iPhone SE 2020 Review - 2 Months Later!

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I've had the 2020 iPhone SE in my possession for about 60 days now and I wanted to provide a followup video to my initial review to let you know how things have been going and if any of my feelings toward this phone have changed in that time. This review includes some camera samples (vs the iPhone 11 Pro) along with a discussion on the size and design, the screen, the processor and what you can actually DO with this budget iPhone.

My original iPhone SE review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHCczQPxEpI

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📱Check iPhone SE prices on Amazon: https://geni.us/Qhewt
iPhone Videos
iPhone Videos:
I’m actually leaving the IPhone 11 Pro to go to the SE (2020) because I want a smaller phone.
Devin MacNeil
Devin MacNeil:
I actually loved the style of the older iPhones so this made me glad
Tomas Andreas
Tomas Andreas:
Watching this on my iPhone SE
French Cuevas
French Cuevas:
My mom is gonna buy meeeee a iphone se on my birthday my first iPhone 📱
Ashley Christensen
Ashley Christensen:
I have the iPhone se 2020...and believe me it’s really good coming from the 6s...also in such times you don’t wanna go spending all your money on the 11’s rather pick this up which has the same chip and save that extra money till times get better...agree
Atheeth Pai
Atheeth Pai:
"That chin is Jay Leno" .Had me bad😂😂
Tek Minion
Tek Minion:
What I love about this phone, is that its label as a mid-tier phone, but it does not have mid-tier specs and does operate as a budget phone. I currently use this phone as my work phone, and to answer emails, text messages, pictures, and wireless charging; this means that I can place my phone on my anger wireless charger and answer and make calls with my AirPods. This phone has been great and I love the price. Great Device and Great Video.


The battery life on the phone has been great for me, who uses the phone throughout the day I can get through the entire day. I can honestly get my work done, with this phone. And because it connects my hotspot automatically to my work MBP makes it an honest bonus.
Dan K
Dan K:
""Touch ID""
I believe the number one reason people want this phone is the
Touch ID
- Fingerprint sensor built into the Home button.
This is the only newer iphone that has it.
Also price is somewhat reasonable.
Raymond Wright Jr
Raymond Wright Jr:
Just subbed really good review was thinking about getting a side phone im an android user but i like apple products
Samantha De Guzman
Samantha De Guzman:
Wow! What a coincidence. I was searching for iPhone SE reviews and this came out. Thank you!
alfredo garcia
alfredo garcia:
coming from an android i think im in for an upgrade
thank you apple for making it accessible for budget people!
Nicolas Gargalakos
Nicolas Gargalakos:
Love the phone dropping 😂😂
G&G Productions
G&G Productions:
Dailytekk: I'm an airpods guy
Me: im a saving money guy
Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah:
I’ve been looking for new reviews on this phone thank you
Titan Angeles
Titan Angeles:
I never knew the SE came out and it’s QUARANTINE!
Peter Lewis
Peter Lewis:
I’m terminally average, so the SE's OK ( just ). Fair review👍
Diddy's Banana
Diddy's Banana:
got this se coming in tomorrow. hearing all the problems you had i thought "ehh could be way worse" as i happily use my 6
Mark Lester
Mark Lester:
I bought the red one, should be on my hands by next week 😅
I sold my iPhone 11 to get this, although I’d rather have no bezels I absolutely love Touch ID over Face ID, I prefer the SE form factor, far more comfortable in the hand. So far I’m really impressed , I think you get a good bang for your buck with the SE. I dont find the battery life too bad at all and with it having fast charging it soon charges up, I use my iPad charger for speed. 👌
2:22 Team Coco? Let’s go!
I play games on my phone is this design is Perfect since it I use a phone x then the screen will widen which I don’t like I use an iPhone 6s + the only problem will probably will be the cost
Steven Baughman
Steven Baughman:
I want the form factor, and I’ve never been concerned about the bezels. Looking to get some airpods pro though.
AwE StRucK
AwE StRucK:
I listen to the same music!!!
Devin MacNeil
Devin MacNeil:
Also I’m coming from a 7 so it’s a huge upgrade
Nasri Rosman
Nasri Rosman:
“That chin is Jay Leno” probably one of the best reference I’ve ever heard for a phone.
Atishay Jain
Atishay Jain:
Intro : aesthetically pleasing
Brian Reedy
Brian Reedy:
What darnly nice review! You seem to be genuinely enjoying yourself—that adds a lot to the review!
the normal one
the normal one:
I wanted a little bit more so I bought an IPhone 11 and I love it but the new SE is a solid, minimalistic IPhone 👍
just dropped my 8 in the ocean while kayaking and it sunk. hope this is just as good
Bird Guts
Bird Guts:
I’m gonna get this phone. An upgrade from my 6 plus :)
Dee Troublesome
Dee Troublesome:
I love this phone its tho most powerful tiny phone i had lol
Bonita Pandora
Bonita Pandora:
Great video and great ad. I was looking for something to replace my pop socket.
Dileeban Thilakaraja
Dileeban Thilakaraja:
When you drop it , your face like ;)
Gary Lim
Gary Lim:
Apple’s website shows that the iPhone SE and iPhone 11 displays have the same max brightness of 625 nits though.
Matthew Drake
Matthew Drake:
I love your videos and of course, love to see you representing the unashamed community.
Such great quality in every aspect of your work! Keep doing your thing!
warrior 67
warrior 67:
I’ve got the old se and I ordered the new se today and I’m not bothered about flag ship phones.
Philip Cleland
Philip Cleland:
Thanks for this review.
Caleb Torres
Caleb Torres:
Me personally I can’t live with a phone that dozens have Face ID and 2 cameras
R L:
Easier to handle with a mask 😷...
Jason Mendez
Jason Mendez:
I feel like everyone jabs at the phones bezel but it’s honestly not as troublesome as all these reviewers think 😂 either way, super pumped to get mine in the mail anyday now!
For doing this video/review, May the God of iphones on this Planet bless you with whatever iphone stuff you desire in your Life! Amen!!
My brother got his and he loves it! He let me hold it 1 and with my tiny hands and small pockets it fits in both
Juan Diego Gonzalez
Juan Diego Gonzalez:
hey man, I liked your video, I cannot buy you a coffee the link is broken
Blue King
Blue King:
Awesome video I love the older version jus love the one hand 🖐🏾 usages
Tre G
Tre G:
I bought one bc of this video
I'm trading my xs max tomorrow for this phone. For the simple fact that I need the processor in the se2020 and the smaller factor. Wish me luck guys. I'm going down the simplicity road
my parents are buying me this phone and this was a very helpful!!!!
Martin Grant
Martin Grant:
Great review dude 👍 subscribed to your channel !
They really went bargain bin on that battery. I need more info on that
Cooper Norfleet
Cooper Norfleet:
is that a duram bulls hat??
Syed Masroor Hussain
Syed Masroor Hussain:
Hi brother I really need this iphone if you give away ?
Can you pleaswe
I watched cause I have one and wanted to see if it was good lol
looking to upgrade because i still use a 6s lmao
Thomas Gulick
Thomas Gulick:
Yeah I just got my SE last week and it is amazing. Lasts all day with over 6 hours of on screen time.
Coming from an iPhone 6s it’s amazing
Elijah Gabriel Santos
Elijah Gabriel Santos:
That chin is like a Jay Leno...
That forehead is like a Nicholas Cage!
Ximena Amaya
Ximena Amaya:
I have the IPhone SE and its really good and this video help to knew more things about it, Thanks ❤️
Adrian-Liniste Anghel
Adrian-Liniste Anghel:
Didnt break tho!!!
Los Bros
Los Bros:
that is a cool iphone I am going to buy the iphone I already checked it on amazon
Swapnil Sudhir Kashikar
Swapnil Sudhir Kashikar:
Really had a good laugh when i heard 'budget phone'. Here in india 38k(inr) is a premium segment.
IceyPlayz 06
IceyPlayz 06:
Anyone else watching on an iPhone se 2020?
Zayne Sovereign
Zayne Sovereign:
''You don't get this thing for the looks.''
Um, actually dude I've kept my iPhone SE for years and will be upgrading to this - why? Because newer iPhones are hideous and pretentious. The best design was iPhone 5/SE, seems a lot of others are fed up with their newer designs too. So I'm 100% here for the look of the phone.
Jake Wheelie
Jake Wheelie:
"A budget iPhone." Hahahaahahahaa
Derek Wagler
Derek Wagler:
I like the andy mineo merch
I have big hands, I have the iPhone X, but it’s messed up so I’m thinking about buying this, I don’t have too much to spend
Young_ BunnyHop
Young_ BunnyHop:
I want this for the newer a13 cause the A11 Bionic is showing it’s age a bit. But the screen size is so small
Matt Conlin
Matt Conlin:
Did anyone else see the time change haha
Nicholas Bersito
Nicholas Bersito:
Awesome video im getting the new se or should I say the new budget phone lol
Andres Kalayaan
Andres Kalayaan:
Will it be worth it if I would replace my a51 to Se? Thankss
I got it today and i am loving it
I "love" How people only show the bad qualitys on the phone but not the good and great things. Yes it is only small but I am use to small phone big phone can be problematic in my opinion
Christopher Infante
Christopher Infante:
I daily a note 10+ and an iPhone se 2020. Both are great for different, almost opposite reasons.
Brandon legree
Brandon legree:
iphone 6 or the last se is still my favorite iphone
Louis Luzuka
Louis Luzuka:
notification gang checking in!!!!! I just got this phone gonna open it up today, I wasn't sure if I picked the right choice I got the iPhone SE 256GB and iPad 11 pro 256GB instead of getting an iPhone 11 Pro max in midnight green, really excited!
Richard Jones
Richard Jones:
Same as some of you guys.... had the original iPhone all the way up to the 6 and then I went over to Android. I think the retro style of the SE is amazing and paired with a set of iPod pro headphones I’m more than happy
Mr Nationalist
Mr Nationalist:
Bezzles are the only thing which stops me from buying this cutie
This dude look like the default xbox 360 avatar
Gary Chapman
Gary Chapman:
It's the same as the 7 from the front. Only difference is the 7's aluminum back abd the 8's glass.
Sweaty Womble
Sweaty Womble:
What is the game featured at 4:40?
Michael Gould
Michael Gould:
Am I the only one that liked the SE for the square edges instead of bevelled?
Jeremy's Moments
Jeremy's Moments:
What's the name of the game with the blue bug?
AwE StRucK
AwE StRucK:
I like your shirt Andy Mineo is great!
Wow! Thank you. I was on the fence between XR/SE because I simply can't afford the flagship models (I could but jesus, I don't want to), and this review covered absolutely everything a regular person needs to know. And I love that it is smaller! I have a 7 now so knowing that it is very similar to the 8, actually encourages me because I am still upgrading, albeit way behind everyone else lol. Thanks, DailyTekk!!!
What was the game? The bug/spider one?
Amier Asyraf
Amier Asyraf:
It looka outdated as hell in 2020, its literal antiques in the next 5 years. But hey, at least no notch! And i hate notch with a passion.
Still waiting for apple to partner up with PlayStation
Kix Reinhardt
Kix Reinhardt:
Pnut Budah
Pnut Budah:
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema:
Daniel Rebecca
Daniel Rebecca:
Bezels are big but I rather have the home button
Tae KoolVibez
Tae KoolVibez:
Give away or no 4 the SE?
Muhammad Rusdy
Muhammad Rusdy:
Watching this video on my iPhone SE 2020
Dean Chu
Dean Chu:
Red Gang here!
Happier Quotes
Happier Quotes:
How long is the battery for most ppl with a avg
Mozz Jones
Mozz Jones:
Defiantly getting this new SE, Am currently on the original SE which has served me well over the years but this will a really nice upgrade for me. I'm holding on until after the release of iphone 12 though because of the likely price drop of around 50 bucks... Which is worth it imo.
w h o
w h o:
from what I’ve seen the iPhone SE v2 is basically an iPhone 8 with better specs and new features.
R L:
Can i trade my pro max for 3 SEs???.......
Andrew Ayad
Andrew Ayad:
The iPhone SE is a great budget iPhone for someone who hasn't owned an iPhone but it isn't for me. I already own the iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Dejan Djokic
Dejan Djokic:
Just junk for a big price. End