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Ivermectin’s in vitro viral inhibition study

A preprint (yet to be peer reviewed) study

A private health group in Dominican Republic finds good results from Ivermectin


Gilead’s press release for Remdesivir SIMPLE trial

Remdesivir May 22nd study (I believe this study allowed WHO to approve their emergency use authorization.)

Remdesivir pricing


Phase III trial in Mexico

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Wooorders Food Delivery
Wooorders Food Delivery:
The most honest coronavirus doctor on youtube period!!
Robert Presley
Robert Presley:
I shared this video on Facebook, and Facebook censored me for violating community standards.
"This post goes against our Community Standards on misinformation that can cause physical harm". More likely because it might cause financial harm to Big Pharma
Rakesh Arora
Rakesh Arora:
Ivermectin is 24 rupees for 12 mg tablet in India .(20 cents per table for 12mg tab , easily available.some doctors using for out patients)
Mikey Garcia
Mikey Garcia:
Hello Dr., there is a story on YouTube (just search: Dr. Hibberd Ivermectin) where they talk about Ivermectin showing positive signs of being a preventative of COVID 19 in a nursing home with critical ill residents of course. This could easily stop the spread of the virus very quickly, since it was stated in the video that Ivermectin stays in the system for 23 days.
j lybr
j lybr:
Ticker Symbol :CYDY with their drug Leronlimab will cure people of Covid-19
Dante Alexander
Dante Alexander:
Thank you for your work Dr. Been, I respect and cherish you for what you do.
*Remdesivir is intended to create profit from the outbreak. I expect very high pricing with mediocre to non-existent efficacy.*
stevie jones
stevie jones:
Here in the UK, Ivermectin costs £28 for 4, 3mg tablets, and is unlicensed.
vaidehi navghare
vaidehi navghare:
this was really helpful.. please keep doing updates on Ivermectin as and when they're available. The way you explain it is beautiful very easy to understand. really liked how u correlated it with China's stats. thank you
Wayne Cezair
Wayne Cezair:
Once early intervention is successful the desire to have a vaccine solution is reduced and those pushing that agenda are not going to be happy. They would rather let people die than make them better for a cheap price. That's why vitamin D is ignored
Kevin Gormley
Kevin Gormley:
Florida has a lot of new cases and hopefully they can do the RCT on Ivermectin after all their experience in Broward. Exciting.
Every dose that Gilead makes will be used. Remdesivir should work best early. CEO of Vir spoke to Stanford docs on grand rounds and he said that we need all therapies right now! So many patients and so few proven drugs. I believe we must think differently about drugs for Covid-19. Last comment is ivermectin must be doing something unknown ( at least to me) in late stage patients when cytokine storm does more damage then the virus. Thanks for being a rock star Doc! All the best.
Has there been a report from the Canadian study on Quercetin as a zinc ionophore. That is likely a case where RX companies cannot make money on it.
Venus Volante
Venus Volante:
Makes me wonder who is profiteering from remdesivir. Greed is rampant even in pandemic times
Robert Wall
Robert Wall:
Dr Syed, I believe this is great video and is what I call a block buster video, particularly regarding Ivermectin. I wonder if you would share where you conduct your Covid-19 patient treatment studies for HCQ + AZ + Zinc, and for your Ivermectin treated Covid-19 patients. Can you give us a written summary of your patients ages, time of treatment after the first Covid19 symptoms, dose levels of the drugs and treatment times,relative sickness levels at time of treatment, approximate number of patients treated for both Ivermectin and HCQ +AZ + Zinc. Regarding the 1300 patient Dominican Republic study; they did not report the treatment time. I am a little bit suspicious when political leaders report scientific studies particularly the great blockbuster results you reported from the 1300 patients. It would be more believable if the results were summarized in more detail by medical doctors involved in the treatment of these 1300 Covid-19 patients. Are these 1300 patients treated as outpatients? If so were the patients followed by telemedicine or required to come back to the hospital for final result assessment of cure results. If the Peru 1300 patient treatment results are accurate and repeatable, this may be the biggest news ever in the Covid 19 Pandemic; and a way to stop the Pandemic in the USA. Please follow up on this matter as much as you can! Maybe do an interview like Dr Oz did with Dr. Didier Raoult on his 1,061 French patient study using HCQ + AZ where he claimed a 98% cure rate with only 5 deaths. please do. Many thanks Dr. Syed for this video. I agree 100% that Remdesivir, has performed poorly! If the NIH had not stopped the last clinical trial, that was going to show very little mortality advantage using Remdesivir, and then gave everyone in the clinical trial Remdesivir, including the controls, thus making it impossible to determine if Remdesivir saved lives over those who did not take it, which was the major purpose of the clinical trial. This chicanery by the NIH probably saved Gilead many millions of dollars on their stock price. Several scientists that followed the trial accused the NIH of sabotaging the clinical trial making it impossible to determine if Remdesivir could save lives, which I believe is exactly what happened. Thanks again to the great Dr Syed!
Ziaul Islam Mamun
Ziaul Islam Mamun:
In Bangladesh, Ivermectin one 06 mg tablet price is 15 taka (approximately 0.17 $ per tablet @ 1$ = 86 Taka).
James Andrews
James Andrews:
Its driving me nuts. Its like thecure must cost a fortune so that you need insurance.
Emmett Ryan
Emmett Ryan:
Leronlimab....P2 is complete....awaiting data lock....anticipate top line readout next week....P2b/3 has enrolled about 120 of 390 thus far....trial plan included possible interim analysis at 50 patients....Company now discussing immediate interim analysis or possibly waiting a few weeks and taking interim readout on higher number of patients...Dr. Patterson expressed highest level of optimism of trial success in recent Traverse City Ted Talk
No Mad
No Mad:
Interesting, press secretary mentioned treatments for corona which included dexamethasone, convalescent plasma, remdesivir plus one other left unnamed. Could it be the secret ivermectin???? at 11:20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h33zhgn0HkM Not one esteemed reporter asked what is the other!!!
Sher Kirkpatrick
Sher Kirkpatrick:
So the US is silent about Ivermectin because of money? Not profitable enough? Why doesn’t that surprise me. I guess I’ll go to my Vet if I get in trouble with COVID-19. I hope the Leronlimab study is completed soon. Ironically Cytodyn is located just 2 miles from my house. I do know that they want to help save lives.Yale just posted a paper that they are encouraged by Leronlimab. I like that it seems very safe and does not have the side affects like other drugs, so I would feel safe taking that drug once it is available.
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith:
Thanks for this. Do you see a difference in outcome for patients who receive only ivermectin versus HQN ++ and ivermectin together? Thx!
Robert Wall
Robert Wall:
Can anyone tell me how to donate to Dr Breen, cant find that information!
Ben Bhatia
Ben Bhatia:
God bless you Dr cool Been. I learned a lot from you and love your Math ++ protocol.
Mardig Bidanian
Mardig Bidanian:
The ivermectin part showed what can be done with repurposed drugs . A lot of jurisdictions are producing great results with drugs we already have . Ivermectin isnt even an anti-viral like remdesivir or favipiravir
In a word "BRILLIANT! !
Thank you !
Sonya Anderson
Sonya Anderson:
So much excellent information presented in a very accessible to the masses style! I applaud your work! 🇨🇦
Gwapo pickol
Gwapo pickol:
Have you tried ivermectin with high risk groups? , and what where the results ?
Thanks for the good info

Ivermectin 6 mg tab is 10 rupees per tab ( 1 US dollar = 75 INDIAN Rupees)
bob lawrence
bob lawrence:
Ivermectin in Panama: $1.12 / tab, 6mg
AdvSandeep Kapatkar
AdvSandeep Kapatkar:
Sir, I may be wrong - but is there a limit of re-dosage of ivermectin? I have read somewhere that the half life of ivermectin is 6-7 months.
李淑貞Norma Lie
李淑貞Norma Lie:
In Brazil you can have ivermectin prepared at a pharmacy: 1 cps 6mg comes to about US$0.20
Excellent explanation Dr Been
Makes me feel better with the promising studies coming out, especially IVERMECTIN
Michael Reiss
Michael Reiss:
All of a sudden you have all the clinical trials and none are on hydroxychloroquine.
Yet hydroxychloroquine has already proven to work with zinc and costs next to nothing
Sounds like the guys are working for pharma.
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey:
Ivermectin seems to retail for about £30 ($38) 3mg (4 tablets)
That's on line, shipped from Netherlands.
I presume the bulk prescription price would be much less.
gabriel andres Parejo
gabriel andres Parejo:
Goodnight Dr. Been: Ivermectin in Argentina for 6 mg x 6 tablets price 788 Argentine pesos (11.32 US dollars)
h h
h h:
In india ivermectin 12 mg is rs 35, that may be equivalent to 0.5 dollars
Som Sethi
Som Sethi:
Dr Been ,you are a wonderful teacher.i am a great fan of yours.may god bless you 👍👍🙏🙏🙏Dr Sethi ,Kurukshetra ,India
further is here
further is here:
Can we use ivermectin as preventive, i read in peru using it for preventive
trudy co
trudy co:
Have you done a video on Artemisia/wormwood/covid organics? seems like a lot of African countries are using the Madagascar formula and have low death rates.
Ben Bhatia
Ben Bhatia:
In Mexico it’s like $ 12 and you can get it at any pharmacy. It’s pack of 4 6mg pills. It’s called ivermectina there.
Pam E
Pam E:
Is Ivermectin used in conjunction with anything else in Florida
Kimberlee Adams
Kimberlee Adams:
Theoretically, why do these anti-worm drugs work?
Lee Rockwell
Lee Rockwell:
Do you have the 2005 report by Fauci on hydroxychloroquine and zinc on SARS and covid viruses? Heals them.
Amelia Erhart
Amelia Erhart:
Dr Been...one of the benefits of Leronlimab is that it appears to not only stop the cytokine storm and lower viral load in plasma, but Dr Patterson working with cytodyn was saying the immune function normalizes very quickly after the second dose ...as in a return to normal within 3+ days. Have you noticed immune function normalizing in your ivermectin patients, and if so how quickly? Thanks for the videos...so so helpful!
Traian Danciu
Traian Danciu:
Aware of toxycity
At dogs vet use Ivermectina.
But a vet Tell me that at dogs Cocker Spaniel Ivermectina was fatal
Bob Thrasher
Bob Thrasher:
Would HCQ be contraindicated in heart patients with pacemakers and no other heart abnormality?
Itolizumab just got approved in India as a covid med. Can we please discuss this in an upcoming video.
Amy Bethea
Amy Bethea:
Can a person who has G6PD deficiency safely use Ivermectin?
Johanna Quinones
Johanna Quinones:
Thank you! Hope youtube does not remove this video.
Bob Joy
Bob Joy:
400 mcg / kg , means , 18 mg per 100 pounds in USA english
shalini rajani
shalini rajani:
Any side effects of ivermetin
Roseann Trott
Roseann Trott:
Ivermectin was available in Belize as a few months ago at 19.65 $BZ ($10.00 US) for 5 mL oral liquid in a 0.6% solution. The brand Quanox sold there comes from Bogota, Columbia.
Mike Mortenson
Mike Mortenson:
ivermectin with doxicycline is also under covid 19 study.
Zul-e- samaina
Zul-e- samaina:
Sir for how many days we use ivermectin??
Ivermectin ? Horses take that, too, I think.
Craig Carmichael
Craig Carmichael:
Thanks for the great info!
Richard Thieltges
Richard Thieltges:
Could you investigate and produce a program on Niclosamide and covid?  It is quite cheap.
Ali Morshed
Ali Morshed:
Ivermectin - Scavo 6 mg tab tk 50 (40 cents) for 10 tabs present price in Bangladesh , used to be half the price.
Robert Wall
Robert Wall:
Is there anyway to donate by credit card, I don't have a Pay Pal account?
Aaron J. Courtney
Aaron J. Courtney:
I bought qty 30 12mg tabs from India for about $40
Robert Wall
Robert Wall:
In my comment below, I wish to retract part of my comment below. When I first watched the video on my MAC Laptop, which for some reason has a very low volume for You Tube Videos, I thought Dr. Syed stated the President of the Dominican Republic was reporting some of the outstanding Ivermectin treatment results, which involved use of Ivermectin + Azithromycin, to cure 1300 patients, by giving these drugs very early in disease process. However on playing the video on my IPAD (which is loud) I heard it was not the President of the D.R., so my apology. I still believe this is a block buster (meaning outstanding) report by Dr Breen. He does an amazing job, and if you look back at the number and types of medical videos he has given, that is truly an amazing comment. So I am going to donate $25 to Dr Breen and I invite the 8,665 viewers to do the same of even more. This is very useful information in this video.

I believe the reported 99% cure rate in 8 to 10 days using a daily Ivermectin dose of 4000 micrograms per Kilogram of body + Azithromycin is a miracle result. However I never heard how many days Ivermectin was given to the 1300 patients in the Dominican Republic, this is essential information. I hope Dr Breen can find and report that information, by adding a Public Comment to this Video. And please do the same for Azithromycin, give the dose and number of days for Azithromycin. And again here is my best wishes to the great Dr. Syed (AKA Dr. Breen)
gabriel andres Parejo
gabriel andres Parejo:
each tablet has 6mg
what about all the covid long haulers ?
nipa gandhi
nipa gandhi:
Cost in India.... Rs 42/- per tablet of 12 mg.
In india, iver cost is around $ 1.10 or 85 rupees for pack of 2 pills of 12 mg each. Took it with doxy following Bangladesh protocol as I got early covid symptoms. Cured within 3 days without suffering through it. Same for my wife. We did not wait to be tested for covid as anyway testing is not widely done till you are already moderate to severe
habib cheema
habib cheema:
Sir you are using ivermectin in which combination in your patients?
Jim M
Jim M:
In this arduous war against covid 19, only clinical doctors have proven themselves the most fearless, faithful fighters.
In Panama is 25 $ USD for 12 6mg pills
Tim Furney
Tim Furney:
Check out Dr William Jefferies book The Safe Uses of Cortisol. Tried and tested treatment for Sepsi and might be the answer to COVID19.
Francesca Delger
Francesca Delger:
Stay Calm and Leron! #leronlimab
Ragib Ahsan Chowdhury
Ragib Ahsan Chowdhury:
Vikas Gupta
Vikas Gupta:
With poor health infra in India, death rate is 2.58% vs 3.72% in US. 4.2% is world average. Shows that HCQ may have helped.
El Nino NMG
El Nino NMG:
Took ivermectin and hcq myself at the peak of illness... IVM eased symptoms pretty immediately (about 4 hours after taking 20mg). But I am still experiencing weird stuff. I'm not sure whether this is post viral syndrome or viral persistence.
Erle Bowman
Erle Bowman:
I am a believer but my wife says that the problem always is how any new drug that has been administered interacts with the other drugs that a compromised patient is required to take. There may well be a problem when only patients without any health issues and are not on any prescribed medication are accepted for the trials. She also mentioned that in some or most cases any new drug could cause problems for the compromised patient for the rest of their lives. Actually I lied. She said that in all cases there is a problem when an unknown mix of drugs has been prescribed.
mike beck
mike beck:
Dr. Mobeen is truly a blessing to mankind, by his disclosing the true current state of therapeutic intervention. My concern is that while these chemical modalities are showing benefit in reducing "viral load", thereby enabling functional immune response to clear the "infection", they do not address the underlying issues that lead to cellular dysfunction, permitting any "pathogen" to take hold. As it is clearly recognized, it is primarily those identified as immune compromised that are most susceptible, and are unable to clear any infectious agent. In addition to the many environmental chemical toxins that induce cellular dysfunction/death, there exists a growing body of evidence, that EMF radiation causes disruption of cellular, mitochondrial, and ribosomal membrane integrity. In addition to the resulting generation of ROS (reactive oxygen species) - oxidative stress - within the cell, the "non-ionizing" radiation (not directly affecting genetic alteration), appears to have an elecrophoretic effect on membrane structures, enabling the entry of material normally excluded. It is the EMF radiation produced/utilized for 2g/3g/4g cellular and wifi communication, that has occupied most of the past research. The newer 5g, with higher frequencies/shorter wavelengths that are expressly damaging to cellular metabolism. The 24ghz millimeter wavelength is resonate with H2Owater molecule, and the much shorter 60ghz millimeter wavelength are resonate with O2oxygen molecules. These molecules are critical to biological life. Being resonate, they absorb RF energy and result in molecular instability. Biological processes are impaired. I sincerely hope, the obviously highly intelligent Dr. might find cause to investigate, and bring further light to the issue.
Amelia Erhart
Amelia Erhart:
Also, one more question...if the cytokine storm is responsible for mortality...how can ivermectin help that? Does it have that kind of mechanism of action? Have you seen any critical or ECMO or transplant patients improve or live after ivermectin? Can you possibly describe some things you have seen clinically? Lot of question I know...even answering one would be so appreciated!
Isn't Ivermectin a heart worm medication for animals, Dr. Mobeen? I've read studies on arthritis medications that were created for humans but the morbidity rate was high ( heart attacks, etc. ), and given to vets to treat arthritis in animals. Rimadyl was given to my dog and it killed her. Heart attack. So the vet tech told me to stop giving it to my other dog, which I did and he survived. I gave him some of my MSM, Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which helped his arthritis and he lived to be 17. So are we dealing with a parasitical infestation with COVID 19? I'm a lay person so I just need a straight answer. Thank you. ☺️
Gordon Melsom
Gordon Melsom:
RS Rehan
RS Rehan:
Dr Been I request if you could detail your experience with your patients on Ivermectin...
And secondly as u said ivermectin could u talk a little more on the prophylaxis
Roseline Joy
Roseline Joy:
Ivermectin is not available in my country for human only for animals (and mostly injectables or pastes; no pills). Is it the same drug? Can I just use my dog's worm ivermectin drug?
Christine Karas
Christine Karas:
I have 4 family members in the Dominican Republic that have been hospitalized with Covid for weeks and then have all been cured with Ivermectin and plasma exchange. There is no other treatments available right now in the Dominican Republic because of cost prohibition so this is what they are offering and these were all in their 20's and 30's so very young people getting very sick.
Hannibal EnemyofRome
Hannibal EnemyofRome:
We have been unable to actually calculate rates because we cannot get the total infected number. However that old Chinese data is wrong and was used to panic countries into lockdown. It is hard to estimate, but probably at least 95% of patients infected do not come to medical attention. Remdesivir is a joke. I cannot see any benefit.
Manuel Quintana
Manuel Quintana:
Ivermectin is been used by doctors in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Dominican Republic with great succes but dosage here presented is very low.
They are using 12 mg per 3 days but if your weight is more than 80 kg is 18 mg per 3 days
Azitromicyn and ibuprofen or prendinsone
Jon Cornia
Jon Cornia:
How about the Chinese study on Remdezevir? It showed no difference between the drug and placebo
wolum andreas
wolum andreas:
Dr. Syed, you will find Japanese (kanji) very difficult.
Industria de Madera y Derivados IMADE SRL
Industria de Madera y Derivados IMADE SRL:
Ivermectin in Bolivia has gone up in Bolivia from 90 cents to about 1.40 U$ per 6mg per pill. Ivermectin in liquid form, used in animals, mainly cattle, is being used widely as it is less expensive. Great controversy among doctors in Bolivia has arisen as to the effectiveness of Ivermectin in the treatment of CoVID-19. Should this study pass peer review it should be printed ASAP as it could save many lives, especially in underdeveloped countries as Bolivia.