Katharine McPhee American Idol Audition Rewind with new bonus footage

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Ian Hermogenes
Ian Hermogenes:
Her mom literally predicted she was gonna be in the top 2
Jason James
Jason James:
She can sing, act, and she's pretty. I tell you some people get all the luck!
A. Darryl Moton
A. Darryl Moton:
Ha. I auditioned for Simon, Paula & Randy right after her (that's me in the background with the dreads and the blue shirt when she leaves the room and hugs her mom). I knew I couldn't follow that. She's a pro.
Bunny Supplies
Bunny Supplies:
And 10 years later, married to David Foster.
She's the most underrated singer ever.
pretty lucky
pretty lucky:
Back when America idol actually had judges that actually judged and knew what real talent was.
I had never heard of Katherine before I saw her on Scorpion (I don't watch American Idol or any of it's competitors). Wow, what a great voice.
Sonia Singh
Sonia Singh:
Katharine McPhee now sings 'She used to be mine' at Broadway. She's doing great!!
What a natural gift? She's been trained by her vocal coach mother her entire life, the same mother who has supported her one hundred percent and is awesome.
Monica Marie
Monica Marie:
I kind of feel for her. Her mother pretty much noticed she had potential and worked her until she became a famous.
She looked so different back then
Aimee Gem Veloso
Aimee Gem Veloso:
4:47 her face when she said CURRENT?! pure gold
Jacqui Roope
Jacqui Roope:
Just saw her on the London West End starring in “Waitress”. She amazing!
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name:
"I'd be worried in the Top 2." - Her Mom

Daammmnn it came true
Just seen her in waitress in London, she. Is. Insane. Love her and the show!!😊
AngelaR Izz
AngelaR Izz:
Oh my gosh when she's talking to Simon it reminds me of when she talks to Derek on Smash (British accent thing I guess)
Nicole Arrage
Nicole Arrage:
"I'll be worried in the top two" She did make it to the top two! What a prediction! :)
Vic Damico
Vic Damico:
What a sweetheart. I remember looking forward to seeing her every week. This was when Idol was a great show. 
She looks so young here 😆 and she is but her cheekbone game is still there lol
Eliza Missy Carbon
Eliza Missy Carbon:
2014! ♥ Like if you're here because of Scorpion. :)
T Setana
T Setana:
Funny that her mom joked about she would be worry in the final two and Kat ended up in the final of AI that year.
Would like to congratulate her parents for a job well done in parenting...........
Matt Simon
Matt Simon:
"parts of that were fantastic" PARTS? He is dead inside
Rikardo Pardede
Rikardo Pardede:
her mother,:I'LL BE WORRIED IN THE TOP 2."
Evelyn Laseter
Evelyn Laseter:
So was pretty when she was 21 years old.
Heather Rose
Heather Rose:
"Your Mom's living her career through you" Well, doesn't Simon have all the answers. Look at the path her mom put her on!! " Your Moms given you a tremendous gift" . That's what I say.🥀
I love how her mom knew she was going to get in the bottom two!(: LOL!!!XD
She's on scorpion now!!!
Dakota Sims
Dakota Sims:
"I'll be worried when shes in the final two"

blonde hair doent match her skin tone at all !! i love her brunette
her reaction to the judges comments is so cute
Tatsi ___oOh lLa lLa
Tatsi ___oOh lLa lLa:
The mother’s reassurance and confidence shined on and here we are. Love this
That vibrato though... So subtle but so stunning.
Valerie Bell
Valerie Bell:
She looks like Vanessa Hudgens when she has the short blonde hair.
I hope the Final season of Idol has at least one moment as sweet as this.
Carolyn T
Carolyn T:
And now she’s married to a 70 yr old man ( who was married 4 times before ) and having his baby
I watch her on Scorpion! AND shes dating Elyes Gabel her co-star on it!
ShutUp Sherry
ShutUp Sherry:
“How old are you?”
Ale Sanchez
Ale Sanchez:
I've never cried for anyone before. Wow, you really made me feel something. I'm so happy for you :)
Potato Pancake
Potato Pancake:
Oh my god she’s so young
(I know her from Waitress!)
Charlotte D
Charlotte D:
6:27 that throw back to flip phones though XD
"i'll be worried in the top two"
Owwww my heart hurts. She is so sweet and talented and sincere.
Adam Michael
Adam Michael:
Still watching this on 2019, always loved her personality n talent!
Hollywood where is she??
Bring her back
3:48 Simon's happy face
Jen Gadeke
Jen Gadeke:
Katherine lost a lot of weight when she did Smash
Jennifer Reyna
Jennifer Reyna:
she was amazing on "Smash", I wish they would showcase her voice more in her current acting projects.
Jake Christian
Jake Christian:
I was trained in Pieshas studio on Sherman Oaks...I know that back guest house well. Congrats Kat! Hugs Dan!
choose joy
choose joy:
I love how she cries and her mom laughs with her heart, beautiful
Diego Saint Esteban
Diego Saint Esteban:
She can't be more beautiful! My GOD
This girl is amazing. She can act, sing and has a great personality from what I can tell.
"I'll be worried in the top two." Wow, her mom was right on!
Morgan Visser
Morgan Visser:
she has lost alot of weight since then!
Akira Washington
Akira Washington:
Scorpion brought me here 😂😂😂
Awwwww this was so touching to watch, Randy was right, a natural talent! Her Somewhere Over The Rainbow performance is one of the greatest performances I've seen on Idol.
Maddie Myers
Maddie Myers:
i cant believe she didn't win
Watch her sing "Don't Forget Me" (aka "Let Me Be Your Star") from SMASH. She was amazing.
her mum was dead right
OMG i can't believe she made me cry like seriously
Shariff Johnson
Shariff Johnson:
I'm going through all of he old auditions for nostalgia and she could definitely sing exceptionally well.
OMGmynameisLILI - Lili Martínez
OMGmynameisLILI - Lili Martínez:
And now she is Jenna (Waitress) on West End 😭❤️
Thomas Davis
Thomas Davis:
Watched her when she was on Idol> I followed her all the way through > and was soooooooo pissed when she didn't win > But also like Scorpion .... I just wish she would sing more .... PEACE ....
Olga O
Olga O:
You're such a beautiful spirit, Kath! 🙏
Damn I forgot how much they gushed over her
va79 smith
va79 smith:
She is so freaken gorgeous, I cant decide whether to love or hate her!
That was very impressive!
Cecily Fasham
Cecily Fasham:
loved her so much in smash...rewatching videos...lol
Mandy's World
Mandy's World:
I just saw her in Waitress tonight in NYC! She’s amazing!
Rick Williams
Rick Williams:
She's hands down my all time favorite contestant. I love her mom with her top 2 comment. When your kid has this much talent you know it and you're not afraid to tell anyone either.
@fetymann You have much to catch up on! I'm kinda jealous in a way, that you will get to discover and experience so many "new" performances of Katharine's from the last five years! Have fun!
Amergin MacEccit
Amergin MacEccit:
I remember watching her first performances years ago. She is absolutely phenomenal! She has a voice of an angel. You are divine Kathy. Best wishes from a fan :) The World needs more of you, never stop singing :)
Cynthia Copland
Cynthia Copland:
Great talent & heart ♥️. Congratulations to you & the mister on the baby-on-board.
She is my sentimental Favorite ...... Until now , i really can't believe that she didn't win ....
Todd Richmond
Todd Richmond:
She is so damn fine. My celebrity crush <3
Love seeing this again! Still my favorite idol ever. Love the part about the note from Peisha!
Ailsa D
Ailsa D:
so cute,!!!!!
I saw her at the Waitress musical show less than 2 months ago in london and she was AMAZING
Kathryn Johnson
Kathryn Johnson:
Way to go Kat!!!! Amazing voice!!!! Flies way passed the rafters!!!!!!
Now its April 2020 and look where you are!!!! Woohoo!!! 💞🎶❣
Cierra U don’t need to know
Cierra U don’t need to know:
Her moms a voice teacher... no wonder she’s so technically amazing
Scarlett Morgan
Scarlett Morgan:
I’m watching this cause I just went to see her as the leading part of waitress the musical on the west end and saw that she was on American idol so I thought I would check it out.
She's like in tangled but backwards lol
Watching her audition again now and remember it back then im still blown away. Especially when she turns it up at 3:45. And I was a casual watcher but if she was on i would make the effort to change the channel to her performances.
Thea Maisie
Thea Maisie:
anyone else here from Waitress?? :) xx
she is so much skinnier now... but she still sings well
Brittany Rietz
Brittany Rietz:
Ginnifer Goodwin + Vanessa Hudgens = Katherine McPhee
purple Carrot
purple Carrot:
Never knew about her since Smash. Katherine is so cute omg
Suki Anne Obrien
Suki Anne Obrien:
Think she's just magical .Can't wait to see her in waitress. Good luck talented lady .You deserve that spotlight.
neco kavanagh
neco kavanagh:
Only watching this in 2016, eleven years after omfg
Pat Doyle
Pat Doyle:
I absolutely LOVE Kelly Clarkson, but I think Katherine might be the best pure vocalist to ever come through this show - truly amazing.
was that her mom cheering outside at 4:13? lol
North Caroline
North Caroline:
Katherine is so beautiful inside and out. Her voice is amazing! I'm sad that she wasnt as popular as carrie underwood and Kelly Clarkson were but at least she made it as an Idol bc she deserved it! Such a sweet soul 😊👍
Juan Ayala
Juan Ayala:
I love her. So much friggin talent in one little person. She's so beautiful and talented and she has such power in her voice, it's incredible.
Shes stunning with her dark hair, I always thought that older man she married told her to do that awful short blonde hair, think he wanted to get on her tails for the ride, so glad she kicked him to the curb and went back to being herself.. Love her on Idol....with Andrea Bocelli  simply fantastic....
maxi ramirez
maxi ramirez:
My all time favorite IDOL Audition
Hélia Alves
Hélia Alves:
Her mum is a priceless treasure! God bless her for loving her daughter so completely!
Aussie Pie
Aussie Pie:
It’s 2017 and look at Kat now, she has done so well. She’s been in 2 of my favourite shows, Smash and Scorpion. She seems like a really nice person too.
Mirela Nita
Mirela Nita:
She's AMAZING!!!!! Stunning & talented & genuine! She's got the whole package! <3
Noedette Perpetua
Noedette Perpetua:
Shes my crush
She looked so cute when she smiled at 4:09