Katharine McPhee - Over It (Alternate Ending) [Official Video]

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I'm over your lies,
and I'm over your games.
I'm over you asking me,
when you know I'm not okay.
You call me at night,
and I pick up the phone.
And though you've been telling me,
I know you're not alone.

That's why
(your eyes)
I'm over it
(your smile)
I'm over it
I'm over it
I'm over it
I'm over..

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My Dear Journal
My Dear Journal:
In some angles she looks like an older version of Victoria Justice!
Aida Chraga
Aida Chraga:
2020 still in love with this song
Rocker Dude
Rocker Dude:
Someone: *Who is the best female pop/R&B singer?*
Other people: *Ariana Grande.*
Me: *JoJo, Katharine McPhee, Jordin Sparks and Tori Kelly.*
Kevin Ortega-Rojas
Kevin Ortega-Rojas:
I was obsessed with this song when it was on TRL. It’s like a more mature version of Too Little Too Late.
Still listening in 2019 , is there anyone else? 😍
cs CS
cs CS:
These women from my generation had such a sweet and innocent look. She really does. Vanessa, Jo Jo, Lindsey, Britney, Christina, Raven, and so many more. Even the Gothic chicks like Avril Lavigne still looked so young and innocent underneath the mysterious dark look. Miss that...not growing up too fast..
sailormoon 512
sailormoon 512:
This is so nostalgic . It brings back so many precious memories I feel 14 again ( I'm 26 now) time flies by so fast
Melinda Gonzalez
Melinda Gonzalez:
Eyebrows a proper size, lips lined correctly, eyelashes real....yeap, it’s not from 2020
Viantz Pradz
Viantz Pradz:
David foster is the most lucky guy, cause he married katherine mcphee....
Ma'an AlBani
Ma'an AlBani:
it has been proven that this song helps with Quarantine!
That's Rich
That's Rich:
Katherine McPhee deserved to be a huge singer. Her voice live is undeniably amazing. Such a dope singer.
my lovely way
my lovely way:
she's one of the most prettiest girl with precious voice
bouchra kebour
bouchra kebour:
Imagine writing a song and making a whole ass video 1'd chasing your ex around in a party to tell him you're over him 🤣 you're clearly not sis
Came here after I heard she's pregnant... and found out she's married to david foster. Congrats Katharine!
Yo no conocía esta canción la acabo de escuchar 2019 y me enamore de esta canción. Hace mucho tiempo que no escuchaba algo realmente bueno en música y voz. Si alguien conoce mas canciones como esta recomienden. Gracias.
Trap Chigga
Trap Chigga:
She's over with all the young guys lies that she started dating older guys and actually started to like it and married one lmao 😂🤣hes name is david foster
chaka chaka
chaka chaka:
April 2019 anybody?

Thank u for the likes !!
Diệu Diệu
Diệu Diệu:
It's Jan 2020, anyone here??
Bardi 007
Bardi 007:
crazy to think that one day the “10 years ago” will read “20 years ago”.. 🥺 time please slow down.
D M:
Poor girl was trying to give her ex a little disc when 2020 she could've just used TikTok. Bless her.
Been Jammin
Been Jammin:
Never realized how similar this is to "Too Little Too Late" by Jojo
tikatika XOXO
tikatika XOXO:
I'm over your lies
And I'm over your games
I'm over you asking me
When you know I'm not okay
You call me at night
And I pick up the phone
And though you be tellin' me
I know you're not alone

Oh, and that's why your eyes
I'm over it
Your smile
I'm over it
I'm over it
I'm over it
I'm over

Wanting you to be wanting me
No, that ain't no way to be
How I feel
Read my lips
Because I'm so over
(I'm so over it)
Movin' on and it's my time
You never were a friend of mine
Hurt at first, a little bit
But now I'm so over
I'm so over it

I'm over your hands
And I'm over your mouth
Trying to drag me down and fill me with self doubt

Oh, and that's why your world
I'm over it
So sure
I'm over it
I'm not your girl
I'm over it
I'm over it
I'm over

Wanting you to be wanting me
No, that ain't no way to be
How I feel
Read my lips
Because I'm so over
(I'm so over it)
Movin' on and it's my time
You never were a friend of mine
Hurt at first, a little bit
But now I'm so over
I'm so over it

don't call, don't come by
Ain't no use
Don't ask me why
You'll never change
There'll be no more crying in the rain
No, oh oh
I'm over it

Wanting you to be wanting me
No, that ain't no way to be
How I feel
Read my lips
Because I'm so over
(I'm so over it)
Movin' on and it's my time
You never were a friend of mine
Hurt at first, a little bit
But now I'm so over
I'm so over it

Wanting you to be wanting me
No, that ain't no way to be
How I feel
Read my lips
Because I'm so over
(I'm so over it)
Movin' on and it's my time
You never were a friend of mine
Hurt at first, a little bit
But now I'm so over
I'm so over it
C S:
Anyone here oct 2019? I’m not over this song yet.
Luccas Lopes
Luccas Lopes:
I can't believe I discovered this song in 2019 and can't stop listening to it!
Angel Noble
Angel Noble:
Can we please go back? Myspace was soooo great. Why did it die? Facebook never let us customize our pages with backgrounds and songs. Myspace was the greatest social media ever.
Régis Alexandre
Régis Alexandre:
2019 and forever brasil
Sig Fan
Sig Fan:
Jammed to this after break-ups. Jamming to this now when my daughter throw tantrums and proclaims that she's no longer my friend. #life
Kimberly Mata
Kimberly Mata:
Shes so beautifull
Soulwee Wong
Soulwee Wong:
She looks like she hasnt age even in 2019 . Pretty
Adrian Mkwanda
Adrian Mkwanda:
2020 still blasting this joint.
Tori M
Tori M:
May 2019 anyone?? this song will never get old , her voice is amazing :D
Bongani Matshazi
Bongani Matshazi:
The amount of nostalgia in this song I just can’t....
Đệ Nhất Ô Tô TV
Đệ Nhất Ô Tô TV:
My ex-boyfriend sent this song to me, I've been listening to it for 4 years
Víctor Murillo
Víctor Murillo:
who listening in June 2020??
sahnizam semons
sahnizam semons:
Who still listen in dec2019? I'm getting old.
Shantia Pugh
Shantia Pugh:
This song gets me in my feeling everytime. 2020 still here
Hermance A.
Hermance A.:
If you know this song, we could probs be really good friends 😏
Mauricio Sierra Martinez
Mauricio Sierra Martinez:
This end doesn't make much sense, ain't it supossed she was over him?
My childhood crush😔 David Foster’s a one lucky man
she makes me cry
she's beautiful and so sensitive !
maryam mure
maryam mure:
2019 and still not over it. I love this song. 💞💞💞💞
Ce Ong
Ce Ong:
Katherine looked so beautiful back then but now she slimmed down so much.
lakhia monét
lakhia monét:
Is it me or was Katherine McPhee and JoJo really poppin around this time?
Aaron Scarpa
Aaron Scarpa:
Girl: Claims to be over it
Also girl: Writes a song about how over it she is
Patience A
Patience A:
When I was a young girl, I used to sing this for fun. Now I mean every word. So over it🤧🥴
Loras Tyrell
Loras Tyrell:
2020 under pandemic, I'm so over it.... I feel so old, been a fan of Kat since Idol and I was so excited when her debut album dropped.
Kept hearing this song in the grocery store and finally Shazam’d it. So catchy!
Jerome Sicat
Jerome Sicat:
2019 anyone? 💔
Edurne Xaus
Edurne Xaus:
I used to have a friend, everyone in class was sure he liked me but he never made the first step, neither did I (super shy) everytime we met, I got the feeling I was not enough for him; he was looking for a rich kiddo with an early job and a car, etc... After years passing by, I still see how he looks at me and I will never regret not having anything with him at all; he made me feel miserable and no one should ever feel like that. Now I have a marvellous fiance since 6 years and I wouldn’t be as happy as I am rn. I am good enough
Allyson Messina
Allyson Messina:
In the end? What freaking message is she sending, get back together with the guy who screwed you over!!! Booo no, forgiving him yes but getting back with him heck nooo!!
Henrique Silva
Henrique Silva:
Te amo desde 2006, até agora 04:04 de 11de setembro de 2020!
taiyona tiare
taiyona tiare:
Her, Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice could be triplets
Zarah Lina
Zarah Lina:
Listening during lockdown season 3...
toruk makto
toruk makto:
Yo believe when I say I've searched years for this song 😥
Michael David Oyco
Michael David Oyco:
Watching this July 2020 and I am having flashbacks of American Idol days
I am alahna
I am alahna:
i forgot about this song holy crap it's still good till this day
I could not resist myself to listen this song more than 5 times at single instance. Where was this gem hiding but now I have unearthed it. 🎅
Satrio Aditomo
Satrio Aditomo:
Remind me of my high school days. And my early days at college. Damn! I wish I could turn back time.
remika remika
remika remika:
That guy look like nick jonas lol
she's married to David Foster now OMG
😥this song came out when I was 20... now im 30 .. 2019 anyone¿
Miguel D
Miguel D:
Salvation is a free gift. When you believed you were sealed until the day of redemption.
Jesus died for our past, present ,and future sins on the cross , was buried ,and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done.
Bu Cáo
Bu Cáo:
I remember when this was number 1 on MTV
Oh good time, when i was so young and music was still good :(
I miss MTV chart attack. Everything was good back then :((
a chavez
a chavez:
here cause billie eilish praised this song and katharine
Fofo Flor
Fofo Flor:
Have to listen to this song through every breakup..reminds me who is in charge! Always helps!
Hakim AR
Hakim AR:
Am i the only perso who searched for “ jojo ending “ and got this ?

Alone ? , Ok .
Key East
Key East:
Corona and covid brought me here, 2020
Miguel Hamilton
Miguel Hamilton:
song just popped into my head....great song
Elie Mattar
Elie Mattar:
When it is 2020 and you want to live and feel like a teenager again 😅
Viantz Pradz
Viantz Pradz:
She look alike Lisa Loeb!
Tr. Su Myat Phyu
Tr. Su Myat Phyu:
Miss my university life.
Jc Dumandan
Jc Dumandan:
2020 still listening and missing the team

Pickle Poe
Pickle Poe:
I never heard this song, but I really liked it!
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of All Singers?
I’m so over this lockdown 😭 #QUARANTINELIFE
Neto Mendes
Neto Mendes:
27/01/2020. Brasil aqui disponível...🇧🇷🎧🕪😍😎☝👊
Kamva Bheri
Kamva Bheri:
Here after Billie Eilish said?
Fiyrouz Ali ذات البروج
Fiyrouz Ali ذات البروج:
Long time old school memories 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Zohra Bouniete
Zohra Bouniete:
2018 anyone???
let's stop on the fact that she could just go to him and tell him face to face that she " over it". But she decided to make a song about it , that we will be enjoying for years .
Cherry mae Pamaos
Cherry mae Pamaos:
Im so obsessed with this song
Lisa Fraser
Lisa Fraser:
This song always gets me I still love it and listen to it regularly
Jonathan Lalawmpuia
Jonathan Lalawmpuia:
I was a teenager when I really love this song
Celeste R
Celeste R:
I feel like with 2 outfit changes and taking the time to record a video doesn't look like she's over it :(
Juliane Isabel
Juliane Isabel:
I was looking for this song.. finally today i found. Yesss 14.06.2020
She looks like the older version of Juan Pablo Montoya’s daughter, “Paulina Montoya”

Am I wrong?
Shadae Pares
Shadae Pares:
Anyone else still listening in 2019😘😘
This song is so catchy dude. PERIODDDD
So she basically wanted to give him a copy of her American Idol audition Cd to prove she was over it...
Jhause 9
Jhause 9:
This a perfect example of the evil of the industry and how anyone can make it. She married a super rich music mogul at 30ish when he was 70 to become this popstar lol what a joke! Listen Billboard, Emmy's, all of it's a lie! It's all an exclusive community! You could be famous too!
Chaneez Leonard
Chaneez Leonard:
Love this song in 2020,lol never knew she's the same lady from the series scorpion and married to David Foster.
Boudebouza Mohsen
Boudebouza Mohsen:
Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia:
I love to Katharine Mcphee,,, greats from Mexico
Norah 2018
Norah 2018:
Listening to this amazing song in quarantine march 2020......
Alisa Samson
Alisa Samson:
She has a very beautiful voice.....
I wish I could see her....🍒🍒
Rayane Ferreira
Rayane Ferreira:
Como assim só fui conhecer essa música agora ? ❤️😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰
Omg I couldn't believe that it's took over than 10 years to find this song. I'm in tears! 😭 #Childhoodmemory
Ilfi Khairani Rahman
Ilfi Khairani Rahman:
Still listening in 2019, oh my God,, I'm getting Old 😁😁😁