It's Okay Not To Be Okay Ep 13 - MY mother's death

Did she really die? So who's the head nurse? What's her role? Is she MY's aunt? Can't wait for the next ep. But then it's so sad that this will gonna end soon. ?

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Harriet Adams
Harriet Adams:
She might of help or her's mother might have a twin sister. Because no one can live through a lost of so much blood.
Titin Supriyatin
Titin Supriyatin:
this series is really making the story turn upside down. thumbs up and five. really good
She looks so creepy...
Princess MM
Princess MM:
I think the daughter helped her escape
What did he throw in the sea??
Syasya Ames
Syasya Ames:
How the hell did she survive that?
J. A.
J. A.:
What is the name of the song playing on the radio at the beginning? Anyone know pls help 🙏🏻
Harriet Adams
Harriet Adams:
Might of.