It's Okay Not To Be Okay Ep 13 - Jealous Mun-yeong

She really acts like a guy when she's jealous.. so cute ?

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When that bell on the background music strikes again , serves a hint that MY's crazy side has been switch on. 🚨
Mai Estrada
Mai Estrada:
Her deep voice is very addicted to listen too, especially when she’s mad or getting mad. 😂
a happy life
a happy life:
She was so loud 🤣 the whole library noticed her jealousy definitely.
Elvira M K
Elvira M K:
She’s been wearing white outfits a lot these days
Shruti S
Shruti S:
I love her voice when GT runs away😂
I like MY this outfit and style the most throughout this drama. She look so pretty in this outfit and style! I think not only MY feel that GT is so good in suit while GT also feel that MY is so pretty in that style. That's why both them ask each other not to wear like that. So cute the jealousy
Laure Notue
Laure Notue:
I totally understand MY. Mark your territory girl!😏🤭
James Montesino
James Montesino:
The face she makes when she's ready to bury you alive for complimenting his man in front of her
Amal أمل
Amal أمل:
People have no Idea how badly I’m going to Miss them 🥺💔...goodbye (hoping to see both of them in another Drama SOON 🦋
Paulette B
Paulette B:
Gang tae knows how to tease her 😂
Mage User
Mage User:
She's really so preety and very charming
Ledy Taylor
Ledy Taylor:
Their both jealousy each other 😂😍😍😍
debalina chakraborty
debalina chakraborty:
I love the way Gang tae never says hello on the phone..His character is so written and so beautifully portrayed
Angelique Fisher
Angelique Fisher:
Kim Soo Hyun is SOO dreamy in that suit I-
Precious kingsley
Precious kingsley:
I love her act of jealousy
DM Breatheu
DM Breatheu:
This was like a tasty meal that you didn’t want to end.
When MY yells at KT in the art library, her voice echoes 🤣🤣🤣
Dark Demon
Dark Demon:
This girl is on fire🔥😂
Animal Lover
Animal Lover:
They make a good couple
Varshini Amrutha Vura
Varshini Amrutha Vura:
he looks so handsome with the coat
Jamila Rai
Jamila Rai:
She is so cute
Kumal Sagar
Kumal Sagar:
Ohh I really loved it when she react because of jeolousy.❤❤❤
Rakesh Tokbi
Rakesh Tokbi:
One of my favourite and best KDrama in 2020
muhd Syafiq
muhd Syafiq:
I really want to have girlfriend or wife that jealous like her... at same time she not sulking at me...
Melody Paler
Melody Paler:
The jealous queen😆 love her❤
Can't wait til someone uploads all of moonyoung's jealousy scenes
Look at mun yeong looks like the ant hunter founds one ant
Kasvini Muniandy
Kasvini Muniandy:
That tower clock bell! or Bell tower aaa my language is going mad but hahahah the bell makes me laugh so much!
Aneela Aslam
Aneela Aslam:
Kim Soo hyun is so attractive 😍😍
DM Breatheu
DM Breatheu:
This was cathartic. I’ve got a few KDs that I love but this just took top place. Who in humanity can’t relate to this drama? It’s well written and beautifully executed. I laughed and cried so much. I loved the actors and actresses. It is indeed ok not to be ok. Be safe and be well everyone. ☮️💟
Yolanda Kota
Yolanda Kota:
I love her eyes, shes beautiful.
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아웃껴ㅋㅋ 문 꼭..잠그래... 너 뭐니... 갑자기 파노라마처럼 훅가네.. 신경쓸게 많아서 배가 안고픈게 아니고? 근데...음..
Shin Yu
Shin Yu:
R.I.P my replay button
S k Nizami
S k Nizami:
I like you very much Kim Soo hyun
"어떤 x이야!" 음... 참 경박하다.
reins reins
reins reins:
Inlove with them😍
Aneela Aslam
Aneela Aslam:
What a cute jealousy 😍
Jiipat Pruksawan
Jiipat Pruksawan:
มีแฟนหล่อรากขนาดนี้ก็ต้องหึงและหวงมากกก มากกกกขนาดไหนดูสายตามุมยองแระกัน 😆😆
Choithy ch
Choithy ch:
Which song is playing on background
What is the name of that song?
Maria Baerga
Maria Baerga:
He feels the need for college because he's been running since he was 12 so he missed out on school but she will still get jealous especially when she gets hormonal at pregnancy season 2 lol
eep ji mah. wooo. underwater squah
Bình Lê thanh
Bình Lê thanh:
S - Darmas
S - Darmas:
Jastinarupeash Jastinarupu
Jastinarupeash Jastinarupu:
Where can we watch this full drama
ryan tan
ryan tan:
Cute girl
Sheffali Verma
Sheffali Verma:
First Comment...damn
Josephi Krakowski
Josephi Krakowski:
what you people call “cute” in this show is quite possible the most annoying shit in real life, these korean tv shows romanticize obsessive and possessive behaviors like its a good thing, its not, its mentality exhausting and degrading, when you experience such a person you’d know
Khang Ngô
Khang Ngô:
I hate her voice. Like an old woman