Johnny Depp Just ROASTED Amber Heard In Court! Justice For Johnny Now!

It's great to see all the horrible things Amber Heard did to Johnny Depp go on the record now! Let's hope Johnny Depp gets his justice

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FaZe Greg Paul
FaZe Greg Paul:
Stop writing comments about hating amber. My arm hurts liking them
"Why don't abused men just come forward."

Oh, right....
You know Johnny’s telling the truth when his exes are defending him
matthew rittenhouse
matthew rittenhouse:
She'll come out saying she has some mental disorder and cry and everyone will forgive her. Classic chick move.
andy bruce
andy bruce:
Some of us never left Johnny.
Women who lie and fabricated stories like this really hurts men and women who are genuine victims of domestic violence. Lies serves no man or woman well.
I love how the world is a double standard and still has her job even after proof, but men don't need proof against them to be fired.
Tom bread
Tom bread:
Some girl on Twitter was seething, "why would he record her!" That's what it's come to gals, guys need some way to defend themselves from these types of accusations. Don't like it? Blame the metoo movement
That British tabloid accused Johnny Depp of being a "wife beater". That accusation did monstrous damage to him. None of that is contested. Depp sued that tabloid for the damages he says that "false" accusation (defamation) caused him. Under British law, the tabloid has to prove what it accused Depp of is "true". If it cannot, what the court will do to it will be brutal.
Soundwave Superior
Soundwave Superior:
Imagine thinking you can outwit the best pirate the world has ever seen.
Dalton Palmer
Dalton Palmer:
"That movie that just came out is great, you should watch it."

"Doesn't that movie have amber hurd in it?"


"Yeaah I'm not gonna watch that movie regardless of how good it is."
Kat Wegman
Kat Wegman:
The thing that kills me about AH's claim to want "to move on with her life" is the fact that she's the one who continued to discuss her claims while he stayed quiet for years despite their divorce agreement/settlement stating neither party was to talk about it. Literally, the only reason why he started pursuing legal actions was because it blew up in the MeToo era, he started losing everything, & she started getting handed roles. The whole thing was sketch AF to me, and I had questions (so many questions) in 2015 and 2016... And I still do, but there have been plenty of answers coming out since the legal cases started being filed and gaining traction in the court systems.
King Life
King Life:
Shes not going to be removed from the movie....Jason Momoa seems like a good guy but Aquaman 2 isnt going to get my money keeping Amber Heard, a manbeater on its cast.
UC Love
UC Love:
Disney has no backbone. Innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. RIP Disney.
Nicadimus Travelerr
Nicadimus Travelerr:
Here's a better way to put is, Amber Heard is an Abusive woman who deliberately took advantage of MeToo to spread disinformation so she could divorce him and force him to pay millions due to public pressure. What she needs to to face criminal charges, she needs to pay the man and his reputation that has been damaged needs to be addressed. Men can be victims too, its just no one believes them.
She was a gold digging nobody when she married him. I don’t think she had a lot of credibility, and never understood why people believed her in the first place.
Charles Mouse
Charles Mouse:
I feel genuinely sorry for JD given what this evil woman put him and his children through, how every "agenda-signaling" person turned their backs on him, and how he's now having to show his dirty laundry in open court simply to get his voice heard. I can only hope he and his children can find some peace in all this.
Amber Heard?
Either she's a crazy person who needs to be locked up for the safety of the rest of us or she's an evil person who needs to be locked up for the safety of the rest of us. Let's see if anything happens to her at all. In the mean-time I fully expect the "virtuous" types in the media to continue to shun JD and support AH in the face of all reason... until such time that they can find a way to publicly justify their behavior so far - then watch them turn on her like the rats they are!
Micca Grace
Micca Grace:
Johnny Depp roasted whole court..he's soo sharp and clever but most immportant he's INNOCENT..i can bet everything i have into his innocence
I don't really like Johnny, but nobody deserves this. Amber is obviously a crazy person.
NightBringer Tenchy
NightBringer Tenchy:
Johnny Depp is setting a precedent for *every* man falsely accused of sexual misconduct. A win for Johnny is the groundwork for wins for men everywhere.
Kurt Brush Jr.
Kurt Brush Jr.:
This is double standards, this isn't justice, feminists movement nothing, they already have what they wanted, now they demand more, he has plenty of proof, if the case doesn't move foward from here, the court was either paid off or a corrupt system is at play
Taichou Tōshirō Hitsugaya
Taichou Tōshirō Hitsugaya:
The only reason this is taking so long is because she is a pretty female, if it was Johnny abusing her. Boom behind bars right away,but geez EqUaLiTy.
Mah FiFteen
Mah FiFteen:
False accusations don't exists, it's just incomplete accusations
Me: 😤🤦🏻‍♂️
Yes Sir!
Yes Sir!:
He supported feminism. He got him self a feminist girlfriend.
Then when things played out as predicted: 😲!?!
MBL 7au41
MBL 7au41:
When even the exes support you, you know the dude is telling the truth.
Moviestar Memories
Moviestar Memories:
I've followed Johnny since the 80s, and never left.
Daniel Guidice
Daniel Guidice:
My opinion, Johnny is walking away with $50 million. There’s a lot of dirt on her. Heard she’s a nympho as well.
Ka'rehd Bluescale
Ka'rehd Bluescale:
When Johnny was accused of domestic violence, I honestly didn't buy it for one minute, something about it never seemed right... I'm glad he was able to get justice.
When The S*n labelled him as the violent person in the relationship, you could just reverse the roles and the story was going to be correct. Never trust them.
Eagle Bearer
Eagle Bearer:
The fact that Disney is still going ahead with Margot Robbie starring in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie after all of these allegations came to light as BS has made me lose even more respect for the company.

In honor of Johnny I'm just going to start pirating everything.
MiNa ChAn
MiNa ChAn:
She should lose all her deals just like he had to suffer through. The fact that it hasn't happened yet speaks VOLUMES. If she is still in Aquaman 2 I won't be wasting money on it
Dr Seuss Leafy
Dr Seuss Leafy:
I remember her saying that he had an abusive second personality that he had a name for. Funny how she never brought that back up. I guess it's hard to keep track of lies.
Edd D
Edd D:
One of my favorite HYPOCRISY of her is when Amber hit her then girlfriend in front of a cop and got her arrested and then calls the cop HOMOPHOBIC.
Days later the cop makes a statement saying that she saw a beating and acted oh and she’s also a lesbian herself Lmao
The rest of the world: "That's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen"

Amber Heard: "So it would seem..."
He already lost his job and his reputation has been harmed. Before even being proven guilty... Cancel culture aka mob justice needs to stop.
Mad Raven
Mad Raven:
I've seen this kind of garbage with my own eyes. My grandmother was a seriously abusive alcoholic. I have seen her injure herself on many occasions, then call the cops and tell them my grandpa did it. He went to jail every time, despite eyewitness accounts of what happened, including her beating the hell out of him and him not even making a move to defend himself.
He had a heart attack and died during one of these attacks, and nothing ever came of it.
Professional Shitposter
Professional Shitposter:
Amber Heard: *_Poopy Di Scoop_*
H Senior
H Senior:
For what she did to his reputation i hope he takes her for every penny shes stolen from him
Dylan Torres
Dylan Torres:
I love Johnny, he’s literally one of my favorite actors.
Fernando Queiroz Popovic
Fernando Queiroz Popovic:
"the bright side is you're back and made it our free and clear"

-Mr. Gibbs
Jlopez240 Gaming
Jlopez240 Gaming:
I never left Johnny I always stuck by him. I just can never bring my self to hate a childhood hero like him
Steve Recendez
Steve Recendez:
I feel so bad for Johnny. It's been a living hell for him.
Mr Zeldion
Mr Zeldion:
Funny how feminists are no where to be seen... However when it's a female victim chat is full of over weight blue haired ladies
Error Message
Error Message:
You will always remember today as the day that you almost caught captain Jack Sparrow!
Yo he's bringing this up again because her lies are damaging his career and life. Amber needs to stop using victimizing language because that's all she has done. Well, I wish it was - she's been a horrible person to him. I followed this through a small YouTuber who investigated this and revealed how Amber's friends helped to try to cover it up. Forgotten their name but just search up Johnny Depp recordings and the hour one is the one you want.
Depp: She pooed in my Bed

Me: All Dogs have Accidents from time to time

Act like a Dog get treated like a Dog
Nick Mattio
Nick Mattio:
“She was a real gem...”-Johnny Depp’s Grandparents....
If Disney doesn’t come out and apologize to Depp publicly everyone should boycott the next PoTC movie.
Gwen Patton
Gwen Patton:
Libel (LIE-bul): Publishing lies about someone.(See slander: telling spoken lies about someone, instead of published in print.)
Liable (LIE-ah-bul): Being legally responsible, accountable, or culpable for damages from bad acts. (See also liability: what you have when you are liable for something.)
Johnny Depp is suing for _libel._ He claims that the publisher is _liable_ for the damages done to him by their lies and the lies of his ex-wife.

Come on, Jeremy, pronounce the words correctly! When you pronounce "libel" like "liable", it sounds like you're using the wrong word. It erodes your credibility.
It makes more than enough sense that even her own friends hate her.
She gets with Johnny Depp only to abuse him...
Rhuinn H
Rhuinn H:
the manson girls all held hands when they went to court too...
Shereen Walalce
Shereen Walalce:
On the subject of the drugs he's been using for years and still everyone has said he is a kind, caring, lovely person and that can be found in numerous interviews of his past castmates so that should be a mute point. I just want this lieing fake person to get what she deserves. She is a disgrace to women who have survived DV. Quite frankly it reminds me of the 90s when this type of stuff happened alot to men who were not violent. My thoughts and prayers are with Johnny he never deserved this! Fan for all time! ♡
Squiggly Destroyer of worlds
Squiggly Destroyer of worlds:
Woman falsely accuses a man: instant destruction of his reputation
Man shows proof she’s the one that’s violent towards him and not the other way: hur dur but she a wamen she can’t be wrong
Doug Reed
Doug Reed:
8:08 Tem-pes-chew-ous. Root word: tempest, as in storm.
Dalton Palmer
Dalton Palmer:
And then after posting that article she went on a stage talking about how she's the victim of abuse!
He didn’t see the red flags before he married her? I can’t imagine she was any different then.
Sarah Leroy
Sarah Leroy:
Man if I was Johnny's wife he would be treated like a king. He does so much for kids.
Sav Drako
Sav Drako:
Amber Heard is the poster child of Toxic femininity.
Ari Car
Ari Car:
I was distracted with work then you said "she pooped in his bed". I'm back now. Keep going lol. Wtf, this is crazy.
Angel Orellana
Angel Orellana:
Remember this as the day that you almost caught captain Jack Sparrow.
Charles Boshell
Charles Boshell:
Obviously the ladies were holding hands, so Amber wouldn't clock someone. As someone who has been in his situation at home, a victory in court would be icing on the cake. The real victory is having her out of his life.
"There is a red button.."
Mine is gray! What do I do!?
Alex Smith
Alex Smith:
There's always one; of the thousands of comments already here, I have to be at least one of those people whom has to fixate on that stray hair over his face. Thankfully, it's only for, like, two minutes...

*panic subsides*
God I love Johnny. All my love and hope for him. How heartbreaking that he had to go through all that.
8:47 "she pooped in his bed"
I hope he wins, so many people automatically blame men in the these situations, it's almost unthinkable to them that the man could be the victim.

Also as a Brit I truly hate our mainstream media, including the newspapers, they're scum.
"I hope amber heard can find some semblance of peace,"
hopefully, she will, in her jail cell.
As with Captain Flatass, when all she's got is looks, run. Fast.
Ron Secord
Ron Secord:
Never believed from the beginning that Johnny Depp was an evil person. However its plain to see that Amber is just another " Toxic Woman" like many other Karens out there.
Gosh that first scene is probably her exact mental image of when she did it to him. I hate it.
Laschic Valisca
Laschic Valisca:
Win or lose, ya know that everyone who has followed this whole story will likely boycott any movie Amber Heard will appear in from this point on.
As far as Amber Heard is concerned: beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is all the way to the bone.
Chris Martin
Chris Martin:
P Campbell
P Campbell:
Man has the paitence of a saint, in my world you get hit, you hit back, gender be damned.
Ben Keller
Ben Keller:
Talk about airing dirty laundry. How ironic the saying and Amber's actions fitting so well together.
An old girlfriend of mine hit me on the head with a liquor bottle - I knocked her out.
John Noone
John Noone:
Bro out of context, "that's a deep V for a lawyer". Maybe could be trouble idk
Kevin Doyle
Kevin Doyle:
"Damm, you pooped in the bed you got to go!" I've seen relationships break up for less! lol
Micah Nuckols
Micah Nuckols:
She's going to have to get potty training or wear diapers now. Maybe they'll put that in her movie contracts.
Lex C.
Lex C.:
The intro!! 😂 Perfect visual to go with the audio recordings!!!

Personally, I don’t understand how she was so well received for her performance in Aquaman. I thought her acting was diluted. I know you can’t do much about the dialogue/script you’re given, but she brought no depth or personality to her character. She looked beautiful and the costuming was well done.. but.. was not satisfied when the movie was done. Felt like I had watched a kids movie as far as her character went. Not a movie for kids And adults.
schlo mo
schlo mo:
She has done such a disservice to real victims of abuse. And that’s putting it lightly. I hope she gets punished hard for this.
"She POOPed in his the way...." O man good placement
Buticia Smith
Buticia Smith:
She better be glad she met Johnny Depp cuz had that been a person NOT so compassionate and patient with that crap she's pulling......
Ben Keller
Ben Keller:
Never believed a word of this supposed assault and battery of Amber from Johnny. You merely need to hear the tales from his ex's such a Wynonna; none had a bad word to say against him. His personality and his life over the years in the public light have never shown a sign of aggression, abuse, assault etc. Sure he has abused alcahol and drugs, many of us do, but even those actions of Johnny have ever been a problem publicly.
michel Guevara
michel Guevara:
"Johnny was not the bad actor here.."
you can say that again!
Amber is a a sawmill offcut..
As the target of a female narcissistic, sadistic, sociopath — I suggest all men learn to understand and recognize the red flags 🚩 so that you can avoid falling into the abyss.
the fact that so many people didnt believe johnny in the 1st place, reflects what society we r in,,,,, our society doesnt care about male abuse and oppression,
Milher Méndez
Milher Méndez:
"I hope.. I think..."

Naïve 😑
I hope he gets the 50 million dollars and the return of his assets from the divorce.
My name ain't Jeff
My name ain't Jeff:
Funny enough, Johnny Depp not getting hired by Disney is the reason I'm going to pirate any movies they make.
I dated an “Amber Heard” once. Soul-less, evil, psychotic, hot.
The editing and intro was so perfect 😂😂
Stewart Mckay
Stewart Mckay:
When you get a woman like Amber Heard they are like The Terminator they just double down I'm keep coming. No self-preservation her whole aim is to destroy him .
AA- Gamer
AA- Gamer:
This won’t get nearly as much attention as when Johnny Depp lost everything
It's funny that Depp gave Heard a way out of this court hearing, but she was too dumb to take it.
Thing about all this is I wouldn't be surprised if she gets off lightly
I love how, after all this time, Jeremy sometimes just refuses to read the words he's looking at. Is he dyslexic or something?
Cheryl Cold
Cheryl Cold:
I think the best tv is coming, when everyone sues Heard.
Abraham Krestas
Abraham Krestas:
Thank god I am not ever having a relationship
Todd Wolfe
Todd Wolfe:
No, don't let her plead insanity. She's not crazy, she's evil and needs to have the book thrown at her.