Jada and Will Smith finally address August Alsina | Jada reveals why she had an affair with August

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August Alsina wins the award for the world's most honest side chick.
Notice how Will is just letting her talk, if a crazy person digs themselves a deeper hole you just let them dig.
BigBen10 Lockwood
BigBen10 Lockwood:
He needs to leave her. She wasn't sorry at all and actually seems pretty dangerously manipulative.
Roxana Torres
Roxana Torres:
Jada is fake woke. I can’t be the only one who feels like she tries so hard to be this enlightened person and it just comes off as phony. She likes to be the smartest in the room, and almost always isn’t.
L.S A:
imo, this is a toxic relationship hiding in sheep’s clothing called self healing and care for mental health
The new word for 2020 is “Entanglement”
snipers#dead whooo
snipers#dead whooo:
Fun fact: "Jada been cheating on will smith since August"
Ashy H
Ashy H:
The fact she said she hadn't felt good is so long is like a slap in Wills face. She's basically saying her husband couldn't please her and another man did.
i enjoy cheese
i enjoy cheese:
bruh she is literally just making cheating sound okay, it’s not okay under any circumstances imo, have some SELF respect, empathy, think how your so-called life “partner” would feel.
Lyle Love
Lyle Love:
Feel bad for Will. This the best acting he's done since that one episode of Fresh Prince when his dad never showed up.
Elshaddai Mibanga
Elshaddai Mibanga:
They are professional actors . Remember that
Gail Luther
Gail Luther:
She could just say "yes we slept together" instead of saying all these bigs words trying to sound smart, so no one could be mad at her. But you could see the hurt in wills eyes.
Will should have been like “in June why would you July about August 😂
Jada has wonderful kids and married to one of the most funniest men alive, Millions of dollars and she still isn't happy!
Cindy Chelsea
Cindy Chelsea:
Jada needs Jesus. That’s how she can truly be happy. Not from Will, her kids, or her money
The memes about “it’s only July but jada already been through August” kill me. 2020 is not here to play.
voice of Africa1
voice of Africa1:
3 most popular words in 2020 are entanglement, black Lives Matter and coronavirus .
Rewind That!
Rewind That!:
Wow, "I just wanted to feel good," says Jada. Poor Will gotta sit thru this slow burning conversation..smh
Lola Lola
Lola Lola:
“It was initially about his health” however your wife took it further and had a sexual relationship with him. She nursed him back to health only to sleep with him and then to call it an entanglement. Jada you’re so phony and you should’ve just came out and speak the truth. The world knew you and Will had an open marriage because you are not satisfied with your husband sexually. May God heal you, your husband, and your kids.
::Blaque Butterfly::
::Blaque Butterfly:::
Jada loves to try and heal others when she was and remains broken herself. She’s no ones therapist nor is she even qualified to “fix” people when she hasn’t even done enough of the work on herself. This entire entanglement and that red table session proved it. Jada said “I needed to feel good” “I this... I that” most of this was about herself and how SHE felt.
Kesha Nichele
Kesha Nichele:
I dont know why August would give so much of himself to a married woman, separated or not. Will and jada are never leaving each other
L R:
Whenever I see a marriage without displaying God, I know it’s full of crap and bondage. Jada simply used August to feed her starved sexual desires and emotional desires, in my opinion. I see she cared for him, but more for her own needs.
People just made a meme on a man crying this show's how much the society cares about men's mental health
I’ll BeTheJudge
I’ll BeTheJudge:
That’s a weird ass couple
It s not okay healing someone by sleeping with that person..
Will looking at her like he wants to throw her out of the house like they did Jazz in those Fresh Prince episode. LOL
Rachid Pardo
Rachid Pardo:
"Entanglement" just beat word of the year "Corona"
Idiotic Genius
Idiotic Genius:
He looks like he’s ready to snatch her head clean off of her shoulders. She’s making excuses and he’s probably thinking where can I hide this woman’s body.
Toni Montoya
Toni Montoya:
Will's reaction to her entanglement, his laugh, and correction: a relationship. I adore Will. He says what he means.
Essa Abohassan
Essa Abohassan:
When Jada and will started dating August was 2 years old 😂😂😂
is it just me or does Will's eye scream "im hurt. im sad. im mad. im in pain..." he's laughing and smiling throughout the whole interview but his eyes says otherwise..
Anointed Singstrist_Smith
Anointed Singstrist_Smith:
Will looks so hurt in his eyes
Actually she tries to NOT justify her actions, but what she actually does is justifying her actions the whole time. And Will seems super uncomfortable as she does that and he still tryhards to act professional and like a rolemodel for the younger generation in front of camera. Like damn how could someone laugh about your wife cheatin with a drug addicted friend of your son? That is also something I want to point out: Will dedicated himself to be a role model his whole life. It makes me sad to see him sticking to her just for the purpose of being a role model, he seems really unhappy with that decision.
Ann Seebalack
Ann Seebalack:
Will is a good man, I hope she TRULY realizes that he's a good man and he's a damn good looking man that can get any woman. She and Will went through so much, the pain and hurt in his face. Will you're a good man, I really hope they can get through this somehow. I don't like how she's try to justify what August said about Will giving him his blessings. You hurt your husband, take some responsibility girl.
Jeannette Ortiz
Jeannette Ortiz:
They’re still together because divorce is expensive?
Will isn't mad because his wife had an affair, he's mad because it got exposed to the public and now he has to do cringeworthy red table interviews just to make their marriage look legit to the public again. 🤣
K f
K f:
if you look at Willow, she believes in polygamy. She’s stated that one day she hopes to be in a polygamous relationship. Now, where would she get that idea from? Hmmm.... the truth in plain sight
Not even worth to get married now a days just a waste of time.
Newton Newton
Newton Newton:
jada is talking bs and will isn't buying it... he doesn't want to lose her but hopefully he doesn't lose himself by staying with her...
SimplyMe Godschild
SimplyMe Godschild:
Jada hurt everybody in this situation the kids Will and August and she on here laughing
August poured his heart out and talked about being deeply in love, and Jada called it an “entanglement” as she high-fived her husband. Don’t mess with married people, you will always lose.

I don’t see him as a victim. He was vulnerable, yes - but vulnerable women get into “entanglements” with married men and in most cases the men go back to their wives.
Had a woman done an interview to expose her relationship with a married man, she’d be dragged.
Pakisha Carr
Pakisha Carr:
All Bad🤦‍♀️Like The Attack On The Pearl Harbor 🤨
Bon bon lily
Bon bon lily:
She proved she’s a predator by dating this unstable child. Will is so sweet because he had parents who weren’t good together his determined to keep that marriage an she isn’t.
Joe Navarro
Joe Navarro:
Will should just move on he can do many women better looking that his wife.
Christina Suozzo
Christina Suozzo:
Do these two actually love each other. I’ve watched several clips and I never heard the word LOVE to describe their relationship......🤫
Will looks tired af. I think he is really mad because he is careful about his image. If they have an open marriage Jada messed up dating this guy who spilled everything.
Jada : marries Will Smith
Me : Nobody will ever try to hit that now
August : Hold my beer
When she said that she just wanted to “feel good”. I really felt that. Unmet needs will have you all messed up getting them met in all the wrong ways.
Lol 7:19 "An entanglement!" Will said it like he wanted to tangle his hands round Jada's neck! lol
SBH Shembe
SBH Shembe:
This marriage is over, Jada has no respect for Will, zero
SteBeat Beauty
SteBeat Beauty:
This is why celebrities shouldn’t be couple goals. For real 🤷🏾‍♀️
Was I the only one who peeped neither one of them are wearing their rings?
Keni Trader
Keni Trader:
Will and Jada were separated !!! Wtf is all this blaming about? Will should talk about who he got involved with during the separation.
Caryn Meyer
Caryn Meyer:
I actually think it's brave of them to do this. They never owed anybody this story or explanation. And now it's blown out of proportion. Will is laughing alongside Jada. Will giving August "permission". I think it's a lucky and beautiful thing when the gravity of your mistake hasn't outweighed your own happiness. I think that when they got back together after separation and cheating.... they knew exactly what they did. And they stuck with it for this long. That should still mean something despite it all. So I actually applaud both of them. Especially Will. For being able to make it happen. Jada is getting torn apart by people in the name of double standards and because they want to hold her accountable because if it were Will it would be this or that. But after all these years dynamics have changed and it's something we need to get used to. And if they've done that for themselves then we should wish them well. People can change. People do stay after cheating. As a matter of fact, there are worse things than cheating. Abuse for one. And I just hope they're both truly happy. And I do commemorate them on handling things as openly as they did. That's not easy. We love to keep our demons to ourselves. But being in the spotlight made that impossible. And I do hope they can continue to heal to and grow from this. I also think this is just the reality of the majority of marriages and relationships nowadays. And sometimes you'll have to choose whether or not you stay for that. Will made his choice knowing his children are grown and can handle it and knowing he can pretty much have anybody he wants because he's a great guy. So he made his choice. I hope for their sake it's the right one.
Sly Mikey
Sly Mikey:
Al W.
Al W.:
everbody thinks will looks sad, i think he's more embarrased , august is the same age as his oldest son trey
The Clever Conquistador
The Clever Conquistador:
The meaning of a Toxic relationship
Will and Jada relate well as coparents and friends. Not as lovers. They need to accept that and break up without breaking up. in other words let it go but remain great parents and friends. they will be good partners in old age but right now they are not great as lovers. Sometimes its best to face the truth and lose one another without losing the great friendship you have. Marriage is not a natural phenomenon after all.
Andee McAlvain
Andee McAlvain:
Jada is just unhappy period
She doesn’t want Will but doesn’t want to give him up either. Selfish AF
Cookie Tee
Cookie Tee:
ENTANGLEMENT. Glad August had the courage after his Sister died to say Enough and walked away. The sad part about all of this is August, he fell in love with her hard. She was not going to stay in a relationship with him as in get a divorce from Will and be with August and deal with everything that comes with the complexity of his Life. I don't think Will is happy even now.
Biodun Balogun
Biodun Balogun:
Will should win an Oscar for this scene. Fake smiles and laughter but man was really hurting inside
Heza Wheelman
Heza Wheelman:
Hollywood business marrige/agreement, trying not to hurt their brands.
Taneesha Thomas
Taneesha Thomas:
She did not have to put that emphasis on the word "long" like that...
Randy Cutright
Randy Cutright:
Soulmates always finds each other in the end
R L:
Who knew i would of found myself caught in an entanglement with will and jada's story about their relationship. Boy! i need to get a life😄
African Queen
African Queen:
When Will said "I was done with your a**" I wonder what Jada did for it to lead up to that point? There's something that they are not saying. Jada did something BEFORE the August Alsina relationship happened and Will was done with her. People are making it seem as though August was the reason for their separation but something happened before that.
Soooooooo you are working hard to fix someone's issues while you have your own to fix... Jada, I have no respect for you!
Quantum Entanglement.
Quantum Entanglement.:
Questions I want answers to. I want to know (x).
• If this vain attempt at damage control worked. Did it make things better or worse?
• Who came out on top of all of this. Was it Will? Was it Jada? Or was it August?
• How I should perceive Will, Jada and August. How should I view that relationship dynamic while it occurred
• Whose side any of you take
• What I can learn as A lesson from all of this. What aspects of it can apply as A lesson to enrichen my life? Is there any value to take out of this? Or is it just A tragedy?
• Details about Jada and Augusts cuckolding affair. How many times did they “ Entanglement each other”, What should any of us know about this case verses What they want us to know.
• Why Jada had to select A guy close enough to Will Smith to exact her vindictive vengeance against him. Did Will cheat on her before?

Now Will has to portray himself as being (x).
• Secure in his masculinity
• Over it. No hard feelings. No jealousy or envy.
• Completely forgiving and understanding
• A bit deserving of it. ( We all now that this is complete utter Bullsh*t ).

Bottom line is that Jada compromised her reputation and the continuation of her relationship with Will for much the same reason anyone does. 20 plus years of tasting the same flavor gets A bit old.
Black Royalness
Black Royalness:
Yk this is an example of people really forget that celebrities are just like us they have the same issues they aren’t as perfect as we would like to think n just wow
Patrick Da don
Patrick Da don:
So this is a story all about how my wife got flipped turned upside down
Jada looks so evil yo! She really embraced the villain character! Stardom gone wrong again only human or savage!
Sha Richardson
Sha Richardson:
Im trying to find the actual interview but i only keep seeing bits and pieces.. Does anyone have a link please?
Ari Igarashi
Ari Igarashi:
At the end of the day they both admitting to NOT being together and LOOKING for what makes them happy so why everyone on her ass even after they established the fact that they were NOT together ? Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️
I wonder if the “permission” came from Will thinking about the help needed and August somehow took it as an okay to form a relationship 🤔
Jada: august i cant do this any more

August: im pregnant
Mia a
Mia a:
Jada has everything but still not happy think about Tupac is her missing pieace they where meant to be but it was other wise that’s why she fill the way she does
Jada the type of girl who listens to Jhene Aiko while cheating.
Will is like “never interfered when you see your enemy is doing a mistakes”..
Jada “WHAT” are you for real 😳 Will.
Elelta Solomon
Elelta Solomon:
Everyone including me needs Jesus. We can not judge anyone for doing what they do! We all feel hurt at some point in life if not many and we all try to heal too! Some succeed and others remain in the cycle. May the lord be with us is all I have to say about this.
Will's expression and body language just says he is just going along with what she says. You can see the hurt his eyes but Jada just looks like oh well yeah it happened and now it's over but you not going nowhere.
Radames Sanchez
Radames Sanchez:
Hey she just needed to feeeel GOOD. It's been such a long time since she felt GOOD. 😳
The Jazmine Rose
The Jazmine Rose:
I respect this.... to publicly call out your mistakes and still hold on true to your marriage.. leave em be 💯
Maky Churchill - Finance : Earn, Save & Invest
Maky Churchill - Finance : Earn, Save & Invest:
2:51: Entanglement Discussion.
Ricky Jackson
Ricky Jackson:
Thank you Jada for blessing that young man with your ancestor knowledge,wisdom,love, and nookie! You a big factor in helping that man reach his next level of manifestation!#StunnavillePopulation1 %
SHE USED HIM!!! PERIOD! I don’t think people should get into relationships if they are not mentally ready
Nasrin A. Masoud
Nasrin A. Masoud:
It's so weird to see them talking about her affair like they're talking bout some friend of the family or something
Ruth J
Ruth J:
I just hope she chill out with giving out advice we good jada
Aerosol Aerosol
Aerosol Aerosol:
So they were on a break I bet will got some too don’t see the big deal
Chauncey Jones
Chauncey Jones:
Jada to August to "do something to make me feel good" in the Halle Berry off Monster Ball voice lol
Kim Nesbeth
Kim Nesbeth:
I'm honestly glad that they addressed this. I was so tired of people dragging him online saying he's lying about the relationship.
Will Phipps
Will Phipps:
Will smith is so smart...when he is really ready to divorce her truly hes got a smooth way to do it...just to save his nice guy Hollywood image..me personally I would get rid off her for good..
Aida Pinero
Aida Pinero:
I really think its shameful when an open relationship leads to one of the partners disloyalty... its sad😕😔
Horace Graham
Horace Graham:
When you got a itch you GOT to scratch it,i totally understand Jada. I feel it. I love your entanglement issues. Move on girl leave the haters behind.
It's only July and she's already been through August 😹😩🤦🏽‍♀️
Soy Jon
Soy Jon:
Even though Will is a good actor he wasn't able to hide his pain.
Inemesit Eyibio
Inemesit Eyibio:
Crazy happenings everywhere.
Smh wow, Will deserves better.
5:50 queen Latifah knows. Look at jada shes glowing
Angela Ukemenam
Angela Ukemenam:
"Entanglement " not "Quarantine" or "Lockdown", anymore!!!
All lies and falsehood, mind who your icon on social media is!!