Jung Yu-mi and Nam Joo-hyuk sharpen their shooting skills with jelly bears | Hit or Miss [ENG SUB]

We put Jung Yu-mi and Nam Joo-hyuk's jelly-fighting skills to the actual test and we’ve gotta say, they do a pretty good job—all that time spent fighting jelly monsters together in THE SCHOOL NURSE FILES must have translated into real life! Just don’t forget to load your bullets before shooting, Nam Joo-hyuk 😂

Coming to Netflix September 25.

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100+ komento:

pamela meli
pamela meli:
I love this drama. Jung Yumi is an incredible actress. Nam Joohyuk improve a lot.
this drama is such a mind blower. I had no idea what was going on but the drama was enjoyable and hilarious LOL.
Finished it and still don't understand what its a bout. Jang YuMi is such a beautyyyy
Zinniachan World
Zinniachan World:
Jung Yumi is so cute, still can't believe she is nearly forty.
The way she laugh is kinda remind me of Lee know from StrayKids
Amira Ebrahim
Amira Ebrahim:
Both of them have such mature but cute and likable vibes. The drama is also really interesting. It’s different, but if you like Doctor Who than you’ll enjoy it
Chiara Pondoyo
Chiara Pondoyo:
Literally no one:

Nam joo hyuk: “I believe in you”

Larissa Lazari
Larissa Lazari:
Ainda bem que a Jung Yumi é atriz, porque se fosse depender de desenhar estaria ferrada, temos algo em comum😂
Teti Diana
Teti Diana:
I do really enjoy The School Nurse Files. I found that incredibly imaginative, the story also heart warming, dark humor, lovely, the chemistry, and I love typpgraphy on it. Thank you the swoon for this! Does anyone know where should I found the ost?
Vic F
Vic F:
Yumi is always looks cheerful.

Swoon, pls invite Start Up couple next
Start Up Couple
Start Up Couple:
Nam Joo Hyuk recently asked Suzy If she had her 3 meals a day 😳
Amira Ebrahim
Amira Ebrahim:
Lol, poor Jung Yumi didn’t have a chance- Nam Joo Hyuk’s arms are so long haha
Raychelle Navarro
Raychelle Navarro:
Nam Joo Hyuk acting here improved alot but the story is really weird AF!
• angelica •
• angelica •:
The drama was so interesting, I really enjoyed watching it.
Den Trill
Den Trill:
They’re cute. I like the chemistry! Nam joo hyuk seems to be comfortable around her. I hope there’s a 2nd season. I want to see their relationship progress. Also does anyone know the name of the song in the drama?
Alyssa Kim
Alyssa Kim:
I never knew I needed them shooting gummy bears...
Melle Yang
Melle Yang:
This series deserves way more than only 6 episodes.
the girl looks like Lee know when she's smiling 😂
Ng 02
Ng 02:
넷플 이런 아기자기 인터뷰 아이디어 생각 잘하는듯 국내 방송국들 지금까지 뭐한거야? 이런 드라마는 못해도 인터뷰는 왜 안되ㅣㄴ거지? by 유미보러 갔다 주혁에게 치인 1인
Amira Ebrahim
Amira Ebrahim:
1:39- he should have said that he’d ask the alien if they like Messi lmaoooo
Chiara Pondoyo
Chiara Pondoyo:
Nam joo hyuk is so cuteee
Karen D
Karen D:
Ngl my brain cells aren’t big enough for this drama... it’s beautifully shot and the soundtrack is unique but I didn’t understand the plot one bit 😅
진짜 유미누나가 내 친누나였으면 얼마나 좋고 행복할까? 항상 응원하고 사랑합니다. 💘
둘 다 너무 귀엽다
Moonbin yeets Jeon Woong
Moonbin yeets Jeon Woong:
The drama made me cry. I was not expecting that. It got pretty emotional.
I love this drama. It’s confusing, yes. But I love it. They have amazing chemistry too.
Tushita Sadhu
Tushita Sadhu:
Jung Yumi: “Didn’t I hit this one?”
*shoots without hesitation and hits
“There I shot it now”
Larissa Lazari
Larissa Lazari:
O português que é bom o Joo-hyuk nem lembrou😡 😂🇧🇷
Prashil Prakash
Prashil Prakash:
After watching this drama.
I had more questions than answers.
드라마 진짜 너무너무너무너무 잼있어요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ💗💗😭
Ch el
Ch el:
Jung Yumi looks so young how is that fair
• angelica •
• angelica •:
They way they were shooting the bear jelly’s was so cute
laura españa
laura españa:
He said "Te quiero" perfectly. I love him. I really enjoyed the drama!!
NamJooHyuk speaking in chinese " i love you "was so cute !!!! o(≧∇≦o)
Madhusmita Dutta
Madhusmita Dutta:
Requesting the team to upload this drama's OST and other soundtrack (like Extraordinary You or Goblin)...The music in the show was weird, hypnotic and cool; all at the same time...Loved it...
Afirah Shaikh
Afirah Shaikh:
Nam Joo Hyuk has suddenly turned into a man idk if it's just me but he looks different now, last year he was like a hot boy suddenly he's like a hot man if that makes sense to anyone 😂😂
This drama seemed well produced but man, I had no idea what was going on from start to end
Nabilla Rahma
Nabilla Rahma:
Nam joo hyuk is my type boyfriend😍
Ms Chris
Ms Chris:
Yumi is an incredible actress! Love her 💜 Joohyuk too
qhrod 8
qhrod 8:
아 둘이 너무 잘 어울린다ㅠㅠ
Melle Yang
Melle Yang:
MAN. This show was so strong. The ending felt rushed and incomplete for me, and it definitely seemed like they had way more story to show and tell. I loved it, despite some glaring flaws...i loved the concept, Yumi especially. I also grew to like the quirky students too and their attachments to her. I wish we could've seen more:(
joonie bonsai
joonie bonsai:
I recently finished it and it’s peculiar but in a good way for me. I definitely didn’t understand a lot of it but then I realized I should stop thinking so much about. I think if you love like the supernatural/fantasy part of it you may like it.
Gianella G.
Gianella G.:
2:28 hablemos de nam joohyuk y su perfecto "Te Quiero" es muy lindo
주혁오빠 귀여워₍ ᐢ. ̫ .ᐢ ₎♥
luôn vui tươi
luôn vui tươi:
Jung Yu-Mi is so cute<3
2:25 나도 사랑해 나도 사랑해 나도 사랑한다고ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 남주혁ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Is this drama any good? Would you recommend it to someone who's trying to procrastinate studying by watching k-dramas?🤪
farah fitriani
farah fitriani:
Finished the drama and had a WTF moment on the ending. I love the story, i just wished there were more explanations on what happened
This drama rimind me of Anime called Mushishi.. sometime confusing, sometime creepy, sometime relaxing, sometime sad.. i don't know.. it's so weird, but that's why i like it.. LOL
This Person
This Person:
Jung Yu-mi seems like such a fun person, I would want to be friends with. Nam Joo Hyuk is a cutie
Seesaw Just
Seesaw Just:
isn't jung yumbi smile is like Lee Know from STRAY KIDS
loving this drama so far!! i've missed joohyuk so much and this is my first time seeing yumi but i really like her <3
dulce alejandra
dulce alejandra:
I just finished it and it was really funny and amazing, i actually watched because nam joo hyuk is my favorite actor but I ended up loving the plot of the show
Josuel Daileg
Josuel Daileg:
My favorite sous chef of Ms.Yoon, hoping for season 3 after this pandemic.
Mishel Fathiyyah
Mishel Fathiyyah:
Just finished watching the series, quirky yet fun to watch. Dark humor with mind blowing story Joo hyuk and Yu mi also adorable. Super looove
Larissa Lazari
Larissa Lazari:
Só eu achei o Joo-hyuk ter esticado o braço uma trapaça? Olha o tamanho do braço dele perto do dela 😂
C M:
Yumi 💕
Maham Fatima
Maham Fatima:
Nam joohyuk 😍he's so cute and handsome 🥺😙♥️😍
nomin culture
nomin culture:
I need a Nam Joohyuk in my life
I didn't know it was just gonna be a 6-episode drama 😭😭😭 I was hoping for a 16-episode drama because it's so cute! Anyway, Nam Joo-hyuk winning the game easily with his long long arms. Hahaha. Really love Jung Yu-mi!
Aditi Balan
Aditi Balan:
school nurse files: releasing on 25th
me: i just have till 30th to wait till my exams get over
the swoon with all these sneak peaks and games: nOPE you're gonna wanna watch it now
s s
s s:
"I haven't met an alien yet"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Priyanka Raj
Priyanka Raj:
OMG they are so adorable.
The School Nurse Files is so much fun but took all my remaining braincell from me 🤣
This was the Most Creepy And the Most exciting Film in the KDram History i‘ve evet Seen.
My Le
My Le:
can't wait for season 2 if there is a season 2, please? I've read so many mangas and novels of this genre, as well as animes but could not find a real live version like this series. It's so good! please make a season 2!
Sharmin Akter Khan
Sharmin Akter Khan:
Please do a "Fill the void" for this drama 'cause I LOVED IT SO MUCH😭❤
Ray Amane
Ray Amane:
NAM JOO HYUK😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Micaela Silva
Micaela Silva:
They're so cuteee helpp
Perla Diaz
Perla Diaz:
I melted when NJH said "Te quiero" omggggg
Beth C
Beth C:
“Te quiero” awwwwww Morí
Verlinton Waldo
Verlinton Waldo:
0:17 I want this for my wallpaper!!!
Anuradha Rao
Anuradha Rao:
Binge watched it, definitely worth a shot, gonna watch it again to really understand it better
morad alamdar
morad alamdar:
I missed nam joo hyuk alot so happy to see him and drama was better than i expected but i didn't saw nam joohyuk that much so greatfull see him here ٫ hhhhh as always he is good in every thing he does
Jung Yumi is so beautiful 😍♥️
school nurse files season 2 plsss 🙏🙏🙏
Sarah de Sousa
Sarah de Sousa:
Loved their chemestry i'm happy watching them having a good time
Karima Cubero
Karima Cubero:
"Te quiero" AAAAAAY!!!! 😍
Michellia Herman
Michellia Herman:
Nam joo hyuk is really the sweetest man
Pearl Rosalita
Pearl Rosalita:
Love this drama 😍 Hoping for season 2!
Tisha Hidalgo
Tisha Hidalgo:
It was so fun that I binge-watched it. Perfect blend of weird and adorable!
Widia Anggraeny Suharno
Widia Anggraeny Suharno:
Jung Yu mi reminds me with Geum Jan Di in the drama Boys Before Flower
Shi Arienza
Shi Arienza:
Bring on season 2!! Loved how wacky this show was and it'll great to see more of it!
역시 한국인... 외계인 만나도 밥 먹었는지 묻고 미래의 나에게도 밥 먹고 다니는지 묻고👍
Frances Jaranilla
Frances Jaranilla:
I really love the show and I hope there's a season 2. It's a really good take on eerie things like ghosts and monsters. The show made it light, cute and fluffy. Very interesting take.
definitely going to watch this, knowing how great an actress she is from train to busan! (and he’s a great actor as well!)
already watch the drama, love the ending!
Matthew Gaither
Matthew Gaither:
The School Nurse Files is adorably weird. Glad to see these two on The Swoon and I have enjoyed watching them together!
afza afiqah
afza afiqah:
I love this drama althought its weird...finish in a day..love nam joo hyuk n yumi chemistry😍
Daniel Dwiky
Daniel Dwiky:
Yumi in here is so pretty
Shivani Vats
Shivani Vats:
I hope the next season come soon 😍💜
joo hyuk
joo hyuk:
Nam joo hyuk hope see him in more kdrama he is great actor
Alaska Y
Alaska Y:
Jung yumi looks like the female version of Lee Know from Stray kids 😍💕
Raiza Masculino
Raiza Masculino:
• angelica •
• angelica •:
Nam Joo-hyuk 🥰💗
Mishael Prince
Mishael Prince:
This drama...I need more 😩✨ So many emotions & these two made a funny pair 🤣
Judith Rojas Molina
Judith Rojas Molina:
"Te quiero" awwwwwwww😄
caca cici
caca cici:
the swoon, please do like this for Suzy and Namjoohyuk in their drama startup🥺🖤
Arsita Savanna
Arsita Savanna:
0:16 is so cool?????
Joana Vecilla
Joana Vecilla:
When he said te quiero...🥰
Jen Martin
Jen Martin:
i like how they're not awkward with each other haha i thought this was fun
Yogurt me
Yogurt me:
I enjoy so much watching this jellies stories😍so funny and enjoyable like in another world