It's Okay Not To Be Okay Ep 13 - The Revelation

I knew it! It's the head nurse! That's why she always meddle with them.. and I smell something fishy before.. I wonder what's her relation with MY if her mother really died ? but oh men, please, don't let Mun-yeong leaves Gang Tae now that she knew the truth.. ? Please Gang Tae, be with her.. take care of her.. now that the real enemy revealed herself.. we do not know what she'll do to her..

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Amazing acting from this trio! wow give them the daesang already!!!
Singing Sloth
Singing Sloth:
The tear 1:36 that runs down from GT’s cheek after MY’s scream is like adding salt to my wound 🥺😢😭

This scene is so heartbreaking 💔
Now that she knows, his fear came true. He can't even lie to her, keep calling her name is all he can do.
Tashi Tara
Tashi Tara:
MY mom’s dead. She can’t be alive. This woman is her sister. She did look suspicious from the beginning.
Jacqueline Plaatjies
Jacqueline Plaatjies:
I dont know, but im so impressed with their acting skills and how excellent they've become these amazing characters. The trio deserve an applause❣
The Anonymous
The Anonymous:
Nah. She's Kim Bok Joo's weightlifting coach! 😂
Sun Flower
Sun Flower:
This scene really stab KMY in the heart like bro look at her eyes, it’s like she’s running away from her mother cuz she’s scared that her mom will come after her as well as she can’t believe that her mom would killed MGT mother
Mehdi Haider
Mehdi Haider:
Oh my gosh :
I knew it the head nurse was suspicious to me since the beginning of the drama.
Simz V
Simz V:
That lady either changed her face or is witch's sister.
And she may be the actual culprit .
KOoKOo Kimtae
KOoKOo Kimtae:
Everything was going so great in ep 13 then this happened .......always the UNEXPECTED
her shout and his tears. the timing makes my heart ache 😭❤️
Diana Osazenaye
Diana Osazenaye:
Of course she angry and scared
At least when she run they a reason
I’m never going to see butterflies the same way anymore after this 🥺
Sagar Dasar
Sagar Dasar:
Damn her mom is so scary
Amal أمل
Amal أمل:
I’m so Sad & heartbroken that this drama is so close to an end 🥺 I can’t imagine how I can spend the weeks without waiting for another Episode uuuuf 💔I’m so attached + addicted to this drama how I can hold my self 💔 wish they make Season 2 as soon as possible Hopefully they (director + writer can see our comments 🤞🏻!!!! Please
Leen O
Leen O:
I think Nurse Park is related to MY maybe her aunt which wld explain how she has MY's mum effects. Like her sister I think she is very possessive of MY and that's why she drew the butterfly on ST's mural. I think she wants to break up MY and her new family i.e. KT and ST. This is also why she was so insistent on the director serverely punishing KT for punching ah reun's ex husband. She wants KT out of the picture as she knows KT is getting closer to MY. MY's s mum is definitely dead. Her dad has explained how he killed her and that he dumped her body in the lake and that MY knows this. This also explainns MY's nightmares about a body or woman in the lake and wanting to save that person frm the lake. So when at the end of the show MY wears the red dress to see her 'mum' I'm sure she knows that she is going to confront the person who is now claiming to be her mum and to save her new family. Hence KT's tears at the end - he's afraid for her safety. Btw Nurse Park has killed ok ran that is why she is so sure ok ran is not coming back to the hospital remember she said she 'can't come back'. Also note Nurse Park defended the parents who sold one of the patients to a shaman saying we don't always have the full picture why parents act the way they do. I think she was defending her sis upbringing of MY
Kaycie With ie
Kaycie With ie:
Cammy Nguyen
Cammy Nguyen:
I think the head nurse is the sister and that she’s the one that killed the mum.
chengchong lb
chengchong lb:
This woman is not MY mom,she is the sister of MY mother
S k Nizami
S k Nizami:
Now nothing seems good without you Kim Soo hyun
Marichelle FunTasTic TV
Marichelle FunTasTic TV:
Nice movie. Good acting skills. Love it. Can't wait to see you. See you on your next video. More videos please. Enjoy life and keep vlogging.
Viola Star
Viola Star:
I knew it
I knew that woman was the one
Tam Nguyen
Tam Nguyen:
Ok, let me give the director a call :D
aneer wambui
aneer wambui:
this killed me
Jiipat Pruksawan
Jiipat Pruksawan:
เศร้าหนักมากกก กดดันมากเลย สงสาร เล่นได้ดีมากๆทุกคนเลยคะ
Irielh DG
Irielh DG:
Does anyone know what the song that ends that chapter with is called?
Why do I feel like the head nurse is actually the one that killed their mother & the husband thought it was his wife so he killed her instead. Either the head nurse is a crazy fan of the mother or they are actually sisters (hint the title of the episode) or they were best friends.
Meaning from the flashback I think her dad mentioned MGT & MST mother was the house keeper? Or maybe they were having an affair, the wife knew about it & couldn't handle it anymore so she got someone to it for her thats why she didn't denied it.

The head nurse was also wearing KMY mothers ring, the same one we saw in the flashback. What do you guys think? 🤔
D S Suman
D S Suman:
This show deserves oscar
Seokjinie Blablablah
Seokjinie Blablablah:
Mun yeong mom is dead its the sister.
Leen O
Leen O:
Its tomorrow. So excited yet so very sad it's ending. Sigh....
Andrea Sanders
Andrea Sanders:
Why her kill her own sister no reason because jealousy or ????? So cruel/Madness
shinigami haohmaru
shinigami haohmaru:
I would do anything to make her mine..
Maybe mom's sister?
Matthew Lani
Matthew Lani:
Her mom is creepy asf
Andrea Sanders
Andrea Sanders:
His brother not know they mother have sister why tell them about her sister truth???!! 🤔🤔🤔🤭🤔🤭🤔
Hope Orubele
Hope Orubele:
😨😨😨😨 i believe its the nurse 😨😨😨
What happened please ?
Mr Legend
Mr Legend:
But how?..I don't understand fk
Alex Yeezus
Alex Yeezus:
Doesnt anybody find it ironic how in the beginning she called him a coward for running away but now she does the exact same thing?
musiclover cho
musiclover cho:
Is that her true mom?