Is Ellen DeGeneres' Show CANCELLED After Rude & Mean Behavior Surfaces?

After MANY people have accused Ellen Degeneres of being two-faced and rude to staff and guests, rumors are spreading that Ellen’s last dance might be quickly approaching. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:

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100+ komento:

Some Chick
Some Chick:
At this point we’re cancelling everybody
nisa talia
nisa talia:
Let’s talk about her association with Jeffery Epstein .
Tita Martinez
Tita Martinez:
Everything done in the dark will come to light.
Shawn Fellows
Shawn Fellows:
If all the rumors were false, she'd be suing.
Luke Morgestern
Luke Morgestern:
Her being mean doesn’t mean she should be cancelled. She’s being cancelled because she’s trafficking children and her affiliations with Jeffery Epstein.
Gigi Garcia
Gigi Garcia:
She’s mean ok , but that’s not why she was canceled. She was canceled because of affiliation with Epstein which will soon come to light. People in Hollywood are running scared, as they should be.
Daniel Ramirez
Daniel Ramirez:
Her mouth smiles but just look in her eyes..
She is a sick insecure person
Aaron Porima
Aaron Porima:
Comon folks lets be real why are all the shows being cancelled? Because of her/there ties to the filthy underground world which involves harming the innocent children in the most horrific ways. They should all be charged and meet there fate. 😡😡 These people are sick wake up world wake up.
brennan smith
brennan smith:
She’s canceled cause she’s involved in the big thing with Jeffrey Epstein
I Am Infinite
I Am Infinite:
I live in Africa and I also know that's not why she's cancelled, cover up for pizzagate
Nick Krikorian
Nick Krikorian:
tons of hollywood celebities are indicted. jimmy jimmel is done and oprah. watch what happends..
Maria DC
Maria DC:
When’s Jay Z and Beyonce going to fall? They’re GUILTY as well, the links with Marina Abramovic. Check it out!
I can’t stand this person, I have never liked her!
Pau G
Pau G:
She has had her supply of adrenochrome cut off, as have many of the Hollywood elite and many others. People are woke all over the world. If you aren't woke it is because you choose not to be. The wheels of justice turn slow but they are turning. Don't be deceived God is not mocked, whatever a person sows they will also reap. Some people choose to call it Karma!
Lori Lighstey
Lori Lighstey:
HA, let’s be honest, her show was canceled because of her ties to Epstein and child sex trafficking.
This story was pushed to the headlines to take the attention off her Wayfare situation.. don’t be fooled. She’s a Satanist, just like Oprah and all the other Hollywood Elite.. People are slowly waking up to the dark reality that is..
Sadhitra Biswas
Sadhitra Biswas:
Fall of Hollywood. Harvey Weinstein was the first war, Epstein as second.
paul abbott
paul abbott:
She's on home arrest, there is police records in la. Check online
Lee B
Lee B:
STOP! She's a criminal, not just mean
She is in trouble for trafficking children. Guilty guilty guilty.
It's so weird how suddenly everybody "never liked Ellen". Suddenly they all want to be a hero by calling her out for all things evil. Why now?
David Harris
David Harris:
Adrenochrome is a bad drug! Democrat elites and Hollywood are going to be exposed. Research it my friends, it's sad what they have been doing.
I've always found her to be fake nice. Many of her skits were cruel too.
Poco Loco
Poco Loco:
Recalling the resignation of many CEO's during the Corona Outbreak, how many had ties to Jeffrey Epstein?? Hmmm. I wonder!
Seth Colby
Seth Colby:
everyone is so bored in quarantine that twitter is just deciding "yo i'm bored , let's cancel someone"
Lynette Dundon
Lynette Dundon:
She's showing her true colors.
Melvyn Hyde
Melvyn Hyde:
She is a demon!!!
Suzanne Young
Suzanne Young:
Remember to be kind to one another 😂Ellen stop lying because you ain’t
Shadow Banned
Shadow Banned:
holy sh1t the house is on fire, no wonder the left is in panic mode
Alice Kroeker
Alice Kroeker:
Buy bye Ellen, don’t let the door hit you on your way out.
Ms Mag
Ms Mag:
Praise God! Let it be so. Exposing the evil and their deeds.
Nadia Mokhlis
Nadia Mokhlis:
I could tell she was a narcissist
Taffy Kins
Taffy Kins:
Personally, I never really liked her that much. I always thought she was fake and snarky at the same time. She and I are about the same age, so I've known about her since she was in her 20's. That's a long time... That's all I know!!!
The Conyers Way
The Conyers Way:
She is on house arrest and was part of trafficking children and killing and drinking their blood. She’s evil.
john smith
john smith:
See that close up? More wrinkles than a bag of ruffles.
She has the tiniest pupils EVER
I never understood why Ellen was "chosen" to be a TV star. She was never funny doing stand up and she was not charming or likeable on camera, so I have to assume there was some other reason TPTB selected her to one of them. I just assumed that it was because she was TV's first overt homosexual and destined to be used in the matrix as part of the long term cultural conditioning to destroy the traditional family unit by normalizing sexual deviance in our culture.
twitter - the land of opportunities and ways to get cancelled
Everyone knows the real reason now. sicko
danka kubíčkova
danka kubíčkova:
actors, artists - satanists from Hollywood imprisoned for life
Maya M.E.
Maya M.E.:
She should have been cancelled many years ago and jailed. Glad people finally see her for who she is.
Jennifer Forrester
Jennifer Forrester:
She is still gonna be making money, off of the kids she is selling on Wayfair. These people are sick!!!
Chanice Ellis
Chanice Ellis:
I never thought she was that nice. I always saw an edge to her. That said, this is much ado about nothing.
jeff ghant
jeff ghant:
When you treat someone like a king/queen, don't be surprised when they start acting like one.
David Crews Author
David Crews Author:
Not sure why she ever was given any air time on tv. She's not even mildly amusing.
Josue Ordaz
Josue Ordaz:
According to her former employees she’s cold and unfriendly.
I've been a fan of Ellen and the show for as long as I could remember. So all of these information really come off as a surprise to me. She was one of my idols, especially for her constant reminder to spread kindness to other people and towards animals, especially the gorillas. Wow! It's a lot to process, although, the unnecessary disrespectful games were just off-putting to me. I never liked those.

Anyway, I believe the show got cancelled because of her connection with Jeffrey Epstein, and not because of her being mean, allegations. Although it could also be just the icing on the cake.

Look, I'm not jumping into the cancel train, but I just have an observation, Ellen didn't actually deny the allegations. So there might be some truth to them.🤔🤔🤔
Monica Thompson
Monica Thompson:
Because that is def why it’s getting cancelled😂😂😂 y’all need to do your research
D B:
Rumor Has It (RHI) - More LEFTist "DO AS I SAY - NOT AS I DO" BS - the BS comes home to roost.
Jay Taylor
Jay Taylor:
What happens when everyone is cancelled? Personally I kind of enjoy watching Hollywood implode. Guilty pleasure I guess!
World Peace
World Peace:
Just so y’all know. There is a list of celebrities from Hollywood that have been arrested. Look it up! Is real 😱
Mya don
Mya don:
She’s cancelled because she’s involved in pizzagate and drinks adrenochrome
Daniel Campbell
Daniel Campbell:
Literally everything against Ellen I've seen is unsubstantiated rumors and conjecture. Even those are REALLY nitpicky. Most of them seem to stem from "Oh! I loved her but she didn't pay enough personal attention to me!" I don't really like Ellen at all but it's pathetic how much people like to crap on someone who might not be 100% perfect. A body guard was mad she didn't drop everything to make him feel special? Boo-fucking-hoo. As a performer I know I'm not very sociable before my set. I'm focused and mentally preparing myself for the performance. So she didn't drop to her knees and thank you for doing your job while she was doing hers? OH NO!! Are your feelings going to be okay? Jesus christ people. Grow up. Also, many performers are actually quite shy and uncomfortable when not performing. I imagine it's even worse for Ellen having to spend a large portion of her life getting abused and bullied.

On top of that, imagine having your face and name associated with a show and you're putting EVERYTHING you have into making it good. It's your baby. Your blood sweat and tears are going in and you are killing yourself to make it great. Now, you've got people who really don't care much about how the show goes, as long as they get paid. It's not their face out there having to suffer through that joke you put zero effort into writing. They don't have to put up with the AGONY of when a part of the show doesn't work. But yeah, you're supposed to treat them like they are better than you or risk getting "cancelled".

PS: "She's in hot water after saying that quarantine is like being in jail while broadcasting from her mansion" context is everything. It was literally the setup for a joke. I've lost faith in society to see each other as fucking humans anymore. They just look for any reason they can to drag others down. 99% of our culture has become bullies. They find someone better off than them, then they are so insecure that the only recourse they have is to go over the person's life and try and find whatever they can to drag them down. Grow...up...
Scott Rogers
Scott Rogers:
I love how Dakota called her out on her show. That’s what you get for trying to shame someone on your show. I’d do it and be fine with not being asked back if false facts are brought up like she did.
I’m sorry but Ellen needs to retire. Also think there maybe trouble in her “jail” I mean paradise at home.
LoisAnn Wuepper
LoisAnn Wuepper:
"Be kind to one another" was her quote... she is truly one messed up human 🤯
Her show should have been taken Off air YEARS Ago....not even for her being rude, mean and crazy, but rather for her rediculously dumb and corney flat jokes...Her ratings came mostly from waiting rooms at dr. Offices and elderly homes etc etc......
Whatsapp General
Whatsapp General:
Her show has been cancelled because of her links to Jeffrey Epstein duhh
"Be kind to one another!"
Cause she definitely won't!
Pamela Middleton
Pamela Middleton:
So many people were blind by her "acts of kindness"! Ha! The spirit within all of us will surface eventually, showing who we really are! Some sooner than later!
Lorraine Paterson
Lorraine Paterson:
Quarantine is extremely difficult on everyone, of all classes, but I can’t feel bad for these celebrities who are complaining about covid quarantine when they have homes bigger than my home town.
Speedwagon Fan
Speedwagon Fan:
Ellen is evil and her deeds have been caught....therefore....won’t be seeing Oprah anymore either. Hollywood is burning!
harry hardon
harry hardon:
maybe its the ancle bracelet holding her down from going anywhere (house arrest)
Röbie Billy
Röbie Billy:
Ellen. One of those types who thought she was cool, but never was.
Murph the surf
Murph the surf:
She must spend hours everyday in front of mirrors, rehearsing the requisite public persona.
befi tuihalamaka
befi tuihalamaka:
I told everyone for years she’s fake & rude it’s funny it took this long for everyone to come out haa thank u next
People automatically assume that gay people love Ellen. But I can’t stand her, for example.
Fi rst
Fi rst:
What about the weird expensive pillow she was selling?
Alejandra Fidalgo
Alejandra Fidalgo:
She's being lacking tons of humility since long time a go, she feels superior somehow and it shows. She had this coming :/
Ari Gold
Ari Gold:
She must of been on the Lolita express with Epstein 🤢🤢🤢
paco ramon
paco ramon:
I mean, she is a woman in her 60's who dress like a 13 years old boy, of course she is mad.
nura mhmd
nura mhmd:
Seems like the word of the year is "cancelled"
She has always been a Neo-Nancy
always wondered what happened to artie johnson after laugh in
irmaart62gipsy Art singing cinema and painting
irmaart62gipsy Art singing cinema and painting:
We had enough of this celebrities making money and poor people in the world are dying with hunger i hate this ellen she is evil.
Without makeup, Ellen looks like Voldemort.
She’s cancelled because she was on house arrest, because of pizzagate , she’s evil
Artistic Skillz
Artistic Skillz:
I always felt like something was always off with her, overall vibe when watching a couple episodes of her show. and give it 5 years and she'll be pushing 70.....get her old ass off man.
mister Knister
mister Knister:
She's bro with the Clinton's Obama's and therefore the most appreciated guest on Epstein Island.
Dauphne Cook
Dauphne Cook:
She is actually in the military tribunals facing execution ! She’s done
Noxie Nay
Noxie Nay:
First Skai Jackson the Bella Throne and now Ellen DeGeneres WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THESE "Influencers" 🙄🙄aggghh
Amos Is My Dogs Name
Amos Is My Dogs Name:
I mean her show has been going on long enough
White Waves
White Waves:
Ever noticed how certain celebrities are pushed a certain way? They may have had this planned. She maybe a scapegoat. Unsure for how long, but I've seen her on my feeds being pushed as someone who provokes clap backs and got told off on her own show. Also, she started crying about someone making her kill her puppy on her show one day. These folks partake in shaming rituals. I'd think they are more aware than we are when we watch TV, etc. & partake. Idk but if that comment about her background being Epstein Island is correct, that kind of screams occult.
I'm not saying she is innocent for the record. I don't know her so don't feel I could really vouche for her it I preferred.
😟 *A moment of silence, please....*

Doir Kay
Doir Kay:
So I can’t live my dream huh wow when I grow up i wanted to be on the Ellen show
I couldn’t imagine wanting to look at that person for a half hour straight, she got that I’m old af but I want to be a teenage boy look goin strong
norma gomez
norma gomez:
Yea no, she’s on house arrest for her involvement in pedophilic sex rings. You think after all this time they would really cancel the show cause she’s rude? She’s a multimillionaire that has gotten away with so much smh
The elite 3% are just setting Ellen up as the next Oprah. Giving her tons of stuff to give away on her show and making it possible for her to buy her success. Their goal is to use her to prop up people like Oprah did like Dr Phil, Dr Oz and whoever else they feel is on her evil level. The elite of 3% main goal is to use her to tell us the poor 97% who we SHOULD be voting for, shifting our votes to the elite 3% and their corporations side. We must see the bigger picture.
If you ask me I honestly think Ellen and Anderson Cooper could be related ? They look TO MUCH ALIKE. Anderson Cooper is another puppet trying to shift our votes also. The elite are only 3% and must divide and conquer we the people of 97% to shift our votes. REMEMBER WHEN OPRAH TOLD US TO VOTE FOR OBAMA. See the bigger picture and don't fall for their head games anymore 🤯
Sam Jordan
Sam Jordan:
Funny how her show has been cancelled, Andrew Niell of the BBC has had his show cancelled strangely how they have been linked to child sex trafficking
Ryan Owens
Ryan Owens:
"You get what deserve" joker
Rebecca Logan
Rebecca Logan:
I hope they cancel her for ever
Supernova X
Supernova X:
Ellen is a Karen
Luis Maravilla
Luis Maravilla:
No it’s because she got caught in child trafficking businesses.
maya luv
maya luv:
The fact that she played as dory 💀💀
Frances Cerrone
Frances Cerrone:
Good I’m glad her show was cancelled,CNN,MSN,the view hope will be next ,a lot of Hollywood will go down
it is hollywood, how many "casting couch" you think Ellen held her self. Those NDA are nasty and I wonder if they are valid if you see a murder and sign it......
you expose murderer but get worse punishment because you violated the NDA?
Angie Royce Cheatham Sanders
Angie Royce Cheatham Sanders:
Bhavika MMir
Bhavika MMir:
Wow  I have always been such a fan of Ellen.
I believed she was the "Mother Theresa" of this time !   Genorous, Compassionate, Kind and helpful.

Sadly if she is involved in the accusations and plus  her behavior towards  colleagues, it would be very very heartbreaking to know that she sold her conscious to the devil.

So much has been going on this year, we all must, I repeat MUST introspect. and be the master of our mind otherwise we are looking at a world with alot of shady and devilish acts .

May the goodness always be our guiding source for as long as we live.
Sassy Gal
Sassy Gal:
I loved Dakota responding back to Ellen ...I hate when Ellen makes that kind of comment for every event that people hold and her not being there. Did she invite all those people to her wedding? Naw
Denise Fox
Denise Fox:
Ellen is going to prison for being involved in the pediphil ring