Jung So Min couldn't contain her anger [Fix You Ep 1]

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100+ komento:

Mystify BTSbxtch
Mystify BTSbxtch:
Jung So Min is really a good actress but she's always underrated or is this just me?
Peter Calmerin
Peter Calmerin:
Oyyyy Taguroooooo hahahah Hi mga wattpaders xD
Pragyan Pandit
Pragyan Pandit:
No matter what, but she really is good at acting. I like her versatile expressions.
Her acting skills are growing up and up and up.
Lucy S
Lucy S:
So min is always pretty. Pretty when angry, sad, smiling, anxious etc. Just so pretty
Nanah G. PH
Nanah G. PH:
Is she the actress back with the drama Playful Kiss??
She is right..?
Mon Somnia
Mon Somnia:
Prima harrison
Prima harrison:
If she only knew how popular she is in the Philippines because she is the choice of a popular author named Maxinejiji she is the portrayer of Maxpein the main character of He's Into Her the best selling book in the philippines how we wish koreans can understand the book and make a drama about it giving her the role.
Aiifah Pershing
Aiifah Pershing:
habib al aziz
habib al aziz:
I love her in because this is my first life
Alize Yilmazlar
Alize Yilmazlar:
I think her acting in this drama is impeccable. I do feel the fury ans frustration she feels, the portrayel is successful so far, 2 weeks into the drama.
Denise Victorino
Denise Victorino:
She's the korean actress that introduced me to kdramas and I still love her so much since her drama playful kiss, i also love her in my father is strange and because this is my first life! 💖 LEE JOON is so lucky to his girlfriend.
jami s -Jamila
jami s -Jamila:
Wow. Can't believe how real this drama is! I'm impressed! 👏
Ash Moreno
Ash Moreno:
Whenever i see somin, i see a resemblance between somin and izone ahn yoo jin.
Happy to see her in these kind of roles as she always seemed to play quite reserved or timid characters recently
Rio Oñate
Rio Oñate:
Taguro anong ginagawa mo dyan hahahhahah
Miss you
m oo
m oo:
She's so underrated I cant :(( SHE IS A VERY GOOD ACTRESS SO WHY
Taguro na Taguro❤❤
Ang datinngg hahahaha
Yungg mga puso
Kay Yoon
Kay Yoon:
I strongly recommend this drama. It is excellent in many different ways. The lead actor may be and look old but he has a young spirit. I thought both of them were great in their roles.
Lalilu_ Official
Lalilu_ Official:
I miss her in playfull kiss/naughty kiss
heinz lirasan
heinz lirasan:
Maxpein Zin Del Valle-Moon🙋🙋🙋🙋

Only wattpadaers knows😁
Dezblhm Eight
Dezblhm Eight:
jung somin is so gorgeous .
the story was great.
bt the leading man is to old for her.
Inspirit Aroha
Inspirit Aroha:
She's the one in Dday right? Or am i wrong? 🤔
Jungkookie Jeon
Jungkookie Jeon:
Who search Jung so min, because of HIH? Wahh!!!! She is so pretty!!
Sudhanshu Singh
Sudhanshu Singh:
For me she is most pretty korean woman
Angel Angad
Angel Angad:
bangtwice 143
bangtwice 143:
Maxpein Zin Moon 😍💞💞
Toto Me
Toto Me:
This is a healing drama. Watch it, you will not regret it.
reality bites21
reality bites21:
I love her with seo in guk
Aryanna Vinluan
Aryanna Vinluan:
Maxpein where's your babybabe Deib??
Rubeena Mahera
Rubeena Mahera:
I remember jung so min as oh ha ni from playful kiss..what a series it was ❤💜
Max Pein
Max Pein:
Mona Ramli
Mona Ramli:
She's so cool, imo she's one of the best actress in korea. Luv u jung so min <3
Cari Bonara
Cari Bonara:
Maxpein hihihi
ParTiMe Vlog
ParTiMe Vlog:
Other FLs: *explode in their minds*

Woo Joo:. *actually explodes* Haha love her.
(I love how she hit her bf car on ep 02)
Keisha Cole Imperial
Keisha Cole Imperial:

I can't stop admiring her beauty 😍
Jane Darcy
Jane Darcy:
Im hooked up w this drama, its sooo good, the stage therapy is awesome..plus always been fan of jung so min❤️
rem Channel
rem Channel:
I can't wait till episode 8 is out this is my favourite show atm
Mousumi Tripathy
Mousumi Tripathy:
Finally she's reliving all her anger from the day she started acting till now 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mi Duk
Mi Duk:
interesting 🤔 nice to see a kdrama put a lil more emphasis on psychiatric diagnosis. it's gotta be hard to portray it.
Qierrana K
Qierrana K:
Ye jin... U look so pretty, cant forget how she make an eye from the fish at family outing. Savage yejin 😍
Rui Yoku
Rui Yoku:
Why do I find her cute when she get angry? 😅
Najiha Arissa
Najiha Arissa:
When i read the title somin , I thought somin from running man at first hahaha maybe because i miss her. Hope she’s recover ASAP
This drama is come at the right place at the right time
Aminah Rhasa
Aminah Rhasa:
I watched the first episode, and this drama scared me so much, I don't know if I can continue this
vanessa lim
vanessa lim:
Wow at least they portrayed her as an explosive gorgeous woman here and I love her more my Favorite Korean actress .
yannie swift
yannie swift:
No one told me that Jung So Min is so talented 😍
Kpop Swiftie
Kpop Swiftie:
I love this drama so much such a realistic feel good drama about life in general ☺️
Blanche Xyrine Pastorfide
Blanche Xyrine Pastorfide:
Maxpein na maxpein hahaha
Lizzie Scarlet
Lizzie Scarlet:
After Maxpein Zin Del Valle. This role of her makes me see her as Jasper Jean Marianno. Which she really are.
vanessa lim
vanessa lim:
My beautiful So Min I keep on going back to LITTLE FOREST because I miss you so much
Bob Marley
Bob Marley:
I don’t quite remember but I think I’ve seen this actress in some other drama? ( edit ) I remember now , She played in my father is strange ; that’s where i recognised her
moewy nr
moewy nr:
I have an IED like her in this drama and major depressive disorder. And i think her acting is so represented what i'm feeling. I think other people with this disorder will agree
Zehan Azani
Zehan Azani:
So min is always pretty, glad to see her
anja •
anja •:
she’s vampire, she’s still look like the same as when she’s on princess hours.
Ericka Cantores
Ericka Cantores:
Loving you since Playful Kiss
I love her in this is my first life
Lynn777_ EP
Lynn777_ EP:
Jung SoMin has become so good at acting, from that teeny-bopper role in playful kiss and now portraying more challenging role in Seoul Mechanic ✨
Mary Rose Payba
Mary Rose Payba:
So min is getting much better in acting with all that experience. I still love her on mischievous kiss. 😘😍
maruati ma-i
maruati ma-i:
Love So min,she's so good...
Fromme Tomyself
Fromme Tomyself:
One of my fave actress
Arachi Kim
Arachi Kim:
Brigitte Alejos
Brigitte Alejos:
Amazing actriz ❤
Azariah Aries
Azariah Aries:
ayyy shes different in this drama lovin' it😍 n shes so pretty🥰🥰🥰
Ramona Ignat
Ramona Ignat:
So beautiful with long hair...
omg i should watch this drama!!!!!! I didnt know this was airing
Pearl Alonso
Pearl Alonso:
Always Blessed
Always Blessed:
Oh ha ni!!!❤️
is this worth to watchhhh?? Pleaseee i need asap reply huhu cause i ran out offf dramass
Charlotte Pantaleon
Charlotte Pantaleon:
rafiha raka
rafiha raka:
Spead Love Not Hate
Spead Love Not Hate:
She have a youtube channel.
Guadalupe Malvaiz
Guadalupe Malvaiz:
Me encanta So min , no tengo nada encontrar de los actores que le tocan pero me gustaría verla en dúo con actores más interesantes no les quito crédito. A sus coo protagonista. Pero nesesitas más química
Dae Bak
Dae Bak:
Long hair So min 😍
Ruksana Khan
Ruksana Khan:
Plzzz, friends, plzz,drama,name,,nd,full,drama,ep,plZz
Princess Cudiamat
Princess Cudiamat:
Is this drama ongoing?
Jung So Min is one of the best Korean actresses. She is pretty, humble and talented. Sadly, she did not receive an award from her drama "The Smile Has Left Your Eyes". Hope she'll get an award this time. Her acting in this drama soul mechanic/fix you is superb. ❤️❤️❤️
Why she paired up with old guy?
Shreya Shrivastava 'Quirky DIYer'
Shreya Shrivastava 'Quirky DIYer':
Wow I gonna watch this
I purple you BTS
I purple you BTS:
Where i can watch full ep please🙏I like this actress..
shreya chormunge
shreya chormunge:
I want to see her in more dramas
Jones H
Jones H:
I love Jung So Min, she's great.
evi septiani
evi septiani:
Sarangheeee sominಥ‿ಥ
m oo
m oo:
Shet borderline personality disorder is one of the most complicated mental disorder as far as i know this kdram is interesting AHHHHHH
Princess dimpi
Princess dimpi:
Somin z soo good I wish she would do dramas with good luki actors suitable fr her age
Joy Rodriguez
Joy Rodriguez:
Cast xia ng little forest bagay sila ni lee seunggi.
Emmanuel Tagalog
Emmanuel Tagalog:
Anyone who watch the smile has left your face?
kim hayxass
kim hayxass:
Bruh. I was about to watch this but the man in this drama look too old lmao
anju negi
anju negi:
She is great actor
Kungkeng Pamai
Kungkeng Pamai:
Jun so min and Suzy looking very similar
Maxpein_ Moon
Maxpein_ Moon:
Veruska Veruska
Veruska Veruska:
name do drama...
K Y:
I was wondering what she had been up to since Playful Kiss~ Not gonna lie, I thought she was in the new drama: Hospital Playlist and played the character Chu Minha. I had to do a double take and then I remembered liking her in Playful Kiss so I looked her up and found this. Good to see she's still acting.
Bambski :
Bambski ::
Joanne Bernadine Garde
Joanne Bernadine Garde:
john lemuel santiago
john lemuel santiago:
She needs anger management not a doctor
Mohammad Syarifuddin
Mohammad Syarifuddin:
Gue kira Yuki Kato wkwkwkw
Stc. w
Stc. w:
Gboobg mirip yuki kato dia, r8?
Jillian Alacbay
Jillian Alacbay:
Drama title?