?JULY 2020 Prediction For YOUR ZODIAC SIGN??✨Tarot Reading✨Horoscope?

Open to receive your personal July prediction. This tarot reading provides an accurate horoscope for each sign of the zodiac! ?? ?

Welcome to one of my many pick a card reading videos here on YouTube.
My name is Vanessa and I have dedicated my time to bringing psychic predictions and divine messages from the Universe to you. In today's tarot card reading, we will be looking into what's coming for you in July 2020.

The zodiac signs associated with July are Cancer and Leo; Water and Fire. The days are the longest of the year during the month of July, therefore make sure you enjoy this wonderful month by living to the fullest extent.

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?Time Stamps:
Aries 1:38
Taurus 10:33
Gemini 18:32
Cancer 27:20
Leo 35:12
Virgo 42:59
Libra 52:14
Scorpio 58:26
Sagittarius 1:06:24
Capricorn 1:14:08
Aquarius 1:20:56
Pisces 1:28:05

Some of the decks used in this video:
-Sacred Destiny Oracle by Denise Lynn
-The Muse Tarot by Chris Anne
?Business inquiries ONLY: [email protected]
About Me:

Name: Vanessa
Sun Sign: Cancer
Height: 5ft 9
Ethnicity: Mixed Race
Current Location: Switzerland

Please note that my 'pick a card' readings are for entertainment purposes, advice and positivity ONLY.

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Vanessa Somuayina
Vanessa Somuayina:
🔮Time Stamps:

Aries 1:38
Taurus 10:33
Gemini 18:32
Cancer 27:20
Leo 35:12
Virgo 42:59
Libra 52:14
Scorpio 58:26
Sagittarius 1:06:24
Capricorn 1:14:08
Aquarius 1:20:56
Pisces 1:28:05

Love you guys 💕🦄✨
Your wig is so cuuuuteee, Stephanie from lazy town is jelllyyyy
Background Story
Background Story:
Are you hydrated?
Me, who eats about 2 pounds of watermelon every day: well...
Seventy Can Dance
Seventy Can Dance:
“I Am Successful “
Sophia Wright
Sophia Wright:
My reading was literally so accurate it’s scary.....
bradchou hermance
bradchou hermance:
CANCEEEEER SEASON WHERE ARE U AT ? Your cancer sis from Paris !
Bb Belt
Bb Belt:
Me as a Leo when Vanessa says “hello my beautiful Leo’s “ 🥰
Eileen Fezza
Eileen Fezza:
I love how she doesn’t hesitate while speaking. She just seems to know what she wants to say and that makes the reading feel and seem even more real💖
j b
j b:
"have you been sleeping well?"
laughs bcs I'm still awake at 4am here and yes leo here 😂✊🏻💗
Zoe Geary
Zoe Geary:
where are all my other Taurus babies!!
Alexa's Tarot
Alexa's Tarot:
Yessss Aries gang!! Gimme that message I need sis! BTW that color looks great on you!
Ana Boom
Ana Boom:
Just when I was feeling sad!
Can't wait to see my reading. Hope July 2020 is better for all of us ❤❤
Thank you for all the positivity Vanessa
Pisces: I've been talking about getting a new job and moving out from my home house and well shit, here's the push I was looking for 😂
when ur sun, moon, and ascendant sign is all in scorpio LOL
I am a taurus, and you just gave me the courage to tell my best friend that i like him! Wish me luck!
Radim Arcelios
Radim Arcelios:
Never clicked faster in my life
I m a n i H i l l
I m a n i H i l l:
Khya Stewart
Khya Stewart:
She could’ve eased me into my own Read PISCES ♓️ : “First and foremost you’re just done with the situation” 🤭😰😅
Heather W
Heather W:
Vanessa: “Your love live will be on fire”...
Me: what love life
stephanie m
stephanie m:
i’m a virgo aspiring to become a screenwriter and i swear the entire reading was too accurate and made me feel so much more confident.
Naty Primrose
Naty Primrose:
this is what i've been waiting for scorpio woman here 🦂
Virgo: "allow urself to volunteer"
u r spot on girl, love ur channel
Dfigueroa Duran
Dfigueroa Duran:
I welcome everything for July 💗
party study
party study:
Not me literally going to go eat and then stopping cause i see this video. NOTIFICATION GANG ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mannat Kinra
Mannat Kinra:
🦀 vanessa I come to your readings so lost specially as a cancer ♋️ things can get really overwhelming alot of times but thank you for always giving me hope and clarity ❤️ sending love 💗 and light 💡 your way beautiful 🌸🧿
Eileen Fezza
Eileen Fezza:
I just want to point out that there’s many little features about Vanessa that I love. For example her SMILE🥺😁, her hands(I don’t know why I find that she has nice hands😆), her eyes(not just because of her eyelashes, although yes, BEAUTIFUL!), her skin (looks soft and she’s ALWAYS glowing!🌟), etc. I’m also finding that the Vanessas I know are really sweet🍯☺️. *LIKE IF YOU AGREE*😍
Shania Rose
Shania Rose:
I'm successful and grateful for all my achievements large and small✨
i love the zodiac readings so much :)
Danny Dorothea
Danny Dorothea:
Beth Beshti
Beth Beshti:
Rocking that short hair.🦄
I really need to see skincare or make up video. Plz do one on Instagram 💜🌸
Kid P NYC:
I am successful !
Alexandra Boadu
Alexandra Boadu:
As a Leo ♌️ wow everything was so accurate in my reading... 😳💗
"synchronisities are coming up, seeing certain numbers, symbols.."

me, who keeps seeing 8 or 18: 😳
tanya sharma
tanya sharma:
Rikkö Yugi
Rikkö Yugi:
🌞Sun:Scorpio♏ Moon:Scorpio♏
Yoanna K
Yoanna K:
🦀 I saw "Power" and I almost started crying. I really needed that.
Cancer: Today’s my birthday. Yes, I love spending time by myself. I am a proud homebody. My reading was 100% accurate.🦀
Jay T. RN
Jay T. RN:
" I am successful!!"
Mis Moon Crystal Tarot
Mis Moon Crystal Tarot:
Aries here ♈ thank you for the reading and I have already started to shift my thinking to this, not caring what others think and just enjoying my authentic self 💜🙏 blessings my friend your beautiful!!
cookie lover
cookie lover:
Capricorn ! I welcome prosperity ! ♑
Ruaa Alhamami
Ruaa Alhamami:
Omg omg can’t wait but lowkey, QUEEN! You look so gorgeous 💜
Kelly Sehounhouedo
Kelly Sehounhouedo:
🦂 we’re going to achieve greatness 🤍
Reall. Semahhh
Reall. Semahhh:
Virgo ♍️: it’s soo crazy my mom said the same thing 💕🥰
Franzi forever
Franzi forever:
Omg I clicked so fast😂💕I am looking forward to my reading, also I am a taurus❤
Sara Akinrinbola
Sara Akinrinbola:
Sun: Aquarius♒️
Moon: Leo♌️
Rising: Leo ♌️
Megha Nishu
Megha Nishu:
Taurus: Waiting for her nd she's there 💙
Lilli Bell
Lilli Bell:
Rising - Gemini (sooo accurate, that it is freaky)
Moon & Sun - Pisces (also accurate.... spot on)

💕🦄I love your videos and readings 🦄💕
Savv Musik
Savv Musik:
Omg I really needed this Vanessa! I’ve just began to finally fulfill my passion in music. My reading was so on point and it really was confirmation that I need to take control myself and not let others manipulate my kindness/talent. Im taking on this empowering persona that I have NEVER felt before even if it means stepping out of my comfort zone. Much love to you from a Pisces ♓️💕
aside from the reading, I love how comforting Vanessa and just her overall energy is, it’s really nice to listen to readings with someone like her.
I'm a Sagittarius and... You reminded me that I had to go to the doctor 3 months ago and I haven't done that yet😅
I am successful, i enjoy the journey i am on ✨
I'm a virgo and i have to agree with the feelings/iner in July. I have tried to get in touch with my feelings and it got a bit out of hand.... so yeah that's definitely something i want to work on.
♍ all this month I was mistreated. Everytime I got sad I said " IDGF about the way my haters treat me. Because I know I'm amazing and they don't want to see me succeed." For sure next month I will be adding validation to my positive affirmations. Thank you Vanessa!
Sabrina Lynn
Sabrina Lynn:
Libra: Ahh I’ve been worried so much about the people in my life & their problems that it has created stress in my own. Also I think I have an idea of who my masculine energy is lol
Ritney Nguyen
Ritney Nguyen:
Sun: Cancer ♋️
Moon: Leo ♌️
Rising: Libra ♎️

Syub_ g
Syub_ g:
"You are not giving yourself credit, and that smth that really needs to stop " guuurl you really called me out 🙄😅😂
53:30 Wow. I was totally eating chips while watching. I definitely need to work on eating a lot healthier since I spent the entire pandemic eating my feelings. It's like I blinked and all of a sudden I am so much more heavier. Obviously it doesn't work like that, but that's how it felt. I've been thinking about eliminating sugar from my diet for a while now, and I feel like it's time. 💕 Thank you for the reading. 💕🦄
Ayu permatasari
Ayu permatasari:
#saggie here "I am successful" 😊 ,thanks for the reading gorgeous🤗
The Awakened Indigo
The Awakened Indigo:
This def resonates as I’ve felt this coming for a while
Chandrakala chouhan
Chandrakala chouhan:
I'm happy , I'm healthy ,I'm wealthy , I'm successful,I'm blessed ❤❤❤
Thank you for the reading
PS: i love you girl 💜you just lift up my mood every time 💜
hope ___97
hope ___97:
I heard all of my signs : sun: Libra , moon: Aries ; rising sign : Scorpio. All of them have got similarities!! All of them are focused in any kind of way ! + relaxed !! I’m getting out of my comfort zone and enjoy the summer 😍❤️ .. Aries = girl lets flirt 😉 !!! Hopefully some of those things you’ve mentioned will happen !! Have a nice day ... greetings from Vienna ( Austria )
omg QUEEN i love the hair 😍😍😍 how does it feel like to be the ceo of being able to pull of anything and everything 😍😍😍 queen
Right now my life is so complicated there js way too much going on and i definitely need a break from this, life needs to CALM DOWN
Me: pauses the video to drink some water
Vanessa when I unpause it: pulls the hydrate card
Karolina Wilk
Karolina Wilk:
You didn't talk about love at all. Does this mean we won't have love life at all in July? BTW. Just as I was watching this reading a Job offer came in an email. Wow. 👀 (gemini)
You know you are dehydrated when this is the second time the universe had screamed at you to DRINK SOME WATER! 😂 My sun sign is Libra and my moon and rising sign is Sagittarius 🙃
Moonlight Tingles
Moonlight Tingles:
Omg I'm a Sagittarius and this resonated with me so much... bruh. Thank you for this omg this literally made my day 🥺💗✨
Katarina Maric
Katarina Maric:
Pisces first here bebe
Eirin GR
Eirin GR:
Aquarius here ♒️ great reading Vanessa💕
Celestial 7777
Celestial 7777:
If ur aquarius too I just want to let you know your life is important LOVE YOURSELF💙
Gabrielle Centofanti
Gabrielle Centofanti:
I’m successful✨
Ich freue mich so hardcore, wenn endlich Juli ist ;;
Heute meine erste (Koch-)Prüfung gehabt, bin dead lmao, und erst Anfang Juli gehts weiter ugh
Ich hoffe einfach nicht in die mündliche gehen zu müssen xd
Danke für deine Videos Liebes uwu <3
Delisha Visawadia
Delisha Visawadia:

Why on the Earth her readings are SOOOO accurate. She is so motivating and insightful I wish I knew her personally . Anyways stay safe , strong and healthy💞💞💞💞
Chelsey Law
Chelsey Law:
“I Am Successful” ❤️
•Z •
•Z •:
I am successful ❤
Manuela Dachkinova
Manuela Dachkinova:
I am successful ❤
lol bye
lol bye:
Pisces sun, Leo rising: accurate aff, I’m done giving chances to shitty people who continuously disrespect me and then try to deny it. I’m done. I don’t care anymore and I feel so free.
All my signs (Sun, Moon, Ascendant) all resonated with me and I got some repeat cards too! I will keep such a lookout for these things 💜
Ayesha Khan
Ayesha Khan:
Sag☝☝☝ going through a lot bad and I really hope that everything goes fine
Sophie _001
Sophie _001:
Yes i need to manifest and emotionally heal.... love these readings 🖤
DIY Corner
DIY Corner:
Omg I have the same birthday as you mine is also the 29th I also have a twin brother!!! I so shook lol
“I am Successful” 💕💕thank you for the reading! I surely hope I can figure things out 😁
Caroline Savannah
Caroline Savannah:
Oh you looks good with that hairstyle, i've cut my hair a few days ago too, same energy as you
Michele Larson
Michele Larson:
I'm successful! Thanks love!
Vily Rose
Vily Rose:
You got the month of June RIGHT ON. Can’t wait to watch this one 😍😍
Mikayla Law
Mikayla Law:
“I am successful 💛”
Maya Griffin
Maya Griffin:
My moon, sun, and ascendant went together so well💛✨
Dejah De Jesus
Dejah De Jesus:
Aries gang ♈️. Manifesting and claiming it! I receive it. Looking forward to new positivity, love and boldness! New happy beginnings! ❤️🙏🏼✨
Despina Sokratous
Despina Sokratous:
Scorpio is ACCURATE! I already feel that energy
Bon appé-tit
Bon appé-tit:
Lmao she called me out on eating chips 🤣
Josie Calderon
Josie Calderon:
I love watching your videos so much 💓 I always feel as though you’re speaking directly to me 😊♍️
Brillitos Azules
Brillitos Azules:
jasmine Baar
jasmine Baar:
You think of the Queen and here she is ! Also I am A Gemini sun and scorpio moon here!!! hehehhehe.
ayo hitman bang
ayo hitman bang:
Yas queen so accurate and u look fineee
Foxy Girl
Foxy Girl:
Hiii thank you so much how are you today? I hope you have great day like be you from palestine 🇵🇸
Celestial 7777
Celestial 7777:
Thnx for taking the time to do all 12 horoscopes
Vanessa Garcia
Vanessa Garcia:
as a Leo: I honest watch all those true crime cases on a daily... and plus I’m pregnant so I don’t get good sleep tossing and turning.. but yeah maybe it’s best to stay away from those for now.😔😔 maybe it’s will help and it’s so crazy how much all these cards go in to my life!!! 😐
My Virgo reading you literally hit the spot!! Thank you so much
ur telling me to splurge a bit and really i would love to!!!
Jamila J
Jamila J:
I’m a Taurus rising and Leo sun & moon, this was such an accurate and positive reading to hear! Giving me hope for a wonderful new month, and that tip on not starting a new business was extremely specific 😳 I’ve been planning on it for so long but I really am taking it seriously and not gonna start anything in July hehe 🙈 thanks so much <3