Is Genshin Impact Really Just a Zelda: Breath of the Wild Clone?


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ok so, this is Breath of the Waifu, got it.
Ps4 owner: "i want to play botw"
Sony: "We have Botw at home"
Botw at home:
Aki Akisautumn
Aki Akisautumn:
4:34 It doesn't destroy the narrative because the game automatically switches you back to MC during cutscenes.
I really love the game but there’s one thing I really HATE in this game

It's not devoid of its own ideas and mechanics, so not a clone. It doesn't seem to play the same way at all. Visually though, while cel-shading and airy colors are not unique to Nintendo... Yeah it's pretty obvious they told their artists to make it look as similar as possible to BOTW. Not a crime, but everyone's entitled to their opinion on that. I personally would rather see something more original, but it's to be expected when games perform as well as BOTW did.
Zelda botw: ”stop copying me”

Genshin impact: ”stop copying me”
Ben Powell
Ben Powell:
If you read the features list from 1:20 to 4:03 out of context, I would 100% assume you were talking about BotW.
Dave Monado
Dave Monado:
When you copy your friend’s homework but you change it to “your own version”
Artistic Boy
Artistic Boy:
This is like comparing CSGO and Valorant
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez:
This game has actually been so much fun.
Already 10 million people playing.... I guess that's a win
x NverEnd
x NverEnd:
8:00 how can you hate paimon, paimon is the core of this game
It's like if BotW, Nier Automata, Dragon Quest, and Atelier Ryza had a baby.
Genshin is a game that you're meant to grind. If you don't like grindy games, you're gonna hate it
old gg
old gg:
My honest opinion after playing for a couple hours is that This game is like a coin with one side being a BotW clone and on the other it's a comletely different games. There is so much APARENT identical details to BotW, but the game itself is different. The story, characters, the way the quests works, the combat are all very different.
Aldwin Ryder
Aldwin Ryder:
Don't think this was a reallly good review (or impression I guess), you seemed to not really understand the game that well or get that far into it, and the comparisons you made to Zelda are poor and not well thought out
Best part of the game? Your weapons don't break. Lol
Unwanted Cheese
Unwanted Cheese:
When you realize genshin impact was already in development before Botw was released 👀
Before I watch this I want to say
I've been playing this game alot, and I'm loving it. It feels more inspired than anything, and it really fun. Plus it's free so might as well try iy
A few things I would like to point out:
-You said all dungeons look copy and pasted with a stone you need to destroy at the end
>This only applies to the first 3 dungeons you play which are introductory dungeons. Further down the line there are many different kinds of dungeons with floating oriental islands and various different ending rooms.

-In this video you notably did not show off any part of LiYue country which is where you would spend about 80% of your time in due to the complex and huge landscape.

-Only 2 of the 9 statues of 7 were activated on your map; One which you are forced to and one which you walk past to reach the 3rd and last introductory dungeon. (determines the amount of map that can be freely explored)

-You had only around 114 stamina at max throughout the video, indicating you likely only collected 3-7 out of 196 geoculus/anemoculus which speaks volumes about time spent playing.(There is 3 on the path to the 3rd introductory dungeon)

-World level throughout also remains at world level 0; an indicator you hadnt even spent at least 5 hours playing a game with a massive world and isnt barely enough to get a full feel for the game.

-No level 20s, seriously dude. Anyone who has spent more than 2 hours playing would have a full level 20 party

In conclusion, this whole video feels as if you came in here solely for the purpose of finding similarities to BOTW and you immediately left as soon as you felt you got enough content. The whole comparison felt biased to BOTW and its as of you hadnt even tried to balance out the good and bads.
N Fernandes
N Fernandes:
I only downloaded Genshin because my friend wanted me to. Thought I'd hate it and that it would be a bad copy of BotW... I was very wrong.
Give it a chance. It's a great deal for a game thats free. I don't even do the gacha that much and I'm having fun just exploring and doing quests. At the very least, it'll be a good way to tide over until the next Zelda games
Their previous game, Honkai Impact, was very much... "inspired" by bayonetta and DMC.

The main character is a clone of Bayo, there's a character who is Not Nero, and another character who is Not Vergil.

So yeah, they take a lot of things and put their own chinese twist on it but... eh. Game is fun.
Definitely has some major similarities.
Tanner Harig
Tanner Harig:
So I'm gonna be totally real with y'all here. I loved BOTW. I've logged 460 hours into it and played it multiple times. But, I've been playing Genshin Impact since launch and can firmly say that I like it 10x more than BOTW. There's a lot to delve into with that statement, but I'll just leave it there.
"BotW - took bloody ages to develop " yes it did. Be/c it was huge, and very high quality. That doesn't come quickly, so if you want large high quality games, be prepared to wait and don't complain. Why people are comparing one of Nintendo's biggest IP vs. a FTP game is beyond me. As long as the FTP game is fun and I don't feel like im getting fleeced by Pay to win, I'm good.
10/10 enjoyed this review
The Ultimate Rat
The Ultimate Rat:
Hot Take: Genshin Impact is better than Breath of the Wild. I've played both and wish I didnt spend money on BOTW.
I'm trying to figure out which character you were talking about when you said the writing was atrocious
Mamba Tumba
Mamba Tumba:
Paimon: "Hey! LISTEN!"
Skye Thompson
Skye Thompson:
It's a crpg. What where you expecting? No it's not perfect, but it's not at all bad for what it is. It's a bit handholdy till you hit rank 15 but frees up quite a bit once you hit it. I've been playing it on my ipad and frankly I love it. Yes it had allot of botw elements but there's enough to differentiate it from it that it is it's own game. I was definitely a little iffy about it to start with but the more I played the more I enjoyed it. I've gotten quite a few characters and I haven't dropped a penny into it. I also feel like the plot itself is decent for a crpg. I enjoy that there's actual lore surrounding Stormbreaker and monstadt. I will admit yeah some of the features feel a little disjointed but not enough to really bother me. I've sunk some time into it and quite enjoy it. But the important part. how could you hate Piamon? Everyone I know whose played loves her. Like this is the first I've heard of anyone disliking Piamon.
"Who cares?" can be such a pointless statement people make against these analysis/critiques.

Obviously, you don't, as long as the game in front of you is fun but IMO, it's good to keep an eye on these things, not for Nintendo, but for smaller developers and creatives in general who might be worried about their games.
Spanish Vanguardia
Spanish Vanguardia:
There's no way I can't notice the BotW ost in the background.

That no with an asterisk has a very, very large asterisk.
Blushing Ralsei UwU
Blushing Ralsei UwU:
Gotta say though, the fact that they managed to make this game run on my $220 phone is crazy
Jamie Mckelvie
Jamie Mckelvie:
Zelda: so how much of our game do you wanna copy exactly?

Genshin impact: yes
I’ve gotta say I disagree with a lot of this video. I think Genshin Impact is more similar to a ‘Tales’ game than BotW. Whilst some of the mechanics like climbing and gliding are from Zelda, the cell shaded aesthetic, combat, story, characters and RPG elements seem more Tales like.
While it has definitely taken inspiration from BOTW, outside of the presentation and traversal, it definitely feels like its own thing.
Mr Salty
Mr Salty:
I hope this game releases on switch. More games like botw that are actually good is always nice.
Also the switch can definitely run it since you can play it on your phone.
XxCryptix _
XxCryptix _:
The dungeons get more variety as you progress further out form the starting area
Kurtis Roho
Kurtis Roho:
Bruh when I was watching amber shoot those arrows wo swapping for combo effects I cringed hard
BOTW: Hype!
Genshin Impact: Hype Waifu Edition!
Me: 😱
Christopher Ricca
Christopher Ricca:
Played last night for a few hours. Very chill and very fun.
Eduardo Bertazzo
Eduardo Bertazzo:
The Legend of Genshin: Breath of the Impact
Random kid on the Internet
Random kid on the Internet:
Tbh Genshin Impact has been pretty fun for me lol
Anak Agung Ngurah Wisnu Yoga Swara
Anak Agung Ngurah Wisnu Yoga Swara:
People comparing it to BotW even before the release

Me after actually playing it : "Damnit this actually feels like playing...

Alex Cortez
Alex Cortez:
This is 80% a BOTW clone. But perhaps that’s a good thing.
Sasha Baugh
Sasha Baugh:
It looks like to me that Genshin is breath of the wild with notes...
So it's definitely inspired by. If you look at the art style of breath of the Wild and the more cute anime style of genshin impact there is a distinct difference. And gameplay doesn't feel all that similar either. Sure the environment definitely draw from breath of the Wild but I do think it does enough to differentiate itself. And it's not like they're the only ones who is doing the breath of the wild formula anyway. It's history repeating itself. Nintendo sets a trend, others follow.
Michael Abayomi
Michael Abayomi:
I've really been digging this game a lot since yesterday. Currently playing on PC, but would definitely try it out on Switch when it releases eventually. Good thing it has cross saves.
4th Herrscher
4th Herrscher:
Been playing this game for hours yesterday, having fun with it without even really doing the gacha part (but I did some because they gave bunch of free pulls). Not really much of a big gamer but the last I played like that was with Persona series (recently was the Persona 5 Royal). Though I wish Genshin Impact ps4 can have cross saves between other platforms.
Zoren Lee Cariaga
Zoren Lee Cariaga:
Its simple
BoTW: Epic game but not all can play
GI: Epic game too that everyone with a proper device or pc or console can play it
I find the Paimon dialogue cute, I like the game except I think I’m still learning the combat particulars since even though I’m a high enough level for dungeons recommended level on quests I have a crap time taking down guardians and a seemingly too long time with bosses

I’m playing the game just in my free time and for a free game (I’m using the free characters instead of doing gacha pulls) I think it’s great
Derrick Mehok
Derrick Mehok:
BotW fans: Make more games like this!
MiHoYo: *Makes Genshin impact*
BotW fans: *outraged noises*
You should've just kept the "cast magic at you from a distance with their wangs" typo in and not said anything. That would've been amazing
I think though even if it's a clone are heavily inspired this game is very much fun to play

I think this is a win for players who want to play Zella don't have a switch
No no no no, not a clone. It has part of DNA from Nier Automata. I don't know how they made this hybrid but definitely not natural heritage because no child resembles parents so exactly and precisely.

The writing is so bad, that gets good. Like, sometimes a character say something, and then another character responds something completely different
If this game was a research paper it wouldn't pass tuinitin.
Lazy Man
Lazy Man:
The main mistake of every review that compares the game to Breath of the Wild is the fact that they feel disappointed when the game is not Breath of the Wild. This game is a different title by a different company from a different country and with a different approach to things.

The fact that people are comparing the game to BOTW to this day is honestly sad, it’s just as if we said X shooter is a copy of Y shooter because they’re both first person and they have shotguns and can jump ingame.

Not because someone used a concept it means that every variation of the concept is a clone. And if this is declared as a “clone” then I would like to see more “clones” released because exploration games such as Genshin are fun to play.
Patrick shaw
Patrick shaw:
Let’s say “inspired”
Either way, sounds like more botw style content so that’s cool
Victor Cappa
Victor Cappa:
The “inverse-Adolph” mustache. Nice.
Benjamin gutierrez oriol
Benjamin gutierrez oriol:
Being a copy doesn't mean it doesn't have its own ideas, but there are waaaaay too many exact similarities (types of enemies) to say it's "inspired".

For example: BotW is inspired on many games, and we can see that in different mechanics, but put them all together and at the end of the day you can see it's an original game.

This game seems to take lots of "inspiration" from only one source: BotW, and that's why it feels like a clone/copy.
TriZoy Da BiZoy
TriZoy Da BiZoy:
It’s Breath of the Wild for people who don’t own a Switch.
Kawe Viana
Kawe Viana:
well, I guess it's literally Free... marketing for Zelda GOTY 2021
Quinn McDonald
Quinn McDonald:
Whenever I see games like this appear, I realize even more how much of masterpiece and one of a kind gem Breath of the Wild actually is even for its era of open world RPGs.
Pink Kiss
Pink Kiss:
You want to know my thoughts? I think the instant inertia cancellation upon putting the glider away is ... oddly satisfying.

Edit: Looks like the lack of inertia applies as well to gliding itself ... perfect!
I want to see more reviewers get to Liyue and start comparing to BOTW, that's the point where the game starts getting its own identity.
Adnan i
Adnan i:
Just the description Alex was all the same as breath of the wild lol
Arsene Lupin
Arsene Lupin:
I guess he played for only about an hour or two given the assumption that the dungeons only have a power stone as final thing. Literally just the intro.

That said, he did nail how most exploration elements are close or heavily inspired by BOTW.
Umbra Wolf
Umbra Wolf:
A Chinese game that is a copy of something else ? Impossible!
Rinnie Angela
Rinnie Angela:
The graphic (for characters) Mihoyo used in Genshin Impact already dated back to 2014 when they started developing Honkai Impact 3rd, which was released 2016, a year before BotW. As for the environment, it's more "anime" like and more vibrant compared to BotW. I'd say, inspired, but not an exact replica.
It's definitely "inspired" by BOTW without question. However, once you start spending some time into the game, you start to see the differences and areas they improvise on (weapons not breaking lol). As opposed to some games that feel like a clone or pirated version of the original, Genshin feels like a solid game on its own that leverages the game mechanics form BOTW. In fact playing this right now makes me really hype for BOTW 2. So this kinda scratches the BOTW itch in the meantime 😁
when i started playing genshin impact it was like playing zelda i was thinking of it
tuna fish
tuna fish:
The ledgend of Genshin, Breath of The Waifu
Well... after being recommended and watching a video of someone vacuuming a duck by YouTube, this video seems rather tame..
Radiofloyd 235
Radiofloyd 235:
I disagree about the weakpoints. The game clearly tells you every enemy has weak points. Also, that robot also has an important weakpoint on it's back. Also, I'm pretty sure the ruins are not that technologically advanced and unused. Rather than that, they don't go there because they're under the influence of the dragon and stuff.
Andy Baltazar
Andy Baltazar:
I’m so happy I built a pc because when the switch version comes out i will probably be able to cross save.
Kinda hilarious how salty zelda fans are over this lol.
King _
King _:
I tried downloading this game on my laptop but made it slow down. I’m just waiting for the switch version
Dair Hat
Dair Hat:
Glad that open world games are taking influence from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I hope it's influence will reach furthur in the video game industry.
From my experience so far Genshin Impact is basically Nerfed BoTW but with Multi (by nerfed i mean the features)
Short answer: yes
FlyAtNight -
FlyAtNight -:
Am I going crazy but why de fk do people keep on saying that the gameplay feels unpolished compared to Zelda. From what I’ve seen the graphics in the game makes Zelda look like a chinese knockoff
Bernard Micallef
Bernard Micallef:
I see Alex and hear his lovely intro, I click like!
He just hates Paimon because BOW doesn't have one.
Andy Donahue
Andy Donahue:
It’s would get me back into playing my ps4 again since it’s like a legend of Zelda game.
Brigitte Elsayed
Brigitte Elsayed:
Alex makes me happy! Love the vids
Vegas Cuervo
Vegas Cuervo:
Even if it's just BotW with cute anime girls, I'm IN.
Which one is the atrocious(Even really atrocious)? They have distinct characters for me.. By that i mean even if you just read a word with their style you'll know who says that..

Ooohhh I think you meant npcs backstory..
Taiki Fujita
Taiki Fujita:
Actually this would be like your Identity V. It shares so many elements that come from the game it's inspired from, like Identity V is inspired by DbD, which the art style is different, but the whole game completely fails at the fact that it's trying to do something unique.
Face of Bear
Face of Bear:
It's okay. Worth a try since it's free and all.
I miss the old days. Everytime a new "Diablo clone" came out, people compared it with Diablo but still had fun playing it.
The same with DotA, LoL and others MOBA games. Man, think about the simalarities between them.
Fatal Fury is just a Street Fighter 2 clone and I broke my snes back in the day. no i didn't
Roy Engelen
Roy Engelen:
I never played Breath of the Wild, but i still have a blast with Genshin Inpact, its fun and there's SO much to do :)
Stephen Nguyen
Stephen Nguyen:
This is a review. Got it!
I'm still astonished by how gleamlight clearly ripps hollow knight
I would say that it's more like they made an alpha build of the game that is a carbon copy of BoTW, and then using that as a base, they developed their own ideas, and at the end they managed to diversity enough to not be just called a rip off.

Similar art style -> Complete anime style and character design
Physics based combat -> The only physics left in the game is the burning mechanic, combat is elemental based
Weapon durability -> No durability cause (almost) everyone hated it
1 Character -> We have gacha

I honestly prefer this to BoTW, I've always been a sucker for JRPGs, and while Zelda is an RPG, all zelda games have always managed to be their own kind of genre. Genshin Impact on the other hand, is just a straight up pure JRPG to the core + gacha, and I'm loving it.
So yeah, not really a clone, but also way more than just taking inspiration. At the end of the day I enjoyed BoTW, and if Genshin Impact took mechanics from it, that's just going to make me enjoy it more. If you have to copy homework, copy it from the best.

Final note: no, you don't need to interact with the gacha, the game gives you plenty of currency, it's also PvE, so not P2W, you don't need gacha just learn to dodge.
First time I actually felt there was some waffling for somene to think there was more than enough of
DivePunch Gaming
DivePunch Gaming:
I was excited for a botw clone but it’s not, it’s a weird Chinese RPG with similar aesthetics
Oolong Pantsu
Oolong Pantsu:
While watching a video about this game the advertisement of it hit me. Please stahp ok, i am not ignoring it anymore pleaaase stooooop this madness!
It's like you copy the composition of a drawing, and then do your own thing around it, and it gives a different feeling. A huge chunk of the aesthetic and mechanics are a direct copy with minor changes. But the combat and the game play loop is different I guess.