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Juan Derer:
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Atleast for 8 years i got already experience of smoothness apple since 2013 when it
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James Reid:
What ate mary saying-i love huawei more than iphone
In her heart-i love iphone than the other brand😂
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If you’re a creative person, this bad boy is really powerful ❤️
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John Ives Miravalles:
11:52 you called the ipad as laptop 😀
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Kasi Apple siya.
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Nisha Balingue:
Ipad pro 2020 vs. Huawei Matepad pro po sana ate Mary. Like guys if you agree. :))
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Shentina De Guzman:
Can you suggest me ate what is the good laptop for highschoolers☺
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Can believe the magic keyboard is so expensive
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Road to 1 Billion na tayo!
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Hello po! I would like to ask if a screen and camera protector is necessary for the IPad?
im almost having my iPAD PRO 2020!!!!!!!!!
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Tip lang po. Command + . functions as an escape key.
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Jerome Mejia
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0:00 my heart went oops, nang gugulat ka ate marryyyyyyy (╥﹏╥)
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John Russ Pudiño Rubis:
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Philippine area.
wala lang na nood lang akong, yung nangangarap ka nalang na makakuha ng ganyan from ur parents but duhh its impossible🤣
Donn Alegre
Donn Alegre:
Need advice what size of iPad Po
do u prefer for college students 11 or 12.9 my only problem parang risky Po ung 12.9 gamitin for everyday and bending issue. So I still can decide what to get? Need advice
Pajee Aguilar
Pajee Aguilar:
Appreciate your reviews. Detailed and helpful for would be buyers ng gadgets. Keep it up & hope u reach your 1M subs!
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Road to 1 million subs Ms.mary keep it up and God bless always
i-am -mai
i-am -mai:
09:46 Lumafusion app ang alternative sa Final Cut Pro.
This tablet will be helpful right now especially if your school wants you to be in an online class but not all of is can afford it and that's why schools provide module where you can learn in a recorded lesson.

#FaMary #RoadTo1M
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Ralh Gadaingan:
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has it ( Double Tap to Wake Up Screen On ) Like some Android Tablets ?
a new apple review a new apple product that i cannot afford
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Patricia Santiago:
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