Jonathan Isaac explains decision to stand during national anthem | NBA on ESPN

Orlando Magic power forward Jonathan Isaac speaks about his decision to stand during the national anthem before his team’s game vs. the Brooklyn Nets.

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Nolan Harris
Nolan Harris:
Bro this reporter literally asked a black man “do black lives matter” because he didn’t wear a shirt and take a knee. Tf.
Fikri Nesimi
Fikri Nesimi:
I’m not christian, I’m muslim, I admire this brother’s courage.

“I only kneel before God.”

There is no lie in that, very respectable. God bless.
This dude gets more respect than all those whites pretending they care about human rights for their IG stories
Avery Williams
Avery Williams:
As a Christian black college athlete, I hope I’ll have the courage and confidence to stand up for Christ just like him. A great example.
When you stand for what's right, you often find yourself standing alone.
Jason Lefevers
Jason Lefevers:
Imagine being a reporter and asking him if he believes black lives matter. Completely ignorant.
Yamir Abascal
Yamir Abascal:
Mike Tran
Mike Tran:
These women “reporters” have nasty demeaning tones.
Jason Buben
Jason Buben:
I’m Surprised they didn’t cut him out for Professing the name of Jesus Christ. Normally they cut people off for that. It’s sad
DG Chxif
DG Chxif:
12 years old over here and jonathan isaac is my new favorite player...
Rashad West
Rashad West:
😂😂😂😂 asking a black man do black lives matter is so funny...
J M:
There is only 1 God we kneel too! And it is not BLM! PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST 💗🙏🏽💗
Razzle Dazzle
Razzle Dazzle:
What he’s trying to say is that his faith in Jesus Christ is what helps him to see things through differently. To love your neighbour, to love your enemy, like the Good Samaritan that helped the poor beat up man after a priest walked straight passed him. Jonathan Issac is living his life biblically. Nothing wrong with that.
“if they want to be the party of the poor, they have to keep you poor.” that’s it. they are not concerned about the plight of black americans living in poverty, crime, and subpar education. in fact, it is the reason why they promote policies at the local level that are designed to keep far too many black folks in dire straits. it is why they support rioting and looting in predominantly black areas. “racism is ginned up by people who want power and who benefit by keeping black americans ignorant, marginalized and dependent.” the last thing blm, the fake news medias, jackson, sharpton, obama and the democrat party want are self reliant, independent, black americans. The democrats own the education system, the media, Hollywood, Big Tech and administrative government. If there is systematic racism or oppression, it’s at the feet of democrats. Lifelong democrat politicians who never did anything to improve the lives of their constituents, only to pander with the race card every time election season rolls around should be a wake up call for all to see the true hypocrisy that exists within the democrat party.
Nate E.
Nate E.:
This makes me right away wanna buy his jersey!🙂
Janethan Ricanibante
Janethan Ricanibante:
What he probably wanted to say was...
"I kneel only to God and will stand up for Jesus Christ."
Jonathan is a true child of God! So much respect for this man!!!!
“Do you believe black lives matter” all because he didn’t kneel during the national anthem. That is really sad. Our country is turning into China and NK so quickly that 2019 America looks like a different country
I'm gonna go buy a Jonathon Izaacs top!!!
Don't even know who he is but I'm his biggest fan now.
God bless you Jonathan, keep telling the truth to everybody
Ivan Muzahuzi
Ivan Muzahuzi:
Dont Blink
Dont Blink:
I never thought I would see the day where someone is questioned as to why they stood for the national anthem. He owes nobody an explanation. To his credit, he answered, but he didn’t have to.
I love this guy. He is fully persuaded in his faith and he was ready to give an account of the Hope he has in Jesus Christ. God Bless you Bro!.
Mad Respect for someone who is himself and don’t follow the crowd.
Kian Carter
Kian Carter:
I’m a bucks fan but I’m rooting for the magic just because of this guy all lives matter
Yaboi Stiles 2
Yaboi Stiles 2:
He shouldn’t have to explain himself, unlike everyone else he did the right thing by standing
Gabrielle Kelly
Gabrielle Kelly:
Dang man. What a brave soul in today's political climate. Listen to this reporter and listen to the gentleman. May God bless him because he refused to kneel before anything but his Lord.
Al Cortez
Al Cortez:
Stupid question.
Reporter: do you believe on black lives matter?
Jonathan: are you blind? I'm black.
Yugo RC
Yugo RC:
Media worst nightmare is a independent thinking black males. Bravo Isaac 👍. This young man is about to have the #1 selling Jersey in the NBA
John Barton
John Barton:
What a Warrior. Regardless of your side, this man deserves respect.
Damaris De La Cruz
Damaris De La Cruz:
What a good example is this young man, having the courage to stand for his beliefs, I wonder how many of those who were kneeling didn't want to but didn't want to disappoint others and went ahead and knelt. The only things we need to remember is to love God above all things and love our neighbors as ourselves...
Karim Jomeen
Karim Jomeen:
Supporting the statement black lives matter and supporting the organisation black lives matter are two polar opposite things - the statement is something all reasonable people obviously support, the organisation black lives matter is evil and something no rationale person would ever support, they do no care about black lives - they use race to generate donations for democratic candidates and to push their toxic Marxist ideology
ITS_CAM Smith:
“I don’t see this as a religious stand” is a powerful statement. Religion doesn’t save this world from injustice. Although, there is Power in the Name of Jesus. The love of Jesus Christ makes us overcomers (1 Peter 2:17, John 16:33, 1 John 4:8, 1 John 4:18, Galatians 5:13, 1 John 4:4). This is a guy that understands the Power of Jesus Christ and is willing to stand firm on his convictions. Many do not understand but if you truly know Jesus, He gives understanding to the simple (Psalm 119:30).
Madden Mobile Cody
Madden Mobile Cody:
“Do you believe black lives matter” she asks a black man.
I never thought we'd see a day when we discussed why someone chose to stand for the National Anthem. Sad
Edwin Garcia
Edwin Garcia:
The reporter: asking him if he thinks that BLM just because he didn't kneel
She is dumb
Jack Ware
Jack Ware:
Thank you for standing with Jesus bro! The only side you need to find yourself on. 💯
Jerry Garcia
Jerry Garcia:
When you don’t jump in the lake just because everyone else is!! Mad respect 🙏🏽. “You have to stand for something, or else you’ll fall for anything!!”
anuj k
anuj k:
He’s actually getting asked why he stood up😂 what has America become
I’m not American, I’m French, so let me get this straight...
So in America now, people are asked to explain their decision, under public scrutiny, for standing up during the national anthem???
Alex Mendez
Alex Mendez:
He shouldnt have to justify why he didn’t kneel for the anthem. He actually has enough respect for the veterans to stand for the anthem
Justin Oliver
Justin Oliver:
I saw an article that called him standing a “demonstration”. I thought kneeling was the demonstration.
C3 ItaRey
C3 ItaRey:
I only knee to God. Period. This man did the right thing.
Tiffany Mercure
Tiffany Mercure:
Woooow bless him Lord, bless him. Surround him with your cloud. In Jesus name.
Geoff Crew
Geoff Crew:
When standing during the National anthem is a controversial position.
Dukie Forlife
Dukie Forlife:
Amen brotha, common sense isn’t common in today’s world it’s sad man. Props to you Jonathan!🔥👍🏻
Lashaun Moultrie
Lashaun Moultrie:
This made my heart glad, he took a very courageous stand. God bless him, keep on standing young man. It's great to see someone thinking for themselves even if he's a minority. Love it. Jesus came to the whole world because the whole world mattered!!
The media's worst nightmare : a rational and free thinking black person
This is the man the best person in the nba has the best heart let’s go issac
I feel so bad he hurt his ACL HARD 😔
Imagine having to explain why you respect the national anthem...
Carol Arends
Carol Arends:
Yes and Amen young man!! You're reward is in Heaven and you will hear Well done my good and faithful servant!! Better to disappoint man than God!! 🙏
Micah Sutton
Micah Sutton:
I love how we have to explain why we stand for the national Anthem!
Jimmy Mendy
Jimmy Mendy:
They thought he was a weak man! Trying to make him look like a “fool” for not being a BLM ally! He’s a man guided by his faith!
Its so sad he tore his acl. God bless this man for a speedy recovery
Anthony Betters Sr.
Anthony Betters Sr.:
Praying 4U my brother. I've had two ACL repairs as well as my son - just from playing ball. God is on your side when others hate!! To those who criticize, becareful when you speak against a child of God!!
George Taylor
George Taylor:
Why is he explaining why he is standing during the anthem?
Ethan Miller
Ethan Miller:
liberals didnt get anything from his speech
This reporter is an example of real racism. She thinks all black people have to think the same
Darryl M
Darryl M:
The saddest part was when people laughed at him when he got injured... Smh
Robert Fisher
Robert Fisher:
that brought tears to my eyes, there is hope for us yet. Thank you Jonathan!!
You have to explain why you stand during the national anthem. That's how sad this year is.
Elijah Butler
Elijah Butler:
So refreshing, I salute you brother! Prayers for you and your family
Martin Truther
Martin Truther:
Judging from the current abysmal NBA ratings, America has taken a knee instead of watching the 'woke' NBA. Get woke, go broke.
Mhm, his answer was's the Heart that must change 😊 no amount of kneeling or, gear rocking can fix that 🤔
joe eccles
joe eccles:
Wow in a race this guy is already at the finish line, that's how forward thinking he is. True courage and morals
Randy Winterland
Randy Winterland:
Reporter: do you believe black lives matter?
Me: squinting to make sure I’m seeing his skin color correctly 😆😆😆😆😆
CT apprentice
CT apprentice:
Amen, Christianity is not a religion it’s a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Lillian Sims
Lillian Sims:
This is a true Child of God so proud of this young man
Joey G
Joey G:
This man is amazing such a well spoken and great interview. God bless him
Leilani Wilson
Leilani Wilson:
God bless this young man!!!
Ethan Jesse Coleman
Ethan Jesse Coleman:
Bro this guy has met Jesus and I thank God for His life. Jonathan every Christian brother and sister everywhere stands behind you. We’re one church. The body of Christ. God bless you bro
Elias Batista
Elias Batista:
Is crazy how the media was trying to ridicule him. And trying to make him look stupid.
God bless Jonathan Isaac! I have so much respect for him.
Dakota Brewer
Dakota Brewer:
Finally a respectable young man.
Chris Hancock
Chris Hancock:
100% support this young man. Kudos to his parents.
Tre De Gamer
Tre De Gamer:
Most NBA players would’ve felt offended from that first question..he responded well💯💪🏾
Alexander Caran
Alexander Caran:
God bless you, Jonathan! Praying for your full recovery!
Declan Haubenreiser
Declan Haubenreiser:
Thanks Jonathan for thanking our servicemen and women 🇺🇸
Lil Cartelito b
Lil Cartelito b:
Blm founders and leaders practice spirit magic Google IT
Jeff Brinson
Jeff Brinson:
The Spirt of Ogun made you kneel though. Don't disrespect the culture
Aris Mendez
Aris Mendez:
Imagine thinking wearing a t-shirt and kneeling are helping any life, let alone black lives. Wake tf up ppl. Like George Carlin said, “symbols are for the simple minded.”
Jonathan Isaac, my new favorite person ! 💪🏾🏀
ravin P
ravin P:
The fact that he had to defend himself for being himself is what the problem is.
M aZ
M aZ:
Amen brotha. Your my hero. Speak for our Lord and savior. Blm is a joke and needs to be stopped. Jesus died for us because all lives matter.
Verzus T.V.
Verzus T.V.:
Proud of you my man. God bless
Kelechi Omah
Kelechi Omah:
It's a relationship not a religion. I've been saying this for years.
Nick M
Nick M:
That first question was disgusting. The man is being demonised for having his own opinion. For being free.
God bless you young man. I am so proud of you. By standing up for Jesus, He will stand up for you. His grace will see you through. I pray that he will richly bless you!
i thought i heard some micro aggression in her voice.
Tricia Espinoza
Tricia Espinoza:
Outstanding speech!!!❤ Can someone give a slap in the face to the ladies reporters.
I respect his decision. He should be allowed to express his views in the way he wants. He shouldn't be questioned or scrutinised for what he believes
Graciela Rocha
Graciela Rocha:
What a smart young man.
Doreen Kuhnhenn
Doreen Kuhnhenn:
This young man is so brave. 🙏❤🙏❤
hdai _mla
hdai _mla:
What a legend
God bless you sir...
Bryce Coleman
Bryce Coleman:
A brother using his platform to give glory to the Lord I love it. The truth is sin is the real problem with this world.
This young man articulated that perfectly 🙏🏽
Francine Lima
Francine Lima:
God bless Jonathan
He owes no explanation to these soulless reporters!
They ought to interview their cohorts who knelt! This way, they can all kneel & worship each other, as usual!
Only the righteous remain standing solely kneeling for Our Eternal Father ,who created us & loves all of us ,even the disrespectful
misguided folks who
display their lack of respect for America
every time they " take the knee" during the national anthem! If it weren't for this country ,they would never have gotten to the wealthy,celebrated position they occupy simply due to the fact they are are able to play a game well !Btw, while they are kneeling to protest the police , they are being protected, at the same time, by the police!
If they choose not to stand. then, they must choose not to play ( & to not get paid!)
After all ,they play for American teams!
Let's hope that some of the owners of these teams get some backbone so they can stop promoting this travesty!
Mr.Isaac you are indeed a role model! We have all been called to live our lives according to the gospel! Unfortunately, not everyone answers the call! We must pray for them, according to God's WORD! Thank you , for giving us a reason to hope & to seek real justice!
Let us hope that more folks will follow your example! Once again, May God bless you!
Andrew Tanczyk
Andrew Tanczyk:
She says,”I’m asking in all sincerity.” As she says that sarcastically.
Vi k
Vi k:
This man is a true blessing.
God bless you sir