Jonathan Isaac does not kneel with rest of team during the National Anthem | NETS VS MAGIC

Jonathan Isaac was the only player and coach on the court not kneeling or wearing a BLM shirt.
The Nets & Magic kneel during the National Anthem.

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For everyone wondering, hes extremely religious and only kneels for god. People need to respect that. For some reason expression is always okay until people disagree with it
Kwames GreatestFan
Kwames GreatestFan:
There's gonna be a lot of haters of him now.. This is a man's decision.
Lucky he ain't white, or there gonna be some backlash.
Andrew Hmar
Andrew Hmar:
Dedication for his belief. I respect that.
Freedom of speech right 🤷🏾‍♂️
Respect. He kneels for god, and god only. Don’t care who you are but I’ll respect that.
Muhammad Yassin
Muhammad Yassin:
"All lives matters"
Fraser Bisset
Fraser Bisset:
The based Jonathan Isaac vs the virgin Sheep. In all seriousness that shot with him standing and everyone kneeling is quite powerful.
Jp Chua
Jp Chua:
if you really wanna make a change, go invade america or something then you can really make a change... putting something on your jersey wont stop a police from killing someone, kneeling while the national anthem is ongoing wont make a president change his mind
Choppy 314
Choppy 314:
Very very brave. Hope he will not be cucked by his own team.
The man strongly believes ALL LIVES MATTER. Gotta give him props
Darth Rage
Darth Rage:
The Brave will stand!
As an Hispanic man I say, good thing brother man. We are united in Christ.
tupac kingz
tupac kingz:
A true rebel.. and brave young guy!
Michał Socha
Michał Socha:
Much respect Bro!!
The Piano Haven
The Piano Haven:
And immediately afterwards he's being put up in flames by the media. Eerily similar to the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in Daniel 3. I respect his desire to bow to no one but God.
bearded tiger
bearded tiger:
And we care why it’s his right to do wat he wants ain’t ah man
Pema Dorjee
Pema Dorjee:
He said “ all lives matter “!
We should be developing a code of thought speech and action based on TRUTH and FACTS...
SHOUT out to good logic and understanding

Stand for the TRUTH and FACTS
Michael Bobkov
Michael Bobkov:
God bless America and ALL who live here!
Ja Ar
Ja Ar:
He is a MAN with balls 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
I'm confused. How is taking a kneel to the anthem going to change anything in the country? Being proactive about it will bring change
Jacob Hamilton
Jacob Hamilton:
Someone boldly standing in the face of
Evil & division
God Bless Jonathan Isaac
Jesus Saved Me !!!
Jesus Saved Me !!!:
He will not kiss their ring !!!
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor:
Thanks for being a good Christian God blessed us all .
chris wimbush
chris wimbush:
That is bravery!!! God bless you Sir!!!
Be Logical
Be Logical:
We need more players like that! 👍
Good for him stand up!!!
The only leader on that team!!! From one black man to another he stood for what he believed. Respect that ✌🏾
An Alpha standing out of the sheeple...
chris iriarte
chris iriarte:
Mad repsect for him. we only kneel for god
Audiovizualinio Dizaino Centras
Audiovizualinio Dizaino Centras:
Finally a free person and so much sheeps..
czar revs
czar revs:
That player is WOKE WOKE!! My new favorite player! Buying his jersey.
Reminds that poster of Germans where only one guy was brave enough to not to do a salute.
casanova 605
casanova 605:
One man of god among the sheep
Jesus Is King
Jesus Is King:
She did such a good job singing, and they pay no respect
hk K
hk K:
Lmao people really reporting “players standing”. I respect blm and people taking a knee. But why are the media reporting people standing like it’s illegal or something 😭🤦🏻‍♂️.
droming drom
droming drom:
Nic Bell
Nic Bell:
now his leg broke
Certified Salty
Certified Salty:
I respect issac for believing wat he believe in I also respect the the players who kneeling both have freedom and hoping to see change in America BLM✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
DropTeam Kidd
DropTeam Kidd:
Ion care abt him not kneeling but why he the only 1 without a BLM shirt
Albie Oval
Albie Oval:
I wonder who was the first to kneel on the basketball court and found out it hurts.
Joseph Simmons
Joseph Simmons:
It's his right
I only kneel for Yahweh.
Daniel Tenorio
Daniel Tenorio:
It's a National anthem just be professional guys
Ethen Gray
Ethen Gray:
why’s johnathan the only one standing
Sarah Sasser
Sarah Sasser:
So refreshing to see a man of God who stands firm on the Truth without cowering back in fear of what people may think of him.
Cooper G Farrant
Cooper G Farrant:
Good on him
James F. Newman
James F. Newman:
Well done
Priest Edmond
Priest Edmond:
Good we only kneel to God
Арчи Винер
Арчи Винер:
Where can I buy his jersey?
Shmallow 1224
Shmallow 1224:
Good Deeds
Good Deeds:
why ?
imagine him being white..
jacob svetich
jacob svetich:
Wow im a big fan now that takes massive balls in todays political climate!
Terrell Moore
Terrell Moore:
All of this Satan agenda too push race war like Bible says and love of many goin wax cold not mention black lives matter is funded by a elite Satan will be given control over the world soon Christ is the only one too protect you
Дима Ку
Дима Ку:
DJ Knight
DJ Knight:
Wait what's this? She didn't sing the 5 minute supposedly black national anthem? OK NFL... Go ahead and try it...
Eliseo Andrade
Eliseo Andrade:
BLM is the modern statue of Nabuchadnezzar (Communism & Socialism)
Sir Adrian
Sir Adrian:
could've at least worn the tshirt
Born Again
Born Again:
Why is YouTube taking down my intellect post on this subject... Racist....
Every Word Is A Made-Up Word
Every Word Is A Made-Up Word:
He thinks for himself
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith:
Jonathan Isaac 👍
Bryce Leavitt
Bryce Leavitt:
BLM will take the NBA down..
M P:
A man that thinks for himself.
I love it when somebody decides to express themselves even when it's not popular...for his reasons he stood... I would think if anybody read the mission statement of BLM they would also know it's not about black lives it's about destruction of traditional family, destruction of America as well as the constitution... It in pro same gender family's, Trans people, & communism...but don't take my word for it go read it urself...
BRAVO to this man for standing for what he believes... Ya know ya need to stand for something or u'll fall for anything!
Yung Hive
Yung Hive:
Why is the national anthem played every single game? I think its highly unnecessary
he has a knee injury
brook 1996
brook 1996:
Jonathan have a surgery recently and when he recovery , he cant knel or do any exercise excessively
A Friend
A Friend:
Virtue signalling does nothing for the black community. Smart man.
Just people believe God will protect them Convit-19, some been test positive and on his/her way to meet him in person. Sometimes this religion people, they will do or act the opposite of what they believe behind closed door.
Born Again
Born Again:
Let the people read my post....
ib macgrady
ib macgrady:
I heard he's Hispanic a little maybe that has to do with this? Idk
Shmallow 1224
Shmallow 1224:
Harvey Crewe
Harvey Crewe:
Folks will say Johnathan doesn't think Black Lives Matter. Just shows you don't have to kneel to care about Black lives. If you want to disrespect a national anthem, just chill and be normal. 😅
Steven Ray
Steven Ray:
I am very proud and impressed with the character of this young man. Perhaps his perspective and courage will prove to be contagious. We can all learn as he takes in what is around him, distills in down to truth and acts. So ironic that the one man standing during the Anthem is drawing criticism from the sane group of people that supported a man kneeling a few years ago. Utter hypocrisy, profound sadness.
Tough Scene
Tough Scene:
kawhi BENard W.
kawhi BENard W.:
Because he has a knee injury
Yiğit Kocaman
Yiğit Kocaman:
what is the reason ?
Jonny C
Jonny C:
He knows this is all virtue signalling nonsense not meant to address real issues plaguing our society such as lack of education, poverty and deterioration of family values and morality. Stand on brother
Jentuza Perros
Jentuza Perros:
Isaac live matters
Ian Bora
Ian Bora:
This came out of left field I expect everyone to kneel good to know not everyone is mindlessly following the crowd
Miguel Lage
Miguel Lage:
Isaac is too much of an idol, not an ideological puppet of the left
Earl Ric Alczr
Earl Ric Alczr:
Great job, Isaac!!!
keepon music
keepon music:
It takes a lot of courage, true hero!
hank hill
hank hill:
Respect for isaac
Black Mamba
Black Mamba:
Kneeling is not mandatory, those who want to kneel will kneel and those who doesn't want to will not kneel, simple as that, everyone got their own rights to express their feelings
Leafs fan
Leafs fan:
Hes the only player I respect . . The flag does not represent police injustice . It represents what all their parents and grandparents and brothers and sisters fought for in wars of past . If you cant respect that then shame on you .
Roy BM
Roy BM:
Good to see someone with brains!
V V:
Courageous for standing in the gap! Colossians 3:23
Down Town1
Down Town1:
Why is he also one of the only people not wearing blm shirt, if its religious?
brown beast
brown beast:
this comment section shows how much bigger than these scared trolls we are. we respect and honor every one right and free speech. Next to no hate or ill will towards Isaac from us while these trolls in the comments that try to make it about hate and bullshhh like "all lives matter". proud of the NBA community!
MTG Revealed
MTG Revealed:
This is what I’m talking about...kneeling isn’t going to do anything!!! If black lives mattered to them...these millionaires would be donating money towards building after school programs, outreach programs, boys and girls clubs in inner cities to keep kids out of trouble...
True American hero. God bless this man
Jan Steiner
Jan Steiner:
I love to see this. We all have to like humans and not like sheeps. Instead of fighting against each other we have to fight against the real problems wich are destroying the world and the peace in this world. Thank you Jonathan. I love to see this.
Why would u kneel tho he died from someone kneeling on him