Jordan Clarkson 23 Points Full Highlights (7/30/2020)


Jordan Clarkson has, effective immediately, been moved off my OFFICIAL EXCLUSION LIST. That means he is now ELIGIBLE to receive highlightage courtesy of everybody's favorite scrub-themed NBA highlight maker, DownToBuck.

My rationale for this sudden policy update is three-fold. Actually it's probably more folds than that but I haven't thought this all through yet.

Fold #1: Jordan Clarkson is only averaging, like, 15 PPG per game this season. For a scoring-only role-player like Clarkson, that's actually not that many points. I only removed him from my channel because he had a good season last year being the first option for a crummy Cavaliers squad that was counting on him to put points on the scoreboard.

Fold #2: The Jazz got the short end of the DTB eligibility stick this season. Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert, Mike Conley, and Bojan Bogdanovic (RIP) are all ineligible. So was Jordan Clarkson up until five minutes ago. Joe Ingles and Royce O'Neale can only generate so many highlight videos between themselves, so I'm throwing Jazz fans a bone here.

Fold #3: I really wanted to make a highlight video from this game that wasn't some pandering garbage like Zion scoring thirteen. Like, I really really needed to make a legit highlight video from this game. It was a compulsion. The first real game of bubble basketball deserved the DownToBuck treatment. So I grabbed Jordan Clarkson off the heap of discarded players and un-discarded him.

Bonus Fold #4: How could I resist making a highlight video of a guy who looks like he stole his personal style from Pippi Longstocking?

Bonus Fold #5: One time I made a Jordan Clarkson video while he was on the Lakers and it got 300,000 Filipino views. That was awesome.

So you can see my rationale is rock solid here. If you are for some reason opposed to this OFFICIAL DTB POLICY UPDATE, you can OFFICIALLY register your opposition by unsubscribing from my channel and never watching any of my highlight videos ever again. Was it worth it?

All clips property of the NBA. No copyright infringement is intended.

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Michael Brian M. Dallo
Michael Brian M. Dallo:
Thumbnail feels like, people ask "who is jordan clarkson" But not "how is jordan clarkson"
Field Goal News
Field Goal News:
The real question is how he grow his hair that fast
Jefferson Engel
Jefferson Engel:
Homeboy looks straight out the 2000’s
Cherechi Osisioma
Cherechi Osisioma:
Hood Clarkson is a problem 🔥
Jonalyn Lopez
Jonalyn Lopez:
Sixthman Of The Year !!!
Mikaél Rence
Mikaél Rence:
Keep posting JC clips 🇵🇭
Alexis Corona-Aguilar
Alexis Corona-Aguilar:
Im still a jordan clarkson stan account
He’s was hoopin out there
Fabey S
Fabey S:
I remember how miserable this dude played under LeGM. Happy for him now
Green Bean
Green Bean:
Underrated God
no future at all
no future at all:
The Jazz don't have help from bench except from him.
Roc Westmaas
Roc Westmaas:
But seriously, does he have fake corn rows or something?
Von Greene
Von Greene:
Top fan
Underrated bucket
The most average player in the NBA.