Is It Worth Playing? - Black Desert Online In 2020 - P2W Concerns & Reality

Black Desert Online one of the most controversial mmorpgs despite being so ridiculously popular. It's a love it or hate it kind of game and a lot of people seem to love it unconditionally or hate it similarly. So is Black Desert Online too pay to win to play in 2020? Is everyone right?

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BDO in a nutshell is “You can play for 70 hours and still feel like you’ve accomplished nothing”
KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming:
You sound like a super chill guy & I enjoyed listening to your thoughts! I looked up this vid because I've been playing so much BD Mobile so I was curious what people have to say about the PC game. Keep it up & best of luck with everything!
Timon I
Timon I:
Causally talking about games
Me:Damn this get dark really fast
Xero Kaiser
Xero Kaiser:
BDO: A fun MMO that has the potential to be one of the greatest MMOs ever made but will forever be held back by shit monetization that infects literally every aspect of the game.
"I've never liked something to the point I won't criticize it."

Annnnd subscribed.
DracO AK
DracO AK:
The game is fun, people make bad decisions or gamble it away. Save your silver get good gear takes TIME.
Is there a recommended cash shop items list somewhere ? Things that give the best bang for the buck like buying the travelers pack or not. I like the content
bdo is ok if you approach it as a casual player honestly. i had some good times being essentially a solo player on adventures with my trusty steed lol
jou so
jou so:
I love this I just love thos topics xD and thank you for the video really informative I have 1k on the game and it was a mix between stress and enjoy full experience
Greg De Moor
Greg De Moor:
Installing the game again after i watched this video. Also you said you get 4 free pets? How do you get them? By just creating a new character. Im gonna try the Guardian. Btw you have a new sub 🙂
Artur Kowalicki
Artur Kowalicki:
They created bdo to be addictive. Game is beautiful, combat is fast and flashy and boom rng hits you in the face. I felt like i wasted month of my life after trying to tet my gear. Bilions of silver and i ended up with same gear score. I still watch videos from bdo players so i remind myself why i quit this game. Only male sorc is going to make me download bdo again.
Plamen Minchev
Plamen Minchev:
Great video!In my personal opinion I tottally agree with you.I've been playing for 2 years. I personally paid only for pets and some offpackages where u buy one things and get few additional ones,but that's pretty much like a subscription payment on a monthly basis.When I think about it, I've made my own semi reserch on things that you can do ingame without being afected by anything related to rl silver, you can progress in so many ways, bjmut cire factor of how you feel about the game and affection is your community,the people that play the game with you,mby your guild.Also onceyou reach certain dp,ap brackets the game becomes even easier, as long as you enjoy it,there's no way you ain't gonna reach it. I have 2guya in my guild they play the game for over 1 year ni a single one of them paid more than 10$ for it and they already have above 275 ap kut, one of them is not even that active + now you can snipe,preorder stuff from the market.I am saying this and I am an EU player.
Muhammad Pandu
Muhammad Pandu:
The combat in BDO is just super fluid that it's therapeutic. Coming from from long day at work sometimes you just want to brainlessly grind and BDO's combat animations serve that purpose very well. It is P2W yes. I've spent about $400 to get some of the best gears in the game much faster. I almost see this as a cross-subsidy as plenty of BDO players out there don't spend at all in their thousands of play hours.
BDO private servers hand out pearls like candy on halloween, making it less p2w and faster to progress for people with less time on their hands.
bb ac
bb ac:
The game is worth trying out, i said i d never play these tipe of games, yet i m 6 months into it, and i had lots of fun. I bought the explorers pack and thats about it nothing more, i m 290/289/300 nouver atm.
Dominica Gerard
Dominica Gerard:
Thanks for the objective perspective.
M.J. Cruz
M.J. Cruz:
The inconveniences are really blatant when you want to try harder content. You can't grind too much without running out of inventory space/weight. Pets are a must, maids as well. If you want to look good you need to pay (although they're offering a skin now). Then, there's the subscription item that costs way too much. Aside from that, the game is amazing and offers a lot of's just that they seem to go out of their way to make things absurdly complicated that can be magically solved by a cash shop item.
The thing that I keep dropping BDO over is probably the lack of player interaction. I played for a bit and never had any.
Frog in boiling water. That's why I worry about Pearl Abyss.
I also have a love/hate thing with bdo.
I find my self constantly switching chars and i admit ive basicaly spent 500£ on it over the years due to that. Not on p2w stuff but on fucking cosmetics. I have two level 61s but only due to the new quests to level up to 61, i have no gear because i could never stick with a class and lost so much money selling gear and rebuying.
My main issue apart from that though is the insane grind to get to pvp ready, i like to pvp and really the idea of grinding to soft cap before you can properly do it is fucking stupid.
P2W aint the problem for me, the few months hard core grind on shit is.
Chris Shepard
Chris Shepard:
Inventory and weight have always been the biggest problem. I wish it was account bound, so you could shift what you pay for around if you decide you want to change classes. That's my only real complaint about the cash aspect of the game
i don't like the idea that someone can get ahed of me just by paying more and having His PC ON 24/7. Gues s i prefer normal sub based game when shops gives nothing other then cosmetics.
I quit bdo after a few months when it first launched due to 2 things - marketplace ( I was the only player selling a certain high tier item and it would of been way more profitable to sell the materials due to the game telling me how much I can sell it for) - TERRIBLE region lock, I am from eastern Europe and I was forced to play on Russian servers, even tho I can speak Russian I can barely read and cannot type at all, so looking for things in game that require typing ( marketplace again) was almost impossible... I don't even have the option to switch to Russian keyboard xD … now I randomly read some comment on a random top MMO video that after steam release I can play on European servers and they changed the marketplace (its still somewhat shit , but at least it gives us an illusion of controlling the prices) so im back for a week already and am happy with it, yes there are some cons but its the best we got for now. And yep im here for the economic part of the game.
hoang dung
hoang dung:
i dont mind pay2win in bdo tbh... whales have to spend tremendous amount just to have chance to hammer those PEN or buying them... more outfits on CM for me :/
A Perfect analysis od the game. Everyone should see this video.
Mike H
Mike H:
Heavily addicted to this game, i have played every single day since launch, after you've invested in weight and pets,maids,tents all i do buy now is a kamablessing and value pack, it's been the only game iv played this hardcore since WoW back when vanilla launched
aw, man. I've been playing for like two years now. it is a great game imo. one of the things that I love the most about it is that the progression is very drawn out. you have to plan your way through to the end or to your next level up gear up or whatever goal you have in mind. you have to focus on that goal and stick with it to the end. it gives me the feeling that i "earned" what I have, own, or accumulated. you have to put in time and effort and really there's no way around it unless you want to spend tens of thousands of dollars selling pearl shop outfits on the marketplace. I also like that I don't have to grind mobs all day. lifeskills are fun and doing guild activities are entertaining.
im playing BDO since 2016

this game is enjoyable and sometimes boring
but what makes me playing this game untill now, cause i love the community (not toxic) and especially my guilds mate
and the most thing what i really love to playing bdo. BDO is not just about grinding,i can do casual thing like lifeskill, SMH and its really really funn!!.

and i cannot saying BDO is p2w cause the most annoying about bdo is just RNG.
and yeah i just spend money like 500$ since 2016.

sorry for my english. Love your channel btw
Above all else, the one thing that gets to me is the integrity of the publisher/developer, (whoever's in charge with actually making big changes to the game like revamping the marketplace or cash shop decisions) which means little to nothing to them.

Back then maybe a little bit before global launch, they promised not to be able to sell outfits from the cash shop to the marketplace and they went and gone back on their word. This was actually great news to me because I didn't want to spend upwards of $25 - $30 for a single set but regardless of that they didn't keep their promise.

Valk's cry was also a huge point of contention and that made it into the game as well. A large chunk of players would petition in-game against p2w aspects and it would only fall on deaf ears, this goes for every region especially in kr. There's a lot more things that could be added to this short list but these stuck with me the most. This stuff doesn't really affect me personally because I don't play to compete, I just love the game graphically and for i's aesthetic. I just wish they would be more honest and just say it how it is, drop the corporate speak and just say you don't really care about players but their wallets. People will still play/pay anyways.
Why did I stop Bdo? I wanted to train horses, I wanted to be fking horse trainer, but I'm no bot, I can't and I don't wish to have my computer open 24/24.. all the rp wasted on this game is just insane, because that's what most players want, mindless fight.. so be it.
Percy Lorenz
Percy Lorenz:
I wanted to learn something about BDO, but i ended up learning something about life, thank you sir !
When asking if a game is pay to win or not, I find it is important to define what exactly we mean by "Winning", particularly in an MMORPG like BDO, where there is no end, and thus no 'Winning' in the traditional sense. If your goal is to grind mobs at maximum efficiency, then that is what I would define winning as. By this definition, I do find BDO quite pay to win. In order to grind with maximum efficiency, you do need pets/weights/inventory expansions and such. This also makes paying to progress your gear faster "winning". If your end goal is to just mess around and enjoy the game, however, then the game isn't pay to win with your end goal being different in that case.

At the end of the day winning is about achieving your goals, and if paying accelerates or instantly achieves those goals, then, and only then, is the game pay to win.
Lucky Yolo
Lucky Yolo:
After this explanation this game sounds a lot like warframe. Witch is a good thing. I wish more games were like this. One of the things I hade about a lot of games nowadays is they love putting out new content that pretty much puts you at the start of a grind all over again.
Max Steel
Max Steel:
Very level headed and actually gives me an idea what I expect if I were to play this. Thank you man
Lydell Storm
Lydell Storm:
"You have my attention"

but seriously though, appreciate the honest breakdown
ali speed
ali speed:
Pets, inventory, outfits,
Am a new bdo player, so far these right here are promising to make me quite. Am still endurin till l learn more
Lunch Box
Lunch Box:
Got my first PEN last week, a though I blow up all my gear to Pri and some accs. But I guess it’s worth it since it has my name on the weapon ^^ I love the game, fun experience
Francesco Rosucci
Francesco Rosucci:
I'm a new player (i Started to play yesterday) and I'm enjoying the game so much. Animations and skills mecanics are AWESOME. I hope I will continue to have fun (even If i'm just following the main quests because i've no idea on what to do for now hahahaha)
The Gaming Jello Walrus
The Gaming Jello Walrus:
id love to play bdo but i never have anyone to play with that sticks around.
matthew reid
matthew reid:
tbh what eastern mmo doesn't have some p2w that's why i have given up on playing any and all that come out.
Damn I was watching a review then BAM "I almost died". Hope you're okay now.
Ethan Looney
Ethan Looney:
Thank you. Seriously I have spent all day watching videos on bro. I love love love grind games and was scared of this one because of the p2w. But you have given the best explanation
I'm having a blast leveled 2 chars to 56 and no p2w for me.
This is an insanely well thought out description of BDO. Thank you for this. Such a great video to show my friends how the game really is.
Love the game and its depth, but it's Pay to Win alot! I hate games with energy to do stuff in! This is the reason why BDO is lite to me. I love FFXIV's crafting without and no hold bars! I love the combat in this game and which i why i purchased the game a month ago.
Fernan Marcos
Fernan Marcos:
Thank you very much for this. Really informative and helpful. I just made my decision and I will definitely play this game. You just got a new sub, please continue to create content like this. Btw may I know your server? Is the sea server the same with other bdo online servers?
Shika RAZR
Shika RAZR:
13:21 "average adult Western player" spends $600 on a game lol
Mareks Ozolins
Mareks Ozolins:
Indeed you have spent less money then wow sub and expansions gz man.
My problem is not when a company has a cash shop, or "asks" for money. I happily pay for XIV sub, or even ESO sub. Hell I buy my premium pass here and there in Archeage. My issue is that (most) cash shop oriented games tend to never know when to stop and will literally make very, very inconvenient game systems that make you feel hand-tied to get more money out of you and you just never know WHEN it's going to stop. For example Nexon and Aria Games (does that one even still exist?) are companies I entirely avoid because they will always choke your inventory by making it super tiny and make upgrade system that need tons of items that stack to like 5 but you need 60, and not a singular item either like just "Dark Matter" but you need the red one, the blue ones, the yellow ones and the rare purple, etc. Lots of different trash drops too to clog you up. I like buying inventory space, as a convenience, not as a necessity, know what I mean?

I don't even know if it's related to BDO, I played an extremely short time a long time ago when there was a free weekend but a story quest bugged and I left. Just ranting my personal feelings here like a diary. lol
Statesrights O
Statesrights O:
"This is redundant as *F*.." You just got yourself a like and sub.. Thanks for the honesty in your vid.. Know the feeling about life being short.. Put your trust in Christ and follow him.. Peace
Reynier Rodriguez
Reynier Rodriguez:
Thanks for the great content as always Kira!
Midnight Wolf
Midnight Wolf:
This is the second video I have watched on your channel. The other being Archeage: Unchained. I liked that video and I liked this one too. I think what I like most about them is the fact that you're not sugarcoating things and you're not biased about it either. You recognize the qualities and the flaws of a game. Not just the game itself, but the people behind the curtain pulling the strings of the game. More people should do what you're doing when they talk about a games worth on their channels.

For whatever its worth to you, I'm subscribing.
He's not wrong, This is the Best and Worst game we can play,

It's loads of fun but offers short cuts to those whom can afford to gamble.

It's more Pay to advance than pay to win... Unless you're money bags and or really Lucky.
Ayano Amano
Ayano Amano:
2:09 Well that escalated quickly.

Instant change of my feelings lol.
Edwin Jonathan
Edwin Jonathan:
I instantly subscribe to you, this is the most neutral video about MMo I ever seen. Kuddos to you good sir!
Sir Slim
Sir Slim:
I agree with a lot of what you said. I think what ruins the experience for some is the long progression just to remain (generally) competitive in PvP. If they added a ranked/qued/balanced (gear) PvP mode, there wouldn't be as much of an uproar. Skill should always be the most determining factor in any PvP-focused game. Also, hate feeling the need to leave my computer on 24-7 to progress quicker (it's stupid how much silver you get for leaving your computer on everyday). That being said, I absolutely love many elements of this game from the graphics, to the fast-paced combat, which keeps me going. Whenever I recommend this game, I too feel the need to add a list of caveats. Anyway man, love your content and how openly honest you are about this game!
Jesse Senpai
Jesse Senpai:
I spent over 2k on costumes inventory n weight but I never sold costumes for money I still enjoy this game finally got full tet today
DG 609
DG 609:
Lmfao if your gonna pay to win its $1000+ usd to sell enough costumes to get full TET, just get 3pets(you get 2 free from the campaign) weight and inventory.
The p2w discussion is well warranted, and I have to constantly remind myself to monitor my spending. But the vehement disapproval of the game would have kept me from a game that I've genuinely enjoyed thus far, and has scratched the itch I've had for a while.

When it comes to the money spent, I have to remind myself I've spent more money in games like Overwatch and Destiny, and the interaction you have with the community is much smaller.

So while BDO has a frightening cash shop and the obvious p2w/p2max out exists, the amount I've spent balances out compared to other games. I believe it's just more blatant and in your face in BDO.
Ash MCleod
Ash MCleod:
Thank you for this Video-Personally I love BDO almost everything I have done and have in the game I’ve gotten either for free or heavily on sale, I’ve gotten all 9 pets I have for free as well as about 4 outfits and about 6 months of premium I bought through in game silver , Now I will say adding stones to your weps and armor is soul Crushing when you fail, and I have seen many times where people put money into having it easier to repair or transfer their weps to other chars. That part I am not fond of and I do believe this game is not very friendly for new players, but once they learn the Afk options of making money and how to properly use the AH or find the best grind spots you can buy everything in game. My fave part of this game is taking screen shots and exploring the area, But what really counts as Pay to win? Wow has it where you can just buy a lvl 110 character boost but people seem to really hit BDO for their options.
Fastest Gazelle
Fastest Gazelle:
I agree with the video. Personally I really ejoy BDO a lot. I also play other MMOs but always come back to BDO.
bril T
bril T:
Heavy rng + pay to win system = lol GG
Margareth Su
Margareth Su:
BDO: you can swipe your credit card to get to the end gear.
Me: oh, bye. lol
Ive been playing BDO for about 2 weeks now but my main issues with the game is the terrible shoddy draw distance and the fact its really just a solo player online game and i tend to play with mates so ive had to stop playing BDO now cos we really dont play together while playing it. Also the pets i only have 3 and i really dont care for anymore cos all they do is pick shit up for ya and that shit aint worth shit itself lol.
the game is so much easier now, i really love and enjoy to play it right now because i actually get something for my time i put in...i play again now for 4 months, stopped in 2017 and i already bought myself a tet ogre and 2 tet eye of the ruins rings, feels amazing...
Hi! great video, what do you mean by avoid RNG, been away from BDO for quite some n looking to get back..
Blessed again!<3
CK 779
CK 779:
Yo man, how you doing?

Alrighty, got a question for you? Do you think you could choose my next character in BDO? I currently got a dark knight. Thinking of either a ranger, guardian, lahn, sorceress or witch. Which would you choose?
My exp with BDO so far is pretty good (I'm still new, 50h in). I just wish that the systems in the game wernt so convoluted. Like I still have no idea how the conversation thing works at all, and the enchantment system looks like a total pain to do for anything higher than green/blue.
Also it has always been a pet peeve of mine when something is clearly supposed to be cosmetic also gives a buff, but the buffs that it gives isnt a deal breaker for me and may toss a coin or two towards some of the outfits.
With all of that being said tho, I really enjoy this game and so far the only mmo I've played, and enjoyed. This includes the big 3.
Thanks for this video. I was on the fence about playing this game. Have you ever played Lineage 2 classic? Honestly I wan’t a game that looks like this game with customization of an old mmo called City of Heroes and the grind time of WOW. How your character looks shouldn’t effect the gear you have on and vise versa
James Gatz
James Gatz:
I am doing the free 7 day trial as musa. It’s interesting as my first mmorpg, so many elements is like overwhelming af
Dose BDO require subscription?
It is always your choice if you go pay 2 win. I got 220ap/260dp in 3 months without buying anything in pearl shop. Got x2 tier4 pets without spending real money
Juli chow
Juli chow:
How i love the way you explain things from every aspect and angle. Stay healthy bro.
Dorian Staten
Dorian Staten:
Thanks for this video. I had held off on trying the game because of some of the bad things I'd heard about it, but after watching this video, I've decided to give it a try and see for myself if any of the issues people mention actually affect my gaming experience. I now really think they won't. For one thing, I'm not focusing on the grind with this game like I always have with other mmorpgs. BDO's world is gorgeous, and it looks like there's plenty to do, so I'm just going to enjoy the game and the world and let the leveling be a side effect/bonus. Thanks again.
Mathias Homann
Mathias Homann:
I've spent about 1500 hours in BDO, and by now it just doesn't hold my attention anymore - every week's update news are just "seen that already"...
Dance Gavin Dance
Dance Gavin Dance:
Goddamn I love wow. Been off and on again with that game for yeaaars.
Great informative video! I just started and I was a bit overwhelmed by people saying how grindy and p2w it is. This helped a lot!
An argument I hear a lot is the camo suit, would that not qualify as an item which can give a solid combat advantage, it's an item you can't obtain without the cash shop, regardless of silver progression thoughts ?
the only 2 things i find really p2w are weight and pets and the rest you can live without.
im playing Astellia online its not that bad as people say it is
@3:44 what were we talking about got side tracked?🤔
Been playing for 18 months.. I never afk, never lifeskill, grind 5hours a month at most and only pvp cause I love pvp.. I don't buy anything or swipe my card (I did buy pets when I started).. I'm full TET and I get around. I do feel the power gap in our siege and gvg vs siege players however I know they've spend 10x the money and 10x the time to get to that gap.

Just do not race the game..
BDO is my main. With FF14 being my second.
Rob Blaich
Rob Blaich:
I'm still very new to BDO, but so far I am enjoying it. I shied away from it for quite some time because of the P2W chatter, but I did the math of what people say you need, such as pets. Well, I've spent $5 CAD for the game itself (Steam sale), and about $15 CAD for a pack that got me a horse and some pets.

A new single-player with a campaign of maybe 20-30 hours game can cost me $60-$80 CAD. I think BDO is a deal for someone who'll play as casual like me.
Another big factor for BDO is the amount of RNG. And I'm not going to lie when I fail a tet accessory It hut like hell but when i succeed one at a low fail stack it feels like I'm in heaven. It's a high risk high reward system. A love and hate relationship.
Andreas GnZ
Andreas GnZ:
Yes , it is . But i enjoy the game ... so i don t really care .
Great video. I've been looking for a new MMO to play. The issue is that I've played most. So in reality it's more of looking for an old MMO that I already played and might get back into. It just so happens that you've convinced me to actually try BDO. So I have, while watching this video, bought and downloaded the game.

I've since many years back held the same opinion as you that "life is too short". I didn't have a near death experience as you did, but I will be fourty in a few years so I am all too aware of ones mortality.

On the subject of P2W I hold many of the same opinions as you. At the end of the day, life is P2W. It can be you having a better computer, more stable internet, being able to buy cheats, being able to spend your entire days gaming instead of working and thus becoming better than others etc etc. It's a very hard subject. However I am not against it. I have since my early 20s understood that some people work more than they have free time. So when they do have free time they have to be able to spend their money on something most would spend time on.

Something I don't like about a lot of cash shops are that they build the game around extreme grind in order to be able to sell the shortcuts. I also do not like some of the pricings, like for gear. I recall returning to Rift a year ago or so, only to find out that the cash shop had the second best gear in the game. Which I am okay with. However the price for a set was around 8-900 euros. Meaning the cash shop is only for a VERY small number of players. That's why they call it whaling or whale baiting. From what I understand it is because that most players that will spend money on in-game stuff, will still do so pretty much no matter the price. And people who never spend money on in-game cash shops, won't start doing it because the prices are very low.

Eitherway, I do share your opinion that in most, if not all cases, you won't say "he beat me because he bought ULTRA DEMON SLAY0R GREAT SWORD OF DOOM".

Now to try out BDO and most likely be disappointed. :0
But for 10 euros, it's no biggie. Thinking of it I could go on a whole rant about why I think monthly subscriptions are prefered for MMO type games.
Marion Jared Cacho
Marion Jared Cacho:
I don't think pay to win is the right term. Maybe pay for comfort? or pay for convenience?
Kelly Parish
Kelly Parish:
Awesome Vid! Seriously, unless you are someone that HAS TO GET TO THE END ASAP or want to be PVP GOD.... BDO is mega fun for a considerable time. It’s beautiful, has a great character editor ( I use it a lot to create great looking character looks I can print off and use for playing DnD characters - for that you can even take screenshots using the costumes you can’t afford).

In the mean time it’s beautiful, lots to explore, fun to run around in and if you have others you want to RP with ... great times. It’s pretty good time waster for the amount you pay ($10ish once )
i recently hit 5k hours played on xbox
the only thing i cant buy with silver that i want or need are clothing tokens.
the thing i want is a horse that poops fire :O
nice video always interesting
p.s. it took me 5 years to hit 5k hours played in final fantasy 11.
ive gotten my moneys worth so far,im happy to throw them a few pennies a month,as a reward to keep them going
sometimes its difficult to find something to spend money on

unlike star trek online where ships cost 300+$ that game is ptw ,bdo pales in comparison ...chump change :P
i identify as a dolphin btw :P
Good Dreamer
Good Dreamer:
That's basically why I never play any Chinese or Korean MMOs, they always have a very agressive business model compared to any Western company.
And that's why i STILL prefer GW2 over BDO.
nice preview, been playing BDO mobile, and i could see from the first hour , that it's p2w, literally most of the things are limited by the idea of paying real money to get it better. not even talking about visuals, most of the costumes are p2w and all. sadly i was about to get the pc version , even if i got it for free , not really interested anymore, finding out there are players playing for the last 3 years and they are not top players, and needing to constantly play it to be good at it. if you have a life and a job you won't progress much i believe..
BDO is the best mmo i ever played since anarchy online, but is the one that I hate more, that's my feelings about it :P

And is also one of these games that when some one ask me about it I tell them I can't explain, they need to try it out, few are still still sinking their teeth on it, the majority ran away quite fast.
Like Kira perfectly or hate it.
I-Limit TV
I-Limit TV:
This game is really good but also really awful and p2w, and the cost for better gear and weapon are just insanely expensive to the point it feels like you’ll need to save silver your whole life
are the growth Servers already online?
Great video. I like the topic. Subbed
Petrache Ravis
Petrache Ravis:
Hi, im considering picking this game up. Im a casual player and i dont plan to spend any money on it, maybe on a cool outfit but nothing else tbh. Im a casual, so i could probably play 1 hour a day or 2 at max... on the weekends i would have time to farm up, especially in the night. What i want to ask is if i can get enjoyment from the game (i only like pve) i dont like pvp at all because its not rly my thing. I have a masters degree in finance and im concious about monetary decisions and i usually enjoy games that require farming to make money (i play games like warframe , i never spend anything on that game and i literally have every weapon and frame that i want, i bought a premium armor set , cosmetic only that is rare) What i want to ask is if i get some decent gear to be relevant in pve because it is what i enjoy. Im a manager at a real estate corporation and what i can see from BDO is that you can have empoyees, are they viable way to make money, crafting and everything you can get from them. I just wanna look cool, enjoy a crazy combat systems (reminds me of vindictus) and kick mobs ass and have different ways of incomes. I made some research and i saw that you can buy Value packs from the market, and even outfits. What is your opinion?
JD Aledo
JD Aledo:
hey @everybody, i just installed the game, and the patching is really slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. help?