Ju-On: Origins | Official Trailer | Netflix

The legendary Japanese horror franchise that has become a smash hit worldwide gets its first drama adaptation. In the Netflix Original Series Ju-On: Origins, the story based on a truth more terrifying than fiction returns.
Can the people haunted by this house escape from its curse? And what kind of grim incident occurred in this cursed house in the past?
Streaming only on Netflix from July 3, 2020!

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Ju-On: Origins | Official Trailer | Netflix

100+ komento:

Memo Grajeda
Memo Grajeda:
How was netflix better prepared for this pandemic than the american government
Geovannie Rivera
Geovannie Rivera:
This is what (The Grudge) should look like, not the hollywood typical crap.
When my childhood horror movie comes back after 14 years. So excited to this.
I believe Asian horror is much more scarier than American. American horror thrives on jumpscares and gore. There are only a handful of American movies that are done right. Asian horror is more about plot which gives off anxiety and ominous moods.
Chris Visperas
Chris Visperas:
this kind of horror can only be done by Japan. Hollywood pls stop trying and stick to explosions and shit
I swear when i was a little kid i literally couldn't sleep because of the Grudge and the Ring. I always looked at the door so i know they never come in my room
Finally this franchise is going back to its roots. Stop making these lame Hollywood adaptions please.
Aaron Shouting
Aaron Shouting:
Let’s hope it’s nothing like that god awful Americanized Grudge movie that was dumped on us in January
That scene in black and white with the baby looks terrifying.
This series was very eerie to watch. Jump scares were nonexistent, but still managed to be creepy.
Gino Peñaflor
Gino Peñaflor:
I was traumatized by the grudge and the ring for the past 15 yrs.
Korn Flakes
Korn Flakes:
What scares me really are those scenes in black and white. Disturbing. 😖
Stuff 4 GeekZ
Stuff 4 GeekZ:
Now make a movie based on "Siren" or "Silent Hill". A GOOD Silent Hill.
Sun Phoenix
Sun Phoenix:
"Tempura ,sushi ,sashimiiii!!!!"
so many people who never watch the japanese version of the grudge (juon) saying that this is garbage, not scary, etc.... in fact, the japanese juon are known for its slow paced story telling and psychological horror aspect. not relying on intense jump scare like their american counterpart.
Joshua Fermin
Joshua Fermin:
Ah yes, my childhood fears come back to haunt me when I take a bath and close my eyes.
Fernando Perez
Fernando Perez:
This was an incredibly effective Horror series. It has some of the most haunting visuals I've seen from a horror related piece of media in years. Solid 8/10
Parsel tongue
Parsel tongue:
I got disappointed when i googled the reviews that they weren't impressed with the Juon origins.

BUT I CONCLUDE OTHERWISE. THIS IS A MASTERPIECE. When is season 2. its a mindgame lowkey and no jumpscares cheap shit. Its creepy on its own way.
Faded Ragnarok
Faded Ragnarok:
Now Imma be that guy.
I *love* and fear the Ju-on franchise. Only scary movie monster to ever genuinely terrify me even now and I'm 20. This franchise scared me shitless when I was 5. She still scares me, *HOWEVER* this is because the franchise was done right. Black ghost and white ghost, I didn't care for and I think we all agree Grudge 2020 was absolute garbage (Hence the opening scene being by a bunch of trash bags lol).
But the Ju-on franchise always handled carefully and that's what made it into such a memorable experience.
Even the american remakes (The Grudge and The Grudge 2) were actually good (Minus The Grudge 3... Meh).

I just hope that Netflix does this right and does it exactly how Takashi Shimizu would.
Don't repeat the deaths we've already seen 100 times, get creative WITHOUT a lot of blood and gore. The Ju-on movies had such little blood, hell we barely even see where the bodies end up. But no gory kills because, Shimizu's style was to "Suggest menace and violence without directly depicting it." The mystery and plot is what made this franchise so engaging and the outstanding performance from the cast and the use of lighting/ambiance made these movies genuinely terrifying.

Please Netflix, do this right. Don't pull a Grudge 3 or Grudge 2020. Stay true to what the original franchise was all about.
I want to be as thrilled and horrified as I was when I first watched it as a kid.
How many times would we go through it?
Leon Thunder
Leon Thunder:
Man I wish silent hill had a series.
Wasn’t this old horror movie That’s made into series in Netflix now?
Gab Aps
Gab Aps:
My childhood nightmare. I remember I shampoo fast as fck coz of the shower scene on the movie.
Qasim Malik
Qasim Malik:
Hollywood literally ruined Ju-On, Sadako, The Eye and many other of their horror remakes.
Vihaan Ramesh
Vihaan Ramesh:
Just watched. Im super confused! There were so many timeskips and flashbacks that my head is spinning.
Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson:
Kill Count:

Cursed House Ghosts: 7
Yudai: 1
Nobuhiko: 2
Keiichi: 2
Hiroshi"s Rape Victim: 1
Chie and Unborn Child: 1
Kiyomi: 1

Total: 15
Ariful Akash
Ariful Akash:
THIS is the ACTUAL GRUDGE story.......... Ain't nobody can top Japanese horror...... ❤❤
this show looks so damn good, fingers crossed they dont mess it up like the train wreck on the last grudge movie
I still remember the first time I watched The Grudge and Ju-On. My 7 year old self is ready to scream again with these series.
Daniela Engelbrecht
Daniela Engelbrecht:
To be honest I was disappointed with the series. I watched all episodes yesterday. The only creepy scene was when everything was black and white and that woman was standing behind the window. That really freaked me out. I am a huge fan of the Ju-On movies and got disappointed
Kinda disappointed in this series I still enjoyed it for what it was. There needed to be more black and white scenes probably the best parts in my opinion. Also the ending was not very good unfortunately. 6/10
Kumudini Pictures
Kumudini Pictures:
Juon is my favorite movie ever. So when I say I’m excited, it will be an understatement. This movie has influenced my childhood, my filmmaking career, everything! I am so excited for this. Thank you Netflix.
Brian Aguilar
Brian Aguilar:
It looks like they’ll be expanding the original Ju-on straight to video/television films into a TV series.
JaxPrice Films
JaxPrice Films:
It’s not the scariest show, but I will say, it’s very dramatic and dark! I just love all the characters. I feel so connected with each one of them.
Frank On Film.
Frank On Film.:
I’m so excited for this. Love The Grudge and Ju-on
Z ee
Z ee:
I live in Japan, in an old house. I’m not gonna watch this or I’m not gonna be able to take ofuro or sleep alone. 😂
The SleepingMoose
The SleepingMoose:
I’m watching dub I’m to lazy to read unless it’s attack on Titan 😭
Just finished this show, I gotta say, I wasn’t sure what I was seeing half the time but in a good way. It kept wanting me to ask questions and look closer. I hope there’s more to come!
Anna Nguyen
Anna Nguyen:
This was the only movie that scared me 😫
Brandon_Behold 🐢
Brandon_Behold 🐢:
I'm SO ready for this!! I'm a huge fan of The Grudge! But after being disappointed with the movie back in January 2020, I thought it would be gone forever... But nope! Another Grudge to look forward to!😁😁😁🙌🙌🙌
Camille Consulta
Camille Consulta:
reliving my childhood trauma where i can't sleep lights off 😍
I was intrigued when I saw this on Netflix. I grew up with the movies. I binged the whole series I'm one sitting with my brother. It's 4 am now and I'm more confused than ever. Every episode I watched I had more questions than answers. I'm not sure how I feel about it. It was confusing af..
3rd of July? thats a good birthday gift for me (:
Gary Dodd
Gary Dodd:
that looks creepy as f***! yeah im watching that........Japanese have made some incredible Horror entertainment over the years...they do it so well.......they create this tension filled atmosphere that instantly keeps u creeped out throughout........American cinema finds that difficult to pull of lately no matter how hard they try...........NetFlix is King, having so much content from every nation in the world gives it this unique selling point that other steaming services just don't have.........
Just finished this. Well, lucky me I saw it before night time
Salma Speaks
Salma Speaks:
its 3am and i'm so watching it... japanese sounds so beautiful when hearing it ...
iqbal muthaharadin
iqbal muthaharadin:
When the ghost point the map "oh thanks dude, don't realized"
Maverick Santos
Maverick Santos:
Woman: "Where is your house?"
Ghost: "haha jumpscare go BRRRR!"
Pls season 2 🙏🏽🖤
I watched it, it's great
Paolo Blocca
Paolo Blocca:
I love J- horror 😍😍 Thank you Netflix❤❤
It’s enjoyable. You should watch it.
Faris EYT
Faris EYT:
When this movie first come out it traumatized me so hard when i want go to sleep in my bed..i never ones look inside my futon..did anyone feel the same?
etso desu
etso desu:
*i really would love to watch this but i wont be going to the bathroom by myself, sleep by myself or do homework by myself forever and whatnot. if only there are tips that could make me tolerate all the horrors and chills*
Netflix should be paid by the government for everybody. NETFLIX AN AMERICAN HERO IN OUR TIMES OF TROUBLE
OMG!... I'm so happy!... I'm a huge fan... Greetings from Argentina... 😍
love wins.
love wins.:
japanese horror is the best.
random panda on the internet
random panda on the internet:
Too bright and colorful, needs to be darker.
Chiranshu Pal
Chiranshu Pal:
Let's die together
David Brown
David Brown:
Welcome back ju-on we missed you
I've spent a lot of time watching the American and Japanese Grudge movies I hope Netflix at least tries. I hope they don't make the same mistakes that Grudge 2020 made. It's definitely not gonna be hard to outdo it, though lol
Gabriela Rangel
Gabriela Rangel:
So much better than The Grudge (2020), that was totally crap.

Thank you Netflix.
Anton Sarmiento
Anton Sarmiento:
YESSSS I never knew i needed this in my life. Im so excited !!!
I feel like the 2020 one should've been called something else
Didn't feel like the grudge & wasn't set in Japan
Ven10 Games
Ven10 Games:
Wow the original sounds of the mom and her kid coming to you at your final moments will haunt me again
Breno Henrique
Breno Henrique:
Pq eu li junji ito? O trailer foi ok más imagina se eu tivesse lido certo....
Tânia Cunha
Tânia Cunha:
Just watch this, it's the most confusing thing I've ever watch
when netflix FINALLY starts airing japanese horror movies ✨✨✨
I remember when I was younger waking up to something scary... Next to the girl I met in the club. I swear she looked like Beyonce on the dance floor...
Creepy Guy Hamza
Creepy Guy Hamza:
I can't wait damnit love it ... Ju-on is one of my favourite series all the time ...
Trim DTDP:
Please be better than the one that was dropped on our head a couple months ago I had high hopes for the last one this one better be good
Lost Bird
Lost Bird:
Wtf I can understand even without subtitles 😭😭
Jose A
Jose A:
Is this coming to Latin America? Because it looks legit
This looks 10000 times better than that cashgrab remake Hollywood released a few months ago
Her life was just heartbreaking :(
charmaine conaghty
charmaine conaghty:
I cannot wait for this!!!
I absolutely loved the original movies now to have a series of this awsome movies origins on Netflixs I'm so happy😃 bring on the horror 😱
Supposedly this series is written by Hiroshi Takahashi and Takashige Ichise, the people who made the original "Ringu" or "Ring", so hopefully it's good.
Neil Tomlinson
Neil Tomlinson:
Just finished Season 1, episode 4 by far was the best episode and the most intriguing one out of all the other episodes. But the show overall didn't impress me as much as I hoped it would.
I wonder if they will center this around the Yellow House urban legend/ghost spot.
I saw it when I was in teens alone in my home and that was scariest night of my life ...Nobody can beat Japanese horror ...Both ring and Grudge series .....since none of the the movies from Hollywood scared me to that shit ...
finally a horror series! I shit my pants when I first watch Ju On during my high school years!
Carl-heinz Rennie
Carl-heinz Rennie:
OMG on my Birthday nonetheless, fucking MUST BE! 😍❤️ My childhood nostalgia be popping.
Just finish watching this... Great 6 episodes of a series! I highly recommend it. I'll give it a 9/10.
Elena C.G.
Elena C.G.:
Ok, so I think I liked it? I'm sooo confused. The acting and the atmosphere were reaally good, but the story, I just don't know what to say because I'm really confused about the events in the series😅 I have to say, I LOVE Ju-On and I really missed Kayako and Toshio, I missed the sound that made me shit my pants everytime I watched the movies 😖
Mike Swift
Mike Swift:
I can't wait for this I'm so excited😁 I'm a huge fan of the grudge movies the reason I like the grudge better is because it scared me when I first watched it then never watched it again till a couple of years later the ring is cool I like the concept and I do think it's a good movie but when it comes to the curse I think the grudge curse is more deadly than the ring because you can escape it by making someone else watch it but with the grudge that's not the case one you step inside the house your fucked
1:08 was me when I wanted sleep but the people don't left me.
Kevin Bartolen
Kevin Bartolen:
Jeez, another one? Hope it's decent at least.
Ngoc Nguyen
Ngoc Nguyen:
The cinematography in this show is visually pleasing and discomforting at the same time. They done really well at giving off the right vibe to this classic horror. I'm highly recommending this show!!
t. B.
t. B.:
I’m so ready for another good horror series on Netflix! Need a haunting of hill house substitute desperately!
Jessie The Great
Jessie The Great:
This preview looks amazing!! Hope it’s a good one!
Paolo Blocca
Paolo Blocca:
Beautiful series. I loved it and its creepy atmospheres! Season 2, please!
Oliver Smit
Oliver Smit:
This is what I expect when I hear the name Ju-On
Note Book
Note Book:
They r always on next level
Love to see this series
Ingrid Sant'Ana
Ingrid Sant'Ana:
Noooo I want to watch too. Please, bring this production to Netflix Brazil 🥺
Quique VR
Quique VR:
This looks amazing...Hope the original actress who played Kayako makes a come back on this one
Fabio Dunka
Fabio Dunka:
Yasssssss finally I was waiting for this
Ryu Lee
Ryu Lee:
Wow, I didn't even know this exist. I'm excited. Spoilers

Kayako and Toshio aren't in the series. They don't appear at all like I'm sad.
this series had me confused than scared lol. i think i have to rewatch the entire series again. the only one jumpscare that caught me ever so slightly is the pointing hand to the map scene lol. the "black ghost" was anime-ishly creepy tho, but not frightening. im just confused with the timeline and the characters and who's dead and who's ghosts and stuff
Christian Luna
Christian Luna:
Yes netflix please make more Asian horror films! We are so good at this.
Yes and Now We need one for Ring as well, A Ring Netflix Series would be good and seeing Sadako would be as EPIC as ever