Kamala Harris Drags Vice President Mike Pence at the Debate: Week In Review | The Amber Ruffin Show

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The biggest news of the week was Wednesday night’s Vice Presidential Debate between Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence. Some say what we witnessed that night was an informative debate. Some say what we witnessed was a spirited debate. Amber Ruffin says what we witnessed wasn’t a debate at all… but rather, The Dragging of a Vice President!

Each week THE AMBER RUFFIN SHOW will showcase Amber’s signature smart and silly take on the week's news. No matter what's happening in the world, Amber will respond to it with a charming mix of seriousness, nonsense, and evening gowns. THE AMBER RUFFIN SHOW is a topical late-night show with just the good parts – the comedy. Amber Ruffin, Jenny Hagel, Seth Meyers, and Mike Shoemaker serve as executive producers. The series is produced by Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group, and Sethmaker Shoemeyers Productions.

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Teresa Weaver
Teresa Weaver:
Whoever dresses Amber should win an award...on fleek every time I see her. That blazer is 🔥.
Doreen Blaine
Doreen Blaine:
I got my husband to register in the first time sinceNixon . We are voting blue.
Heather Maria
Heather Maria:
I didn’t know I could love Amber more, but add in Tarik and I’m never missing an episode. This is fantastic!
Adam Smasher
Adam Smasher:
Amber absolutely deserves her own show.... I'm enthralled by this. GET IT AMBER
Louise Daniels
Louise Daniels:
If you already have your mail-in ballot, and you’ve been procrastinating voting, it’s time. VOTE! You can do it! 🥳
Lucia Hagen
Lucia Hagen:
Amber, thank you. Thank you for always helping me forget the crappiness of my day by making me giggle and smile.
Robert Shea
Robert Shea:
The only reason I subscribed to whatever the fug "Peacock" is, is because of this.
I wasn’t expecting that ending. I’m in my feelings now now. Should I laugh or cry? Maybe both. 🥺😅
Desiree Espinosa
Desiree Espinosa:
“Boy just shut up and take this whooping, your embarrassing yourself” 🤣😂🤣😂
William Boyd
William Boyd:
Love that you got your own show. It's well earned and disserved.
Such a fun delivery of the news. I especially enjoy the banter. Infectious positivity.
Stephanie Coker
Stephanie Coker:
amber always looks so beautiful, you are shaming the rest of us in quarantine 😊 such a lovely person!
King Peppy
King Peppy:
The whimsy is just the palliative my 'demic depress needs right now
I always enjoy Amber's perspective on current issues. The more voices in the conversations the better.
Saviour Machine
Saviour Machine:
Amazing how such a tiny human can contain so much power.
The fly thought it landed on a corpse !
Ta Ran
Ta Ran:
One of the few blessings of 2020 is seeing more Amber! I’m yet to get over the novelty of seeing her face consistently on my YouTube feed
Waggish Sagacity
Waggish Sagacity:
Amber Ruffin, if you are the writer of these monologues, give yourself a handsome raise. If you aren't, make sure that person stays with you. Either way, you [singular or plural] exude brilliance. Thanks a lot!
Ginger Hitzke
Ginger Hitzke:
I really like how weird Amber is.
Claire M.
Claire M.:
She needs her own M-F late night show! One night per week just isn’t enough to meet my Amber quota! 😆
Scorpius Jones
Scorpius Jones:
That Roe v Wade joke is hilarious 🤣
Cameron Blakemore
Cameron Blakemore:
Amber and John Oliver are my two favorite people on late night right now.
Nina w
Nina w:
She got a TV show! She has her own show or is this a temporary thing? Like do not play with my slim string of all the hope I have left....
Meghan Delavan
Meghan Delavan:
The world doesn’t revolve around me...but I needed this today. Thank you for you, Amber.
Ellen Barry
Ellen Barry:
Love every outfit so far, and great comedy too!
Ashley Adams-Jack
Ashley Adams-Jack:
Took me a few extra seconds for the “row v. wade to work” line. 🤣
Kristina Supa Hill
Kristina Supa Hill:
This was so brilliantly written...yay 🖖🏾
Experimentando en la cocina
Experimentando en la cocina:
That sidekick has future in the business
Amber you are a treasure! And hilarious 😂
Jin Wu
Jin Wu:
pence isn't familiar with women finishing because he's too afraid to ask "Mother" for her approval 😄
Bacon Pancakes
Bacon Pancakes:
That was great. I can't believe I just found this.
Erin Wilbert
Erin Wilbert:
Thank you for this... Amber is the best!
transgreaser ftm
transgreaser ftm:
Nothing better than Sweet Tea Dragging! 💗💓💗 FYI, Dancing with Amber. 👏👏👏👏
my cats name
my cats name:
It used to be a Back to the future reference “hey Mcfly” by a bully and now it’s “hey Mikefly” that is the bully lol 😂
That Roe v Wade joke was savage
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent:
Gorgeous teacup!
Jami Boothe
Jami Boothe:
This is timely and brilliantly done.
Earl T. Roske
Earl T. Roske:
How do I get an Amber Ruffin Show drinking glass?
Jean McLachlin
Jean McLachlin:
Tarik eating that entire piece of paper 😂😂
Tahtahme's Diary
Tahtahme's Diary:
When I saw he had a hat too I was like YEEEEEESSSS fam LETS GO THERE! 🙌🏾 9:10
Cindy Oser
Cindy Oser:
Amber is awesome! I'm loving the show!
Not gonna lie, I thought Amber was thinking about "We are Young" by Fun. Feat. Janelle Monet
This reminds me of old school sesame street
Rich Homie Sean
Rich Homie Sean:
No matter how much you edit these cuts everybody knows Kamala got dragged.
Casper Coffins
Casper Coffins:
Another absolute b a n g e r thank you Amber 👏👏👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉🎉
"Row" v Wade 🤣👌👌
Peter Bathum
Peter Bathum:
yeah. no one wants bad to happen to people that earn it ...sure we dont.
Rita Burgess
Rita Burgess:
Okay, so I freaking love this show. Amber and Tarik, thank you, thank you, thank you.
I love this so much. Amber just makes me smile.
Stine W
Stine W:
I could have used many more minutes of this
I was pmsl all the way through this,
Until the slap of reality at the end.
You're soo cool Amber. 👏👏👏👏
Gregory Ambres
Gregory Ambres:
For some reason, Kamalas voice had an echo that was RESOUNDING
Anna Mason
Anna Mason:
This is delicious. You may be asking yourself: the dragging or Amber? Both.
"the biggest news of the week was the vice presidential debate" - uh, that was the smallest news of the week
Togo Burrows
Togo Burrows:
Kamala deserves to win just for keeping a straight face while that trump was in pences hair
#It's Ok to be Dutch
#It's Ok to be Dutch:
Mainstream media displaying menthal illness once more.
luminositymusic BrianPRickard
luminositymusic BrianPRickard:
You got the show!

I M entertained.

Y U So Funny. Thx-
Heather M
Heather M:
Amber, that blazer is amazing!
marie-hélène martel
marie-hélène martel:
This show is great all around.
Some say: "Mike Pence is pretty fly, for a white guy"
jan coi
jan coi:
😂😆😅 I'm dying! Amber and Tarik are fabulous! Thank You!! And thank you Jenny, too🦄
Jay Ramsey
Jay Ramsey:
Omfg, Ruffin has her own show?! I'm so ready for that.
i love how she just ignored all of the times pence owned her and put her on the defense. even some employees for the MSM believed pence was great and kamala underperformed
6:48 is that the ending credits music for avatar the last airbender?!
William O'Flaherty
William O'Flaherty:
yay, Amber !!!
Cat Mel
Cat Mel:
Oh Amber, so glad you got your own show, absolutely hilarious
I love Amber, and I love Senator Harris, and I most especially love Amber's love of Senator Harris.
First! Go Amber!
Deborah Hughes
Deborah Hughes:
The best laugh of the night is their enunciation of the dragging music at the end of the "Dragging of the Vice President" section. Loved it. NO wait! That Roe v. Wade joke was pretty awesome...
M G:
Another transgender.... Amber?
Deep Dreamwalker
Deep Dreamwalker:
I was gonna guess “The Great Gig in the Sky” by Pink Floyd.
Gary Barlow
Gary Barlow:
I love how all the comments here are talking about the host rather than what she's talking about. Really shows the level of discussion. XD
Mike Pupillo
Mike Pupillo:
The fly was an informer.
Hammad Usmani
Hammad Usmani:
this is already my favorite late night tv show
Melissa N.
Melissa N.:
Reggie Watts needs to come on & do sound effects & play music!
Test Test
Test Test:
Amber is the best "Dutch" comédienne ever....
Amber, geweldig gedaan!!!
9:20 "April showers..bring may flowers'...."Mammie!!"
J-M Erlendson
J-M Erlendson:
That sound effect outro was boss level! Sounds like hanging out IS for everyone!
Another Butt4Chair
Another Butt4Chair:
Moscow Mitch face will move forward while his chins catch up with it.
Bingo cards! HAHAHAHAH
Lucky Lara
Lucky Lara:
The bingo card got me 😂😂😂😂
Late Cambrian
Late Cambrian:
liked for Wild Night reference.
Man, I don't live in the US but I wish I can watch Amber's show.
Grey Ang
Grey Ang:
Gallows humor, my favorite
Wish we've done more to preserve the rights of women and minorities ahaha its funny cause it's true haha ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
I hope Barr and the two Millers left in the white house get called on that Bingo card. Oh, Pompeo, Graham, Moscow Mitch, Nunes and wouldn't it be great if Barrett, the handmaid, was called out too. That would be a perfect bingo card!
Amber and Tariks beat breakdown reminds me of my friends and I. I miss the before times
F.R. F
F.R. F:
She dragged no one and you guys know it but you think if "funny" people say it on tv than it will be true.
Cumin Calamity
Cumin Calamity:
6:48 that totally was Avatar the last airbender music!
Stephan Sijsling
Stephan Sijsling:
Classic voice! Love it.

But the debate is viewed trough a very (extreme?) left viewpoint. I watched the whole debate (first time ever) and this take on it is very skewed. I recomment people to watch the whole debate and forget what political preference you have. Just use logic, facts and take in mind that your maybe brainwashed by always hearing news after it got filtered trough a leftist viewpoint. Listen to both sides and dont base your knowledge on punchlines like in this show and often in the news.

Truth is most important.

A concerned Dutch man
Brandon Framilla
Brandon Framilla:
TDS on full display here. Not even close to funny at all.
Denise Branch
Denise Branch:
She should've gotten that late late night show that replaced last call.. So we cld see Amber every night of the week
Beas Family Vlogs
Beas Family Vlogs:
This Fool stayed around 😂😂😂.
sheila coll
sheila coll:
I was literally rolling on my floor with laugher at 6:48. Amber is my favorite writer and comedian and it is due time that her brand of wacky claim its rightful place in late night
Jesse Wolfe
Jesse Wolfe:
Guys, you’re amazing
Daniel B
Daniel B:
BRAAAVOO!!!! *Stands and claps most enthusiastically*
Justin Joanou
Justin Joanou:
The clips without all the context are gravely misinforming and I think they really show what happened in this debate.
banjo tails
banjo tails:
This feels really awkward.
Wise I
Wise I:
Amber, you are Precious, and I am so glad that you have your own Show now! But, I will miss your collaboration with Seth Meyers, it was also delightful.
Dominic Russo
Dominic Russo:
Hey Tarik 😍
Eye Phone
Eye Phone:
4:55 🤣😆😆 I'm sure she cleverly left out "bagging" in that joke