Judges Highlights - BEST Of Sofía Vergara On America's Got Talent | Amazing Auditions

Sofía Vergara is one of our favourite judges to EVER grace the America's Got Talent judging panel. She's laughed, she's cried, she's SCREAMED in fear and we think she's great. What's your favourite highlight of Sofia's from America's Got Talent 2020?

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Amazing Auditions
Amazing Auditions:
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prakash singh
prakash singh:
Simon's like finally I got one judge who understands humor
“Let’s see who will bully you after this!”
Sofia is Queen 🔥
Kehkashan Perveen
Kehkashan Perveen:
That pose after she pulled the sword out of his mouth 😂😂😂😂
Maria Pena
Maria Pena:
Sofia stealing the show with her awesomeness 🥰
Malene Jensen
Malene Jensen:
Simon: "Heidi do you prefer sitting next to Howie or me, and be honest"
Heidi: "I Like sitting next to Sofia"

Me: 😏👌👍
Lisa jack
Lisa jack:
nobody will talk about how cute the guy
with the pink hair is !!
His personality is adorable❤❤
What a wonderful person with a wonderful personality
Shila Das
Shila Das:
she picked up a cotton ball from her bra!😂😂
Laura Bell
Laura Bell:
Sophia..." you're going to get acid reflux" 😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣
Joseph S
Joseph S:
I came here to laugh with Sofia and now I’m crying....what? That golden buzzer 😭
Hyrtt Hyrtt
Hyrtt Hyrtt:
“YOUR GOING TO GET ACID REFLUX”-Sofia Vergara’s words of wisdom to a sword swallower.
emanuela Jerkovic
emanuela Jerkovic:
When hugging people was normal...
Joey Baker
Joey Baker:
I am still wondering how Sofia ran in those HEELS
Mae Wobniar
Mae Wobniar:
Sofia is actually a good addition to the judges ☺️ I wasn't a big fan of Mel because she sometimes doesn't have a sense of humor.
Itzz Angel
Itzz Angel:
That 10 year old is better than most adult singers
Katherine A
Katherine A:
This should be titled “Sofia Vergara being the most relatable judge For 27 Mins straight”
Evan Gunawan
Evan Gunawan:
Janitor after sofia pressed the golden buzzer: 😦😳😢😒😒🥴
Shreya Viji
Shreya Viji:
The most funny part is when Sofia pulls out the tissue
Shaiju Sam
Shaiju Sam:
So glad tat they replaced Mel B with Sofia
Andrew Spratlin
Andrew Spratlin:
I have have no idea what Sofia Vergara making, but she is underpaid. Soooo entertaining... a natural.
Antonette Sandhya Duraimanickam
Antonette Sandhya Duraimanickam:
She doesn't sound like a 10year old kid 😭I'm 29 and I sound like a 10year old
They made a hell of a good choice hiring her for this
Nathan Wong
Nathan Wong:
And I cannot even put a pencil in my mouth without accidentally swallowing it
Rohz Popper
Rohz Popper:
Her smile is so infectious !😁
She's more beautiful when she shut her eyes !
Heather B. Denture DiVa
Heather B. Denture DiVa:
Omg that ten year old girl from Canada had me crying. So glad Sofia pressed the golden buzzer. So proud of that little girl xoxoxoxo
Moe Alash
Moe Alash:
That 10 year old singing shallow was amazing her mum raised her well. She looks like your typical 10 year old gives me faith in the next gen
Bozhidar Petrov
Bozhidar Petrov:
Only in USA can see a guy with suit and you think ohhh he is elegance, smart, influencer .... Buut he swallows swords. The world is not the same as it was
Dynasty King
Dynasty King:
9:05 "when I was little..."
Me : fam you are *literally* 10 years old
Tamia Sardien
Tamia Sardien:
The fact tht Sofia just went to sit by those people shows exactly how good of a person she is. Other famous people wouldn't consider that
J Alejandro BP
J Alejandro BP:
She's one prove that latinamericans people are funny
Pink frost
Pink frost:
Who thinks simon likes sofia?
Setin Maganean
Setin Maganean:
Simon: "just close your eyes and listen to her"
Creator of The Voice: "I'm about to get filthy rich!"
Ritesh Luitel
Ritesh Luitel:
so, we've got a British, a Colombian-American, a German-American and a Canadian judge on America's got talent. America truly is a diverse place!
Kajsa Jahanshahi
Kajsa Jahanshahi:
She sounded like lady Gaga, me shook 🤯
Hussein Michaels
Hussein Michaels:
Only here for Sofia!!
meyrul shin
meyrul shin:
i love her character 🤣 really funny . always make me laugh 😂😂
Angie Rondon
Angie Rondon:
Sofía does such a great job as a judge, she adds something special to the show, I love it ✨❤️✨❤️✨
Demóstenes Wiggin
Demóstenes Wiggin:
Sofia is such a wonderful person! Beautyful, gorgeous, with a great personality! I love her! I don't think she gonna see this but if she does then:
Sofia, te amo!!
Kuba Falkowski
Kuba Falkowski:
Sofia is like a Queen of queens in this world 👑👱‍♀️
Devang Saklani
Devang Saklani:
Jay will be so proud that she left sauce business and came to AGT with Fulgencio..
holly traynor
holly traynor:
Omg the golden buzzer made me emotional , when she said lets see who will bully u now
golden Boy
golden Boy:
Simon next to Sofia is better than Heidi
I feel simon is more comfortable with sofia
Aren't we gonna talk about the guy that popped his eyes out
Ergin Kaya
Ergin Kaya:
The deepthroat got me 🤣 Sofia: "Focus" 😂😂😂
Sebastián Ramírez Hernández
Sebastián Ramírez Hernández:
"I have a 10 year old, she would never get up there". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Matthew Allan
Matthew Allan:

"Your gonna get acid reflux"

Funniest part of the whole skit 😂
Garmond Rani
Garmond Rani:
Sofia take this show to another level i must say it
No Name
No Name:
The first act. When he "chokes" and Sofia ran away. Hahahahaha
Denease Stoney
Denease Stoney:
I think Sofia is a amazing judge because she is very kind and I like how she listens to the contestants and doesn't stop them. Sofia if you're reading this I want you to know I think you are one of the greatest judges ever because you're kind and you never iterupt the contestants . Also, I like your voice and your hair.
Lolitta Caramella
Lolitta Caramella:
That little talented girl made me cry with her 😭😭😭then hoooop Sofia did it 👌👏👏👏👏the golden buzzeeer ..that Colombian woman is gorgeous
Ria Sharma
Ria Sharma:
Who cried with the girl
Marie Rose Polaron
Marie Rose Polaron:
Sofia brought me here! She is incredibly funny.
André Garcia
André Garcia:
The girl is amazing! 10 years old, incredible!
Roshani Harripersaud
Roshani Harripersaud:
it’s the acid reflux for me
Sofia: "He's gonna get acid reflux" 🤣🤣🤣
Cristina Florina
Cristina Florina:
When Sofia talks, everything sounds vulgar 😂😂
O - O
O - O:
And she did a fabulous touche' when she finally pulled it out. What a showman. She should be cloned for mankind's future. Imagine a world of Sophias...
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh:
"How is this gonna get better"
"What else is gonna pop out"

I am dead.🤣
J White
J White:
Ok ik this is about sofia but that 10 year old girl O.MG!!!
Magnetika m
Magnetika m:
Where did she hide her tissue again?
Puna Karanja
Puna Karanja:
"Let's see who's going to bully you after this!!"
Couldn't stop crying 😭
Rubén González
Rubén González:
The sword thing's been equally awkward and disgusting to watch
Erika Plays
Erika Plays:
i love agt but bgt is 10x better, they're humor is just another level of funny.
Excelente #SofiaVergara con ese sabor latino que le hacia falta al programa, que viva #Colombia
Mr. D.S.M
Mr. D.S.M:
These 4 judges is the best JUDGES of AGT for me. ❤❤❤❤🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
kiki rani
kiki rani:
Sofia with the golden buzzer got me crying she's so beautiful ❤️
Anu Bebe
Anu Bebe:
OMG The last one was terrifying 😱 how did he do that!?
Inalivi Awomi
Inalivi Awomi:
I can never get enough of Sofia 😭♥️
I just adore this woman 😂 hilarious doesn’t even come close to describing her ❤️😂
I don't know why I feel like Simon kinda nudged Sophia for that WELL DESERVED golden buzzer. During the performance.
Heather B. Denture DiVa
Heather B. Denture DiVa:
Holy crap those.little kids who salsa are better then half the adults out there. Get it guys get it ❤️🤘❤️🤘
Elly Buttercup
Elly Buttercup:
I almost choked on my bread watching the first part 🤣
And also, SHE CANT BE TEN!
Colyn Marie
Colyn Marie:
Best judges ever! I loveee Sofia Vergara...she's a happy soul😀😀😀
Attention Sofia fans! She will play Carmen Sandiego on a live action movie of Where In the World is -- you know who!
Domenico P
Domenico P:
Why dose the thumbnail of the video look like Sofia is impaling her self with the sword😂😂
Designer Flo
Designer Flo:
I would also have a mini heart attack lol if I was in Sophia's places for the first one! haha I sweating watching
Susmita sarma
Susmita sarma:
Did she said,"He's gonna get acid reflux "?
Pacifico VW
Pacifico VW:
I do not believe that girl is 10, she is some kind short person trying to pass for 10 yo. Some one call a doctor. She is probably, really, 16 yo.
Sharon Antony
Sharon Antony:
Am I the only one expecting all his eyes to POP LITERALLY OUT when he got two yes
Why does my troat hurt when I saw the sword in him
Hold up, that kid is only 10? Something is very wrong there.
Dan Arevalo
Dan Arevalo:
OMG Sofía es tan bella, cómica, carismática y tan bella persona
kousumi brahma
kousumi brahma:
Sofia is such a sweet human
M. Morina
M. Morina:
SOFIA VERGARA;I don't know how she is in real live;but in this show she is a great human and a strong woman!
Why took so long to be in the judge;she deserves being in this show
Felo Rochell
Felo Rochell:
I love Sofia Vergara, she is a true Colombian icon and the pride of Barranquilla😎 i just hope shes not one of [THEM]
Mary A
Mary A:
11:47 look how tiny she is 🤣🤣🤣
Aayush Sharma
Aayush Sharma:
And that sword swallowing guy's so beautiful.
May God save him from the Evil eye.
Beatriz Dondo
Beatriz Dondo:
Terry crews is so cute and soft, he is very similar to Sargent jeffords lol
Eye couldn't believe that last dude
Aliya Amirah
Aliya Amirah:
the first one is so hilarious and cute but damn the second one got me crying so hard
Ceaz Azce
Ceaz Azce:
Andddd she runs with these high heels. Impressive.
4:37 When you touch it , it feels like it’s stuck in there and i was going to hurt him
Shamma Alketbi
Shamma Alketbi:
oh my god the girl with gaga's voice, she is so AMAZING and she's really deserve the best {APULUSE}.
old catlady
old catlady:
Sofia is the best addition to this show. Started to watch again because of her
ALEPH PUNTO MX Jesús Rogelio
ALEPH PUNTO MX Jesús Rogelio:
¡Que cambio el de Simon teniendo a Sofía sentada a su lado!
*"WhAt pArT oF wHeN i wInK dO YoU nOT UNDERSTAND"*

the 1st man is the only reason I wanna wake up now
Anahita Madon
Anahita Madon:
Where is the part where she says "I want another tiny one" and Heidi's like "a baby?"
Katie Garcia
Katie Garcia:
The segment when Sofia got scared and started running I started crying laughing