Jimmy Butler says LeBron told him "you're in trouble" - Game 3 | Heat vs Lakers | 2020 NBA Finals

Jimmy says LeBron told him "you're in trouble" in the first quarter. He Responded By Saying The Same Thing In The Fourth Quarter

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100+ komento:

His answers are like when you chose all the responses for team chemistry on 2k LMAO gg tho heat
B. Svpreme
B. Svpreme:
Jimmy ain’t no sucka... As a Lakers fan I knew he’d get at least one. Now people can put away their brooms and understand that this team is as gritty as it gets. Let’s come correct next game, good luck Heat fans.
tim nic
tim nic:
Butler is very humble and reasonable, he dont care about that triple double, he just wants his team to win. in the end it's still a team sport.

EDITING my comment after 1000 Likes: I am not sure whether Butler is really feeling like that (I dont know Butler well) but it makes sense after I saw games 1 to 3 of the Finals. Miami can only win if they play as a team, they dont have a great star player who can carry a team to the championship. and Butler talks like he dont want to be that star? but maybe Butler will rise now in the Finals ? we shall see.
Jerry Datilus
Jerry Datilus:
I come here to study how to be a true leader
Sin Chul Lee
Sin Chul Lee:
So basically he proved this year that everything he said about Minnesota not having a championship mentality is true..
Butler just dropped a 40 pt trip dub with LeBron as his main assignment. On top of that,with great defence and efficiency. 40 points without any 3 pointers attempted, Jimmy Butler officially just made Lebron look like his butler.
Caleb Braswell
Caleb Braswell:
Jimmy is a lot more easygoing than the media portrays. He’s seems to be a great leader. Not a locker room cancer at all
If clippers had jimmy instead of pg they’d be in the finals
Idk how he plays 45 mins a night with a days rest. His coffee must be something special.

Edit: butler was ran into the ground by coach thibadeou in Chicago and played 40+ mins a night during the regular season so this is nothing to him but still butler carrying this load alone is like lebron v gsw in 2015 with no kyrie and love
Greg somebody
Greg somebody:
He must have a sore back from carrying the squad on his shoulders. Legendary performance.
Detective Trap
Detective Trap:
This is the man that the media said was the problem look at him now!
Timothy Houston
Timothy Houston:
Jimmy Butler: I wasn’t trash talking, Lebron said at the end of the 1st quarter, and I said it at the end of the 4th
opponent 116
opponent 116:
“We won I could careless about a triple double” even if we lose man had finals mentality
D N:
Alot of respect for this guy. Win or lose, he has that "Mamba Mentality". Look at his bio....
Don P
Don P:
Jimmy is definitely somebody I’d want to go to war with on my side
Harrison Kleinpeter
Harrison Kleinpeter:
Jimmys is one of those guys where you had to have watched him to really appreciate how good he is. Looking at the box score won’t do it justice.
Derrick kennedy
Derrick kennedy:
Don't forget he is injured , he is just playing through it .
1:17 & 4:57 “you’re in trouble” question
He's absolutely right. It's about winning and if you lose all those stats don't matter.
Doc Rivers
Doc Rivers:
40 Point triple double jimmy was the best player on the Court tonight
The Fixer
The Fixer:
Jimmy is that grinder you want on your team. Pulling for him and the Heat in this series. Great to see he has guys around him that would run through a wall for him.
Liam Noble
Liam Noble:
Teacher: No question is a bad question.

Nba Reporter: ....
Jimmy Butler pulled the biggest UNO reverse card in history on LeBron with "THEY"RE in trouble" lol
Tamilore Ayeye
Tamilore Ayeye:
Even if they lose, Jimmy ain’t tryna get swept
He REALLY wanted to win this game
ExPlosion Terms
ExPlosion Terms:
Dont count the heat out. Especially jimmy buckets.
Ray Liufau
Ray Liufau:
Jimmy a dying breed. Not many players with this old school mentality and attitude left 💪🏽❤💯
Zac Spurlock
Zac Spurlock:
The Klaw like damn i should've got him ova PG13
Varnesh Vaid
Varnesh Vaid:
That was a herculean effort by him.
DMVelz97 Hobbies
DMVelz97 Hobbies:
the blood of Michael Jordan is in there with butler...
134T5 MAN
134T5 MAN:
Look at Butler man, so inspirational...
Lifestyle Vlogs
Lifestyle Vlogs:
He wanted to win at all costs, there was no in between it was a win or a win!! Love his competitive spirit and the way the heat battled. Excited for the rest of the series!
JT CaviCola
JT CaviCola:
Series: *Lakers 2-1*
LeESPN: “Stephen A, is LeBron under more pressure to win vs the Heat?”
Ryan Rogers
Ryan Rogers:
Literally lead us to a victory. They cannot keep jimmy from penetrating. I hope he continues this mindset for next game. And extra hoping for Bam back as I’m sure Dragic is out for series
"And I took that personally" - Jimmy Butler
All this happened without their starting center and point guard. Lakers might be in trouble.
J Syv
J Syv:
Love seeing this guy who was only supposed to be a defensive specialist to a super star. Good for him!
BJ Yrad
BJ Yrad:
He had 0 fouls. WOW
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze:
So humble! Almost every answer he gives he refers to his teammates.. it’s refreshing to see someone who encompasses the entire team
Rajveer Singh
Rajveer Singh:
Rachel always tryna to make shit deeper than it actually is. Like Jimmy said, this is basketball and Tyler been hooping all year. It don’t really matter if it’s his first NBA finals.
The Wild Formosan
The Wild Formosan:
Jimmy Butler is MJ in a lesser talented body, he's much more MJ-like than Lebron in my opinion.
El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz
El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz:
Last time Heat was down 2-0 a former Marquette player brought them back to win it all back in 2006🤐😬 can it be done 14 years later AGAIN? or is it scripted for LAL to win cuz of Kobe’s death? Let’s find out shall we!
S R:
Dude just went through such an emotional roller coaster in that game and these reports just blue balled the F*** out of him. Only one guy said congrats in the entire post-game interview! The reporters should have vibed with his personality and got him to spill the beans on how amazing the moment was for him personally, not many humans have ever felt what JB felt tonight. Great game.
E&G Inc.
E&G Inc.:
Jimmy's unselfishness is worth way more than harden and Westbrooks 20 assist games
2ne1forever kpoplegend
2ne1forever kpoplegend:
I like his humble attitude, smart during interviews. Im liking him each time he open his mouth. Good luck Miami Heat!
Tbh, he has no real weaknesses in his game. There's nothing he can't or is not willing to do, as he said in the beginning.
John Pange
John Pange:
Somewhere the 76ers are punching air rn
Zitro 55
Zitro 55:
Bro I’m telling you the heat wants to win more than the lakers I know it and that’s why there gonna win
Hadit Fikri Falah
Hadit Fikri Falah:
That earrings remind me about a guy who loved to say "I took it personal"
Zachary Red
Zachary Red:
reminds me a lot like kobe!!!!!! KOBE LIVING IN THESE FINALS!! MIss you kobe.
BerZ3rker 360
BerZ3rker 360:
LeBron took on the challenge of guarding Jimmy...and got owned in the process😂
D BelJewZ TV
D BelJewZ TV:
Skip Bayless gonna have a lot to say about Jimmy Butler dropping 40pts while guarding Lebron and getting the Win... 😆
Jimmy Maner
Jimmy Maner:
His mentality and tenacity are the cornerstones of the Miami Heat. I'm proud of this team and look forward to Tuesday.
I still can’t believe he came out of Texas. As a Rockets fan, I’m hoping Jimmy wins a chip 💪🏽
Rambo Assil
Rambo Assil:
Jimmy such a baller glad heat took this game and are figuring them out. Heat in 6
Helman Taofani
Helman Taofani:
The old school blue collar superstar hooper! Jimmy G Buckets.
Theodore Harold Culiat
Theodore Harold Culiat:
Make AD foul trouble again in Game 4 so u can limit him again from scoring 30+points. #LetsGoHeat
This is great leadership on display.
He gives credit to others, downplays his own contribution and his numbers, inspires confidence in his teammates, and focuses only on winning.
DaBan McDumbeer
DaBan McDumbeer:
The Lakers are done for!!! Heat figured the Lakers out, it's over for these overrated Lakers team, Heat in 6! MARK MY WORDS
Lainie Speigel
Lainie Speigel:
Benji Price
Benji Price:
This Heat team has to be my favorite team of all time.
Alibek Asanbaev
Alibek Asanbaev:
I know this is a bold statement, but Jimmy might be the greatest basketball leader of all time.
Ultimate Warrior
Ultimate Warrior:
See LeBron doing that same cocky shit he did against Dallas mocking Dirk & you see how that ended
Jorge Ramos
Jorge Ramos:
Jimmy Buckets was hot 🔥🔥🔥
Kaleb Griffin
Kaleb Griffin:
Big Face Coffee CEO!
Ty R
Ty R:
Heat in 7, Bam will be back next game!
Super Fly
Super Fly:
He would have been a Chicago Bull if it weren’t for the poor Bulls management. 😡 🤷🏽‍♂️
Damn he just dismissed Nick Friedell hahahaha
Edelrey Paraon
Edelrey Paraon:
Lakers cant sweep a heat team who is missing Dragic and Adebayo lol who's second best player at the moment is a rookie and Jae Crowder. Bron dont start talking trash on the finals, you've lost 6/9 you better finish first cause you have a 33% win rate
Roy Morin
Roy Morin:
Yo, Nick is about to get FIRED!!!
Jimmy “Beast-Mode-Buckets” Butler
Shaquille Jackson
Shaquille Jackson:
10:28 😂😂😂 "Come on Nick"
Lebron James ate his words. Right when he said that Ik jimmy had that feeling like its our game now
how does everyone jumping off the bandwagon fuels your competetiveness?, "it doesn't, i don't care, we don't care", man you gotta love this guy's mentality! jimmy my man.
Pat Carne
Pat Carne:
Jimmy is built for the Finals. MJ Mentality
Darryl Hayes Hayes
Darryl Hayes Hayes:
No doubt Jimmy “BUCKETS” Butler got Big ♥️. I definitely
admire him for that.💯Against
all odds.Like he said that 🏀
They aren’t going to lay down
Lakersyoungcoreareaverage playersatbest
Lakersyoungcoreareaverage playersatbest:
Did you guys know MJ is actually his father? He got Jimmy's mom pregnant and dipped, he's been covering it up since. Jimmy looks exactly like MJ too
Homeless to Greatness
Homeless to Greatness:
"I am a Heat fan but I we're gonna get swept for sure." You sure you're a heat fan not a LeBron fan?
"I am a Lakers fan but I knew Jimmy will get one." Though I saw the guy commenting on another video to get the brooms ready.

You're all hypocrites.
The Naz Show
The Naz Show:
4:58 for the "you're in trouble" comment
Jariel Dawa
Jariel Dawa:
"You're in trouble." Interview
Jimmy worked like a horse tonight doin it both sides of the court RESPECT👏
Carly Edwards ✓
Carly Edwards ✓:
Jimmy seems so humble he’s getting everyone’s respect
French fries 35
French fries 35:
10:29. My man nick didn't deserve that. His mic probably wasn't working and they straight up clowned on him😡
Za Y
Za Y:
Basketball players mentality love to see how much love he plays with
We ain't about to sit here and act like we didn't see how Jimmy's whole energy shifted when they announced Mark Schwartz from ESPN 🤣🤣🤣
Jay Ferrer
Jay Ferrer:
is "Jimmy Mentality" a thing now?
Once Tyler Herro gave them that mug i was like it’s over
Josh DaVillain
Josh DaVillain:
Great Leader Even When We Have Goran And Bam Still Hurt Jimmy Showed The ESPN Media He Belongs With The Best 👿🔥
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips:
Jimmy Buckets on his 21 Savage - Savage Mode 2:

straight 🔥
Hold this BIG ASS W
Rigs Dnigs
Rigs Dnigs:
I love this dawg. He acknowledged himself been taking L’s from lebron. Now he is ready to give those back. Kind of like Kd. 👏🏾
anthony gasso
anthony gasso:
5:00 "you're in trouble" YW!
Tarek Elsakka
Tarek Elsakka:
Heat brought it to the Lakers
Aston Villa smashed Liverpool
Tottenham ran through United
What a beautiful day in sports for the underdogs!
Bob Narama
Bob Narama:
Jimmy a dog and alot of people don't give him much respect that he deserve...
I got chills watching this
Every player that has answered questions with team first always leaves that city on god 🤣👏🏼
Nitin Kaura
Nitin Kaura:
I don’t care what anybody says, he’s MJ’s son. Even if he’s not biologically, but damn similarities are uncanny in their mentality. Jimmy is exactly what MJ would be without his physical gifts.