Japan Sinks: 2020 | Official Trailer | Netflix

An ordinary family is put to the test as a series of massive earthquakes throw Japan into total mayhem. From director Masaaki Yuasa (Devilman Crybaby), the first anime adaptation of the bestselling science fiction novel by Sakyo Komatsu, Japan Sinks: 2020 premieres July 9th only on Netflix.

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Japan Sinks: 2020 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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Adding 2020 to the title makes this a realistic possibility
Jarrod Su
Jarrod Su:
2020: Cool show!
2050: Cool documentary!
Kenneth Zi
Kenneth Zi:
Some takeaway:
- Listen to the earthquake warning
- Trust mad scientists
- Don't dig for yam
- Don't take bathroom breaks
- Learn Morse Code
- Don't take the platform boat
And most importantly
- Stay with your family
Jan Patrick Estomo
Jan Patrick Estomo:
Am I the only one who finish this within a day without a break
T T:
Of course the studio that made devil man crybaby would make another show with running
kenzy talbe
kenzy talbe:
Netflix: releases a trailer for Japan Sinks
goat guy
goat guy:
binged this and it was reall frustrating and heartbreaking. 100% recommend when you like drama animes.
Key takeaway: Don’t dig for yams
Is it just me noticed that everytime they take photo someone will die in the picture?
I control the spice
I control the spice:
This show man... bloody depressing
m e l a n i n
m e l a n i n:
Bruh the guy with the black hair and the glasses, I almost cried on that part. They really had to do my boy like that 😭
espie lo
espie lo:
Me throughout the whole show: WRAP YOUR LEG OR SOMETHING!!!!!!
Mr.07 Joker Joker
Mr.07 Joker Joker:
Your name = Tear jerker
Silent Voice = crying
Japan sinks= Holy cow i can’t stop crying
I already know the ending

Japan Sinks
This show: exists
Me, who lives in japan, after feeling the smallest earthquake: 👁👄👁
Not Sansa Stark
Not Sansa Stark:
How many catastrophes do you want in this series?

Creator: Yes
Wealthy suga Mama
Wealthy suga Mama:

I love how the mum is a Filipino. Hehe
Puss in Jordans
Puss in Jordans:

They went to a city with a marijuana plantation👌
Nivic Herard
Nivic Herard:
Who else is here after finishing the show😭. I got tissues for everyone now come huddle
Super Skeletron
Super Skeletron:
Hey Netflix, what's this new show called?

Netflix: Japan Sinks.

Sounds cool. What happens in it?

Netflix: Japan sinks.
not going to spoil anything but for anyone who hasn't watched the anime you're in for a wild ride

dont expect this to be a happy story
Jojo Zen
Jojo Zen:
Just finished watching this anime And I gotta say that I am traumatized

Don't ever get attached to the characters cause you'll regret it
Livia Guerrero
Livia Guerrero:
Me seeing a older sister and younger brother...

*Violent 'Tokyo Magnitude 8.0' flashbacks*
Jordan S
Jordan S:
why did they have to do haruo like that 😭 my heart aches every time i think of the scene
"Japan Sinks: 2020"
Seeing how 2020 has been so far, I think that they're tempting Fate...
kelly smelly
kelly smelly:
I just finished it...... (spoilers and sorry for my spelling) bro, the mum was my hero, she should get the mother of the year award lol. The Morse code guy was chill. The main character ayumu really pissed me off at the start all she cared about was her crush and how nana—(I forgot the rest of her name sorry lol) was acting. But she kinda grew up when she was stuck in the raft, especially when she killed that bird and the fish for her brother. To be honest, it’s like 4 in the morning and I’m crying over an anime that at this point could happen. Also, now I have a survival tips board on Pinterest. Anyway the anime was great! I’m probalay les than half awake, so I’m going to bed and rewatching in the morning. Once again sorry for my spelling! ✨😅
Location of Anime that have been destroyed:
Your Name: Itomori
Weathering with You: Tokyo

Japan Sinks: Entire Japan 😂
Top butterball
Top butterball:
US: The Corona virus is horrible
Meanwhile Japan: ...
John Lee
John Lee:
When you see news that Japan is flooding at this moment:

John Kohai
John Kohai:
Me seeing “Okinawa Sinks” while currently in Okinawa: 👁👄👁
Alfie H
Alfie H:
2020 can’t get any worse
Let me tell you something, do not ever give water bottles to the elderly

That scene was so rude man
sasusaku xoxo
sasusaku xoxo:
Just finished watching this rn at 3:48am and I’ve cried to this show like 7 times bro, 10/10 fr
Luisa T
Luisa T:
Man those sudden deaths are really heartbreaking. I already cried after the second episode !!!
Then everything changed when the Water Tribe attacked.
Thomas Gabriel N. Laconico'z.
Thomas Gabriel N. Laconico'z.:
Ayumu: *_*Says that the Philippines was also affected by sinking_**

Me: *_*Realizes that I live there, 👁️👄👁️_**
your sugardaddy
your sugardaddy:
I've watched this the whole day and it's so f*cking sad...
but definitely worth it to watch!!
Reaper LUKE
Reaper LUKE:
Yeah, cuz' we didn't cry enough with Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.
Tan Jing Jie
Tan Jing Jie:
All those lives, damn. They were once here, the next, they were gone. One of the most touching and amazing anime series I have ever watched. The ending is unexpected but beautiful at the same time.
Me seeing the runners in the first 5 seconds:
BRO THE FEELINGS TOWARDS THIS SHOW IS UNBEARABLE. MY HEART WAS RACING. I swear the director of dmcb gives me such a way to my feelings it hurts. Man I really suggest this!!
Bless U
Bless U:
I’m on episode 4 and I really really dislike Ayumu. Idk why she does stupid things.
Amber Whitman
Amber Whitman:
I watched this NOT expecting to cry. The last two episodes had me balling like a baby.
Chou Tzuyu
Chou Tzuyu:
I just finished watching it and all i can say is dont watch it if you are going through hard times. Without spoilers, lots of things happen and this isnt exactly the anime to watch to feel happy.
Arges Hagan
Arges Hagan:
Please dont give 2020 anymore ideas! We're not even half way done, feels like the whole world is sinking.
2020: *exists*

me: *sees this trailer*
Shengran Qiu
Shengran Qiu:
Just finished watching... This is a damn good anime from Netflix Originals...
akari yoshi
akari yoshi:
Who else came back here after watching it on Netflix?

It was a great and an emotional anime, I give it a 10/10
Tur3x x
Tur3x x:
A Japanese/Filipino Family
An Estonian Youtuber
A Japanese DJ, Store Owner, Mad Scientist and Friend
Surviving Sinking Japan
Many Died Along the way.
c o r r u p t
c o r r u p t:
Just finished the series its 4:57 am and damn that was beautiful.
welp guess it’s time for me to leave japan and go back to guam....
Netflix: great idea! Guam’s next
After watching this series, i realize their main family are half-filipinos.

Thanks to the director of this anime for represent a cebuana character!
satoru kendai
satoru kendai:
This is the 2020 edition of the anime
"Tokyo Magnitude 8.0"
“You know what?
2020 hasn’t been rough enough on Japan”

- The Director Probably

my man in the glasses and black hair was one of my favourites, like, he do be spitting fire bars tho, and he's mad cute. so you can guess..... my reaction when they killed him off.... was not very pleasant lmao. I'm talking full on slamming my fist on the table and scream-crying out ‘WHY’ for about 50 times. yeah I'm still not over it. And the MOM omg the MOM 😭 had to muffle my screams of agony with my pillow. Don't even get me started on that birthday surprise video :'(
Andrew Fantôme
Andrew Fantôme:
I liked this show and its messages, but many of the dark moments was overly cheesy. It was as if someone was trying so hard to shock me that it constantly became over-the-top.
When he dig and dig and then BOOM..
My heart explode toooo..
Kokonut Karcasses
Kokonut Karcasses:
God this anime was great! I binged watched it today and it was heartbreaking. It hurts even more if you try to put yourself in the characters positions and knew that japan went through a similar situation. It constantly made me cry of relief and sadness.
Godzilla: "Okay, I'm _pretty sure_ it's not my fault this time!"
Steven L.
Steven L.:
I just binge-watched it.

It was a heart-wretching 4 hours, it's an emotional rollercoaster ride but so worth it!
I have watched the first episode and holy shi-!!
Cocoa Jas
Cocoa Jas:
i just binged this whole show in one day while doing my hair. i had to take so many breaks cause i cried while watching almost every single episode. this show had my anxiety through the roof
Dheeraj Hejamady
Dheeraj Hejamady:
So we are gonna pretend that animation's great huh?
"From the director of Devilman Crybaby"
Thanks for the warning.
Jayshanie Tupuola-Tilialo
Jayshanie Tupuola-Tilialo:
Somebody tell me why I thought the title was “Japan stinks”
When they combine devilman crybaby and Tokyo magnitude
Faradila Wahyu Maylinda
Faradila Wahyu Maylinda:
Ayumu : *says that Philippines and Indonesia also affected*

Me who lives in Indonesia : 👁 👄 👁
Daylinda pasatiempo
Daylinda pasatiempo:
Do you think the world will be boring without Japan?
Julius Taal
Julius Taal:
Japan: sinks under sea level

The Netherlands: first time?
Mythu Sharma
Mythu Sharma:
The most irritating is the daughter for which everyone dies
DereckD R
DereckD R:
Title: Japan is sinking 2020

Actual show: zombiless apocalypse in Japan
This show had so many mixed emotions in it, overall mainly depressing, but it's good to see the characters had good moments together even through tough times. And that ending man, it hit different
Margarret Gomez
Margarret Gomez:
This anime made me cried a lot, never expected it to make me so emotional
Read this as “JAPAN STINKS” and I was like damn Netflix Anime originals got it like that now huh
Rayan Khalil
Rayan Khalil:
1:30 that guy in the back just looks like me when we’re taking fanily foto 🤣🤣🤣
Y’all should watch it! ITS AMAZING is made me cry like a baby

Oh and
Kite is hot
Celine Cornwall
Celine Cornwall:
All I can say, prepare your tissues. This series hit hard😪😭😭
Word of advise for those interested in watching: don't get attached, it will hurt you
Khimahri Mcfarlane
Khimahri Mcfarlane:
one of the fbi operator
one of the fbi operator:
"Japan sinks"

Jakarta: First time?
if it really does, no one would be surprised
Action Bastard
Action Bastard:
People in quarantine: I hate sitting at home all day, while getting paid.

People in Japan Sinks 2020: We don't even have a home or anything anymore.
Digarch P
Digarch P:
Just completed watching this series and I just wana say it's epic , heart wrenching and I am extremely amazed by this story it's felt so real just touched my heart 💙 Quite different then the other anime genre 🌻
Zacklee Alip
Zacklee Alip:
I just finished watching Episode 1 and it give me the gossebump i've never experience before.
me watching an anime about earthquakes and natural disasters while I live in Singapore: 👁👄👁
Random Cat
Random Cat:
Japan: *Sinks*

Me an Indonesian: "I guess we are next"
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ:
they really killed the best characters I CANT STOP CRYING OVER HARUO IM SO SAD
Mekitoji -San
Mekitoji -San:
This anime has no chill.
Every episode has something tragic happening.
Brick Craft
Brick Craft:
Anti-Japanese animation produced by Koreans.
The content is different from the original.
Now criticized by many Japanese.
Yui Heartfelia
Yui Heartfelia:
Reminds me of the Anime : tokyo magnitude 0.8
One of the saddest Anime’s of all time. Makes you Cry.
your mom
your mom:
I watched this. I would 10/10 reccommend. It's amazing. It makes you so much grateful for everyting you have and how you should never give up and help each other. But be ready for a roller coaster of emotions. There's alot of tragedy in it and gosh do yourself a favour and not get attached to any of the characters.
Jamess Gaming
Jamess Gaming:
I tried to put emotion on this anime and tried to cry for those sad moments....but I can't, I think there's something missing in here. Btw overall its bit good.
May ; - :
May ; - ::
Lol imagine if Netflix added Prison School
10cm nanokulon
10cm nanokulon:
I'm getting "Tokyo magnitude 8.0" vibes
Croz Raven
Croz Raven:
IRL 2020: The World Economy Sinking
Bryan Gayo
Bryan Gayo:
This has a live action movie. Early 2000s I recall.
Anna_army 92_
Anna_army 92_:
This show had me sobbing it really is a beautiful show!
Tuule Luule
Tuule Luule:
I just finished it. It made me really happy that they talked about Estonia, because it isn't that popular. (I live there)
Kitty HeartU!
Kitty HeartU!:
2016: A town in Japan was struck by a meteorite
2019: Tokyo was flooded
2020: Japan is gonna sink

w. t. h?
Kozume Kenma
Kozume Kenma:
I got so so worried that I did research on it. So yeah its a novel in 1972 (??).

I am not gonna let Japan sink. I have big dreams there :')