaire, but he was a millionaire first."

Yup, that's the logical progression. Nailed it.
Jamier The God
Jamier The God:
I cant remember the last time Shannon wasn’t spot on with any topic
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay:
"Joakim Noah hasn't been good since his dad won the French open"
- shots fired from Shannon
william dont
william dont:
5:44 “Outta There” 😂😂😂😂
رائد الفضاء
رائد الفضاء:
The way he said "Livin' in the basement" LMAO
Last Match
Last Match:
When you have a head coach crying for America's love, you've already lost.
Skip: Mmmmmm mmmm mmmm
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips:
Malone badly outcouched Doc

Malone, clipboard running around, constantly made coverage changes halfway thru series and halfway thru games and Doc did nothing — Doc choked
Sage Mulkey
Sage Mulkey:
This was my first time even hearing the Toronto coach's name
LeBron helps an old lady whom fell... Skip would play the footage in reverse and claim he shoved her down.
J S:
I never thought adding Leonard and George to the same team was very smart. They are too similar as players. It is hard to win when your two best players are clones. You need to have some diversity on the roster, so each player plays their own role. They are good-to-great players on their own, but somewhat cancel each other out and minimize each other's effectiveness when both are on the court at the same time.
Lucky Love
Lucky Love:
That was a mistake to fired Doc they gon regret that
From 2:34 on you could see Skip trying to hold in his laughter lol. Shannon is too much
No way could Kawhi have stopped this in fact he wanted Doc out and it was the correct decision.
Speaking Fraaacxxxts
Speaking Fraaacxxxts:
“Livin in the basement” lol
Chris Weech
Chris Weech:
Skip been getting washed from Shannon these past couple days
Black Uru Strikes!
Black Uru Strikes!:
11:34 - Shannon said Joakim Noah hasn't been good since his father Yannick Noah won tennis' French Open!

Yannick won the French Open in 1983! Joakim was BORN in 1985!!!

Shannon is BRUTAL, Bruh! Hahaha!!!!
Huaiyu Qiao
Huaiyu Qiao:
Shannon nailed it
Plain and simple
Al J.
Al J.:
"Living in the Lakers basement, Where yall suppose to be!".... Had me lol 😂😂
Kawhi disappointed me this year especially PG. Kawhi should have stayed with the raptors
Jack Dolah
Jack Dolah:
Skip has the best "Hmm" voice ever 😂❤️❤️❤️😂
DR had his chance, he had to go , sadly
Hey NBA gms/owner’s STOP underestimating chemistry when putting together these teams, a bunch of great players doesn’t always guarantee a championship
Jessie Gomez
Jessie Gomez:
Kawhi throwing everybody under the 🚌.😝
Nigel Lewis
Nigel Lewis:
Shannon has a solid point, you don't wanna give someone like kahwi a reason not to stay.
Doc rivers has been there for 7 years never made a conference finals or a finals. Had kawhi PG Cp3 blake griffin deandre jordan paul pierce jj reddick jamal crawford. 3-8 in series clinching games and the 3rd time his teams gave up a 3-1 lead. Why are people so surprised they moved on from him
Unc’s points were spot on
Dante Ramirez
Dante Ramirez:
Skip and Shannon make great TV man! I love these two 😂
Jarmel Bennett
Jarmel Bennett:
Nick Nurse did get credit for his coaching last year it's just that most of the credit is going to go to the superstar players
Dustin Bridges
Dustin Bridges:
Maybe doc isn’t coaching as hard as he used to.
Stunna Breezy
Stunna Breezy:
Shay Shay on fire!
Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris:
at 5:16 Shannon has a "too much coke" moment, lol you decide...just watch lol
Shannon’s smile could make someone’s day no 🧢
Chloe Ratchford
Chloe Ratchford:
I tell you! Shannon makes that show. He's a FOOL! 👏🤣
It's not Doc's fault that Pandemic P flexed his muscles and Kawhi choked.
Dennis Davis
Dennis Davis:
Blake Griffin was a beast for Clippers even Deandre Jordan was lob city... The new clippers should have stepped up for their coach
Corey Reeves
Corey Reeves:
Shannon been killing skip all playoffs
He showed up with the holy ghost, a goat mask, and a senzu bean
Tootie Pootie
Tootie Pootie:
Love uncle shay ,he the only one thats not given these clippers any excuses. You got dumb reporters still saying the clippers were the better team sad that the ego won't let go. 😏
Brian Wells
Brian Wells:
No way, No how. Did Shannon just quote Rob Parker! 😆
Elwood Hopkins
Elwood Hopkins:
Shannon: " Joakim Noah hasn't been good since his father, Yannick Noah won the French Open." 😆😝😆