Joel Embiid celebrates career-high 49 points with Milly Rock vs. Hawks | 2019-20 NBA Highlights

The Philadelphia 76ers beat the Atlanta Hawks 129-112. Joel Embiid leads the way for Philly as he scores a career-high 49 points in the win.

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100+ komento:

jellskunk ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
jellskunk ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ:
hmm, seems like whenever an elite player plays against the hawks. they become a super saiyan
Ricky Pang
Ricky Pang:
I am a big fan of him and with full respect on his talent but...There is like 0 defense from the Hawks
Bet he suddenly comes back with the "Best in the World" bs after beating the Hawks but not after getting dumpstered by the bucks xD
tasty cakes
tasty cakes:
thats how my grandma milly rock
Raiders Husky
Raiders Husky:
Y'all know he's not missing Ben Simmons!
Clark Music
Clark Music:
It’s so obvious they’re trying to give it to embiid to pass his career high lol lmaoooo I’m dead love the sportsmanship guys
Ben Simmons will never hit a 3
Ben Simmons will never hit a 3:
Gasols’ son went off 🔥🔥
this all good as a 76rs fan I need this dominant effort in Milwaukee, Toronto and Boston....
do us 6RS fans a favor win out on the road
Man, it's good to see Joel is having a healthy season. I hope Clint's playing soon.
Kaon Lee
Kaon Lee:
Where was “the best player in the world” when he played the Bucks tho?!
He only plays well on home court when they are away again he will have 2 points
shawn pimpin
shawn pimpin:
He'll be crying once he gets bounced out the playoffs... Again
dell cruz
dell cruz:
Why can't he play like this on the road?,WE NEED Y'ALL DOING BETTER ON THE ROAD,DANG!!!
Darlens Leveque
Darlens Leveque:
Show up against the Bucks on the road fam smh.
Embiid is a heck of a player and I love my sixers but I'm not impressed 🤷🏾‍♂️. This same energy needs to exerted when you play teams like the bucks.
Blake Taylor
Blake Taylor:
This the same guy who scored 0
Jacob Liu
Jacob Liu:
Bruv... you're playing the Hawks.
Tha Twilight Zone
Tha Twilight Zone:
He showed OUT! I love it. Just NEED to see this on the Road! 😬
Chill YoungApex
Chill YoungApex:
I’d rather build around Embiid if he gone play like he been playin 😭😭💯💯
Declan Heenan
Declan Heenan:
1:20 went full Kobe, look at korkmaz😂😂
he should play like this for the rest of the season.
He has 1 great game now he show boating how about some consistency
UpCDownC LeftCRightC
UpCDownC LeftCRightC:
I love this Embiid. Been waiting for this guy to show up more often.
Shihang Su
Shihang Su:
flexing after a simple lay up...I see the overconfidence is coming back
I like the Sixers. Remember, Clippers and Sixers traded with each other to become who we are now. We wouldn't get Kawhi if Sixers didn't want Tobias from us. We're just both inconsistent.
Chill YoungApex
Chill YoungApex:
1:18 was just beautiful I shed a tear the foot work omg 😭
SirAyeeero ,
SirAyeeero ,:
2k we need that pink diamond moments card now
Simply Terrell
Simply Terrell:
This is how much I miss basketball I'm watching Sixers highlights
Lon Lofton
Lon Lofton:
0:48 notice Joel could've finish that as an alley-oop but because he's so out of shape he can't jump as high like from last year
Andre Hunter-Woodard
Andre Hunter-Woodard:
Has to be my favorite Milly Rock that I've seen.
Gaming Person54
Gaming Person54:
3:31 what a flop!😂😂😂😂
Richard Queen, Jr.
Richard Queen, Jr.:
Tomorrow night: 2pts, 3rebs
Kiogora Kinoti
Kiogora Kinoti:
Luniz- 5 on it
Alton Rodgers
Alton Rodgers:
The bucks looking like 👀😒😂
Bradley Owusu
Bradley Owusu:
he finally has space in the paint
Now watch this man score 2 points, 3 rebounds and 1 knee injury in the next game smdh.
reem only
reem only:
Do this on a team that Actually has a Center...
it just looks to me like there were a lot of small people for him to do that to. i"m not convinced at all.
Tyson Allen
Tyson Allen:
It’s the shoes 👀
Kiddy Jaydey
Kiddy Jaydey:
Embiid was a beast until Marc Gasol turned him back to human 😂😂😂
Spike He
Spike He:
May I say the cover is hilarious?
That was the stiffest milly rock ive ever seen.
Aggainst hawks... I'm not suprised. Still soft
Horten Ojongtambia
Horten Ojongtambia:
🇨🇲 stand up 💪🏽
Bl Bl
Bl Bl:
Embiid bent the rim before he hit the three its nice to see him dominate! Stay aggressive in the box big fella it will pay off!
The509Dopamine Xx
The509Dopamine Xx:
Why they cut out the part where he flips off the Atl player 😂
i mean... great career high against the Hawks i guess
Empty Giddy
Empty Giddy:
wow flexing on a lay in. nice
The head bop with hand by ear is classic from the other years. Was waiting for him to do that
Embiid reminds me so much like Olajuwon, the "dream shake" move,
except he has 3-point shot to add to his repertoire.
Real Is Real
Real Is Real:
The Sixers led by Embiid Joel have the best home record in the NBA. This is why they are still a contender. Unpopular opinion
6:25 was disgusting
Tamir Byrd
Tamir Byrd:
He was just getting bullied by Giannis, now he got all the confidence in the world against the hawks.
Veer Chasm
Veer Chasm:
You beat the Hawks 👏 👏 👏
My Father
My Father:
He plays well every time against weak teams
Tom Trzcinski
Tom Trzcinski:
Big time players make big time plays!
Ender Lain
Ender Lain:
Ben out will we hear talk again of trading one of the 2 if Embiid does great during that time
God Usopp
God Usopp:
I want this Joel when we are in the fox hole in Milwaukee or Boston or Toronto
Pothead Esens
Pothead Esens:
Against the Hawks 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bernardo Brito
Bernardo Brito:
I like Joel Embiid but... he is becoming wack af... he doesnt play well in the road and when he plays at home and wins he says he is the best
That's lame af
no clout
no clout:
He almost dunked on the Vince Carter was he tryna kill him he might as well be a raptor
Denyo's world
Denyo's world:
He should show out 2 days ago against bucks!!! 😁
Harry Yuan
Harry Yuan:
bruh korkmaz left wide open and he's just like 'nope'
They going lose next game lmao
i loved to see embiid dancing in playoffs

while crying😊😊😊
Poor Mosey
Poor Mosey:
He play the Hawks
Gaming Person54
Gaming Person54:
I really want embiid in Miami and so does jimmy butler! I’d love that bc then that’d for sure keep jimmy in Miami for the long run! And I’m just saying people really don’t realize that it’s a big chance it happens when embiids a free agent!🤷‍♂️
Rick Karras
Rick Karras:
The alt Hawks are proof that college players get paid
dred man
dred man:
Your at home against the hawks. Come on this is laughable
Phil W
Phil W:
will the real embiid please stand up
fbi taha
fbi taha:
Crazy how Trae has a 50 game but the philly stars dont
Brandon Watkins
Brandon Watkins:
Where was this the other day against the bucks smh
Funked Up
Funked Up:
this guy is a clown. Puffs his chest out against the Hawks? lmaoooo
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford:
Hope this is the last season we see Simmons/embid duo
Bill Zerkeley
Bill Zerkeley:
@1:18. That is some nice footwork there. Kevin McHale would be proud.
Renz Aldrin Rivera
Renz Aldrin Rivera:
What if Greg Oden never got injured?
He finally playing more in the post.
Mlondolozi Mbambo
Mlondolozi Mbambo:
I'm not a sixes fan but it's great to see the big guy so happy for a change
Embiid looking like Wilt Chamberlain vs the Hawks
Caleb Jensen
Caleb Jensen:
Boom shaka laka. Break that glass embiid!
hoe ass nigga
hoe ass nigga:
Nico Perez
Nico Perez:
Simmons snd embiid play better with out each other on the court. Especially simmons
Song at 6:18?
Hemang Verma
Hemang Verma:
6:53 trust me that guy is the real deal!💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲
That is pure savage.🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐪
B D:
600th comment he is a top ten nba player. 😚😌😊
Agustin V
Agustin V:
Congratulations. You dropped 49 against the 14th seeded hawks 👏🏽😂
I actually like Embiid..but he need this effort against the top 4 teams consistently. We gonna see whats up in May
B Djales
B Djales:
Too much haters here,well done Jojo👌🏿💪🏿
He moves so slow it looks hilarious.
try it against teams with real defense like the 2nd best in the league raptors. how’s that turn out? ZERO points
Kierra Jeter
Kierra Jeter:
Respect Embid he in the leauge for a reason while y'all sitting on the couch making no money 💰 he getting that bag
Was at the game, Embiid's a beast!
Soyons Vigilants
Soyons Vigilants:
The best, period.
Ariel Hernandez
Ariel Hernandez:
*very nice*
1:53 💛🔥💖
Kote Yametsi
Kote Yametsi:
Joel, if you didn't have that mouth on you you'd be the perfect player
Kung fu Kenny
Kung fu Kenny:
Next game he will have 12 points and go 4 for 15
peeta 6010
peeta 6010:
Embiid seems very happy when they win, but got very opposite when they lose sometimes it get even worse.
why do they echo his last name lol?
GJ Williams
GJ Williams:
Yeah beat up on the lowly Hawks. He cant stomp with the big dawgd