Jada Pinkett and Will Smith CONFIRM Her Relationship With August Alsina

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith sat down together for an episode of her Facebook Watch Series, ‘Red Table Talk,’ and addressed August Alsina’s claims that he and Jada had a relationship.

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King Ilemona
King Ilemona:
Am I the only one seeing the hurt in his eyes??
Adebambo adedoyin
Adebambo adedoyin:
Sis u are embarrassing ur husband, look at his eyes.
Katniss 808
Katniss 808:
You can see the sadness in Will eyes... He probably feels embarrassed and emasculated.
Kelly S
Kelly S:
Why did he give his whole self to a married woman. And wtf was she doing “healing herself” by falling for someone outside of her marriage. Uh ok lol
Rosalina Marie
Rosalina Marie:
Aww will looks hurt, like he has been crying .
New Yorker2
New Yorker2:
"Bad marriage for life" ----damn. But I'll pass on that...
Chasity Patton
Chasity Patton:
Will is way too good for her...
Ivan Barjaktarov
Ivan Barjaktarov:
Just let her go Will .. Of all things said, she needed to highilght that she "didn't need permission" .. from him while still being married to the guy. I am team Will
King Spotlight
King Spotlight:
Hey *Jada* .... Why *Ju-ly* about *August* .....Whyyyyyyyyyy😫
noloyiso mtana
noloyiso mtana:
I don't understand how this man (August) fully "devoted" and "fully gave" himself to a married woman. What was the outcome goal here, brother?
GGL StandwithHK
GGL StandwithHK:
She seems insensitive to others people feeling, being liberated ?
Leanna Cruz
Leanna Cruz:
Imagine Will Smith not being enough for you in a relationship, can't relate....
After listening to these two. I still BELIEVE every word coming out of August Alsina.
Jay Love
Jay Love:
Totalchaos1983 0
Totalchaos1983 0:
Ok, so Jada and Will were going through something and were taking time apart to re-evaluate their marriage and during that time, Jada was laid up with this other dude. And other dude thought she might leave Will for him, but she didnt. ..
Did I get it all? lol!
Amethyst Angel
Amethyst Angel:
Who cares? People are dying from a pandemic. Everyone knows August was telling the truth.
The way will is Looking and his Eyes ... they Tell me he got really hurt or sth really sad happened
U Know it Is Here
U Know it Is Here:
This family is all screwed up. This so called women is teaching other how to sleep around when you trying to heal. Now I know why my children do not like this family or watch their stuffs.
Vash T
Vash T:
I think Will was and still is more hurt about what happened than he's leading on
August is gonna be a rough month lol
Vicki Ross Tudor
Vicki Ross Tudor:
The ending was really sad even if it was a joke. “Bad marriage for life.” ..*Fist bump* 😬😬😬
Quincy Carter
Quincy Carter:
This is just sad...at 3:20 you can see the hurt on will's face...the laugh was totally fake...they quoting that bad boy movie...only one problem..yall marriage ain't a movie..its real life smh
Warren London
Warren London:
😕 The whole thing was just weird. It seemed really rehearsed. Especially with that end part. “Bad marriage for life” 🥴 Like wtf?! Who says that?! 💀
Day As Qay
Day As Qay:
Never thought I’d see the day people applaud someone for abusing the love ppl constantly tried to give them. Applaud 2 people who took vows apparently for absolutely no reason at all. Please don’t let this be your ideology of marriage and what love is about. This is nothing but tolerance and complacency.
Hattie Jackson
Hattie Jackson:
They so damn phony I believe everything August said
Lies and damage control. They weren’t separated, they have an open marriage.
I was assuming the guy jada cheated on will with would be a decent looking man. Instead he looks like a mutant offspring of the new gen rappers like migos, young thug, melly, 69, 21 savage, etc. LMFAO
Marilyn Cwik
Marilyn Cwik:
Soul searching? More like cradle robbing. Can’t stand her.
Maria G
Maria G:
You can see in Will eyes he must of spent a sleepless night reflecting on that affair and coming to terms beyond his control standing by Jada to come out to there fans with the truth. Reopening that wound. I feel for him.
jae jojo
jae jojo:
They're being so stupid Will literally looks as if he wants to cry and that saddens me so much I have so much love for them both,wish they took their marriage vows more seriously... be faithful ...it's more rewarding isn't it? Smh Will Smith should've married me for real.😝💕♥️🤗💕
Brett Mason
Brett Mason:
Imagine, you finally marry the woman you've been chasing for years....just to end up sharing her with another dude....damn...
I knew it was true 🤣 but I'm glad they finally came out and confirmed it
Renee Lewis
Renee Lewis:
This whole story is just weird, and hard to watch. 😱Lol
Carmel Oreilly
Carmel Oreilly:
Will looks so hurt!
He is soo handsome
& nice!! She is a fool!!
Like they were tryna make themselves happy but she went with another man to do that
Split up & will there is a long Q of women waiting for u❤️
Rosemary Ngugi
Rosemary Ngugi:
I'm surprised actually. I thought they'd deny, deny and deny.
Day As Qay
Day As Qay:
Jada says she wanted to heal August but I really believe she just used him to heal her own insecurities. To feel young and beautiful again & once she regained that confidence that August gave her, she was ready to give herself to her marriage again
Yoga Bayu
Yoga Bayu:
Let me get in this Will Smith's business straight.

Jada, Will Smith's wife (she doesn't want to be called his wife in an Interview) were 20 years old when she were lusting for Tupac, hell Tupac even says she got a grade A pussy but says she's crazy.
At that time this August Alsina dude just being born out of a womb somewhere.
For shit reasons Tupac died and she's now with the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, I guess she need someone to talk to?

Now she's 48 Lusting for a 27 years old August Alsina, bro your son is 2 years younger than him the fuck you doing, while still married too, that's cheating AND pedophilia/grooming.

At the same time;
Willow Smith [19], Will's daughter are writing letters to Tupac that's already died before she was even born. thinking he should be his dad.

& Jaden Smith [25], Will's son calling Tyler, the Creator his dad.

How the fuck he didn't kill himself from all of this bullshit his family doing. His family basically think he don't exist.

How do you let all this happens Will?
LaLa Prettyinpink
LaLa Prettyinpink:
I feel sorry for Will Smith, he is hurting because of his wife’s actions yet he loves her so deeply that he is trying to protect her from her actions.
Salacious Crumb
Salacious Crumb:
I like how she denied everything but cuz it's on red table talk now we suppose to forget that? Lol
Ernest Afoakwah
Ernest Afoakwah:
"I want that Jada and that Will love." lol
Ant Dun
Ant Dun:
Last time I heard someone say, "I want to feel good" was Halle Berry in Monsters Ball😂🤣😂🤣😂
Asia Allen
Asia Allen:
“Entanglement” ? Girl please !! I liked how Will correct ha ass by saying “Relationship” bc that’s what her and August had !!
Pennie R
Pennie R:
She still didn’t say everything she watch and choose her words wisely I feel like they were not on a break she flat out cheated and August got tired of waiting on her to leave Will and left her. And I would almost believe Will May have just now found out about it like we did but he’s acting like her knew back then. Just my opinion
Clara K. Mallah
Clara K. Mallah:
Why Will didn't deny August's allegation that he gave his blessing to allow him ( August) date his wife? I wanted to hear Will's answer and not Jada on this.....
Paisley Moon
Paisley Moon:
5 years ago?! He's just trying to sell albums at this point.
Now let me tell you all about how,
My wife got flipped,
Turned upside down,
And I'd like to take a minute,
Just sit right there,
Ill tell all about how my wife had an affair
Will needs to be a man after Jesus’ own heart. Both of them actually. 😪
Alicia 409 Flores
Alicia 409 Flores:
Was August fault he got involved but he broke it off. So why he crying now after so many years. Life goes on August
V Rostova
V Rostova:
But wasn't they denying it at first
LegacyTV / DaVlogs
LegacyTV / DaVlogs:
During the whole interview Will looked like he was on the verge of tears, and Jada never even once showed a hint of remorse or sadness about betraying her husband.
dwborah purvis
dwborah purvis:
Love them both. But i know the hurt he feels/felt. Didn't think it was funny when she said bad marriage for life😥 he didn't seem to really like it either ❤
Jeanine Smith
Jeanine Smith:
That’s not funny smh! “Bad marriage for life” playing with someone’s feelings
Latoya Drummond
Latoya Drummond:
When a man says that he is done, it is OVER!!
I like how she took herself to the Red Table for less than 15 minutes but everybody else gets almost an hour of the Red Table. Umm hmm.....🤔🤨😐😑😶🙄😏🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Wendy Reid
Wendy Reid:
Will looks so hurt and sad in his eyes😢.
Ricky Wesley
Ricky Wesley:
Yea I don’t think will and his wife are being real. I believe Aguess alsina
Royal Jai
Royal Jai:
"All my life i been smiling when i felt like wilding "
Will Smith 😂......
What made them separate was my question
Trish F
Trish F:
Will~you seem like a nice guy~Leave this woman~she is toxic. You deserve better.
PLANET NOW - World weather events & Disasters
PLANET NOW - World weather events & Disasters:
I pray for Will to find the light and rid himself of revenge. I pray for him to realise this bad intent and to balance his humour 🙌 I pray for Jada to find self happiness
Brian Mcghee
Brian Mcghee:
To be honest. On the August dude is a simp. You had a relationship, hit, keep it quiet. Man when a married woman let you hit be quiet.
Taryn LaRae
Taryn LaRae:
My heart breaks for August. 💔 Here is a young man that comes from such a broken family & very much absentee Mother...who latched on to Jada, who should have looked at him like a CHILD, but instead she used him & emotionally abused him. For him to be so broken that years later, still with his WHOLE life ahead of him...not even a full 30 yrs old...he could say he could "die" today after giving himself totally to someone is absurb. I'm sure Jada made him feel all the love & comfort that he craves & yearns for from not having it from his Mom, which he desperately sings about at his concerts, but instead of Jada protecting him & nurturing that need maturely, she sexually exploits it. Such a shame! He's going to have a lot of emotional baggage before finding a real love.
Emmanuel Chibango
Emmanuel Chibango:
Will: Hey Jada, What is next month?
Jada: August, what's up?
Will: Oh!!!

John Wick reference... If you get this one you're a living legend.
Ace tray
Ace tray:
Will had that" i/m going to choke the schyt out you" when the cam stops rollin
Ruby Merritt
Ruby Merritt:
That is their business! That is their relationship! MIND YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR RELATIONSHIPS PEOPLE! PERIOD!!!!
Audrey Grace
Audrey Grace:
And? He knows she's married so when you entangle yourself to a married person expect less. 💯
This is a whole mess...chile lol
Trish F
Trish F:
OMG! This woman has always been very odd. She always preaches to people and look at her!!! Damn hypocrite!!!
Bklyn Gurl1
Bklyn Gurl1:
Mr. Smith, I’m sooo sorry for the hurt in your eyes most unfortunately caused by your unapologetically trifling wife. She seems so cavalierly unbothered but clearly this situation is causing you strife. I trust you will do what’s best for you at this point.
David R.
David R.:
I'm proud Jada didn't throw August under the bus. She came clean. Jada knows August has mad love for her, and she's also wise enough to know that she can't build a life with a guy his age...
Why they both smith's denied the allegations now saying yes it happened on the red table , flkkkk 🤓 anything for publicity lol
Contricia Russ
Contricia Russ:
Wish Will and Jade all the best Everyone go through situations in marriages and relationships either you will work it out or either you will let it go.Happy that they told their story people love to Here stuff and run away with it.🙏🏽💙🙏🏽💙
alice scott
alice scott:
Who the hell cares about the relationship there’s more important things in life that is going on . Another soap opera story for crying out loud tell positive uplifting stories not these operas 🎭🎭🤣🤣😂
Miss Reen
Miss Reen:
If this was years ago, then why does he looks sad. i.e Will
2 blessed to be depressed Money love
2 blessed to be depressed Money love:
Wat do they do in mansion party's in Hollywood I'm asking never been to one how you get recording deal never had one
Gamachu Dedefo
Gamachu Dedefo:
Just saying WILL IS A ACTOR we all know he hurt like wtf who wouldn’t be I would have ended things with her once a cheater always a cheater just saying
It makes me wonder how August got jada’s attention. This proves that women always have options to get some pipe from another man.
Sew Bee
Sew Bee:
Will look like HE BEEN CRYING. So sad, yet trying to keep it together.
Damien Dillon
Damien Dillon:
I just won’t get married at all 🙅🏾‍♂️ I’m not dealing with all that bs, I’ll be in somebody prison doing life 😒😭
Dinah Rogers
Dinah Rogers:

ඔව්සේවකයාට තිගැස්සුනාඔව්මම හිතන්නේ මට එය ලැබුණා ඔබට දෙදෙනාම එකම විශ්වයේ සිටිය නොහැක ඉතා හොඳයි ඉතා තර්කානුකූලයි ඒක මට වගේ එය සිතුවා ඒ සද්දය
Darrin Nolen
Darrin Nolen:
1:49 wills face is like mmmmhmm. you lying
Anna Castillo
Anna Castillo:
He looks broken still and she’s loss, what a shame
Mike Tank Brown ll
Mike Tank Brown ll:
Whatever works for them and makes them happy. That's they're life and they gotta live it. August came out like superhead and told all the business. They definitely won't be dealing with him again.
Salina Gonzalez
Salina Gonzalez:
You can see the hurt in his eyes. Was it that important to her to let her vows go?
infinity psychu
infinity psychu:
0:05 the fact that i am speaking to you again is a miracle

MORE LIKE A MISTAKE MY FRIEND you deserve better
Donna Hill
Donna Hill:
Let this be a lesson, when you mess with a married man or woman the marriage may not end.
You will find yourself being used as a bandaid, a cover up.
The Smith's are staying together for now. Let's see if they will continue with maintaining open relationship.
I <3 their communication, dedication & respect to each other. It is awe inspiring, for me. Relationship goals. Forget marriage, just Relationships period, GOALS.
Wendy Lucas
Wendy Lucas:
Its seems like when Will leans his head to the left..sign of pain
Iloveme Fortune
Iloveme Fortune:
Agusta never said" he got will permission". He said he received his BLESSING!! Meaning at the time Will and Jada were serperated and it was OK!!!
Stop Playing games!!! August is not lying!!!! He so truthful, it made you come out!!!
Carole Walker
Carole Walker:
Forgiveness is something very few of us truly know how to truly do. Jada, please at least say you're sorry for trying to find your truth at Will's expense.
Apollo 11
Apollo 11:
F*** Jada, happy that back in the days Tupac turned his back from you! You’re the man Will, stay Fresh! It is easy to see in his eyes that it is not done yet, say goodbye to august whoever! 😉
malachi brown
malachi brown:
J.Cole :
"First Thing First, Rest In Peace Uncle Phill"

Me: "Nah, Uncle Phill can rest, we need to use the dragonballs to get him back and get him to fix this bulls*** up"
Christy S
Christy S:
Mmmmm... adultery. Yep u committed adultery. Yep it’s a sin. Quit trying to get out of it chic.
Tanmay Naik
Tanmay Naik:
Man, Will is laughing but he looks sad.
She had a relationship with someone wayy to trendy
Bev Crawford
Bev Crawford:
I would have loved to see them hug and maybe kiss at the end, instead of the "DAP" handshake... But that's just my opinion!
kendra hintzen
kendra hintzen:
Reading some of the comments 🤯😱, I been with my husband for 20 something years and we’ve been married for 13 years with 3 kids, had I know marriage was this had would I had gotten married I don’t know 🤷🏾‍♀️ but we have been through sooo sooo much lord knows and the pain wow, why we r still hanging on lots of reasons, history, marriage, commitment, family, love and a few more . People on the outside doesn’t know what is going on in a person marriage unless ur in side and let me tell u men know this too they will cheat and cheat but if u the woman slip up once that’s the worst pain ever for them, sometimes they kill u for it. And if will is bisexual or gay that’s his and his family business what ever goes on in their marriage or their sexual preference is not our business once it’s adults, stop assuming and rumors, until he or she comes out and say it will still be Their business. I have never heard them say that they weren’t humans and that they were perfect and sin free. I still love their acting and that’s why I like them. What ever they do in their personal life/ marriage I don’t care and isn’t my problem or business.
Ivan Škaro
Ivan Škaro:
I feel sorry for Will Smith. Now I understand why he looks so emotionaly exhausted.
Im a bit disappointed in Jada. I know they were in a bad marriage spot, but jumping into the affair with another guy (and nearly twice younger than her) is NOT a solution.
She should work things out. If she was in pursuit of happiness, she could do it in a normal way. Not this way.
Brandy Ward
Brandy Ward:
I love Will but she seems like she would be hard to live with. She’s to uptight and plays serious to much. I
CoCo'$ Flave
CoCo'$ Flave:
My thing is the song Nunya business came out only a year ago. So was it really Years ago or a Year ago.