Jayson Tatum 25 pts 14 rebs 8 asts vs Heat 2020 PO G3

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6 komento:

Bz Dan
Bz Dan:
Better than Paul George
That dunk at 40 : 37 was so good.
the business handler
the business handler:
Smart on dragic and stach Gordon back is a game changer
Bryan Trinh
Bryan Trinh:
I’m a huge Kobe fan and I’m sure everyone has heard the saying, “Kobe is the closest thing to Jordan, but will never be Jordan”. Well watching taytum’s game, I think the next thing we’ll be saying is ragtime is the closest thing to Kobe but he’ll never be Kobe. There’s so many similarities in their games, but is lacking something the great Kobe had, just as Kobe was lacking something MJ had. Taytum is young I know, but there will never be another kobe
OKC Celtics
OKC Celtics:
His passing going to the next level is EVERYTHING for him being TRULY unstoppable! He just needs to keep improving what he's already good at and find more ways to expand his game! He's like KD/Kawhi/Harden/Kobe mixed into one person
2:27 Traveling😁😁😁