Kanye West – Wash Us In The Blood feat. Travis Scott (Official Video)

Stream/Download “Wash Us In The Blood” ft. Travis Scott: https://kanyewest.lnk.to/WUITB





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This is a disstrack on the devil.
David Burkhart
David Burkhart:
This is age restricted, but Cardi B’s Wap isn’t? That ain’t Christ-like.
Neyo Utha
Neyo Utha:
Took him off trending, froze the view count, and age restricted the video. All while WAP is the trending #1, still getting views, and isn't age restricted. The American Dream,
Lauren X
Lauren X:
‘If I talk about God my record won’t get played’ Kanye West 2004 in “Jesus walks”.
YouTube proving Kayne point lol
man really put GTA V in the music vid
Shakila Khan
Shakila Khan:
Why are they censoring kanye. He is exposing society for what it is.
Samuel Gonzalez
Samuel Gonzalez:
THEY still are deleting views lmao, YouTube hate's Jesus and Black people.
Kanye West
Kanye West:
YouTube is up to something. First, the video gets age restricted but on the hand, you have gooba and wap that haven’t been age restricted. Now YouTube is suppressing the views. It was at 10 million, now it’s at 9.1. Stop trying to silence Kanye
Poetic Reflections
Poetic Reflections:
Obviously Kanye won't see this comment, but as a guy who was once a Kanye fan then grew a strong dislike for Kanye. I have to admit I was wrong about Kanye he's not crazy. He may at times fail to choose his words properly but when you read between this brothers lines it obvious he's far from crazy and on another level. Peace unto Kanye and his current situations.
Travis: so i want girls, cars, smoking-

Kanye: *Nah you Christian now*
kidd famous
kidd famous:
Youtube: wash us in the blood (age restricted)

Also youtube: WAP
This song had 9 million views two weeks ago and it’s at 9.1 mil now. YouTube is definitely doing something
Enrique Parra
Enrique Parra:
Garbage WAP doesn’t get age restricted but this does? YouTube, you’re drunk. Go home.
Ken Francis
Ken Francis:
This is one of Kanye's greatest masterpiece through the Most High,he is tired of the life style he wants out.
Eja Lonibu
Eja Lonibu:
Hey YouTube, your lack of integrity is showing.
Arynn Andrews
Arynn Andrews:
Does this even have a swear word in it? What about this makes it worthy of censorship and age restriction exactly? What images does it show that are so much more explicit than non-restricted content on YouTube? I swear this is why no one trusts these big platforms anymore
I listen to Kanye and Travis all the time, very weird this didn't get recommended to me... just stumbled onto it going back to the channel
Kindly Help me Reach 16k Subs with videos
Kindly Help me Reach 16k Subs with videos:
"People say Kanye West has only american fans"

Like if you are not American

Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
Took him off trending, age restricted the video, and froze the view count. Really shows us YouTube’s agenda....
Kanye actually snapped at the end too and they tryin to bury this.
Bebe Hillz
Bebe Hillz:
"The inclusion of the GTA footage is what I believe to be a representation of the how we have capitalized on the plight of the black communities. We have taken the violence, the despair, and the horrors of these communities and mashed them into a literal game that is played across every white teenager's couch across the entire country."

~ some dude on reddit.

But i agree with the man kanye is usually thinking 8 steps ahead with this sorta shit
i know this is kind of irrelevant, but who else could’ve heard Kendrick Lamar on this?
B P:
"you know that it's fake if it's in the news"
Remember this people.
aoba san
aoba san:
So cardi b’s money isn’t age restricted and this is? Wow
You would think that during Black Lives Matter protests, this song would be flourishing... especially with Kanye having attended one of the protests. But instead YouTube and Radio suppresses this music. They ain't ready for it.😑 The media stay trying to belittle and persecute Kanye.
Ginja Ninja
Ginja Ninja:
I cant believe this is a flagged video ahah they hate Kanye so much for being truthful
Rae Monroe
Rae Monroe:
I love how he ends it with his daughter, sharing the significance of our ignorance will influence the next generation.
"The wanna edit the (inter)views"
You Neva Been This High
You Neva Been This High:
Did Kanye just make Drill Gospel?
jeune cycliste
jeune cycliste:
2015: kanye west & travis scott: piss on your grave

2020: kanye west & travis scott: wash us in the blood
AB potu
AB potu:
This video literally shows the state of the world and the media we choose to consume.

When Kanye made “I love it” wit lil pump the song literally was on trending for a day or two and got 1mil in under a day. A pointless song bout ho’s. Then you have a song like this speaking out bout actual issues with a rather different approach to trap beats and it has 9mil, what a joke
It was the blood that cleansed me. Praise King Jesus Christ
I always loved that guy. Since 2005, and this kind of songs make me remember why I love him so hard. He’s unbelievable. Good luck uncle kanye ❤️
Kanye is the only artist that made Christian music age restricted.
John Jones
John Jones:
Anyone notice how they black ball this song on all main stream radio stations across the world ?🤷🏾‍♂️🧐
It's sad how many people don't know what Kanye is preaching about he is talking about the event people really got to wake up man.
Darius King
Darius King:
I have probably listened to this about 100 times today
ThatGirl FiGGy
ThatGirl FiGGy:
I'm never disappointed in or worried about Kanye West. Kanye is protected by something greater than we can comprehend , obviously. - His purpose is to create ripples in the reality.. and it never makes sense till several years later, because it's not supposed to.
Ayush Pant
Ayush Pant:
Youtube is suppressing the views. They don't want Kanye to be Kanye
YesMan NoMan
YesMan NoMan:
Introducing: the next President of the United States.
Katrina Ochoa
Katrina Ochoa:
Chills!!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Protect Kanye and keep giving him courage and guidance to help wake up the world to the truth in Jesus Christ.
Mark McGovern
Mark McGovern:
These comments are actually scary. Y'all are in a cult.
Alexandra Arva
Alexandra Arva:
this is art and truth but people are not ready for it
This is age restricted, but 6ix9ine Gooba is not. Think about that.
Pretty Empress
Pretty Empress:
Kanye is on a whole different plane of existence. He’s a genius
“For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.”
‭‭2 Timothy 4:3-4‬ ‭ESV‬‬
JC Denton
JC Denton:
The devil made this age restricted, wow .
Keep doing you brother , Jesus Is coming soon
Blah Blah
Blah Blah:
Not trending anymore because he talks about how the media does lies
Abel Maseko
Abel Maseko:
On the Christian point of view... Why on Kaney's face that graphics he made closes his one eye_ an Elluminati's symbol?
Where are you still standing mate... Because to date you've never denounced the cult for what it really is, when you talk against your past you sound like you still protecting the cult... Like you did covenant to keep the secret 🙄
Cleveland Ohio
Cleveland Ohio:
Kanye did this to get out his contract Any means possible to be freed.
Brylle Montesclaros
Brylle Montesclaros:
wtf still 9.8 million???????? youtube wtf
lehteB Bethel
lehteB Bethel:
These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.
John 16:33 KJV
[insert 90s reference]
[insert 90s reference]:
It's Yeezus production with JIK lyrics. It's like heaven and hell.
Bren DeZen
Bren DeZen:
More deleted views. Interesting
You may hate him but there’s no denying

He’s a genius
maite g
maite g:
I am washed by JESUS ✝️🌎. Praises to my Lord. This is a real showing of the destruction it is Satan. Until we are washed well said. Jesus is the only way and He is coming soon, very soon✝️🌠✨✨✨
Amir Meah
Amir Meah:
They turned Freddie Gibbs Instagram stories into a music video
America really just a GTA lobby at this point
This is age-restricted even tho the song has no swears
Obi's Corner
Obi's Corner:
All of us: How many views does this really have?
YouTube: The same amount it had last week.
Jayden Motley
Jayden Motley:

God bless you.
the guys music official
the guys music official:
If YouTube wasnt deleting views this would probably have around 50million views
Mark&vickie Guisasola
Mark&vickie Guisasola:
Kanye since they call you crazy ...In times of tyranny and injustice when the law oppresses the people, the outlaw (crazy) takes his place in history ...keep it 100 %
daniel Aj
daniel Aj:
Okay yup Kanye has officially won me back 😐 this is insane even without Travis Scott’s verse. Sick beat
Rose Ann
Rose Ann:
you'd think because of BLM happening right now, this song would be blowing up, but Youtube hates truth and suppresses this kind of music. this is one of Ye's most underrated songs ever. sad how its being slept on... Jesus is Lord, repent and believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
GD DatKaktuz
GD DatKaktuz:
Maybe the views are getting removed because the song got view-botted
Thedsche Thedsche
Thedsche Thedsche:
Claim your “here before 1mil” card now
red delux
red delux:
Conditioning...we're all victims. Time to shake it off, break them chains & get to the light. God controlling Kanye right now, it's up to us to see through the lies & get right. It's up to us to come together and move forward. We need to wake up, 4 real.
One day you laugh at Chinese censorship, the next day you become China. Well play
V B:
Everyone thought he was crazy I didn't. He went through a tremendous spiritual awakening had to fight in the dark alone and anyone famous that goes through that will always be painted crazy like Lindsay lohan who was looked at like trash party girl but she's across the country trying to save children from trafficking. Thing people need to wonder is why media wants you to hate someone or diss someone...not believe but find out why. Im so happy for kanye. His storm was definitely in Pablo album and he's in the light. Such a beautiful thing. God bless you Kanye help the culture shift.
Leython van Graan
Leython van Graan:
The media really be againts Kanye fr. They know he has been speaking truth
Travis: yo lets play some fort-
Kanye: GTA
Sus Dog
Sus Dog:
Let’s not pretend Kanye didn’t spit flames here 2:42-2:56
Jazzy Feli
Jazzy Feli:
Holy Spirit Come down is my favorite line in this ❤
Why is travis verse 13 seconds long? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Victor Muraviev
Victor Muraviev:
Why didn’t I get this recommended or a notification? I’ve watched every Kanye video and subscribed to him!?!
Clearly YouTube doesn't want a christian Kanye...
XXXStefanzoHussle70 ROLLA
XXXStefanzoHussle70 ROLLA:
He hid his music "for the one who can decode"
Satan been real quick since this came out
Alice Bonnet
Alice Bonnet:
Still suppressing the views. Youtube does not respect freedom of speech. Youtube does not respect freedom. Google and facebook lied to you. Your preacher your teacher lied to you. Your church lied your parents and grandparents lied. Theres only one truth. Have you found it?
Tiago Lopes
Tiago Lopes:
I just relapsed after 7 months of being sober. This song helped me.
Dave Guerrero
Dave Guerrero:
This video is the inside of Kanye’s brain.
Jesus is the Word, God the Creator, and the Son of God, John 1:1.

Jesus came to teach us His perfect ways, Micah 4:2, that He is the author of the perfect faith we must have, the faith the Father wants. We believe in obedience to Him unto salvation, Hebrews 5:9.

Salvation is not a one step, one stop process. Salvation is something that is a multi-component process. The first step is to believe in Jesus, John 3:16 as well as believe in the Gospel. Believing in Jesus to be saved is the very initial part, as well as accepting Him, John 3:16, John 17:20. But obedience must follow after that initial belief immediately followed by true repentance, Luke 13:3, Mark 1:15. Those who do not believe will be damned, John 3:36. Even the devil and demons believe in Jesus as well, James 2:19. Thus, a true believing in Jesus is something continuous, as it is written with the Greek word in John 3:16 for believing. Jesus is the Word made flesh, John 1:14. Jesus is the Word of God, John 1:1. Jesus is also the Creator of all things, John 1:3. So if one believes in the Word, that means what the Word says, one will obey. If one disobeys what the Word says, how can there be any true belief there? The belief therefore is in vain. If one truly believes in Jesus, the Word, one will live out what the Word teaches. 

The Gospel is more than Jesus dying on the cross and rising. This is only a part of the full Gospel message. The Gospel is the wisdom of God for us to learn and abide in. Jesus came to teach us this wisdom personally, Micah 4:2. There is no sin in His wisdom. So if we choose to follow Him, we choose to adopt His wisdom as well as live by it, Matthew 10:38, Matthew 16:24-25. Jesus commands His Apostles to go and teach everything He commands, Matthew 28:20. Jesus did not tell them to go and teach what Peter or any other apostle commands. He strictly has the perfect wisdom of God to the fullest, again, which is why He never sinned. 

If we continue in sin there remains no more atonement for us on the cross, Hebrews 10:26. For knowing the Bible is not enough, we must also put the Gospel into practice in order to enter the kingdom, Matthew 7:21. If we truly love God, we will keep His commandments, John 14:15. Paul reiterates that we must repent and do the works worthy of repentance Acts 26:20. This repentance is for everyone and was first preached by John the Baptist in Matthew 3:8. So both the Apostles in the New Testament and John the Baptist preaching to the people of Israel under the law still are required to bring forth fruits worthy of repentance. Jesus defines repentance as turning from sin as well as a change of mind, both, not one nor the other. Jesus says Nineveh would have repented at the preaching of Jonah. Then looking to Jonah 3:10, we see how Ninevah repented. They did not simply have a change of mind only, but they also had a change of works as it says they turned from their wicked ways. 

We believe in being saved by grace which is through faith, and that faith without works is dead faith, James 2:14-26. Jesus is the author of our faith, Hebrews 5:9, and His faith was filled with works that pleased the Father, not men, not flesh. Jesus had the perfect faith that always pleased the Father, John 8:29, Revelation 14:12. Grace, with respect unto salvation, is the opportunity to repent. Without true repentance, no grace will save anyone. Ephesians 2:8-9 by Apostle Paul says "we are saved by grace through faith, and this is the gift of God, not of works lest any man should boast." Nearly always when Paul mentions works in the New Testament he is referring to the works of the law as well as Jewish traditions not found in the 613 Mosaic laws but were considered in that culture and society as law. For instance, the priests questioned why Jesus and His followers did not wash their hands before eating. This was not in the 613 Mosaic laws but was a tradition the priests added into their culture/religion. Thus, Paul is referring to dead works or works of the flesh in Ephesians 2:8-9. Obeying Jesus is not part of the Old Testament law. Jesus gave new commands such as "Love one another as I have loved you, this is a new command I give you." There are many detailed teachings from Jesus we must abide by if we truly are in Him, which Paul confirms in 1 Timothy 6:3. We must abide in the teachings of Jesus as He, Paul, and the other Apostles taught. This is the will of the Father, Matthew 17:5. 

In the Old Testament they were under the law. They were dead on the spot or had to pay a pentalty for their sins on the spot. Now we are under grace. This means we have the precious opportunity to repent, but if we do not do our part and do such or overcoming our sins, we will taste the second death then, Rev 2:11. The blood of Jesus, through His death, burial, and resurrection, is what we need. Because the Son obeyed the Father perfectly, His blood was shed for the remission of sins. And because of His perfect obedience to the Father, the Father accepts the Son's request to have mercy on us. That's why Jesus is the only mediator between God and man, 1 Timothy 2:5. So now the Father wants us to obey His Son, Matthew 17:5, Hebrews 5:9. This forgiveness for our past and present sins is made available freely, for salvation is a free gift that cannot be earned Ephesians 2:8-9. This means there is nothing one must do in order to be forgiven by the Father. Christ paid the price for us in order to receive that forgiveness. But moving forward, we must maintain that by obeying our new Master, Christ, no longer sin. For we cannot serve two masters, Matthew 6:24. Christ was prophecied in the Old Testament as the "Redeemer." To redeem us through His precious blood, means He purchased us out of spiritual slavery that is sin and death, for the wages of sin is death, Romans 6:23. He then is our new Master whom we must abide in, no longer willful sin.
Samantha March
Samantha March:
Wash us all in the blood of Jesus! I pray every watcher of this video makes the rapture! Prepare us for judgement Lord! We want to be ready! We love you Jesus! You are Lord!

Yall, who does the man with the dreds represent?
Ciara Bellasalma
Ciara Bellasalma:
Lord Cover Kanye with your precious blood. Kanye im lifting you up in prayer. Keep pushing keep spread the word of God. Stay close. He is using you for his glory. He woke me up too. God bless you brother
The Boyz
The Boyz:
GTA V is a message. The world is now like the Gta World. But...

We can't respawn.
Jessy Nolan
Jessy Nolan:
I can't believe he didn't lie about the release date this time
Janae Fechner
Janae Fechner:
Dear Heavenly Father please send angels down to Mr. Kanye west and his beautiful family, and also to every person who is not currently walking with you God, send your angels down to destroy all legions of demons that are following these innocent people around and have the arc angels destroy the demons right now this very second. I ask you to send as many warrior arc angels as it takes to keep demonic spirits from continuing anymore evil assignment right now lord. Give the people who have been stuck in the dark a chance to see the warmth and love of your light right this very second lord may the love warm their hearts and help guide them out of darkness and to come and walk with us lord. May they be giving the strength that they need to resist evil temptations. Please help me find the right words that I need to be helpful to those who need to hear your words the most. Lord I ask you to guide me to the people that can help me raise Christ conciousness starting now lord. I ask you to protect me on my mission to raise Christ conciousness and give me the influence and knowledge I need to do whatever it takes to make it happen and soon. I believe that you have heard my prayer, and everything that I have asked, you are doing. And thank you for everything that you have done, in Jesus's name, I seal this prayer,

❤️🧡💛💚💙💜The Divine feminine 🌏
scarlett dunn
scarlett dunn:
Ajay Dahl
Ajay Dahl:
YouTube be lying, I watched it more than 9.83 million myself.
Umid Tillayev
Umid Tillayev:
God bless you Kanye, may The Name of Jesus Christ to be Glorified
Most rappers out here dissin each other while Kanye be dissin the devil.
Andy Drendel
Andy Drendel:
How the heck does this have an age restriction and WAP doesn’t?!
Ricco chey
Ricco chey:
This is the sound of the world
Totem Gunn
Totem Gunn:
We are the Temple for the Holy Spirit, let the Lord's Spirit of Love fill you up. Who can resist the Hand of God? The Lord will teach you all things. You matter and the Lord's purpose for you will come to pass. The blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ has washed your sins away and He is resurrected as the God of the Living. Some sleep now, but on that day everyone will be resurrected to life that know the Lord. So why not hear the voice knocking at the door of your heart now? The Lord hears and sees you, and is able to rescue you. Amen
I should be studying
I should be studying:
It’s stuck at 9.2mil wow
Gooba, not age restricted, this: Violating youtube content laws.
don anderson
don anderson:
Who's the lady with the red nails that covers her mouth?