It's Okay Not To Be Okay Ep 13 - After the Kiss

Caught but not jailed ? you can't really hide anything from Sang Tae. So awkward talking about them kissing ??

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The fact that Sang Tae didn’t say GT right away shows he now loves MY too same as ST. He couldn’t choose💕
Ledy Taylor
Ledy Taylor:
His learning to be honest to his brother.
Milk and cookies
Milk and cookies:
A great philosopher once said
"A kiss is better than a fight"-MST
Margaret Omovbude
Margaret Omovbude:
Sang Te with the lines... "don't talk to me when watching dooly, it's basic etiquette!"
Teresa Platt
Teresa Platt:
ok, he gave you permission to KISS HER, now get your cute behind up and go get YOUR WOMAN, and kiss her all-night, we can HANDLE IT...…...IJS
Aishi Bhattacharya
Aishi Bhattacharya:
But honestly his cheeks aren't red at all though 😅
I still don’t understand why he’s so shy just from a peck when they already almost went as far to close of doing it in the bed before. Guess he’s just flustered seeing MY making the first move now
m fng
m fng:
this also shows that ST is beginning to recognise facial expressions!
Laure Notue
Laure Notue:
The bromance is overflowing 😍🥰
Taong Naglalakad
Taong Naglalakad:
awww by" ko gil dong" he meant the character from the cartoon who symbolized himself right??? awww
Sang Tae knows his younger brother very well 💕
Grace Duarte
Grace Duarte:
I love that now ST is completely aware what is MY to GT❤️❤️❤️
Darshelngam Tangkhul
Darshelngam Tangkhul:
His elder doesn't match at all with his character d way he act mentally 🤣🤣🤣
Nothing escapes the big brother 😂😂
Jiipat Pruksawan
Jiipat Pruksawan:
ลุ้นว่า คังแท ขออนุญาตไปนอนกะมุมยอง พี่ซังแทจะว่ายังไง 😁😁 กินแห้วไม่มีอะอดเลย คนเชียร์อดฟินเลย
Jiipat Pruksawan
Jiipat Pruksawan:
พี่ซังแทรู้สึกได้เลยน๊า อิอิ ปิดไม่อยู่แล้ว
alia arin
alia arin:
Pleaseee nanti malem juga diupload.. yg 14.
grosir sepatu led baby stuff dan mainan
grosir sepatu led baby stuff dan mainan:
why i'm crying
michael john
michael john:
I love this to be honest
Pri the TAETAE biased
Pri the TAETAE biased:
Sang tae is the cutest bean ever
Danna A Lopez
Danna A Lopez: