Jamal Crawford Is Officially Back, Joining The Brooklyn Nets

With Jamal Crawford officially back, here's a look back at his last NBA game where he passed Michael Jordan as the oldest player to drop 50 points in a single game.

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64 komento:

Im actually very excited to see J-Crossover return to New York. Welcome to Brooklyn 😎
V I:
About got damn time
Yay he’s back I met him at his tournament in Seattle he’s so nice man I’m so happy he’s back
D M:
Damn the suns squandered this game big time lmao
Finally some real hoops news
Suave Guyy
Suave Guyy:
Brooklyn got 2 of the best ball handlers on the team with Kyrie and J Crossover.. Lets see him explode for 40pts in a couple games..
xNavMoney5 _
xNavMoney5 _:
Yesssss. It's about God damn time. I kno he 40 but he should have been in the league earlier than this.
Better late than never I guess.
Good for him tho
Garret Bobby Ferguson
Garret Bobby Ferguson:
Idk why but I always thought Jamal couldn’t grow hair 😂
Oel Dave
Oel Dave:
Jamal trying so hard to win

But the whole wants to tank..
itachi sensei
itachi sensei:
first JR. Now J Crossover? Sign us up. take my money now
Guillermo McLean
Guillermo McLean:
Brooklyn bound 🖤🗽🙌🏾
J-crossover welcome to the nets
zackzozi zand
zackzozi zand:
ive been waiting for this to happen for a looooooong time
KingSlim X
KingSlim X:
about time man💯
Kai R33
Kai R33:
Yup Brooklyn is going for the win!
Pro Sports Outlook
Pro Sports Outlook:
Smooth as silk. Happy to see the likes of Melo & J Crossover be able to finish out their careers the right way. Brooklyn definitely needs him!
Im watching all the Nets games in the restart now. Crawford bout to be on his BallisLife Mixtape Seattle Pro-Am shit
Wengie Poops
Wengie Poops:
He old but he still moves like a youngster!
Ahmed Salar
Ahmed Salar:
Man I've watched a lot of his highlights
He could've been something special man
Matts2wavy _
Matts2wavy _:
Love his dribble style always try to dribble like him!
Tyrone Washington
Tyrone Washington:
Great for him love to see him play
Idrees Ali
Idrees Ali:
Him and Kyrie ‘bout to be an ankle breaking duo, and they’ll have a big 3
jake plesser
jake plesser:
since they are coming for the return of the season im curious are they going to stay for the 2021 season as well
Greatto hear don expect anything this is just respect
On granny i knew he was going to the nets....idk why he wasnt playing in the first place
And we also got Beasley too
Ruben Arnold
Ruben Arnold:
Oh this is exciting
Parlay King 513
Parlay King 513:
Let’s go 😊
Odongo Cronk
Odongo Cronk:
He somehow has similar play style to Kawhi Leonard
Deejay Thompson
Deejay Thompson:
Lakers fumbled the bag 🤦 happy to see him back thoo
Top Opp John
Top Opp John:
Remember nba 2k16 sophomore year Jamal crossover was deadly on tht game
here before 1 mil
Israel DNA
Israel DNA:
He would had fit in well with Washington .
Jeremy Sims
Jeremy Sims:
Perfect fit too, off the bench when kyrie is out can give buckets when the stars need a breather, knows how to create his own offense and make big shots and can shoot 💯
Aaron hockey
Aaron hockey:
Good pick up
Matt Walner
Matt Walner:
Damn if only the lakers could get a hold of him
Alan KS
Alan KS:
he and lue will can play all day until 60s
What a time to be a Nets fan :D
Gabe Aguilar
Gabe Aguilar:
God I miss basketball
We The North
We The North:
Welp Raptors back to being a first round exit team. Jamal Crawford going to lead the Nets to a title
AndrewTheMaster Cards
AndrewTheMaster Cards:
He is a great scorer but you have to remember that he is 40 YEARS OLD
Bro Bh
Bro Bh:
Yeah NBL is back
The Master of Rainbow is back
G&E Farms Emery
G&E Farms Emery:
51 in lose is still a loss
Miles K
Miles K:
Him and that one dude on the Clippers..
Age is just a number
Terriyon Aaron
Terriyon Aaron:
one of the best pure bucket getters of all time with kobe kd lou will and mj
TheReal DevFrm2nd
TheReal DevFrm2nd:
J Cross
Terry Boston Whipping The Truck
Terry Boston Whipping The Truck:
This Brother is Dangerous
That nigga Patrick
That nigga Patrick:
Who cares 500 million rn
Nets gonna win the playoffs now
EaST CoAsT MaCHete
EaST CoAsT MaCHete:
Jamal Crawford a walking bucket. Nice move.
Samrajya Basnet
Samrajya Basnet:
Man so happy for this guy. His handles are still better than most of the players in the league..
Michael Francis Tapia
Michael Francis Tapia:
Jamal Crawford in his prime or Lou Williams in his prime?
king ryan
king ryan:
As long as kyrie is on the team they will lose
Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai:
Cmon the guy scored 50 his last game and lakers sign guys like Jared Dudley 😂 it’s clear the guy is not washed up shoulda been playing from the beginning of the season
Gabriel NR
Gabriel NR:
I'm glad he's back, but this is only happening because the Nets have like 5 roster spots open, but the people who were clamoring for Crawford to comeback expect too much from him. He scored 50 on a loss on a shit team, but he's still a 40 year old inefficient chucker with no defensive abilities. At least we'll see the Nets go 0-8 with some offensive highlights.
Han Sero
Han Sero:
Fr I thought the tittle said he was finally black 😂😂😂

Am done💀💀
Brady S
Brady S:
Joshane Smith
Joshane Smith:
How old is he
Elijah Walker
Elijah Walker:
Like if it was about damn time!