iPhone SE (2020) Unboxing: BUDGET iPHONE!?

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sino kaya dyan yung nood ng nood pero walang pambili 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
christian cuevas
christian cuevas:
7:00 Comment: Pixel is resolution and Nits is brightness.
Em Em
Em Em:
i still have my 6s and still working after 4yrs, yung 5s naipamana ko pa sa nephew ko, and ipad mini 3 more than 5yrs na lahat gumagana😊..yes mahal ang apple product pero super worth it..ikaw na lang ang mag sasawa kasi ang tagal masira😁..im planning to upgrade sa 11 pro max, but with the situation right now, mejo hindi wise and feeling ko na overprice talaga, besides im not a heavy user..that’s why im eyeing SE 2020 na super affordable na for apple product same chipset pa ng 11pro/max..mejo nakakasawa rin mag android lalo pag galing kang Iphone..
Maria Mardy Del Corro
Maria Mardy Del Corro:
I love how you say
"Sa MGA nag gagloves wag nalang kayo mag phone Kasi mag tatransfer yung germs sa phone"

And yeah it's RIGHT! Better not to wear gloves at all bare hands with alcohol or hand washing will do
Julian Quiamhor
Julian Quiamhor:
Warner Villaganas
Warner Villaganas:
Am I the one who personally really like it but still can't afford 😭?
Stanley martinez
Stanley martinez:
Iphone SE 2020 is a combination of Iphone 11 (Chipset A13 bionic) , Iphone x ( Camera sensor ) and Iphone 8 ( body ).
KIMERU Gaming:
Goodluck on battery for the day to day usage, sayang lang ung A13 chip for a small screen with a small battery capacity
itsmejomari 18
itsmejomari 18:
The most satisfying on iphone. Removing the plastic🥰
Neclar Sevillena
Neclar Sevillena:
One of my favourite tech YouTuber. I already watched this video many times. The way Mary, explained everything it's comprehendable, and she is indeed knowledgable. Hands up!
Aivan Aquino
Aivan Aquino:
here againnn watching reviews on phone I cant afford😂🤪
OMG! I'm getting some iJustine vibes haha, the way you transition through jump cuts with the overexposure effect, and the AESTHETICS! I bet she is one of your inspirations as a tech reviewer <3 and so am I. - not a tech reviewer but a digital artist
William Wallace
William Wallace:
If you’re looking for a phone that can perform for years on end without any doubt of misfiring, I definitely recommend buying an iPhone. Hanggang ngayon, gamit ko parin 5s ko. Imagine, for more than 5-6 years, it still runs decent in terms of performance.
This new SE2 for me, I think is worth the shot if you consider yourself as a long-term keeper. Basta maalaga ka sa gamit, lahat tatagal sayo.

And thank you ate Mary for this wonderful tech review. Ang galing mo magpaliwanag, very clear at consistent. Looking forward for more vids!
Noj Torio
Noj Torio:

Me: ako din e damang dama ko mga hayp dito 😂😂😂
Lady Bayan
Lady Bayan:
Ate mary sana po magkaron kayo ng content “tips for buying second hand iPhone” or “things to consider when buying second hand iPhone” or “what to check when buying second hand iPhone”.
Thank you in advance po! More power po.
Teacher Georecel
Teacher Georecel:
LOVE AND GRATITUDE for this vlog , find it so informative , im planning to buy iphone 11 pro , but to think na ok nmn to at makaka save pku , it's to better to have savings after bumili ng phone , ❤ Godbless
PJ Gilos
PJ Gilos:
Ideal phone for me!😍 #iPhoneSE2020🖤
Clarkytech Official
Clarkytech Official:
Huhu I love Iphone SE for Call of Duty game it is very impressive in gaming this also I need now
alex intong
alex intong:
5:02 akala ko na sabihin mong mahilig ka sa mga malalaki hahahaha
Kian Napoles
Kian Napoles:
no one:
apple: "release a budget iphone"
philippine price set: hmmmm
me: okay still cant afford it🙁
Anne Barajas
Anne Barajas:
Imagine being ate mary's sister huhuhu
Ate mary new phone review;
Me as her sister: Te akin nalang pag tapos mo mag film
Alliah Hannah Calina
Alliah Hannah Calina:
Master Yasmine! 😂
Cessilia B.
Cessilia B.:
I'm in love with this phonneee!! 😩😩
The way you reveal the specs of the gadgets or tech is so cool. It seems easy po sayo to explain all the features IDOL😍
Rostom Lamoste
Rostom Lamoste:
I've watched several reviews for SE 2020 but it looks bigger when you hold it. Probably, other reviewers just have bigger hands. 😂
Angelica Jasmin Soriano
Angelica Jasmin Soriano:
Would you know po when magiging available ? 😅
Khyle Tupas
Khyle Tupas:
Hope I can have one of your iPhones 🥺🥺🥺
•PubGZ Ph•
•PubGZ Ph•:
“Tita Mary, ahh Tita, Ate nalang”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA so qt mo don sa part na yon Ate Mary HAHAHAHA 🤣♥️
Rachel Aguilaaar
Rachel Aguilaaar:
Am I the only one na mas gusto yung mas maliit ng phoneeee???? I wantttttt itttt🥺💖💖💖💖
Vincent Devonn Pabillaran
Vincent Devonn Pabillaran:
Still waiting for the full reviewww
Charl ene
Charl ene:
I seriously want to buy it but I can't afford it
Lala Labay
Lala Labay:
Can't wait for 2021 to come
A gift for my self
For my hard work.
It will be may first iphone again after having an iPhone 3 before way back 2010😂😊
Noah Barbado
Noah Barbado:
15:30 ang cute ni ate mary❤️
camille's camille's
camille's camille's:
Ganda talaga nyan ng iPhone SE pero can't afford to buy it😭 thanks ate mary to unboxing iPhone SE I'm I'm very fan of iPhone🤍🤍🤍
Norhaina Daniel
Norhaina Daniel:
8:46 ano un hahaha
Francine Quiambao
Francine Quiambao:
wantttt 🥺🥺❤️
Kb Eraldo
Kb Eraldo:
cant wait for your review on how it is after a week of trying it 😁
Jayvee Hernandez
Jayvee Hernandez:
The time she mentioned to those who have old lphone and want a new one. Wish i can have one, can you give me ? Hahahhaa jk. 🤣🤣✌.

Btw Congrats for 3 ads for your video while im watching. Wish you more 😁😇👏
FYI, if you turn English captions on, the video starts by saying,

"hey guys it's retard Mary and welcome back to my channel"
Thank you Mary for the awesome review 👍 This may be the go signal I've been waiting for to transition from Android to IOS.
Ronand Raveche
Ronand Raveche:
Love my se2 black 💕
The Observer
The Observer:
"The cheapest iPhone has a more powerful processor than the most expensive Android phone."
-Jerry Hildenbrand of Android Central
Queenie Pujida
Queenie Pujida:
Budget phone na nga nang apple but still can't afford tho 🥺
Cristine Caduyac
Cristine Caduyac:
Review of REDMI 8A po❤
AJ XxXstorya
AJ XxXstorya:
8 plus sana bilhin ko kaso out of stock na dito sa riyadh. kaya bago ko buksan to dito muna ako sa review mo. bahala na importante sa bday ko.
Khyle Tupas
Khyle Tupas:
Please notice meeeee 🥺🥺🥺
The Relationship Counselor
The Relationship Counselor:
nosebleed tagalog !!! hehe
Yel Buico
Yel Buico:
Wow. Budget phone ah 🤦🤣✌️
Yey! Finally, napanood ko na rin ang insight mo about iphone SE. 😍
ren ren
ren ren:
You look stunning, sa background mo mers.😍😍😍
Robiel ann Ronquillo
Robiel ann Ronquillo:
ang ganda huhu😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
1:30 ugh that is so satisfying!
Ar Vino
Ar Vino:
Souvenir airpods pls 😬✌🏻
where did you buy the iphone se 2020 ? 💗
Danna Marie Ybañez
Danna Marie Ybañez:
A new release iphone with an old body old camera features but have the new A13 bionic chip
Joseph Cuevas
Joseph Cuevas:
Ip xs or se 2?
Happy 1m ate Mary lavyah ♥️
More subs to come 😁
Westly Exconde
Westly Exconde:
Hoping for comparison with it's same price(or kahit mas lower sa price) wether it is adroid or ios device😊 more Tech vids to come ate mary😊❤
Joyce Camposano
Joyce Camposano:
Give away! Give away!😆😂
Golden Girl
Golden Girl:
I've red some reviews about this phone and this is what it says " If there is a demand for playing games, long battery life, and taking pictures, it is not recommended."
hold up I just realized I've been watching her for the past 2 years and i'M NOT ACTUALLY SUBSCRIBED OMG HAHAHAHA
Britney Joy Jose
Britney Joy Jose:
Shout out from Zamboanga
Godbless youu po
Junealvin Romano
Junealvin Romano:
Ate ganda ng iPhone love ❤️ you
Reyaela Luzano
Reyaela Luzano:
Thank you for this ate Mary! Super helpful po talaga ng contents mo 💖
Shannon Yael Bensig
Shannon Yael Bensig:
Huhu still using my SE (1st gen) cause ghurllll I cant afford the new one HSHAHAHA
me in my 5s lol
Ruzzelle Sebandal
Ruzzelle Sebandal:
Sanaol talaga 😭
Jade Lopez
Jade Lopez:
waiting for the full review, ate Mary :)))))))))))))
Feraisa Matolo
Feraisa Matolo:
Just got my se 2 today🥺❤️
Maliit sya guys pero mukhang malaki a kamay ni atee😭
Maxine Jade
Maxine Jade:
Road to 1M subs!✊💖
Kent Heavenly
Kent Heavenly:
Pa giveaway namn ate Mary
👇Blue this Kong gusto ninyo
Ate pa give away ng iPhone ❤️
Ya'll must be out of your MIND to think this is 'bang for your buck' 😂
D Artsy
D Artsy:
I still have my iPhone6 lol😂 for 2years
jolyn Largo
jolyn Largo:
I really like to Buy but can't afford.😂
Feel me? 🤐
Brad Steven
Brad Steven:
Well, for me... I really need a handy phone. Btw, I’m watching this on my iPhone SE 2020. I just received mine yesterday.
John vincent Ebora
John vincent Ebora:
Nice vid keep it up
Gadget pilipinas bought me here!!
keith de gracia
keith de gracia:
sanaol iphone HAHAHAHA
Batal Kirk
Batal Kirk:
Graveh naman yang budget phone nila kaloka di parin afford ng budgey ko!
thanks for the review. i got mind today. and for the battery issue i got me mophie battery case. two acutally. that solved my problem. really love the phone. so cheap.
Clint Batistis
Clint Batistis:
Why do I trust you Mary? I feel like you're of the most trustworthy techy person in the country. ♥️ More power...
Adahmie Amores
Adahmie Amores:
I want iPhone🥺
Zhane Eunii
Zhane Eunii:
see you soon, iphone se ✊
your videos improved a lot ♡
Hanna Althea
Hanna Althea:
giveaway ate mary HAHAHA still watching this since i cant move on from this HAHAHA i wanted to have it but i really cant afford one HAHAHA lovelots ate mary💋
James Sejam
James Sejam:
Yung 64gb price, isang buwan ko ng sweldo yun 😭😭
been here since 200k 😲
Mahathir Hernando
Mahathir Hernando:
Mobile Legends test po pls max all settings 😅
Jemar Sucano
Jemar Sucano:
Stay humble. Road to 1M subscribers🥰
Mackyy Random Vlogs
Mackyy Random Vlogs:
Budget iphone?...

Still cant afford😔
Neiljohn neri
Neiljohn neri:
Justin Rein David
Justin Rein David:
Budget phone? What the freak, 26k🤦‍♂️
bhella vasquez
bhella vasquez:
i hope i can afford ios phone🥺
Jose Andrew Bunan
Jose Andrew Bunan:
I don'tknow but I just reallylike the old iphone design that started with iphone 6. Plus, it's an iphone so it will surely be receiving updates for a minimum of 3 more years (i mean a good example of this is the iphone 5s).
Mark Lazaro
Mark Lazaro:
I love the set up talaga ate❤️ ang linis linis lagi tignan
Ate Mary im planning to buy iphone, could you make a comparison between iphone 7 vs iphone 6s plus. thank you in advance ❤️
Trexie Dae
Trexie Dae:
Saan mo po nabili yan? Thank you 🙏❤️
Rayven V.
Rayven V.:
Penge po cp pang ml HAHAHA
Zedric Louis Bores
Zedric Louis Bores:
15:20 Like kung natawa ka sa bloopers😂
Thealey Camposano
Thealey Camposano:
Ate pa shout out Po ❤️😘