Is JU-ON: ORIGINS the Scariest Show of the Year? | Netflix Series Review

“Ju-On: Origins” is full of ghosts, scares, blood, weird noises we’re used to hearing from Grudge — and it just might be worth your time. Here’s my review of Netflix’s original horror series, “Ju-On: Origins”!

Directed by: Sho Miyake

Starring: Yasuo Odijima, Ririka and Yuina Kiroshima

I screened this movie early for purposes of this review, thanks to Netflix!

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“Ju-On: Origins” hits Netflix on July 3, 2020!

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Reel James
Reel James:
I'M NOT SCARED (okay, maybe a little)
*Are you guys checking out this series?*
Kiyomi's storyline was the most depressing :( Also, did they reference the Junko Furuta case in the 1st episode (in the news), or was that just me?
Art vandaley
Art vandaley:
The show was violent but not scary.
Other World
Other World:
I was traumatized as a kid with the grudge....not much of how the dead chick looks but her sound....had nightmares with it
Anoushka van Rijnsoever
Anoushka van Rijnsoever:
I binged watch it today. Liked it, but in my opinion The Haunting of Hill House is way scarier. Because it has more scares and a clearer story. Also a second season comes out this year. I think that is going to be the scarierst serie of the year.
Taylor Davison
Taylor Davison:
I had a nightmare after watching the series.
L'enfant de la nuit noire
L'enfant de la nuit noire:
How have you seen the series if it hasn’t aired on Netflix yet. That’s creepy.
I had to look away when that scene was playing. 🤢
sink and drown and die
sink and drown and die:
heyyy...would you be willing to watch and react to the korean series Kingdom on netflix?
Can't wait! Do you recommend watching it in the original language or in English?
gabriel hubby
gabriel hubby:
Hey nice review sir , came across you on Austin's chanell , wish you and your chanell all the best , please no offense intended but the constant background music might be something to think about , I just mean this as constructive criticism and ultimately it's your chanell but it's a bit distracting , keep up the good work
ajmal aju
ajmal aju:
its too confusing
mikaila diaz
mikaila diaz:
I just finished this and I’m kind of confused. The whole thing was confusing
Hi James! Awesome review! Gosh the series was so good and scary! Really disturbing. Although there were things I hope they covered more. I loved the elements from the original. Hoped it was an hour each episode. I actually made a parody a while back called De-Grudge on my channel. 😁 Hope you can take a peek when you get a chance. But yes, subscribed sir. ✌🏼
It’s not scary at all :/
No. It's possibly the worst show of the year.