J.R. Smith Was A Bucket On The Cavs | Best Highlights

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Chris Ramos
Chris Ramos:
All it took was 1 bad play for the whole league to forget he was a beast.
Kesean Number 1
Kesean Number 1:
We’re all thinking about the same J.R moment don’t even lie
JR would make the most difficult shots ever but would miss wide open 3's
J.R. Smith has more rings than Harden, Westbrook and George combined 😉.
Michael 97
Michael 97:
Who else is here after hearing JR replacing AB to Lakers 😂😂😂
Brace Yourself
Brace Yourself:
People will always look at the mistakes you made rather than the good things you do in the court.... petty tsk2
Erik Frisch
Erik Frisch:
Open three: 57
Contested three: 95
Ops The Label
Ops The Label:
Only if he didn’t blunder , oh mann would we think different about him 😂
Hyatt Chan
Hyatt Chan:
Sad that everyone will just remember THAT moment no matter how good he was
Hot damn. This guy's highlights are pretty spectacular.
Primrose Redmond
Primrose Redmond:
All these good moments won’t block out that ONE MOMENT
The Jame
The Jame:
Still crazy to me this man doesn’t have a job...I mean before number 19 happend
Marlo C
Marlo C:
Y'all talking about that moment I'm remember how much of a beast this guy was in his prime and what a huge piece he was for that championship team. He was clutch and swaggy af.
Angel Bank's Lopez
Angel Bank's Lopez:
He did more good that one play ruined his career look at the clock in the scoreboard.
Jay Pee Diego
Jay Pee Diego:
I missed this man on CLE. Looking forward to see him playing again.
Xavier Jobe
Xavier Jobe:
He was even more of a bucket onna nuggets
Let's talk about how close J.R was to decking this dude at 0:53
Ced Ric
Ced Ric:
Im Still Kinda Upset Right Now That All Of This Highlight There is One Moment That He Ruined Someone's Legacy
Yeah but when he was on the cavs he also had the iq of a bucket
BlitzTaifun / DragonScales
BlitzTaifun / DragonScales:
He also had a bucket on his head during that one game
Antonio Wombdiska
Antonio Wombdiska:
I remember 2016 playoffs this dude was a sniper! Couldn’t miss
0kamal Echol
0kamal Echol:
Where is his performance in the ECF against hawks? I think he was on fire on that series
Thiccbuu Prod.
Thiccbuu Prod.:
i actually forgot about his mistake in the finals lol always thought he was a great player
Bockchoy 86
Bockchoy 86:
5:51 41 pt lead?!
Interesting comment but....
Interesting comment but....:
J.R “A bevy of moves” Smith
But in all seriousness, he was a great player and it’s a shame that everyone just remembers him for that one play.
King Slong
King Slong:
Y’all must be forgetting J.R. Smith was a bucket on the knicks!!
Fernando Ortiz
Fernando Ortiz:
3:23 flight: “look at curry man... so inspirational”
6:17 - 6:22 is Fire!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥 JR definitely got the potential to play really good as a laker now. Lets gooo!! 💜💛💜💛💜💛💜
Jojuan carey
Jojuan carey:
Who here to rewatch his highlights because he might be joining the Lakers 🤔
Josiah Orleans-Lindsay
Josiah Orleans-Lindsay:
I’m glad he’s getting this respect. Thank You B/R
Mr. Awesome
Mr. Awesome:
Yes he did have some very HIGHlights 😂
One of the best tough shot makers EVER!
Tezobabyy 95
Tezobabyy 95:
I’m here because the Lakers just signed him 😂
Joao Nasser
Joao Nasser:
Who's here after Avery Bradley news
I thought we had the lead
forty inches
forty inches:
So sad. Everyone just remembering him for that one time.

Gota give the man another try to redeem himself.
Lethabo Lethabo
Lethabo Lethabo:
Who else is here after the Lakers signed him? This is the video that convinced management he is the one!
Slumy Goatt
Slumy Goatt:
“If it ain’t tough it ain’t right”
King KG II
King KG II:
Jr smith was just a overall a great player he could a little bit of everything
Stay Briskk
Stay Briskk:
7:43 That didn't age very well
I have Balls
I have Balls:
Where’s his other crazy half court shot he made fading out of bounds
Vernon D'Sa
Vernon D'Sa:
"I thought we had the lead."
- Sir J.R. Smith
Clips 36
Clips 36:
I wonder if BR knows what calling a man a bucket actually means
That deep 3 in the 2017 finals game 4, I will remember forever
darryl bodollo
darryl bodollo:
One of my favorite shooters!!
Unknown Person
Unknown Person:
5:49 Look at that score 😂😂😂
CHenny 06
CHenny 06:
Look at JR man🥺
Eren Vaughn
Eren Vaughn:
One of the flashiest shooters of all time, sad to know many people think of him as a meme.
He lost his heart when he was in Cleveland he couldn’t even shoot or score for shit.
Uncle Wise
Uncle Wise:
it's amazing how just one mistake on court in a final cost JR Smith a whole legacy
Chuck Vino
Chuck Vino:
If we pretend game 1 of 2018 never happened, we would see JR smith as one of the best 3 point shooters in the league. possibly one of the greatest contested shot makers of all time
Joseph Chung
Joseph Chung:
7:43 high IQ basketball from JR SMITH!!!!
Dongle Dank
Dongle Dank:
Crazy how he ruined his image just by acting like a stone head one of my favorite players he’s a bucket
My mans literally was clutch asf in the 2017 finals but messed up one time in the 2018 finals and killed his whole career 😔🤦🏽‍♂️
Antoine Moreau
Antoine Moreau:
0:36 he almost knocked someone out lmao
Caso Heloa
Caso Heloa:
At many moments I thought he’s next Michael Jordan.
tai. McDonald
tai. McDonald:
On the Cavs? He’s been a bucket his whole career 💯
Sad, such a good player gets so much shit cus of a misplay...
Jihadi John
Jihadi John:
JR can’t make a wide open three but he can make the tighest guarded shot ever. Oh and he can’t read the score either
Dida Halake
Dida Halake:
Could be an amazing replacement for Avery "Kyrie" Bradley
They missed that clutch moment when he let the Warriors win
Let’s be honest you searched this up. JR offense > avery
Jr reminds me of flight such a great player until henny
Pareng Jake TV
Pareng Jake TV:
2:04 was litteraly LIT🔥
Still never forget how he came alive in game 6 of the 2015 finals. Man was literally turned into steph that day
Gerric Gomez
Gerric Gomez:
0:45 jr almost whacked somebody
“LeFlop had no help”- Bronsexuals
Dennis Bogle
Dennis Bogle:
Good replacement big moment player mr Smith 2 year's is long time king James 🤴
Joaquin Guzman
Joaquin Guzman:
Honestly these highlights are more fun to watch than Michael jordan mid range jumpers against cigarette smokers bro
Kael Kuzma
Kael Kuzma:
And people call him trash when he make a mistake in game 1 finals
Harra Jamz
Harra Jamz:
Mans was my favourite player 😖❤️
Damn, everyone forgot about him, some laughed at him, but i would take a player like him anyday if i need a vet on my team or if im going for the ring
5:28 JR taking Avery's spot
Blunt Ops
Blunt Ops:
Watching this really makes me wish he was on the Lakers throwing lobs and hitting 3s
I got to admit JR Smith was good when he was with the Cavaliers it's sad that he messed up that one time that overshadowed everything that you did
Isaiah Williams
Isaiah Williams:
this video can be 10 hours long and I will never forgive him for the blunder
Lebron James' Dwayne Wade lite 😂 except can shoot 3s and is 6'5"
Watch The Couch
Watch The Couch:
He really loves that spin move haha
Marc Cooloot
Marc Cooloot:
HennyGod is back with his daddy bron 😂
Yeah JR was a bucket... a bucket of Hennessy 🥃🥃🥃
Ethan Bowman
Ethan Bowman:
remember 2018 finals.... yeah me too
Discovered Lotus
Discovered Lotus:
"Stop the Cap" he was cold on knicks
2016 game 7 cavs down 8 coming of halftime..he hit 3 straight 3's changed whole game ..stopped warriors from going on big 3rd quarter run
Xiaorunzi Wang
Xiaorunzi Wang:
There are great players/shooters here and there. But JR is my favorite shooter like ever.
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball:
5:50 72-31 in Boston LMAOO
Jatin Kaila
Jatin Kaila:
2016 Cavs were one hell of a team!
Who here because he signing with the lakers ?
i love him! i luv!.....that’s all I could say
Rok Urankar
Rok Urankar:
Rip Fred McLeod 😭
勛FUN hsunfun
勛FUN hsunfun:
0:52 almost a Harden again
Andy Ham
Andy Ham:
Jeeez that half time score of 72-31 against the Celtics hahaha
He be hoopin like he the best player in a pickup game 😭
Javid John
Javid John:
Damn jr🔥🔥🔥
2:05 that block on the alley oop is underrated
5:38 j.r. knew the time there
Poseidon Diaz
Poseidon Diaz:
2:39 Kobe 💔😩
ainsley reid
ainsley reid:
@0:38 he could have knocked mans clean out the way he swung for the ball 💀
Bela Bear
Bela Bear:
I still believe that hes one of the best player in the history of NBA 👍
Extra Introvert
Extra Introvert:
One of the best "tough shot" makers I've ever seen
Dante Royol
Dante Royol:
2:30 Jr tryin to be like Dwade