Jung So Min: "Will you hit me? Hit me so I can make some money off you!?" [Fix You Ep 5]

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61 komento:

Kaitlyn Glenn
Kaitlyn Glenn:
Green is Life, Pink is Love
Green is Life, Pink is Love:
the fact that no one stands up for her and the one who somehow contributed to the miss understanding just watched her and did nothing sadly happened most in real life..
in the end,its always her that gets the blame for everything eventhough she was only trying to defend herself.the man who fall down and fainted from her push is no namja..
SGuru Selvi
SGuru Selvi:
How is that she is going in reverse order.. normally people show age as they grow old and here she is going young and gorgeous in every new drama..😘😘😍
rafiha raka
rafiha raka:
she will always be oh ha ni in my eyes
Oehh i like a female lead who stands up for herself. Ima try this one out
Jungkookie Jeon
Jungkookie Jeon:
Jung so min is Strong jn here..Just like TAGURO/ mAxpien..
Anong sabon mo
Anong sabon mo:
so min’s aging like fine wine!!
lol that man has no balls he was just pushed then he suddenly fainted? lol what a joke
I love her hairstyle alot, i think it fits her more than the others ❤️❤️❤️🙈
Aina Batrisyia
Aina Batrisyia:
i dont know whats going on but i can feel that this scene is so damn sad like no one want to hear her out :(
Stalk lang nang stalk at nood nang nood sa series ni jung so min dahil sya si taguro ;-; MAXPEIN 🖤
Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie:
She's so preety wth long hair😄
Jung So min is so pretty and I love her lips❤️
Juvia Fullbuster
Juvia Fullbuster:
She's so beautiful and a great actress
The Hispanic JukeBox
The Hispanic JukeBox:
I loved her in "because this is my first life", she is a very talented and beautiful actress
Silly Irene
Silly Irene:
Is it just me or does she and ahn yu jin from iz*one looked kinda similar.
Beep Boop
Beep Boop:
She’s an amazing actress
Von Jasmine Deveza
Von Jasmine Deveza:
1:40...oh taguro taguro my maxpein moon HSHSHS❤️😚
Sherlyn Teh Lay Lian
Sherlyn Teh Lay Lian:
Jung so min so beauty in this Korea drama mv❤一亿
Ana A
Ana A:
namimiss ko tuloy ung playful kiss ❤️
Sukanya Kamath
Sukanya Kamath:
I am here for jung so min.. My favorite Korean actress.. Looks soo beautiful with new looks.. Specially long hair.. Love from India 🙏🇮🇳❤
icantbreathe sayti
icantbreathe sayti:
Jung so min ure so beautiful😘😘😘
Taunya Chilli
Taunya Chilli:
Very good actress love her in anything..
KPpop and BL
KPpop and BL:
Why did i see maxpein zein dell valle-moon when she's scolding hahaha any wattpader here?

Ph wattpader
Melanie Villaflor
Melanie Villaflor:
sheeza khan
sheeza khan:
Yo guys stop saying shes old n things like fine wine! She's 31 it's nt old plz
Sam Lopez
Sam Lopez:
Gichik Yaw
Gichik Yaw:
I just love her acting
Vii shadow
Vii shadow:
When I saw the thumbnail I thought she was Lisa with bangs parted
Charlotte Pantaleon
Charlotte Pantaleon:
Wahhhhhh maxpein !!!!😭❤
xani raja
xani raja:
... this look like one of the manga I read... or is it just me
Airing Deang
Airing Deang:
I remember Maxpein
dadbelike don't even breath in front of me you##&#
dadbelike don't even breath in front of me you##&#:
who is that boy?. .. wearing white 😍🥺 .i think he's also going to play something important part
Edrilyn An
Edrilyn An:
Lean hailie Ambrosio
Lean hailie Ambrosio:
ayu sekar rini
ayu sekar rini:
Am I the one who remind 'playfull kiss' when see jung so min?
Aliff Najmuddin
Aliff Najmuddin:
Hi An Yujin mother HAHAHAHAH
Bianca Margaret
Bianca Margaret:
Yanna Hades
Yanna Hades:
Maxpaun Delvalle
Maxpaun Delvalle:
Taguro lang malakas🔥
asya nadeera
asya nadeera:
i forgot she's not Oh Ha Ni anymore 😂
Theamazing Spoderman
Theamazing Spoderman:
Hit me so hard
So Min Imo😍
anj angel
anj angel:
Combination of Kaori and Ashley from PBB😁
Lie Simon
Lie Simon:
I dont know why but im looking forward with their romance 😁
Charlotte s
Charlotte s:
idek wtf this drama but all i can say is QUEEN
Grace F.
Grace F.:
I relate to her.
Mickey Evasco
Mickey Evasco:
M.Yaseen Tunio
M.Yaseen Tunio:
Actress is pretty. 😍 But who is that "uncle (Shin ha kyun)" with her is a hero of this drama??😳😳😲
khusnul Jameela
khusnul Jameela:
Oh ha ni with prety curly hair
syarifah rosidah
syarifah rosidah:
I just don't like the male actor, meanwhile i really love so min:( what should i do? I can't watch the drama huhu
after little forest
sara khan Jafri
sara khan Jafri:
Drama name plz
Zahid Ahmed
Zahid Ahmed:
Drama name
Nattasha natasha
Nattasha natasha:
Y u r not writing drama name in eng
Radin Ashylla
Radin Ashylla:
Full episode please
Thanks. I miss Jung So Min
Its. three
Its. three:
She look like yujin izone
Harley Quin
Harley Quin:
why does she looks like the girl who plays the playful kiss
Pranathi Reddy
Pranathi Reddy:
The thumbnail girl is looking like jungkook
double B
double B:
is it just me but i hate the male lead