Joaquin Phoenix on Playing Joker + Exclusive Outtake

Joaquin talks about losing weight for Joker, movie spoilers, his whole family coming to the premiere, his sisters’ reaction to the film, having a good time making the movie, and Jimmy reveals a never-before-seen outtake of Joaquin from the set.

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Joaquin Phoenix on Playing Joker + Exclusive Outtake

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SlimJim • 23 years ago
SlimJim • 23 years ago:
"Youre awful Jimmy"
"Im awful?? how am i awful?"
"Playing that video, inviting me on the show. You just wanted to make fun of me. Youre just like the rest of them."
I was really waiting for Joaquin to say:
_How about another joke, Jimmay_
"You're making fun of it, but it was serious for me," he says without a smile, while Kimmel laughs it off. Literal chills.
Jvst Ora
Jvst Ora:
The dislike button is for Jimmy Not Joaquin
Isabella Neemeyer
Isabella Neemeyer:
He seemed uncomfortable the entire time and Jimmy just kept making jokes and it was just not okay
Moiz Ahmed
Moiz Ahmed:
After seeing Joker.....I see these kinds of talkshows quite differently.
Plot twist: They wanted to recreate the scene from the movie but without killing Jimmy
When Joaquin says “that was supposed to be private.” to the Larry video shown, Jimmy says “oh yeah yeah” with like literally no empathy. Wth.
Amazing Supergirl
Amazing Supergirl:
This is a perfect example of why I can’t stand Kimmel. Only here for Joaquin
The Sizzler joke was so cringe Kimmel shouldve done his research cause Joaquin not only vegan but an animal rights activist
John Smith
John Smith:
Honestly, I think Jimmy needs to hear another joke
This makes me quite mad. Here you have an amazing actor who's a genuinely sensitive and lovable person and all Jimmy can do with his ten minutes is talk about his diet during filming of one of the best films of 2019 and laugh at him for talking about dancing and how important artistic self expression is for him, and then to top it all off he has the nerve to play a behind the scenes clip of him getting irritated at his director in a very vulnerable and emotional scene.
Mono Gamez
Mono Gamez:
In an alternate reality Jimmy would have heard another joke........
Mel Mel
Mel Mel:
Wow! Jimmy was a whole jerk in this interview.
Mr. SilentGamer
Mr. SilentGamer:
"You're making fun of it , but it was serious for me" 7:34
Awfully Awful
Awfully Awful:
“You’re making fun of it but... it was serious for me..” ouch.. that actually hurt me a bit..
Morad JB
Morad JB:
Joaquin: "we're making fun of it but it was serious for me" *thoughful look*
Jimmy: *KEEPS LAUGHIN* 7:05

Feels bad man
Joaquin Phoenix:
" You're awful Jimmy.
Making fun of my dancing . Playing that clip of me mad.
You just wanted to make fun of me."
Sammy Van
Sammy Van:
Is it just me or his personality is kind of like the joker
Shaun Sykes
Shaun Sykes:
I’m watching this literally 30 seconds after watching the movie.
Antoine Bandele
Antoine Bandele:
Case Study: How not to conduct an interview.
Shaquille Oatmeal
Shaquille Oatmeal:
Jimmy: *Makes fun of Joaquin*

Joaquin: HoW aBoUt AnOtHeR jOkE jImMy?
Dustin Strunk
Dustin Strunk:
This interview looks so uncomfortable
Master NTC
Master NTC:
I was honestly expecting to hear “you wanna hear another joke, Kimmel?”
I Don’t Mind Jimmy Kimmel But In This Interview He Was So Disrespectful Towards Joaquin. He Made Him So Uncomfortable And Made Jokes That Weren’t Funny. This Interview Is Just So Uncomfortable To Watch.
Roni Cakmak
Roni Cakmak:
The best irony ever is getting him on a talkshow after the movie
A living and breathing meme
A living and breathing meme:
Joaquin: You’re making fun of it, but it was pretty serious to me.
Me: *Please don’t pull out a gun. Please don’t pull out a gun. Please don’t pull out a gun.*
Ana Lorena Castro Garrido
Ana Lorena Castro Garrido:
My dislike is for Jimmy. He was so rude and made it uncomfortable.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Amogh Srivastava
Amogh Srivastava:
If anyone's having a doubt I disliked the video because of Jimmy not because of joaquin
Monojit hazra
Monojit hazra:
That laugh at 4:53
I was like : 😨😨 RIP Jimmy
Christopher Law
Christopher Law:
He was lucky it did not end with a mind blowing joke.
Aeden Walter
Aeden Walter:
imagine phoenix says : u wanna hear another joke Jimmy?

R.I.P Jimmy
Tony Heredia
Tony Heredia:
7:34 "You're making fun of it, but it was serious for me."

That's when Jimmy lost Joaquin's respect, and it never got any better from there.
Audenim Oshea
Audenim Oshea:
Jimmy is such a damn pest.

I'm only here for Joaquin.
4:53 Jesus Christ that laugh I was expected for him to start crackling like crazy in a joker like laugh
Clockwork Artist
Clockwork Artist:
“You’re making fun of it, but it was serious for me.”
People who’ve seen Joker: *sweating nervously*
Priyanshu Chatterjee
Priyanshu Chatterjee:
*Joaquin: You insulted me jimmy.*

*My Mind: Dancing Coffin Guys*
Joaquin: *How about another joke jimmy?*
Jimmy: *No we had enough of your jokes*
Take a sip, young Skywalker
Take a sip, young Skywalker:
"How about another joke, Jimmy?"
My jaw dropped when Jimmy showed that personal video. The interview's already going so bad man how oblivious can a person be?
Keya Nandy
Keya Nandy:
Was Jimmy trying to get himself shot on the show
Liliana Loveland
Liliana Loveland:
I feel deja vu watching Joaquin on a talk show.
Abhishek Ramesh
Abhishek Ramesh:
I felt so bad for Joaquin especially during the second half of the show like after the interview. You could see he was clearly embarrassed by the clip and that he didn't like being made fun of for something he was serious about.
Wodens Thane
Wodens Thane:
How the heck does being socially awkward make you a bad person? Backwards society
Zack Bhai
Zack Bhai:
Why does no one talk about 7:35
Me after watching it..."Biting my nails"
Jimmy Kimmel: **mocks Joaquin Phoenix on talk show**

People who watched Joker: 😳😳😳
Mirza Fardeen
Mirza Fardeen:
I just dont think Jimmy watched "joker" before interviewing Joaquin or he would be careful with his words and gestures :D
June S
June S:
After watching Joker, I find this kind of talkshow even faker... Jimmy's laughs were so fake...
The reel made me feel uncomfortable and embarrassed for him, why tf would they show that.
This is gonna sound strange but there's moments Joaquin reminds me of Charlie Day.
vip vip
vip vip:
unfortunately he didn't pull out a gun in this interview.
Jim Gibson
Jim Gibson:
“You're making fun of it, but it was serious to me”
"Wanna hear another joke Jimmy?!"
The Tree
The Tree:
_"How about another joke Jimmy"_
Absolutely every talk show host ever acts like an NPC, a bot prorgrammed for cheap jokes to get cheap laughs.
Ben Ar
Ben Ar:
no one:
127k ppl: you're awful jimmay
Rokeishia Rodgers
Rokeishia Rodgers:
And we also have to remember what he put his body through for this movie, so I think that may have affected his patience and attitude on set. I don't think they should have shown that raw and natural clip of him.
A Morales
A Morales:
For talk show hosts, when Joaquin Phoenix is their guest, all they hear is boss music.
You can tell Joaquin wanted to replay that Joker scene at the end of the movie...
Jonathan Fortin
Jonathan Fortin:
Joaquin: says he's vegan
one person: claps
Joaquin: smiles, genuinely grateful
Susana F
Susana F:
And thus we witness the transformation of the Joker in real life
President Joon
President Joon:
I love Joaquin’s voice so much it’s so soft and delicate
Aestheticallyavirl Bruh
Aestheticallyavirl Bruh:
7:32 was when jimmy got rly rude
Harshdeep Singh
Harshdeep Singh:
Jimmy: can you talk about the movie?
Joaquin: well I can show you what I do in the last scene.

*pulls out a gun*
Max Tim
Max Tim:
Just to clarify the dislikes are for jimmy not for Joaquin
Jesus Christ was Kimmel trying to affect joaquins career
Runningben74 Watts
Runningben74 Watts:
This interview would have been less awkward if he told a 'drunk driver's joke.
redstone craft guy
redstone craft guy:
Wait until he tells him a joke
Suryanarayanan.S. Nambiar
Suryanarayanan.S. Nambiar:
It seems like he did the jimmy kimmel and fallon interview on the same change of clothes!
“Youre making fun of it but it was serious to me” that felt so real and sad.
500 Million Yen In Debt
500 Million Yen In Debt:
I love how he sits like the way hes comfortable with rather than how everyone else does
Adam Moore
Adam Moore:
Most history. He’s like a chameleon!
Marilou CQ
Marilou CQ:
I love Joaquin phoenix he's a wonderful man. he's a real man and extremely down to earth and not to mention vegan. which means he is compassionate. (veganism is about compassion for animals and that's why he is) I like how he uses his platform to spread vegnism. veganism is about choosing not to sentence animals to death and its about acknowledging that the life of an animal is worth more than your taste buds. it's about realizing that you do not need meet or animal products in order to live a perfectly healthy happy life. Vegan burgers, vegan EVERYTHING exists now.
im vegan too by the way. hey! look into it!
Random Bassist
Random Bassist:
Bro imagine if he came onto this show in full makeup
Wes Lewis
Wes Lewis:
Joaquin is just real af. He laughs when things are actually funny, he's speaks without social conformity. People who call him weird are the robotic fakes
Why did Joaquin sound like he just woke up😳
It's wild how different he looks.
I like Joaquin but I'm afraid he'd be a difficult guy to approach, if that makes sense? I couldn't tell if he was offended annoyed, or just messing around the entire time.
BD yanish
BD yanish:
Imagine killing jimmy just like the movie when he killed murray
Dubby DaPanda
Dubby DaPanda:
When Jimmy Kimmel laughs he bounces up and down repeatedly like a laughing jackhammer.
this is an ironic and terrifying representation of the movie...
4R Reel
4R Reel:
Jimmy is so weird.. how does he have a talk show.
LS Graveyard
LS Graveyard:
Idk if this guy is creepier in the film or in real life.
This interview hits different after you’ve seen the movie
Abhishek Sahoo
Abhishek Sahoo:
I love how in almost every talk show..he raises his leg and comfortably puts it on the sofa..just like home.
Maria Bujanca
Maria Bujanca:
The way he looked in the audience and bowed his head and had a little smile on his face when someone cheered when he said he's vegan 2:09
Shannen Cupido
Shannen Cupido:
For Jimmy to show the outtake is just so humiliating. Like why would you make Joaquin so uncomfortable the entire time.
Tahseen zai
Tahseen zai:
Everyone boss until you hear
How about another joke Jimmy?
thicc boyz
thicc boyz:
Imagine if he said, “You’re awful Jimmy.” That would have been golden.
World Peace
World Peace:
Embarrassing “Joker” on live T.V. with a huge audience.... oh god.....
biggie cheese
biggie cheese:
Joaquin: "..."


Me: where's the joke, where's the joke oh wait there is no joke
Ben Ar
Ben Ar:
i swear it's like jimmy kimmel got a death wish
Shubham Kushwah
Shubham Kushwah:
No one:
Jimmy laughing: I am jello
Edho Zell
Edho Zell:
I feel like there are still some Joker in his soul...
Tahseen zai
Tahseen zai:
3:03 Thug life activated
imagine if someone yelled "I LOVE YOU" in the crowd haha
BoredYT User
BoredYT User:
Jimmy's lucky he didn't get what he deserved...
Slop Culture
Slop Culture:
Its like watching a guy taking everything way too personally talking to a guy not being able to understand the personality of him at all.
Andre Castillo
Andre Castillo:
Jaoquin : “you joke about it but I’m serious”

Jimmy : *continues to joke*

Joaquin: “knock knock”
Andrew Ireland
Andrew Ireland:
Why do I feel tension from this interview
Marise Ramirez
Marise Ramirez:
At one point Joaquin seemed so perturbed by jimmy Kimmel s hounding about his passion for breakdancing,I thought he was gonna lose it. Then when he mumbled a remark to Jimmy that he was snapping on his dancing but he took breakdancing seriously. woulved been funny if he wouldve pulled out a fake pistol right there and pretended he was gonna blow JK's brains all over the chair. But no one wouldve gotten it since they hadn't seen the movie yet. It wouldve cracked me uo. But all jokes aside. I thought JP did such an outstanding job as Joker partly because i believe the role really wasnt that much of a stretch for him. I love his acting though. He is ery gifted.