It's Okay Not To Be Okay Ep 14 - The Confrontation (his side)

I hope GT will be true to his words.. don't leave Mun-yeong please.. ?

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Weichun Chang
Weichun Chang:
Character development is out the charts in this drama
Anh Nguyen
Anh Nguyen:
Their chemistry is daebak! Even though they are split by a door, I feel their souls are connected. They must love each other so much.
Parivesh Virat
Parivesh Virat:
Their chemistry is out of this world
Laure Notue
Laure Notue:
The best couple!!!🤧
Diana Osazenaye
Diana Osazenaye:
They both sad
Ratan c
Ratan c:
*Can anyone tell me the name of the song that being played at this scene? It was a male voice I couldn't find the song name yet*