Jordan Clarkson 23 pts 5 rebs 3 asts vs Pelicans 19/20 season

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13 komento:

Damauri Sparkman
Damauri Sparkman:
How he grow braids this long in 4 months? 😄😅
Wish we kept him in L.A. He'd easily be 6th man
One of, if not, the most underrated player in the league.
Edson Carl
Edson Carl:
JC becoming a unicorn? Wow almost there. Just do what you've got as kobe would say to his team mates.
Ericc O
Ericc O:
Jordan with the weave 🤭
Nod Lylua
Nod Lylua:
He play with kobe and bron
edison galgao
edison galgao:
we want clarkson shoes any shoe brand will be available for this demand? just for Philippines Fans marketing
nate dogg
nate dogg:
Wtf bring him back to cavs
bryan pereira
bryan pereira:
Now .... JC can shine
Red Vanderbilt
Red Vanderbilt:
Proud Filipino here
dab savage
dab savage:
I hope FIBA will allow JC to play as a local for the Philippines. He’s Filipino and gotta represent!
Terrence Bierke
Terrence Bierke:
Geordamme Vargas Yt
Geordamme Vargas Yt:
Why Jordan clarkson is realy good beacause he have a Filipino🇵🇭Blood❤