Joaquin Phoenix wins Best Actor

Olivia Colman presents Joaquin Phoenix with the Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in “Joker” at the 92nd Oscars in 2020.

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One of the most deserved Oscars in history.
Troy McClure
Troy McClure:
Let's be honest. They didn't stand a chance against Joaquin.

They were all excellent. But Joaquin was on the next level.
FLawLesS TaStE
FLawLesS TaStE:
3:50 so easy to spot him among the crowd.
Everybody gangsta until he asks " How about another joke? "
Neal G
Neal G:
This man didn't spend a second talking about himself, but addressing everything wrong with the world. Such a selfless, inspiring speech and we all need to follow the example
Miss Cypher
Miss Cypher:
I expected this guy to be radiating confidence, but he’s actually a bit shy and awkward. He’s so real.
Dawid Chodacki
Dawid Chodacki:
Nobody mentions how Leonardo looks at him with admiration?
Basil Wero
Basil Wero:
I can't believe.This guy played the Joker character?He is so humble.
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake:
Joaquin is shy guy in class that everybody listen so quitly when he speaks .
Lil Alien
Lil Alien:
Joaquin don't deserve oscar, oscar deserves joaquin.
This is like the Joker finally being able to talk to the world and everybody's listening
Alex Caruso
Alex Caruso:
This actually feels like a DELETED scene from the film...
Bob Merly
Bob Merly:
I love seeing keanu reeves so excited for Joaquin. Thats exactly how I felt
Elysium Black
Elysium Black:
*Everyone standing and clapping for him*

Joaquin: "stop"
Thaneindra Naidu
Thaneindra Naidu:
My god he has anxiety being up there on the stage, life of an introvert :(
qazi talha
qazi talha:
Keanu Reeves should get an Oscar just for being himself
glendar jj
glendar jj:
Jaoquin: you're awful oscars

Oscar: me how am I awful

Jaoquin: giving me an award. You just wanted to make fun of me
Whovian para sempre
Whovian para sempre:
And he just named his son River, that's beautiful.
Aaron Ramirez Rodriguez
Aaron Ramirez Rodriguez:
Not going to lie I screamed liked a girl when he got his Oscar
“Run to the rescue with love, and peace will follow” - River Phoenix
“It’s not about winning an Oscar, It’s about sending a message”
JonGon Productions
JonGon Productions:
I think this was one of the most obvious Oscar Winners in history. Don't get me wrong, the other performances were great but come on, we all knew Joaquin was gonna win.
M R. P H O E N I X
M R. P H O E N I X:
“We'll still see Joaquin Phoenix winning another Oscar.” - Mark My Words
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith:
Announcer: “Joaquin Phoenix!!” 🙂
Everyone: 😀🙂
Joaquin Phoenix: 😐😶🥱😴😐
Jeramiah Holland
Jeramiah Holland:
It killed me watching him struggle to talk about his brother.
eeehmm what
eeehmm what:
Joaquin really didn’t give a single f. about the oscar, he just wanted to share his message.
Mallikarjun Patil
Mallikarjun Patil:
One of the best messages I've heard from any actor after winning an Oscar.
Annabelle McDonald
Annabelle McDonald:
I think it's incredible that both actors who played Joker fought for animals rights
Sara Fernández Fuente
Sara Fernández Fuente:
Why is nobody down here talking about the animal's rights speech Joaquin phoenix made??
He didn’t even wanna have the audience clap for him this man genuinely wanted to talk about the problems with the world not himself
Rasmus Klausen
Rasmus Klausen:
The crowd is cheering for him.
Joaquin: Stop.
Rafi Putra
Rafi Putra:
River and Heath are looking over him proudly in heaven.
Joaquin and Rooney Mara just had a baby together and they named him River, after Joaquin's brother. ❤️
And John Wick: "I approve."
Sparsh Malhotra
Sparsh Malhotra:
doesn’t let the audience applaud him, seeks no validation
Igor Pelin
Igor Pelin:
This is not an ordinary Oscar speech, the man poured out his soul.
Laura Giancotti
Laura Giancotti:
When he started to talk about his brother I teared up...
Tahir Quaid Joher
Tahir Quaid Joher:
christian bale should have been atleast nominated for playing ken miles.
"Run to the rescue with love, and peace will follow."
-River Phoenix
Renata Calderon
Renata Calderon:
I hated him in The Gladiator, liked him in Signs, admired in The Joker but definitely adored him here.
He walks up to accept an Oscar with his head down and his hands in his pockets. He doesn't see himself as above anyone. A truly humble man.
Mark Kingston
Mark Kingston:
I agree with everything Joaquin says here. Watching him he is a fragile sensitive delicate man. There is a lot going on under the hood.
Kareem Naboulsi
Kareem Naboulsi:
Sushrut Ghosh
Sushrut Ghosh:
He described why the movie like 'Joker' is important to our society 😍
Mr Belial
Mr Belial:
*The speech is way more better than some candidacy speech for election.*
Meme Genarator
Meme Genarator:
This man looks like he didnt want to go to the oscars but his agency wanted him to
John Smithee
John Smithee:

Keanu was happy for Joaquin Phoenix because they both starred in Parenthood, and Keanu was best friends with Joaquin's brother, the late River Phoenix
lucio olea
lucio olea:
KEANU REEVES looks so happy for him .❤️
Biya Pirzada
Biya Pirzada:
Let's talk about how everybody gave standing ovation with such and eligible actor.
Best actor for Joker...if you actually believe that's an act.
Денис Соболевский
Денис Соболевский:
“When I go for the Oscar , can you introduce me as Joker?”
Iuga Lucian
Iuga Lucian:
There is something in his eyes, something that attracts.
A vivid flame thoroughly expressed ...
(you don t find that spark in the audience, most of them are focused to look pretty or cool, don't blame them.)
But you can see it clearly in his eyes.
This is how it look a honest, sincere man
Zergul Stanikzai
Zergul Stanikzai:
I like the way he shuts the people up. Almost seemed like the real Arthur who hates society
Jesus was sitting behind Johanthan Pryce of the two popes? How appropriate.
Wolfie Blues
Wolfie Blues:
Brilliant performance. His Joker will go down in the history books. And he breaks my heart at 5:20 when he's trying to get those words out without crying. Well done, Joaquin. Much deserved. 💙
Valiveti Sreekar
Valiveti Sreekar:
Joaquin Phoenix indirectly saying "Everyone is awful these days".
He really told them to “stop” clapping 🤦‍♂️😂
Joaquin : This oscar ceremony is AWFUL !
The public : running for their life.
King Tutt
King Tutt:
If "Use The Time Wisely" was a person.
ED Abrh
ED Abrh:
The true Americans actors whom makes us believe in cinema
Marvin G.
Marvin G.:
And Heath Ledger was somewhere up in heaven and thought: "That's my man." 😊
Katelyn Judge
Katelyn Judge:
The Audience: *starts clapping*
Joaquin: uh, i'm not finished
The Audience: *literally starts clapping again 1 minute later*
Joaquin: omg can you let me do what i need to do
Samantha C.C
Samantha C.C:
Everytime I listen to the last part of his speech I can't avoid breaking a little too.
Gaynor Patterson
Gaynor Patterson:
He deserves this yrs ago for Walk the Line.. but the Academy is all about money and politics ..
Imagine if he would have started the speech with "knock knock..."
He really won everything during this award season.
"stop." I feel like the method acting changed him a little, not really sure but I hope he's doing alright
New Keen
New Keen:
The most difficult and deserving part in his performance was the nakedness required to be that kind of Joker. You can't recite those lines and not embody an exploited individual, but all at once Joaquin was millions of them in a body.

Heavy and admirable.
its like joker is trying to come out and take over while Joaquin is constantly holding him back.....
Dominic Lowe
Dominic Lowe:
He did something the marvel people can't do
Ovais Iqbal
Ovais Iqbal:
He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready.
Sahil Jangra
Sahil Jangra:
*Joaquin Phoenix about to give acceptance speech*


Thank friends and family

Thank friends and family

Thank friends and family

Thank friends and family Thank friends and family

Joaquin Phoenix:

First of all, i'd like to talk about the link between animal agriculture and climate change

Not my words but certainly deserved to be shared.
joaquin pheonix used his oscar to spread his message
Kamilah Dhatnubia
Kamilah Dhatnubia:
I loved when he talked about the species hierarchy thing because he narrated Earthlings in 2005
ferenkie velicanstveni
ferenkie velicanstveni:
He should have won it for his role in gladiator😪
OwO Nuzzles
OwO Nuzzles:
I like how everyone looks confused and then you just see keanu in the background being happy for joaquin
vasa di
vasa di:
how he stuttered when he was about to cite his brothers made me cry
Garrett Croslin
Garrett Croslin:
This was honestly the most obvious outcome. Joker was on another level.
Valentin Palombo
Valentin Palombo:
Not one word about himself. Not even interest for everyone else's approval. For some reason he's the only actor who truly feels real to me.
Raymond Tawil
Raymond Tawil:
Everyone’s laughing until he pulls out his book of jokes
lalrina Chawngthu
lalrina Chawngthu:
He looks like he is still in character
I was waiting for Leo DiCaprio to win an Oscar: He finally got it.

I was waiting for Joaquin to win an Oscar: He finally got it.
Michael Clark
Michael Clark:
He did a great job, anyone's better than Jared Letto
Aditya Bansal
Aditya Bansal:
What's up with his girlfriend's hair at 1:28 . Are they super glued
I’ve never cried so much over an Academy Award acceptance speech.
He’s a magnificent human being, who it turns out, is also an exceptional actor. I’ve always felt such a connection to his late brother, we were born the same year, my daughter was born the same day as he was and my son was born the year he passed. Joaquin was born the same year as a best friend that I lost who looks almost identical to him. I also recently lost my sister, so his pain of losing River, I know all too well. I think 27 years from now, I’ll be feeling the raw pain as well, so it now seems. I know they’d both wish us peace. I woke this morning to see Joaquin and Rooney welcomed a baby boy, named River. That brought tears to my eyes. He will be so special❣️
River’s lyric: “Run to the rescue with love and peace will follow.”
So lovely. ☮️💟😇😇
Hung Solow
Hung Solow:
When he was a kid he told people that he's gonna win the oscars, everybody laughed at him. no one's laughing now.
xeke ‘
xeke ‘:
The poor guy isn't used to the fame an is having a major anxiety attack I can just see it
"Everybody's awful these days"
Samim Sharifi
Samim Sharifi:
Keanu Reeves in the back just being supportive for his fellow actors and actresses.
Deep Mallya
Deep Mallya:
He did not choose the character.
The character Choose Him. ❣️ Respect.
cpn xrn
cpn xrn:
Everyone watching :- joaquin's speech
Me watching :- keanu reeves
Jonas Horn
Jonas Horn:
I love Joaquin Phoenix, and I love how he pushes veganism. I am so thankful for this dudes existence.
gracie schnapp
gracie schnapp:
he literally said "finally"
Jacobo Silva
Jacobo Silva:
Dude when he wins he is like totally not surprised or happy about it, it worries me
azazel_ 2100
azazel_ 2100:
Other people when being cheered on: Thank you! I love you all!

Joaquin Phoenix when being cheered on: *stop*
Ms Pink
Ms Pink:
"Run to the rescue with love and peace will follow" - Joaquin Phoenix (the best actor nominated for humaneness and selflessness) This man is the prime example of what we should exemplify to humanity. Such a beautiful and well-spirited soul to the world!
Sahil Raza
Sahil Raza:
This day was foreseen much time ago when the trailer for Joker was out.
Ben Ar
Ben Ar:
i feel like joaquin loves making movies but he couldnt give a f about the whole celeb part of it he just wanted to spread his msg here
Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh:
1:14 seeing Keanu reeves in the back with his mom is so sweet
XD Ronkuls
XD Ronkuls:
Everybody: Joaquin didn’t really care about the Oscar. Me: WAS THAT KEANU REEVES in the background!