Jonathan Isaac Broke His Leg (Scary Injury)

Jonathan Isaac went down with a knee injury and left on a wheelchair

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Ajr fr
Ajr fr:
God has plans for you Isaac, you will come out stronger through these experiences!!!🙌🙌
Nathaniel Farrell
Nathaniel Farrell:
damn... he was about to rise to the next level smh.. it's really depresssing to see these injuries...
This game was won as well. Hopefully this isn’t Derrick Rose 2.0
Yoshiki G
Yoshiki G:
Oh God, another one?
I have nothing but prayers for him.
Ops The Label
Ops The Label:
Did he really have to play the rest of those minutes? They were ahead by 20 ...
Daniel M
Daniel M:
Prayers goes out to Issac 🙏🏼🙏🏼 he’s a future DPOY candidate
Gabriel Lins
Gabriel Lins:
Bro I'm so sad for him, he Was coming back from another scary injurie
Nestlee Pipes
Nestlee Pipes:
All knees matter
Positive Masculinity
Positive Masculinity:
Damn he was always on the verge of breakout
thats what’s keeping him from becoming a great player
Young Raj
Young Raj:
Did someone ever curse Magic’s #1?
Franco Anthony
Franco Anthony:
Love you Jonathon, hoping a speedy recovery. Thank you for not bukling under media pressure to sell your soul to a Marxist organization. You are a hero to me and to my children. We only bend our knee to our Lord not to a political party.
Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy
Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy:
The Left Torn ACL of the His Left Knee just like Klay Thompson of the Warriors in the Last Year 2019 NBA Finals
Man his teammates can't even get close to him...
Mike W
Mike W:
anyone else watching isaac the whole time
Sympathy from a Raptors fan. Hope he recovers soon. :(
Neil Jamanca
Neil Jamanca:
So sabotaged him because he stood
This gives me drose vibes... like why tf is he still playing if they up big smh. Prayers up🙏🏽
Camorree Tinsley
Camorree Tinsley:
It's ominous at this point.
I predict there are going to be a ton of these type injuries with players going from 0-100 basically. Training camp was minimal. Does every team share the same court for practice or is there facilities?
Pressure Muhsin
Pressure Muhsin:
Man he was bout to take the next step

Seeing him makes me realise how much of an iron nan Klay Thompson was last year.
His knee got the covid.
TheRock 2988
TheRock 2988:
john's one of my favorite players in the nba, i got so sad when i saw him go down, i knew it was gonna be bad.
Michael Nicholson
Michael Nicholson:
All prayers to him, the sky is the limit for him. He has mad length and a great basketball iq. Bless his soul and lets hope he can improve instead of becoming derrick rose 2.0
Will Duncan
Will Duncan:
he can’t catch a break damn
michael dbz
michael dbz:
hope he gets well🙏
Random Tv
Random Tv:
Play ball and keep knees iced after every game kids start while you young literally 💯💪🏾
¡De Facto!
¡De Facto!:
I stood with Isaac before the game.
Al Sahim
Al Sahim:
Didn't wanna take a knee before the game to raise awareness about police brutality against people of his color. Now he'll be taking a knee all season.. the irony
Lachlan Kiely
Lachlan Kiely:
Man, he might be done for good, look at the brace he has on that knee.
Shit, Issac's almost elementary to Orlando. With it we could give much more fight in the play offs. I just hope you don't miss another full season and the MAGIC don't give up on it.
Gadiel Suriel
Gadiel Suriel:
It’s all good he got Jesus
Anthony Betters Sr.
Anthony Betters Sr.:
Praying 4U my brother. I've had two ACL repairs as well as my son - just from playing ball. God is on your side when others hate!! To those who criticize, becareful when you speak against a child of God!!
He is hurt again, I wait for watching he play in NBA again very long time
Lord Hisashi
Lord Hisashi:
dude just can't seem to catch a break with these injuries man sheesh
Crazy Man
Crazy Man:
Wow , everything just brings a throwback to that Derrick Rose injury! D Rose is Top 10 for me the way he played and got injured so so young. Johnathan Isaac, I hope you will be better!
Aomine Daiki
Aomine Daiki:
Good retablissement
I.C.M ICreateMusic
I.C.M ICreateMusic:
It's very odd that none of his teammates came over to even show concern on the court hmm 🤔
So sad to see this happened on those great players : (
Byron Skywalker
Byron Skywalker:
Great player with so much potential
Come back stronger Isaac💪
Prayers for you
TyroneLamarIV Gaming
TyroneLamarIV Gaming:
he's always been so close to breaking out....injuries are so sad man
D 416
D 416:
Darn tough break. He just came off a knee injury...
Kelly Spence
Kelly Spence:
He didn't take a knee, so his knee took him. #Ogun
Marky Baltazar
Marky Baltazar:
2020 is really devastating! Young talent he was. Twice this year he got than knee injury. He’ll be back stronger. Prayers for Isaac 🙏🏽
Austin Nisar
Austin Nisar:
So the only guy to stand for the national anthem broke his leg four days later. I wish him a speedy recovery and can't wait to see him back on the court he's such a responsible intelligent young man and the NBA needs more of these well-rounded young individuals.
HoopVerse 360
HoopVerse 360:
Hes a Good Guy, I wouldn't mind him taking Penny and Tmacs Jersey Number
Keepin It Real Sean Rosas
Keepin It Real Sean Rosas:
I hope everyone realizes the man probably felt so much heat for standing up for his faith that he "injured "Himself for the rest of the season so he doesn't distract or encourage any more players to do what he did.Trust me good people the elites are at play here. The man went against their msg and had to pay for it🤦‍♂️😥
Justin Sanchez
Justin Sanchez:
damnn he still young, prayers up tho
Blue Rise
Blue Rise:
Nano explosives put in his shoe...looks fishy from the way he jumped..
Thinker man
Thinker man:
Get well soon Jonathan. You are an inspiration!
What?!?!? Didnt he just come back from an injury?!
while I dont agree with cuz stance on kneeling, I wouldn't celebrate him getting hurt.. its not right
Felicia Moniq
Felicia Moniq:
I can’t watch :(
Hero 3
Hero 3:
when you're coming off an injury you need to stay away from jump cutting like that for at least another year. develop fundamentals. be boring like the Klaw or the big fundamental. You can still win without the dancing.
Eugene Jake
Eugene Jake:
almost similar to rose's injury
He had to take a knee regardless
He tore his acl he didn’t break his leg
MaTThew Sqt.
MaTThew Sqt.:
Just looks like d rose injury when he does that hop step
Best wishes to you, Mr. Issac!
Rizky Alfa
Rizky Alfa:
Prayers up 🙏
Vigilante 22 Name : [REDACTED]
Vigilante 22 Name : [REDACTED]:
As someone who has broken a leg that's a very painful experience, hope he recovers cause this is hard to go through.
Samuel Gonzales
Samuel Gonzales:
reminds me of how drose got injured
Gobas Smith
Gobas Smith:
usuario deyoutube
usuario deyoutube:
Duc Huy Vu
Duc Huy Vu:
Having torn my ACL and then later landing on it wrong, it was the worst pain I ever had. The initial tear just felt "hot".
Jay mere
Jay mere:
i just wanna thank god tht he only missed up both my ankles
Was this staged?
ShaW tV
ShaW tV:
Jason Powers
Jason Powers:
should have took a knee jonathan. called for the travel too...hahaha
raiden cruz
raiden cruz:
He hurt his left knee again, I hope he won’t be the next rose
jay McDonald
jay McDonald:
The gospel
Zian Valderrama
Zian Valderrama:
Aidon Cortes
Aidon Cortes:
Though not a Orlando fan I like issac a lot and this poor dude becomes good proving his future will be bright them boom injury
Danm poor man
PnD.Nation [2clout CommunityManager]
PnD.Nation [2clout CommunityManager]:
Noooo nooooo we just came back
Torn ACL... Theres a mad difference. With good physiotherapy and rehab he will be sweet to return
Radical Centrist
Radical Centrist:
In a way he took a knee
Bradley Jacks
Bradley Jacks:
That's not a broken leg that's a torn ACL for sure tho. Prayers up.
All knees matter!😂💀
JDIA 賈許自己來
JDIA 賈許自己來:
That is torn ACL for sure, I got the same injury 4 months ago. The recovering road is really long...
Trey Johnson
Trey Johnson:
IfYouScared GoToChurch
IfYouScared GoToChurch:
Well Well Well
Why lie and say his leg broke? The man results haven't even been revealed? The devil is a lie...
Joel Mwejenwa6
Joel Mwejenwa6:
He will be okey soon bc he believes in god and iknow he will be okey
Marlon Offitt
Marlon Offitt:
That’s wild for it to happen to him
Royce Renzo Galeos
Royce Renzo Galeos:
just now: Confirmed torn ACL
Magic Man
Magic Man:
My man can't catch a break smh 😔
David Liang
David Liang:
torn acl not break bone..but same 1 season rest..
trumpiedoo wilfred
trumpiedoo wilfred:
guess it's a Make Jonathan Isaac Knee Again. this time he had! to.
DJ Mx2N:
So we gone ignore how this happened after he spoke about how he doesn't support BLM protests?
krisna putra
krisna putra:
Tore ligament, not broken leg
Beck á Miller
Beck á Miller:
Stay strong God has great plans for you! Your in my prayers.
Stephen H. Smith
Stephen H. Smith:
dang its broke😭😭 super sad man
That whay he got injured was like derick rose got injured vs 76ers