It's Okay Not To Be Okay Ep 14 - Face off

MY's mother is so annoying! Why can't she just leave her daughter alone? Crazy bitch! ?

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Sajjal Butt
Sajjal Butt:
She is gang tae's knight in the armour.
Donald Freeeman
Donald Freeeman:
I have a strong feeling gang tae knew what he was doing when he made go moon young go or when he came to rescue his brother. He seems too calm. He must ve planned something for sure
Jeshemare Timbang
Jeshemare Timbang:
Sometimes run is not the only option you need to face your fear that is why GT do it. 💕 He is ready to face hes fear.
Rita Mareti T Ranjak
Rita Mareti T Ranjak:
Kak mampir y k tmptku abu-2 kn pnya kk
savion burnette
savion burnette:
It’s august the 8th and the next episode isn’t available yet on Netflix