jenna marbles driven off of youtube by cancel culture

Jenna Marbles made a heartfelt video a couple of hours ago titled "A Message" in where she addresses every single problematic thing she's said/done in the past and announces that she will be leaving youtube for a while. this is so sad you guys. cancel culture is terrible.

I highly suggest you watch her original video:

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This cancel culture is so toxic. Jenna didn’t deserve this AT ALL.
I literally cried. This is garbage. Her tan was bad but she did NOT deserve this.
autumn alexander
autumn alexander:
people just want someone new to hate on. kinda sucks because she’s one of the few good ones left
Jaime Reynolds
Jaime Reynolds:
I think she will be back. She is great, and really cares about her fans. She probably just needs some relax time. ❤
sᴇᴜʟɢɪ’s ɢɪʀʟғʀɪᴇɴᴅ
sᴇᴜʟɢɪ’s ɢɪʀʟғʀɪᴇɴᴅ:
I’m scared that Cancel culture is gonna end up with someone dead one of these days
Lourdes 0327
Lourdes 0327:
She fkn cried and apologized when she put her fish in the wrong fishbowl and people really are trying to cancel her????
Ok can we just cancel 2020 instead of cancelling Jenna? Jenna didn't deserve this. 2020 is the worst
I hate twitter. I wish the worst on the cancel culture people.
Andrew Jodon
Andrew Jodon:
Jenna is literally one of THE LEAST problematic people on the internet. She's the last one who needs cancelled right now especially when 9 out of 10 time she almost always immediately apologises if she did something wrong. Great video again Rey! Three uploads in one night you've been busy today! lol 😂 Hope you had a wonderful day!
cancel culture is toxic, thats it.
Maria Paz Gonzalez Lesme
Maria Paz Gonzalez Lesme:
Jesus, they are about this cancel culture bs again? Jenna is such chill person, wonderful doggo mom and willing to apologize for her mistakes.
Jack-Jack Gevin
Jack-Jack Gevin:
I literally just watched her video, and I cried my eyes out.
Beyblade Fables
Beyblade Fables:
Cancel culture isn’t the only reason, she is the only YT I can think of who has ever taken accountability instead of making excuses and that speaks volumes
August Dean
August Dean:
2020 is officially the worst year I’ve ever been alive in.
TDSM 99:
Because of a tan...and a joke song...twitter made this innocent woman quit her channel. How can you expect change from people when you dont accept who have changed?
Uno's Citrus Circus
Uno's Citrus Circus:
People being productive about all the wrong things.
Caleb Twombly
Caleb Twombly:
This is devastating. Like that seems dramatic but I've watched Jenna or listened to the podcast or her radio shows every single week for 7-8 years. This feels like I'm losing a great friend at this point. All of the videos she called problematic were all from almost a DECADE ago. Sure, private them if you no longer support them but to me that shows a beautiful and commendable amount of GROWTH - to have come so far - making an apology video without even being asked or "forced" by some Cancel Culture bullsh*t.

The internet needs more people like Jenna... and instead we just lost the one and only. This fucking sucks and I'm very, very sad not only for the community but for Jenna. I hope she knows just how much she is loved
Emily Shelley
Emily Shelley:
I think the big push for her to do this was because people have been calling her "drama free" and she feels that doesnt represent her. I think that way the final straw. I'm so so sad. I cried with my sister during the video
Kay Hugh
Kay Hugh:
I heard all the hate came from Twitter rather than YouTube. I feel like Twitter is a completely different world and many of the people sending all the hate aren't actually on YouTube. Twitter is toxic and attracts toxic people. They just like to jump on the hate bandwagon without thinking about how their behavior effects people
Cancel culture is whack, I hold people accountable, not cancel them
Magdalena Słupianek
Magdalena Słupianek:
If you are offended by a video "What does girl's underwear mean?" You have a big problem
Steven B
Steven B:
It’s sad that wholesome and talented creators like Jenna are leaving because of toxicity yet we constantly get Trisha Paytas crying on the kitchen floor and Jake Paul looting malls
Everyone messes up and makes mistakes, people shouldn’t judge others mistakes from the past. If they continue to make those mistakes, then you can judge them.
jenna is truly the most genuine youtube i know, i’m going to miss her, i know she’s grown as a person since her past actions and cancel culture is so toxic.
Dejuh Vuh
Dejuh Vuh:
People just feening to be offended lol it’s really sad.
Blue River Bane
Blue River Bane:
I hope everyone giving Jenna bajillions of support helps her feel better aND BRINGS HER BACK WE NEED HER POSITIVITY!! Her videos are such an important part of my week
2020 needs to be the year we cancel "cancel culture"
Honey PoolRpOcs
Honey PoolRpOcs:
I follow Keemstar and I saw the post he made about Jenna quitting and I looked at the comments and probably more than half of the people were saying “Who?😂” or “omg finally!” Or “no one liked her anyways” and I was more offended by that then anything Jenna did in her entire life. (Or what I have seen of it)
Miranda Mott
Miranda Mott:
jenna is so transparent and owns up to her mistakes without being defensive. she did not deserve this.
Maya F
Maya F:
why can't everyone be like Jenna and be honest, Jenna over apologizes and we think of her as the Grandmother of Youtube and she admits her past but look at how much she has grown

and I think she apologized out of the goodness of her heart (for ending)
I won’t ever change for anyone! This has to stop
Maya Romero
Maya Romero:
wth is up with cancel culture, it’s literally one of the most toxic things ever
C C:
Heres the thing, I really appreciate the fact that she took it upon herself to apologize for shit she did (even tho some of them aren’t even offensive imo) almost like *self reflection* , personally I don’t really watch her, but it feels like sincere apology as she took full accountability and didn’t blame anything/ anyone and it genuinely feels like she’s changed... see this is how you do a REAL APOLOGY *cough* Jeremiad Smellyfish *cough* the man who doesn’t shower *cough*
endless nameless
endless nameless:
If anyone was legitimately hurt by a NICKI MINAJ IMPRESSION, the internet is not the right place for you, and neither is adulthood or the outside world.
tedy ryt
tedy ryt:
i dont wanna live in a prefect world that cannot have a room for improvement
Dominick Ray
Dominick Ray:
I’m struggling with my human identity. Anything a human does, I find offensive. Ffs
Gracie Huffman
Gracie Huffman:
jenna wasn’t drivin off of youtube by “cancel culture”. she genuinely felt wrong for have had making content she didn’t want to stand for. she wanted to hold herself accountable not because she had to and not because she was getting “canceled” but because she is a person who simply felt wrong for things she has done in the past and i think that is what people miss. she has grown rapidly as a person and that shows through her not making excuses, not bawling her eyes out making a half ass apology and then not changing. jenna was trying to apologize for if she hurt anyone in the past because it had been something that was bothering her for awhile now. and if you have been with jenna and her channel long enough you know that jenna hasn’t been feeling youtube for a while now even if she has continued to be the amazing youtuber we love and enjoy content from. once again she did this because she wanted to be better as a person and hold herself accountable for the mistakes she has made in the past because we all make them but the difference is that people don’t want to handle them properly and take care of their shit. we should strive to do what she did and take responsibility. she is an amazing person and we can all hope for is that one day she comes back and continues to make great content.
I commented this same thing on Jenna's video, but when is an apology enough? When will people be happy? She had already come out and apologized for these incidents, deleted the videos, and made a clear track record of never doing anything like that again. If Jenna does come back, is she just going to be accused again in 4 years???? When will she have been "held accountable" enough?
Lord Zeffo
Lord Zeffo:
I literally was watching Jenna’s video right when I got the notification
What girls do vs what guys do videos were some of my favorites. Never saw it as offensive.
Tanika B
Tanika B:
So you telling me Shawn Dawson can’t leave YouTube too!!!!!
tracie porter
tracie porter:
she's an adult who made a grown up decision to leave the platform, she made this choice. don't blame it on people who brought up offensive stuff in her past
Daniel Conklin Jr.
Daniel Conklin Jr.:
This Jenna drama is on Twitter when she posted BLM they wanted to bring up her past. I really don't think these videos reflect who she is today, but regardless bullying is wrong.
Michael Matejko
Michael Matejko:
So like they’re not going to talk about Shane Dawson videos and him saying the n word
via leyah
via leyah:
she didnt even really get cancelled tho she was literally stepping up and taking accountability
JFOX Gaming
JFOX Gaming:
I’d pewdiepie is supporting her she’ll be fine
michael dean
michael dean:
2020 officially sucks
Whogunnasuckmypussy •
Whogunnasuckmypussy •:
I just wanna cancel cancel culture
Regina Kay
Regina Kay:
This was so sad and I was so angry. I honestly kinda went off in the comments, i feel like people are way too touchy- they take things that are good-intentioned and take it to the point where they're just being ridiculous, imo.
Btw, heard she unfollowed J*, too.👑
A B:
The irony of channels like these complaining about cancel culture when thats their bread and butter.
Jeffree star, trisha paytas, nicocado and more, regardless of how wrong they were, this channel participated in the same cancel culture and have absolutely no right to complain about it now that it's hit someone they like.

Hypocrisy at its finest.
Vanessa Rochelle
Vanessa Rochelle:
GAWD the sensitivity is EXTREME today. Jenna didn’t owe an apology. Everyone just wants to be MAD.
Coni Coni
Coni Coni:
she knows she has nb people on her audience and im sure that made her feel responsable for spreading gender stereotypes (i am not saying the videos are offensive, but i see where jenna got mad at herself for maybe making people feel excluded)
Tammy Johnson
Tammy Johnson:
I haven’t seen anything either, but I haven’t been actually looking either... but I have a very strong feeling this is all because of her close friendship with Shane Dawson. People are probably harassing her in DM’s maybe on twitter or Instagram? It’s very sad 😢 she is such a sweet girl and I really adore her content... I hope she comes back sooner than later. ♥️♥️♥️🌹♥️♥️♥️
I think blaming Jennas decision on “bullying” and “cancel culture” is unfair to her journey and growth as an influencer. Saying she’s just doing this because people are angry at her negates the genuineness of her apology and the entire point of her video.
Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams:
Ain’t this channel centered around canceling celebrities lmao
Scivnce ,
Scivnce ,:
Its funny because your channel is the exact reason she hates the internet. Tea spill channels are the only ones that should be cancelled
Alexius Corylus
Alexius Corylus:
Wtf, anyone can impersonate anyone, black, white, Asian, alien 👾 , it's a COMEDY, wtf
I think Jenna has been over youtube for about a year now so people hating on her was the last straw.
Vicky Panjaitan
Vicky Panjaitan:
People be digging cemeteries to find some dirt.
Nina Jones
Nina Jones:
She worked at a freakin tanning salon FOR YEARS and said that she had a slight obsession
i ´m tired of cancel culture, i miss the old funny youtube when everything was just humor
Jenna is not only brilliant... she has empathy.... something that many top “you tubers” lack. SHE cancelled YOUTUBE, not the other way around. Be clear.
Bianca Wolmer
Bianca Wolmer:
I've been following Jenna since 2010 and I left YouTube for a while, when I came back I was surprised to see people commenting about how Jenna is the only unproblematic person on YouTube, I was 14 at the time and "bouce that dick" was so edgy and her videos were always complaining about how other people act, slut shaming and whatnot. I'm really glad she finally addressed this content, there's a channel anniversary video where she reacts to her old videos and you can see how ashamed she is of the person she was. I just wish this break doesn't take too long because YouTube needs her recent content and someone who has grown so much to be an example for others.

Edited for bad English reasons
Savannah Fitts
Savannah Fitts:
I’m literally so pissed that cancel culture did this. She’s such a good person.
She made the decision herself. I’m sure she’ll come back when she is ready or if she doesn’t want to I hope she does something better in her career. She can do better than YouTube
katie h
katie h:
in regards to the guy/girl videos, i think she just wants her content to be completely inclusive and something every person can watch, enjoy and feel apart of. anyone of any gender, background, sexuality etc can watch and enjoy a video of cute dogs, the same cant be said for videos targeted at a specific gender stereotype. theres nothing wrong with targeted videos but it's just not what she wants her content to be.
Elly Mac
Elly Mac:
I don't think it was solely cancel culture... kinda suspect that Jenna had outgrown YouTube for a while now, and this was probably just the last push to make this decision for herself, her little family and her peace of mind. We will miss her of course, but I'm glad she made the decision to prioritise herself over the never-ending vortex of youtube 💗
hayleyz evol
hayleyz evol:
With all this craziness on YouTube im startin to feel like i need to apologize for that time i peed my pants in the Rose's checkout line when i was 7. . . . Like what?... I can totally understand why she's leaving. YouTube used to be a break from my immediate reality and now it's so toxic it's not even enjoyable anymore...
Jessica Eldridge
Jessica Eldridge:
Imagine a world where people could just ignore things they don’t like instead of “cancelling” people and getting offended at EVERYTHING they see online 🙄
is it just me or does anyone else wanna give jenna a hug? 😞
what does this have to do with cancel culture??
GamerNugget Supreme
GamerNugget Supreme:
She’s been the queen of YouTube for a decade I hope she comes back
Julissa R.
Julissa R.:
I just want to hug her:(
I’m so sad for her. She has such a good heart.
Kiki Noir
Kiki Noir:
Just finished her video right before clicking on this one. 😭 I'm so sad dude.
nia bledsoe
nia bledsoe:
When will y’all get that what she did was blackface
Jennifer Getz
Jennifer Getz:
she wasn’t drove off of youtube, she was upset with herself, held herself accountable and wasn’t having fun, no one drove her off
Natalie Chan
Natalie Chan:
She must’ve been struggling on the inside. I hope she gets peace mentally and hope she gets the break she deserves. Jenna deserves the world
Lauren Miller
Lauren Miller:
Jenna is an absolute angel! I love her so much!
I just hope keemstar would be as strong as her
Elijah Bishop
Elijah Bishop:
You all do realize nobody tried to cancel her she brought all of this stuff up. So you all are really mad at the wrong people.
But who did "cancel" her? I didn't even realize that this was going on
Isabel McC
Isabel McC:
Poor Jenna she didn’t deserve this bless her
instead of cancelling Jenna, they should've cancelled people who really deserve it, like Madison or Jeffree.
Quality content right here 👏
Edit; Also, of all people, Jenna? Just because she got a terrible tan doesn’t mean she has blackface or whatever.. I think this happens because of protests nowadays but this also happened a long time ago. Its sad to see her go since I’ve watched her for a while.
Victoria Mitchell
Victoria Mitchell:
by all means, i think jenna’s apology was admirable and genuine. but blaming jenna holding herself accountable and stepping away WILLING on “toxic cancel culture” is dismissive at best. no one “ran her away” or is trying to cancel her.
Kayla Villeneuve
Kayla Villeneuve:
I think the fact that I went from hating her content to watching every upload over my time on YouTube proves she has changed as a person.
Endis Fox
Endis Fox:
jenna marbes driven off of youtube by... drama channels*
Cassidy Billet
Cassidy Billet:
She wasn’t driven off YouTube by cancel culture this title is incredibly misleading and belittles the entire point she made in her video.
Thank you so much addressing this. You hit every point perfectly.

I remember people have been trying to tear her down for saying she is abusive to her animals even.

Cancel culture needs to be canceled.
Brent Holland
Brent Holland:
The OG of YouTube 😞
i literally cried. she is my favorite youtuber and i can’t believe this is happening.
Ingeborg Buitenhuis
Ingeborg Buitenhuis:
Two videos in four hours?? Wow, sis really be treating us 🥰
J T G:
Never apologise. Its handing these cretins exactly the power they want.
Uncool Nevaeh
Uncool Nevaeh:
Y’all she didn’t get canceled, she canceled herself <3
Minsuga ojo
Minsuga ojo:
I didnt go through a bad tanning pbase cause I'm black
Jennifer Orlando Ludwig
Jennifer Orlando Ludwig:
Her video broke my heart💔
Tammy Douglas
Tammy Douglas:
I’m 48, I fn love Jenna, this left me numb, literally 😭
I think you’re missing the point of jennas video. It’s not about cancel culture, it’s about holding herself accountable for past mistakes and offenses. She’s actually holding herself accountable and genuinely apologizing for her mistakes , not “getting canceled”. She was beloved by many and most of the internet saw her and someone who “could do no wrong” and a “wholesome unproblematic queen”. She addressed this, saying it made her feel uncomfortable and then proceeded to apologize for her problematic past. She then says that she’s going to leave the JennaMarbles channel because she doesn’t like what it represents. Her video is NOT about cancel culture, it’s about holding herself accountable and only wanting to put out things she’s proud of and won’t offend anyone.
I heard Rey responds to comments is this true?