Jayson Tatum Defensive Highlights | 2020 Bubble Games

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5 komento:

Forever Finesse
Forever Finesse:
So underrated on Defense I think he’s one of the premier on AND off ball defenders in the league. Can pick up 1-4 and play 5s decently. He’s a great rim protector for a forward and a absolute ball hawk off the ball. Physically he’s so long and strong and is just gonna get stronger and smarter but the most important thing is he gives effort on defense which he puts just as much importance as does for offense
Fan 1
Fan 1:
Does always hoops love comments from the noti gang
Yo Always hoops, your BGM used to cover the whole video, what happened? I found that more enjoyable to watch
Kourtney Pearson
Kourtney Pearson:
Jerami Grant D bubble games ,love watching your videos
Imran Ahmed
Imran Ahmed:
a future mvp , best of the 2017 rookie class, yea he better than simmons it aint even a debate